Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly: It’s Finally Over!

The most dysfunctional relationship in the history of Hollywood has finally come to an end.

No, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have not gone their separate ways. Not yet, at least.

But it sounds very much as if Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly are at last on the verge of doing so.

We know this for one very simple and very straightforward reason:

Both Peter and Amina posted the actual divorce papers on Instagram, with the latter taking this action first and thereby implying that she is the one who filed.

“Ready, set, go…” wrote Buddafly as a caption, with Peter adding for his part: “The end…”

Here is a look at the papers in question:

the end

Gunz followed up on this message by posting a photo of himself and his soon-to-be-ex-wife and making it clear that their split is amicable.

“Our divorce is not ugly.. No lawyers no judges no Mediators!! Just us.. I love @aminabuddafly and the Beautiful Queens she gave me,” he wrote, concluding as follows:

“Divorce in our case is not a bad thing it’s best and won’t change the support and love for her my kids and her music.. no comments necessary.”

As those who watch Love & Hip Hop online (or on television) know quite well, Gunz and Buddafly have a pretty amazing history.

We mean this is the most depressing/disturbing/hilarious/contentious/scandal sense of the word.

Gunz and Buddafly (not their real names… we assume) got together while Peter was with Tara Wallace, the mother of a few of his kids.

He basically kept having sex with both Amina and Tara over the years, more or less out in the open even.

In August of 2016, the couple welcomed their second child into the world, a girl named Bronx.

She was born not long after Gunz and Wallace also had a kid together, with Bronx marking Peter’s 10th child overall.

That is not a misprint. Peeter Gunz is the father of 10 kids.

And neither Buddafly nor Wallace seemed to really care that their baby daddy was also someone else’s simultaneous baby daddy.

Wrote Buddafly to all the haters two years ago, while carrying one of Peter’s two fetuses at the time:

“I Got pregnant again because I made love to the man I love… Now y’all can debate on why we did it until ya hair turns grey…

“@petergunz174 I love you 4ever and I will never be scared to show or say it because of people.”

Well, not so much 4ever, we guess. Not after this divorce news.

Then again, it would surprise no one at all if Amina and Peter also announced in a few months that they’re expecting another baby together.

That’s just how they roll.


Javi Marroquin & Briana DeJesus: It’s Over!

It’s only been three months since we first learned with certainty that Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus are dating.

Rumors about the couple began circulating long before that, but Briana consistently denied that she was dating Javi.

In the weeks after they made it official, it quickly became clear that Javi and Briana’s relationship was no mere fling.

There was even talk of Javi moving to Florida in order to be closer to Briana.

Now, however, it looks as though the relationship has fallen apart as quickly as it came together.

While there’s been no official announcement yet, all signs indicate that Marroquin and DeJesus have gone their separate ways.

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, Javi changed his Facebook relationship status to “Single” over the weekend.

There’s been suspicious social media activity on Briana’s part, as well, as the mother of two deleted all of her tweets, which is her usual response to any sort of drama.

The most telling sign of all, however, might be the fact that Javi and Briana have both deleted one another’s photos from their Instagram accounts.

That’s basically the 2018 equivalent of throwing the other person’s crap out on your lawn.

Neither party has confirmed or denied the rumors, but with as much as these two love drama, you can bet it won’t be long before they start exchanging barbs on Twitter.

Javi has already dipped his toe in the waters of social media drama, vaguely tweeting that his recent visit to Briana’s house in Orlando made for a “rough weekend.”

The relationship was fraught with drama from the start, of course, largely due to rumors that Briana was using Javi to get back at Kailyn Lowry.

Kail and Bri aren’t exactly besties, and it did seem rather suspicious when DeJesus just happened to fall for Lowry’s ex-husband.

Briana, of course, maintains that the romance had nothing to do with Briana.

We’ll keep you updated on this developing story as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive Briana’s brief but tumultuous tenure on the show.


Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff: Wow! It’s Over!

