Justin Bieber: Selena Gomez Will Come Back to Me! It’s God’s Plan!

While some believe that The Weeknd used Selena Gomez to boost his fame, the relationship between Selena and Justin Bieber has a lot more critics — and a lot more fans.

Justin has apparently bared his soul and, it is reported, believes that the two of them are literally destined to be together.

But what does Selena want?

HollywoodLife reports that Justin Bieber is giving Selena space and letting her decide if and when they might get back together.

“Justin is leaving everything up to Selena when it comes to their next move — if there is one.”

That’s usually how breaks work. It takes one to break up, but it takes two to reconcile.

“He’s laid his cards out on the table and made it clear what he wants, and what he thinks.”

Since Justin’s already poured out his heart, the ball’s in her court.

“So now it’s up to Selena to decide.”

The source goes on to extoll the virtues and maturity of Justin in this time of uncertainty.

“Justin is actually being super cool about the situation.”

When a source close to a celebrity says something that optimistic and complimentary, many take it with a grain of salt.

Continuing, the source says that Justin is stepping back to give her the breathing room required to make a decision without pressure.

“And he’s giving Selena all the time and space she needs”

That’s good. Never be pushy over something this delicate, folks.

Even while giving her space, the Biebs has reportedly made his own intentions transparent.

“He’s made it clear that he’s not going anywhere, and that he will always be here for her.”

So apparently Justin’s reported dalliance with Baskin Champion is just, what? A way to pass the time?

We hope that she knows that.

But Justin believes that getting back with Selena (again) is inevitable.

“In his heart of hearts, Justin knows that Selena will come back to him, it’s just a case of when.”

“But, they’re destined to be together, that’s one thing Justin really is certain of in life.”

Ah yes. Famously, life’s only real certainties are death, taxes, and Jelena.

But what does Selena Gomez want?

We’re talking about an accomplished actress, a social media master, and one of the most talented singers on the planet.

Also, she’s a person. You don’t have to be the singer of “Naturally” or “Kill ‘Em With Kindness” to deserve autonomy and self-determination.

Recently, she’s been spending time with friends and with people from her church — Hillsong Church, the same global megachurch to which the Biebs belongs.

Will absense make the heart grow fonder?

Or was this most recent Jelena reunion a reminder of why they’d broken up in the first place?

Justin may believe that God blesses his relationship with Selena, but it’s not clear that she feels that way any longer.

It’s possible to be devoutly religious without believing that your romantic life is divinely ordained.

But we have to wonder how Justin will respond if, in a few months or a few years, Selena still hasn’t come crawling back for his once-hot bod.

Maybe he’ll accept it and move on. He’s shown signs of maturity in recent months.

Or maybe Justin will be the one thing that Selena just can’t quit. We’ll all find out.


Sammi Giancola: I’m Not Doing Jersey Shore Family Vacation, It’s Toxic!!

We’ve all seen the insane trailer for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, and this reunion looks like it’s going to be bonkers.

But while most of the cast was begging MTV to make this happen, Sammi Sweetheart isn’t even going to show up.


Sammi Giancola took to Instagram to explain her reasoning.

“I have chosen not to join the show this season because I am at a completely different place in my life right now focusing on my businesses and relationship.”

Her statement continues to emphasize that, like many of her castmates, she is in a different stage of her life than she was when she first attained stardom.

“I am not the same person as I was when I was 22. At 31.”

And she says something cryptic that many fans found to be alarming.

“I am currently extremely happy in every aspect of my life and want to avoid potentially TOXIC SITUATIONS.”


Sammi Sweetheart Message

But, despite dropping the word “toxic,” it sounds like she’s not trying to bash anyone.

“However, it was a difficult decision as I love my roomies.”

She announces what she’ll be doing instead of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

“I’ve decided to focus on me, my future and what truly makes me happy.”

And she makes it clear that she holds no ill will.

“I will forever be grateful to ‘Jersey Shore’ and everything it has brought to me!”

