Paris Hilton Calls Lindsay Lohan Out as a “Liar,” Internet Wonders If It’s 2006

Paris Hilton is celebrating #ThrowbackThursday a few hours early.

But she isn’t doing it via some memorable or funny photos from several years ago.

She’s doing it by reigniting a decades-old feud with the one former celebrity who may be more irrelevant than she is these days.

Yes, Lindsay Lohan, we’re talking about you.

The former A-Listers, both of whom have seen their Q-Rating drop more precipitously than Hilton’s pants in her infamous amateur porn video, are evidently at odds once again as a result of something Paris wrote on Instagram.

This is all a little bit confusing and a whole lot random, but here we go…

A Paris Hilton fan account (yes, these actually exist!) on Instagram shared a montage of paparazzi videos of Lohan in the 2000s this week.

During her darkest period, of course, the ex-actress was involved prominently during this decade in many scandals and disagreements.

The first clip from the aforementioned video is from November of 2006; it features Lohan claiming that Hilton had hit her in the arm the night before at a friend’s house and also poured a drink all over her.

Then, in the second section of footage, Lohan takes this statement back and says she loves Paris.

“Paris is my friend. Everyone lies about everything. She’s a nice person…she never did that. She’s a good girl,” Lindsay tells photographers as she ducks into the car with Hilton behind the wheel in this snippet.

Then, there’s a third segment of the video in which Lindsay seemingly calls Paris a “cunt,” prior to immediately claiming she did no such thing,

(A certain President of the United States stand up and applaud Lindsay for her ability to tell fudge the truth, if you will.)

At some point, this video must have made its way into Hilton’s feed because actually left a comment on it that reads:


paris vs. lindsay

Lohan and Hilton go back a VERY long way.

Lindsay allegedly dated Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, about 12 years ago.

Lohan, meanwhile, once quipped that Paris is “very comfortable making videos,” a clear reference to her sex tape.

Then, in 2013, Hilton’s younger brother alleged that Lohan was actually behind a beating he took in Miami.

We haven’t heard much about their relationship since then; nor much from either star since then, period.

However, Lohan recently went after Kim Kardashian, indicating that she’s unafraid to stir things up with fellow celebrities just like she did in the old days.

Although she’d claim otherwise.

“I’m a normal, nice person. A good person. I don’t have any bad intentions. And my past has to stay in the past,” Lohan explained in a new interview, adding:

“People have to just let go of it and stop bringing it up because it’s not – it’s gone. It’s dead. And that’s the most important thing to me.”

Okay, fine. Fair enough.

But someone better pass that message along to Paris Hilton.

(At press time, Lohan had not responded to Hilton’s liar diss.)


Audrey Roloff: Quitting Little People, Big World Because It’s God’s Plan?

In a heartbreaking move, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have announced their departure from Little People, Big World.

Jer was the first to break the soul-crushing news.

Now, Audrey is thanking fans for their support — and shedding a little more insight on why they’re stepping back from the camera.

Audrey took to Instagram to repeat the news. Not everyone who follows her also follows Jer.

“In case you didn’t see our annoucement over on @jeremyroloff’s IGTV,” Audrey’s post begins.

Auj announces: “This past season was our last season of filming for Little People Big World.”

We already knew from Jeremy’s post, but … repetition doesn’t make this news any easier to swallow.

“I know it’s been a shorter run for me,” Audrey acknowledges. “For Jeremy it’s been 14 years!,”

He did, in part, grow up on reality television.

Audrey continues: “but I’ve shared some pretty big life moments on #LPBW”

For example, she lists how Little People, Big World viewers got to see her go through the process of “getting engaged,”

Audrey also recalls how viewers were treated to “our wedding day.”

She mentions that she was on the show for “the launch of @beating50,” which is definitely more exciting for her than for your average viewer.

Auj recounts how fans followed her and Jeremy for “3 moves” and “a remodel.”

And of course, fans got to see her “finding out we were having a baby girl, and becoming a new mom!”

Where would any of us be without precious Ember Jean?

Audrey continues, thanking her fans: “I am so thankful for the encouragement, kindness, and support that each of you have shown to our family.”

“We are forever grateful for the run we’ve had,” she says, almost wistfully.

“But,” she says, she and Jeremy are “Excited to focus on what we feel the Lord is calling us to!”

