Kanye West: I’ve Been Used! Eff You, Politics!

Kanye West is outta there, people.

As you may have heard over the past severak weeks, West has been a proud supporter of Donald Trump.

He's worn a MAGA hat in public. He's ranted on SNL. He's even met with Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

But now Kanye says he's finished with politics. He's done. He's sick of the whole thing.

What changed? What happened? Why does he now feel this way?

Scroll down to get caught up on the whole sordid story…

1. Make America Kanye Again!

Kanye in the oval
West has spent the past several weeks touting how awesome Trump is, even hugging the President in the White House and say he loves him. For real. This happened.

2. Screw My Race!

Kanye with trump
West has said slavery is a choice. He’s said we should abolish the 14th amendment and perhaps bring this practice back. He’s betrayed his race at every turn.

3. And Also His Wife

Kanye with passion
Numerous sources have said that Kim Kardashian has considered leaving West as a result of this MAGA madness.

4. And Yet… West Has Carried On!

Mr maga
Until now.

5. So, What Changed?

Kanye in the white house
In a Tweet storm on October 30, 2018, Kanye said he was going to distance himself from the political arena because he’s sick and tired of being used by those in the arena.

6. We’ll Let Him Explain…

Listen to me jared
Strap in, folks. Kanye is about to go full-on Kanye…

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Jenna Cooper: I’m Not a Cheater! I’ve Also Hired a Lawyer!

Forget He Said/She Said.

Jenna Cooper finds herself at the center of an unusual He Said/She Said/He Also Said Situatiion.

And it’s turning uglier by the second.

Earlier this week, Cooper got engaged to Jordan Kimball on national television, as the latter proposed to the former on the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise.

HOWEVER, right around the time viewers were drying their tears from witnessing this event, Reality Steve (who is never wrong about his Bachelor spoilers, not ever) was sharing multiple text messages allegedly sent from Jenna to the man with whom she’s been sleeping all summer.




These text messages included a description of what Cooper wanted to do to her boyfriend’s penis with her mouth, as well as an admission from Cooper that her romance with Kimball was fake.

They’re pretty damning (and graphic), aren’t they?

jenna text
jenna cheats

Despite this apparent evidence, Jenna swears she never cheated on Jordan.

“I want to start by saying those texts were completely fabricated, and I never sent them to anyone. I did not cheat on Jordan, and I have nothing to hide,” Cooper wrote yesterday on Instagram.

She continued:

“I have been extremely open and vulnerable throughout this whole process. I was looking for love, and I found it. I was excited to share this journey with all of you.

“I am hurt by these fake texts, and that anyone would believe this story so quickly without proof.”

The thing is, Jordan believes them — and his opinion, one would think, is all that should matter to Jenna.

“It is extremely hard to talk about, but when I read these texts, I can hear her voice saying it,” Kimball said on Reality Steve’s podcast last night, adding:

“The structure of the speaking and the facts this gentlemen has about her…it’s scary. It gives me chills.”

Cooper and Kimball were planning to get married on June 9, 2018 and they had asked Chris Harrison to officiate their nuptials.

Sources have also said they were hoping to tie the knot in front of ABC cameras.

But this will not be happening anymore, despite Jenna’s denials and statements.

“I have an attorney helping me investigate this hurtful and fraudulent attack on my character,” she also wrote on Instagram. “We are evaluating all legal remedies available to punish those responsible.”

We somehow doubt Reality Steve is very concerned.

with jenna

Kimball says he has spoken with Cooper about the text messages and that discussion just made him “sicker” than he had been before their chat.

“It’s looking like I got played,” he told Reality Steve. “Once you get played the last thing you want to do is get fooled as well.”

At least Jordan has most residents of Bachelor Nation on his side.

“Love you Bro,” wrote Colton Underwood to Jordan in response to the scandal.

“Can’t imagine what you’re going through, sending our love your way, Jordan,” wrote Jade Roper.

“You are a shining star, Jordan!!! We all love you a ton. You are strong and brave and honest, and you deserve a woman who will see that,” added Bekah Martinez.

“Hey, you’re welcome to appear on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 to help us milk this story and garner huge ratings,” announced ABC producers, probably.


Jill Duggar Comes Clean: Here’s How I’ve Been Making Money Since Quitting Counting On!

Back in 2017, Derick Dillard was fired from Counting On after launching a bigoted tirade against a fellow TLC star on social media.

Shortly thereafter, his wife, Jill Duggar, quit the show, thus leaving the Dillard clan with no apparent source of income.

These days, Derick is planning to attend law school, but fans are understandably curious about how he and Jill plan to support their two sons while he begins the very lengthy process of becoming an attorney.

Now, it looks as though we may have our answer.

Jump into the gallery below to learn the surprising secret behind Jill's financial comeback.

1. The Breadwinner

Jill duggar nose pierced
In many respects, Jill is as traditional as her fundamentalist parents. But in one important way, she’s very much a woman of the 21st century.

