Anderson Silva ‘Accepts’ Conor McGregor Fight Challenge, ‘It’s Not About Money’

Anderson Silva has a message for Conor McGregor — FORGET A REMATCH WITH KHABIB and fight ME instead!  Remember, before UFC 229 earlier this month … Conor told reporters he’d be interested in a superfight with Silva after he got through…


Jay Z & Beyonce to Kanye West: It’s Us or Trump!

In case you somehow weren’t aware, Kanye West is a card-carrying, red hat wearing, verbal vomit-spewing member of MAGA Nation.

Outside of a Russian billionaire whose investment portfolio is made up entirely of coal mines, McDonald’s franchises, and XXS glove manufacturers, it’s impossible to imagine anyone who might love Donald Trump more than Kanye does.

Yeezy’s outpourings of affection for the Donald have been relentless as of late, and not surprisingly, it seems members of his inner circle are growing bored of the routine.

West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, has shown herself to have the patience of a freakin’ saint in dealing with her husband’s erratic behavior, but even she draws the line at dude saying slavery was “a choice.”

But Kim has clearly made the decision to ride this one out and hope the old Kanye emerges from the Sunken Place sooner rather than later.

Bey, Jay, 'Ye

The same can’t be said for Ye’s most high-profile friends.

Yes, the friendship between Kanye, Jay Z and Beyonce has always been fraught with tension, and it seems that these days the Carters have decided that West simply isn’t worth it.

“They are outraged over Kanye’s recent political rants,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online.

The insider went on to confirm that Bey and Jay feel the same about this situation as the rest of us:

“They think Kanye is a disgrace and is only doing this for attention,” the source says.

“Beyonce and Jay Z know that Kanye is seeing a future in politics, but they feel that they cannot associate themselves with them from this point forward.

And apparently, Kim has been lumped in with Kanye in the Carters’ eyes:

“They want nothing to do with either one of them,” says the insider.

We suppose we’re a little sympathetic to Kim, but not very.

After all, you can’t complain about the downsides of being married to an irate d-bag when you’re benefitting from the … well, we assume there must be some upside to being married to Kanye.


Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom: HA! It’s a Failure Without Me!

Teen Mom OG returned to the air on October 1, with one very obvious change:

Farrah Abraham is no longer a cast member.

She was fired in February and replaced by two additions: Bristol Palin and Cheyenne Floyd.

How did the Season 8 premiere fare without this controversial reality star on board?

Below, we relay the opening ratings and then we share Abraham's calm, cool and collected reaction to how the program is doing thus far without her polarizing presence…

1. The New Cast

Teen mom og season 8 cast
Here they are: Amber, Maci, Catelynn, Cheyenne and Bristol. MTV is banking on this quintet to draw in the ratings for Season 8.

2. Was the Premiere a Hit?

Based on buzz, maybe. The Internet wrote a lot about Bristol and her marital problems. Based on ratings, however? Well…

3. Under a Million Viewers Tuned In

According to Ratings by the Numbers, the Season 8 premiere drew in 957,000 viewers for its original airing at 9/8c on Monday, October 1.

4. Can We Compare This to The Season 7 Premiere?

Bristol and dakota
Of course. On November 27, 2017 — a premiere that featured Abraham in all her Farrah glory – 1.319 million viewers were viewing MTV to see what these women were up to.

5. As for the Season 7 Finale?

Season 7
That episode garnered 1.098 million viewers, meaning there was a pretty significant drop-off from those who were curious to see what Farrah was doing to those who tuned in for the debut of Bristol and Chyenne.

6. Was This Really a Reflection of Farrah Getting Fired?

Tyler in tears
We mean… perhaps. There’s no real way of knowing. But ratings across the board have been dropping on television as streaming services take off, viewers have more options and the use of DVR explodes.

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Ashley Darby: My Husband Didn’t Grope that Man! It’s All Lies!

Ashley Darby is speaking out now that her husband Michael Darby has been accused of sexual assault.

Not only is the The Real Housewives of Potomac star standing by her man, she’s claiming that charges have not even been filed.

She also announces that her husband has not been suspended by Bravo. Is she telling the truth?

Ashley Darby took to her Instagram Story on Saturday to affirm her support her embattled husband.

“No charges filed,” she writes. “No arrest made.”

“No Bravo suspension,” she continues. “No worries.”

She then promises fans: “We’ll keep you posted.”

That is very interesting … considering that two of those claims are in conflict with reports.

TMZ‘s report, which we are inclined to believe, says that Darby has been charged with felony assault.

(He has also been charged with misdemeanor improper sexual contact)

He has also been suspended by Truly Original, the production company behind The Real Housewives of Potomac.

And he has been suspended by Bravo, who say that they have procedures to follow when allegations of this nature are made.

It is curious that Ashley would make an announcement that is contrary to what we’ve heard.