“You guys are the most loyal fans,” Auj gushes. “Thank you for respecting our decision. And thanks to TLC for putting up with us”

She follows that with a winky-face emoticon.

Audrey wasn’t done, however. She had another major shout-out.

“Mostly, I am so proud of my husband,” she writes.

“Who has grown up in the public eye and yet remained grounded, wise, and steadfast in his faith.”

Growing up in the public eye can be a challenge, but we’re not sure how it would challenge his faith or wisdom.

Unless … was this some sort of jab at the agnostic Jacob Roloff?

“This decision is one that I respect him for immensely,” Audrey says. “‘Here’s hail to the rest of the road!’ I love you Farmer.”

Audrey, an outspoken Christian, then cites:

“Psalm 20:7 #journeyofjerandauj #beating50percent”

Psalm 20:7 refers to how some may trust in mundane things of the world to see them on their journeys, but Christians trust in their God.

Appropriate, given the subject matter.

Though, with Audrey’s phrasing, some fans may be asking themselves — did Audrey and Jeremy quit the show because they believe that God wanted them to?


Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons: It’s Getting Serious!

The Philadelphia 76ers are going through a rough patch.

Yes, the team won 50 games last season and advanced to the second round of the NBA Playoffs.

But they failed to land LeBron James in free agency a few days ago, after The King chose The Lakers, and now we have even worse news for fans of the squad:

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons are getting hot, heavy and very serious.

Talk of the famous model dating the reigning Rookie of the Year starting to run rampant in late May.

That’s just over a month ago, of course.

But there’s been chatter already that the stars are living together in a rented home in Los Angeles, while they most definitely attended a party at Khloe Kardashian’s home on July Fourth.

In a Snapchat video from the event, it’s impossible to miss Kendall and Ben getting close and cozy, making it apparent that this is more than a mere fling.

The two also posed in a custom photo booth together with a group of friends.

This sighting comes not long after Simmons and Jenner also went on a double date with Khloe and Tristan Thompson, the latter of whom knows Simmons decently well from the basketball court.

Thompson plays for thehe Cavs and Simmons for the aforementioned Sixers.

Both clubs made it past the first round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs this past spring.

Neither Ben nor Kendall has actually commented on their romance yet, but photos and videos do not lie; they are clearly getting it on, folks.

“They seem to have a great time together. Kendall looks happy with Ben,” a source recently told People Magazine. “You can tell she is enjoying her summer.”

That’s great for Jenner.

But what about the Sixers?

The dreaded Jenner/Kardashian curse is well known across the sports universe at this point, as the Houston Rockets stumbled to a .500 record shortly after James Harden dated Khloe Kardashian.

Reggie Bush was never the same player after he went out with Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin basically fell off the face of the earth after his doomed Kim relationship.

Remember Kris Humphries? LOL.

Last week, Jenner and Simmons enjoyed lunch at South Beverly Grill in Beverly Hills and then went shopping at Neiman Marcus.

The former only recently split from yet another basketball player, Blake Griffin.

“Kendall is having fun,” People Magazine also writes, concluding:

“She doesn’t want a serious relationship and is just enjoying being single.

“She feels that whenever she has been serious about guys in the past, it’s kind of a mess and doesn’t work out. She invested time in the relationship with Griffin.

“She isn’t planning on doing the same right now.”

We’ll see about that.

Sometimes, the heart and/or crotch simply wants what it wants and you can’t do anything about it.


Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole: What? It’s Over?!?!?!?

According to a VERY reliable source, Liam Payne is all set to go in one direction…

… while long-time girlfriend Cheryl Cole goes in another.

Indeed, the gorgeous and adorable couple has ended its two-year romance, dealing quite a blow to fans who were expecting the singers to walk down the aisle at some point.

On Sunday, however, the 24-year-old artist shared the sad news on his Twitter page, writing:

“Cheryl and I are sad to announce that we are going our separate ways. It’s been a tough decision for us to make. We still have so much love for each other as a family.

“Bear is our world and we ask that you respect his privacy as we navigate our way through this together.”

Payne and Cole welcomed their son in March of last year.

Liam was also the person who confirmed this blessed event, posting a picture of him and his only child on social media, along with the following announcement:

“My close friends and family know there are very few times when I’m left speechless… wow!

“I’m incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world, it’s a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favourite memory I have so far.