We have to wonder if the “toxic” situation to which she referred was the party atmosphere or reality television itself, not the people.

She explains why she’s left reality stardom behind.

“I’ve just decided to live my life for me these days.”

And she gives a big shoutout to everyone who’s been part of her life.

“Also I am forever grateful & thankful for all of you!!!”

She singles out her fans in particular.

“Special shoutout to my fans, but I’m not going anywhere! Follow me and stay tuned, you never know what I could be up to NEXT!”

After posting that, Sammi wrote in the captions:

“I love you guys! Thank you all so much for your DMs, comments, messages & kind words.”

She says that they really do mean a lot to her.

“I read them all and am forever grateful and thankful for you guys!!”

And she got support in the comments from none other than JWoww’s husband, Roger Matthews, who wrote:

“Lots of respect for this as I said to you. Minus the money I see absolutely zero benefits to participating. You look happy and at peace. Stay blessed.”

Jersey Shore Family Vacation Still 01

Matthews did clear up that he wasn’t condemning his wife or anyone else:

“Different circumstances for different households. My wife is a grown adult and can make her own choices. Very proud of the businesswoman and mother my wife has become.”

He sounds like a very supportive husband.

“I would never tell my wife what she can and can’t do. Free will should always prevail. I wasn’t aware of what the show would be.”

In his mind, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was going to be something very different.

“I thought the powers that be might want to show a new side to them. A mature side with [families] and children.”

That is adorably naive.

“I was wrong but to be clear I love my wife very much. Drama sells. I get it. Just not my thing anymore.”

It sounds like Sammi’s former castmates aren’t really clear on why she decided to opt out.

But Pauly D tells TooFab his theory:

“She must be rich! Maybe she doesn’t need the money. I’m trying to think about it, like, maybe she’s rich? I don’t know. We wanted everybody to do it.”

Honestly, most people would assume that anyone who would turn up their nose at a reality TV gig must be wealthy enough that they just don’t need money.


Jacob Roloff: Look at My Book! It’s Here! It’s Right Here!

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock has many reasons to be on top of the world right about now.

Both personally and professionally.

First, of course, the reality stars turned an exciting rumor into a romantic reality back in December when they got engaged.

And while such a moment may never be topped on one level, each half of this relationship has gone ahead and taken a major step on another level in the many weeks since.

Isabel, for instance, had her artwork accepted into a show in Oregon, sharing many photos from the exhibit on Instagram and prompting Jacob to gush over his fiancee.

“I always say this, but she is just rocking it,” the Little People, Big World star wrote as a caption to the photo above this week, adding:

“That painting behind us is the second or third that she ever made, and one of my favorites. It’s hard to choose now though, since she has painted over TWENTY FIVE new ones in the last month alone.”

Impressive indeed.

But Jacob has a reason to brag as well.

Back in September, Roloff teased a new project.

He told fans that he was in the process of writing a second book, explaining that it would be a follow-up to the series of essays he titled “Verbing” and which he previously sold on Etsy for $ 5.

Jacob even included an excerpt from his follow-up, “Out to See,” making it clear at the time that the memoir would be another introspection into what makes him tick.

“I allowed myself to be in such a frustrated state of mind for a long time, until hitting a wall of reason knowing that there must be another way,” writes Roloff in this second book, likely referring to the period when he quit Little People, Big World and distanced himself from his family.

“I retreated just a little bit further into seclusion with books, and cultivation of intellect and mind,” he writes. “These too, I have learned, are just tools.”

Let no one ever say Jacob Roloff is not a profound individual.

And he’s also now an excited one… because copies of his book are out!

“Spring has SPRUNG, I’m goin #OutToSee,” wrote Roloff as a caption to this image.

He added as a tease:

“Just received my first two proof copies of Out To See and it is VERY exciting. I’m going to be making the final adjustments in the next couple of weeks so I can have it ready by May 1st and in your hands by May 2nd!