As you may recall, these allegations — reported to police within days of the October 1 incident — were made by a cameraman, Orville Palmer.

According to his accusation, Michael Darby began by giving him what he perceived to be a flirtatious look.

On its own, that’s a pretty subjective perception, and almost never a crime.

He says that Darby then grabbed and groped his butt.

He says that he put down the camera and demanded that Darby stop touching his butt.

There was another alleged incident, days before, in which Michael Darby is said to have kicked him in the butt.

Kicking someone’s butt is not necessarily sexual in nature, but consider this:

One: you should not be touching anyone’s posterior without permission.

Two: kicking a butt might not be inherently sexual, but it’s inherently assault. Stop it.

As we mentioned, Palmer filed charges just days after the October 1 incident.

Some may feel a surge of anger towards Ashley for standing by her husband when these allegations have been made.

We should remember that blame for misdeeds — alleged or proven — should not be misplaced to a person’s family or loved ones.

Ashley, like so many people who are close to those who are accused of predatory behavior, is struggling to reconcile the man she knows with what she has now heard.

She may believe that this is over a vendetta against her husband, or somehow a ploy to make money.

Be angry with her for her claims that are contrary to reports, if you like, but not every wife is likely to file for divorce when allegations surface.

What makes this story a little complicated is that this alleged sexual assault case is that this is a married man who is accused of groping another man.

Obviously, not all sex crimes are about attraction, but a lot of people find that surprising and even difficult to accept.

There have been other famous man-on-man assault stories. The most famous among them are probably Brendan Fraiser and Terry Crews.

No one has the right to touch another person without their consent.

It is neither “gay” nor “homophobic” to report a sexual assault committed by one man upon another. Crimes are crimes.


Tyler Baltierra: It’s Weird AF to Star Alongside Bristol Palin!

Tyler Baltierra two huge reasons to be very happy and extremely excited these days.

FIRST, the long-time reality star has lost 43 pounds of late and he looks amazing.

SECOND, he’s having another baby!!!!!!!

Tyler Baltierra and palin

Tyler and wife Catelynn announced this month that their third child is due in March, an especially blessed development considering they lost one to a miscarriage back in January 2018.

But Baltierra said this week on the podcast “Reality Life with Kate Casey” that he unfortunately has one reason NOT to be so happy and excited at the moment.

And that reason has everything to do with one of his new Teen Mom OG co-stars.

For the first time since the news of her casting broke, Tyler has spoken out on the addition of Bristol Palin to the franchise.

“Do I think it’s weird as hell? Absolutely. Do I think it’s a really, like, not a good decision for the franchise? Yeah. But that’s out of my control,”. he said on the recording

We definitely understand the first part of that statement.

Bristol Palin was the daughter of the nominee for Vice President of the United States in 2008.

She was on stage at the Republican National Committee. She made MAJOR national/political headlines for months because she was a pregnant teenager at the time of this election…

… and now she’s gonna be on Teen Mom OG Season 8!

That is absolutely weird as hell.

But is it bad for the franchise?

Time, and ratings really, will tell.

The stunning casting decision has certainly resulted in an abundance of coverage for the series, as Bristol and Cheyenne Floyd will both come on board the program this fall.

They are jointly taking over for Farrah Abraham, whose affiliation with amateur pornography led to her departure from MTV in February.

To be clear, meanwhile, Tyler says he has no beef with Bristol on a personal level.

Heck, he had never met her before filming began and scarcely knew anything about her.

“I don’t know anything about anybody,” he said on the podcast. “It’s weird. When it comes to that kind of stuff, I’m a f-cking recluse.”

He was also just 16 years old back when Palin was in the national spotlight.

Pver the past two months, though, he’s heard about some of Palin’s controversies, such as her stance against gay marriage and her hot Republican takes in general.

“I got headlines sent to me, ‘Oh my gosh, she’s racist, she’s homophobic,’” he says. “I’m like, ‘What? I don’t know!’”

He’ll soon find out, however!

So will MTV viewers across the globe.

The new season of Teen Mom OG kicks off this Monday, October 1.

Still, Baltierra says he’s reserving judgment until he gets to know the Alaska native better:

“I’m like, I can’t read the tabloids. I gotta just get to know the person on my own. I don’t want to get any preconceived judgments or notions about these people.”

Moreover, he doesn’t blame Bristol for coming on board.

This is how Tyler concludes his opinion on the unexpected situation:

Do I have any hard feelings against the girls, the people participating in it now? Absolutely not.

Because I think with the franchise – like, what it turned into –  if the opportunity knocks on anyone’s door, I think everyone would be lying if they said they wouldn’t take the opportunity.

Honestly, things evolve, they gotta grow and they gotta adapt to change as we get on with this whole thing that we’ve been doing for 10 years now.