“I’m completely in awe of his incredible mother and how she has been the whole way through this, she’s really made my dreams come true…

“I feel very blessed.”

liam says

After the birth of their son, many wondered when Cole and Payne would get married.

But wedding speculation turned into split speculation a few weeks ago.

In February, Cole was asked about rumors of a break-up with the her boyfriend while attending the opening of The Prince’s Trust Cheryl’s Trust Centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England.

When journalists asked if she was “frustrated” that such chatter could overshadow her charity campaign, the singer avoided the question.

She could have put an end to the rumors with a simple expression of love for Liam at the time.

Instead, Cole said this:

“Do I find it frustrating? No, it doesn’t bother me. My focus is solely on this, it’s taken seven years to get here and none of that matters. This is the most important part for me.”

So… what the heck happened?

We can’t say for certain.

A few outlets have alleged that Cole rejected Payne’s proposal earlier this year and the relationship has been doomed ever since.

The Sun, for example, writes that Payne has wanted to make the relationship official ever since becoming a father.

“Liam is smitten with his little boy and wants things to work between him and Cheryl, so thought talk of marriage was a positive step,” an insider has told this British publication, adding;

“She just doesn’t seem to be thinking in the same sort of way and has made it clear that’s not on the cards at the moment, which he saw as a real snub.”

Liam Payne cradled his newborn son in this precious photo.

We can imagine how awkward this would make any romance.

This same newspaper also explained that Payne may have wanted to marry Cole, but he also wanted to build a successful music career.

And this has kept the stars sort of far apart for awhile.

“The reality is his solo career has been very demanding on his time and Cheryl has spent a lot of time alone as a new mum,” writes The Sun, adding:

“That put pressure on her and the relationship and they drifted apart.”


Neither Liam nor Cheryl talked much about their relationship in public during the two years they dated.

So we don’t expect to hear a lot from them now that it’s over.

We just wish each side the very best in all things personal and professional as they moved forward.


Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley: It’s Over!

Despite the occasional bit of good news from Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, most of the news about Married at First Sight couples is, well, bad. It goes with the territory.

Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley’s news is no exception — these two are splitting after less than one year of marriage.

What’s more is that they actually broke up a while ago.

Did you know that Jaclyn and Ryan aren’t even the first Married at First Sight couple to have those names, right down to the spelling?

Well, like Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone before them, Us Weekly reports that Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley have decided to call it quits.

As we mentioned, this apparently isn’t too recent, either.

A source tells Us that this conscious uncoupling actually happened “a while ago.”

The two apparently were waiting for the news to break before confirming it.

But Jaclyn has come out and acknowledged the breakup on Instagram.

Jaclyn writes: “We have split,” confirming the news.

On top of making official, she wants to assure fans of the series that this is for the best.

She writes: “and trust me we are both much happier and healthier this way.”

That is usually the case for divorces. You don’t end a marriage just for fun.

And it’s also no surprise for these two specifically, given that, back in January, viewers saw that even their honeymoon seemed tense and full of conflict.

“Thank you so much for all the love and support,” Jaclyn says.

Jaclyn assures her fans and followers: “We ALL deserve a good love story.”

Sure! If you want one. Plenty of people would prefer to experience a good success story.

Jaclyn affirms that people deserve love “whether you find it in high school, tinder, out dancing, on vacation, or a show.”

“Love is love,” Jaclyn says. “And it certainly doesn’t judge.”

That is very sweet of her to say. Though also in her self-interest, since she got married on a reality show.

Jaclyn referred to the many people whom she met during her journey on Married at First Sight.

“This was a fabulous bunch,” Jaclyn writes.

She enjoyed meeting them all “and I’m always grateful for learning experiences.”

it’s good that she’s walking out of this situation with a positive attitude.

Jaclyn writes that she values learning opportunities, “especially when they involve self growth.”

Marriage to a total stranger would have to qualify, right?

(This was a photo of Ryan and Jaclyn’s honeymoon in Jamaica)

Ryan has not yet responded to the breaking news on Instagram, as of Thursday afternoon, but on the show itself, he more than hinted that he would not be emotionally devastated by a divorce.

And though his his an avid user of Instagram, one has to scroll through a couple of months to find any photos of Jaclyn.

Ryan’s parents, we should note, have been married for about 40 years. So that’s a bit of contrast.

It sounds like this breakup was reasonably amicable, but we’re sure that there are still a lot of complicated feelings. Even though they were total strangers before their wedding.