One of Hollywood’s most stable and adorable couples is no more.

In very surprising news, Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff have decided to go their separate ways.

The actress/writer/producer and the singer/songwriter actually broke up in December, according to E! News insiders, following five long years of dating.

“It was mutual,” this outlet’s main source says, adding simply:

“Jack and Lena were growing apart and it just made sense for them to end their relationship where it was.”

This seems pretty hard to believe, of course.

We’re not saying there was any cheating or anything especially ugly took place between the stars.

We’re just saying break-ups are rarely truly mutual, especially not for the vague reason of just “growing apart.”

The Girls creator and the Bleachers frontman met on a blind date set up by Antonoff’s sister and comedian Mike Birbiglia back in 2012.

This blind date went so well, the musician quickly told Dunham everything about himself, “because when you really like someone, you want them to know everything about you,” Antonoff explained in 2014.

Not long afterward, Antonoff moved in to Dunham’s home in Brooklyn.

While each has referenced the other at various point in the past few months, the last time they attended a public event together was nearly a year ago; at a pre-Grammys party in early 2017.

In October, though, the actress wrote an essay about her now-ex-beau for Variety.

It partly read:

“It’s safe to say that before Jack my life was full of far fewer sights. He showed me the importance of making political statements using your public platform. He showed me the joy of collaboration.”

Despite this clear connection, though, Dunham always made it clear she never saw herself marrying Antonoff.

Perhaps that should have been a sign right there that the very long-term future was bleak, although Lena did often say the two would exchange vows once gay marriage was made legal in the United States.

But then this happened in 2015.

And still… no ring.

Speaking with People Magazine last June, the artist said his life at home with Dunham is “pretty normal in terms of everyday life.”

He went on to describe their romance as two people “trying to support each other [and] trying to find something new and exciting for dinner.”

So… where did things go wrong?

We don’t know. All websites that have reported on this break-up agree the split was amicable and that the stars will keep in touch.

“They want the best for each other no matter what. They are both moving on,” the E! News source concludes.

We’re glad to hear it.

While it’s far more fun for a celebrity gossip website to write about some seedy reason for a relationship ending, it’s far more encouraging from a human being standpoint to know people can break up and not hate each other.


Kailyn Lowry & Dominique Potter: It’s OVER!

It can be tough to keep track of everything that's going on in Kailyn Lowry's life these days.

Between reality TV, her podcast, and a third memoir on the way, Kail's professional life couldn't be more jam-packed.

And believe it or not, her love life is just as hectic.

As recently as last month, Kailyn was dating Dominique Potter and gushing about her new girlfriend in interviews.

Now, the relationship has come to an end … and it seems it wasn't an amicable split:

1. Happier Times

Kailyn lowry with dominique potter
Kail and Dom hit it off right away and moved VERY quickly. After just a couple months of dating, Potter moved to Delaware in order to be closer to Lowry.

2. Meeting the Kids

Dominique potter with kailyn lowrys son
Moving to a new state was obviously a major sign of commitment, but perhaps an even better indication of just how serious Kail and Dom had become was the fact that Potter spent a considerable amount of time with Lowry’s kids.

3. A Major Step

Kailyn lowry dominique potter photo
Lowry has stated on several occasions that she would only introduce love interests to her children if she were fairly certain they would be a part of her life for the long haul. So does she regret introducing Potter to her sons? Is the fact that things changed so abruptly a sign of an ugly breakup?

4. It’s Official

Kailyn lowry via instagram
Though Kail hasn’t made an announcement yet, a source confirms to Radar Online that she’s definitely no longer dating Potter.

5. The Single Life

Kailyn lowry on the couch
“She’s single,” one source told the outlet in no uncertain terms when asked about Kailyn’s love life.

6. What Went Wrong?

Dominique potter on instagram
So why would Kail and Dominique call it off so abruptly when things seem to be going so well? It seems that’s a question with several valid answers…

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