“It’ll be available on Amazon’s marketplace everywhere (or perhaps with a week’s delay for AUS and UK).”

That’s fantastic news.

It coincides with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff announcing that they’re releasing a book as well.

We had been upset that there was such a long hiatus between new episodes of Little People, Big World — but if the family members used this break to write memoirs, we take it all back.

Now we’re just psyched to read them!

For the record, however, TLC has now confirmed that a new season of this fun reality show kicks off on April 3.

We’ll be directly in front of our television screens that evening, that’s for sure.

Will you be joining us?!?


Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech: It’s Over

Brielle Biermann and Michael Kopech always seemed like a perfect couple. They’re both young celebrities and both unreasonably attractive, and they’ve been dating for two years.

Yesterday, a report came out that Brielle and her boyfriend had broken up.

Now, Brielle has confirmed the news.

You might be thinking that anyone would have to be an idiot to break up with Brielle Biermann, whose beauty and curves have made her an Instagram powerhouse and a must-watch reality star.

Honestly, you’d probably also have to be an idiot to break up with Michael Kopech, a minor league baseball pitcher who’s no ugly duckling himself.

(If you don’t believe us about either of them, check out the photos below — say what you will about Brielle’s lips, but she’s gorgeous)

But somehow, these two have broken up.

And the explanation for it says that they’re not fools — just two adults making a very mature, difficult decision.

Us Weekly reports that multiple sources have come forward to reveal that Brielle and Michael have split.

“She was having a difficult time with the distance, both of them wanted to see more of each other.”

One of the struggles that young celebrity couples face is that, more often than not, they both work.

“But with his baseball schedule and her shooting schedule and everything going on with the show in Atlanta, they just couldn’t seem to make it work anymore.”

Some stars set their own schedules, but Brielle films for reality television and Michael does baseball things when his team does them.

That time apart can be frustrating, and also see a couple drift apart.

The good news is that they don’t seem to harbor any ill will.

“They both wish each other the best and ended things amicably.”

During their relationship, Brielle was always eager to show off her boyfriend on social media.

And the feeling was very much mutual.

But we don’t mean to suggest that their connection was purely based upon physical attraction.

True, sometimes a lack of sex is exactly what causes long-distance relationships to break down.

(Though, obviously, the wonders of modern technology can really cut down on that sense of isolation, well beyond the phone sex of previous generations)

Young people — remember, Brielle only turned 21 last month, and Michael turns 22 next month — can forge powerful romantic bonds. But they can also fall out of love just like anyone else.

There were some signs recently that these two were headed for a split.

If you’ll recall, Brielle got a handgun for her birthday, which struck a lot of people as really unfortunate timing and tone-deaf considering that it was just days after the Parkland shooting that left 17 dead.

(Really, the biggest problem was that Kim Zolciak thought that it was tasteful to broadcast a video of Brielle’s gift on social media, where the world could see it and read it as a political statement)

That gun story distracted us all from the fact that Brielle’s boyfriend didn’t seem to be anywhere to be found.

You don’t want to spend your 21st birthday without your significant other, folks.

Now, it looks like Michael will be single when he turns 22.

Even before Brielle officially confirmed the split, her vague tweets were dropping hints, to say the least.

“Happy & excited for what my future holds.”

That sounds like she’s looking at this breakup as a fresh start.

“Lost time is never found.”

Either she’s waxing poetic (which is, admittedly, always possible), or she’s acknowledging that she can’t second-guess her last relationship but that the future is full of possibilities.

Then, after her mother Kim Zolciak denies that the split rumor was true, Brielle broke the news to the world … and also to her own mother.

Brielle wrote:

“It is true. We have a lot going on right now we decided it would be for the best. What’s meant to be will always be.”

We wish Brielle and Michael each the best.

There is always, however, a chance that they could reconcile.

Even though it is clearly too late for them to get back together before the world knows that they’ve parted ways.

But it’s perfectly okay for them to move on.

It sounds like they’re both handling things very maturely.