2. One Ugly Rant

Derick dillard jill duggar
Last year, Derick was fired from Counting On after he launched an appalling tirade against fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings.

3. The Victim

Jazz jennings on instagram
Jazz is a transgender teen, and she became the surprise target of Derick’s wrath for reasons that remain a mystery.

4. The Subservient Wife

Jill duggar pregnancy
Jill quit the show shortly after Derick was fired, seemingly as a show of support for her husband.

5. A Tight Spot

Jill m duggar and derick dillard
The move left Jill and Derick without any visible means of support, and for months fans were baffled as to how the family was getting by.

6. Duggar Finances

Jill duggar hiding a bump
Sure, Jill’s parents are well-off, but they also have a LOT of kids to support. So how has Jill been supporting herself and her family this year?

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The Situation: I’ve Been Sober for Almost Three Years!

Remember back in the old days of Jersey Shore, before any of the cast members had kids and they were just out there, living their messiest lives?

Those were wild times, right?

And, looking back, they were actually kind of sad times, too.

While Ronnie and Sam’s terrible relationship made for some fantastic reality television, it was also pretty remarkably unhealthy.

Since Ronnie’s in another remarkably unhealthy relationship these days, complete with domestic violence charges, things obviously haven’t changed too much for him.

Snooki and JWoww are both married with kids, and Deena is married and pregnant.

Sammi is trying to lead a more private life now with her boyfriend, and Pauly D and Vinny both seem happy with the lives they’ve made for themselves.

As for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino … boy, he sure was a piece of work, huh?

He partied as much as the rest of his co-stars back in the day, maybe even more.

After all, he did go to rehab in 2012 to get help for an addiction to pills.

In 2015, he suffered an injury at the gym, and his doctor prescribed him painkillers, which led to a relapse.

He went to rehab again after that, and as he announced in a new post on Instagram, he’s been clean ever since!

The Situation is sober

In his post, he shared two photos — one of him in the neck brace he wore in season four after he ran headfirst into a wall during an argument with Ronnie, and one of him proposing to his now-fiancée, Lauren Pesce.

“33 Months Clean & Sober,” he wrote for his caption.

“Went from Running into a Wall to Down on One Knee. We do recover.”

It has been a pretty amazing transformation, honestly.

And most of his fellow Jersey Shore cast members have taken the time to praise him for his hard work.

“Proud of u my bro,” Pauly D wrote in a comment on Mike’s post.

“Love you Mike!!!!!” Deena told him. “So proud of you brother.”

Snooki said “I am legit crying im so proud of you,” which is really sweet.

Even Angelina popped in with a simple comment of “resilience,” and how crazy is that?

Besides the Jersey Shore crew, tons and tons of his followers flooded the comments to tell him how proud they were of him, what a great role model he’s become, that sort of thing.

And those people are right — he really has turned his life around in a major way.

Back in the day, he was really just a seriously obnoxious douchebag who got arrested and sued pretty regularly, and he even thought it was a good idea to commit tax fraud.

Just take a look at the top portion of that “then and now” photo he shared: that’s a photo of a guy who got into a dumb argument with his roommate and decided to ram his head directly into the wall for reasons that we still can’t quite understand.

But now, he’s settled down, he’s pretty likable, he’s getting his legal issues sorted (even if that means spending some serious time in prison).

He’s even getting married.

So good on you, The Situation. Good on you.


Jason Mraz: I’ve Totally Slept with Men!

Jason Mraz once famously sang “I’m Yours” to anyone who would listen.

In a new interview with Billboard, however, the artist explains why this is a tad bit ironic:

It turns out that, even while dating his wife, Mraz actually was NOT hers.

The dude slept around a lot before settling down — and not even with just one gender, either!

If you recall, the 41-year-old made headlines last month after writing the line “I am bi your side” in a love poem to the LGBTQ community in honor of gay pride month…

… and now we know why.

“Honestly, I didn’t realize it was going to be so telling,” he told the aforementioned publication about his poem, prior to dropping a rather explosive bombshell:

“But I’ve had experiences with men, even while I was dating the woman who became my wife. It was like, ‘Wow, does that mean I am gay?’”

Wait, whatt????

Mraz was sleeping with men while dating his very serious girlfriend and now-wife???


And he continued in this interview:

“My wife laid it out for me. She calls it ‘two spirit,’ which is what the Native Americans call someone who can love both man and woman. I really like that.”

Oh, ummm. Okay then. Two spirit sexuality. There you have it, folks.

According to The New York Times, “Two Spirit” was a term coined in the early 1990s at a conference for gay and lesbian Native Americans.

It was used then as an umbrella phrase with no specific description of gender or sexual orientation.

Might that explain why Mraz, as you can see above and below, often holds up two fingers for his fans?


Mraz and Christina Carano got married in October of 2015 after four years of dating; they exchanged vows at the time in an intimate outdoor ceremony in Virginia.

The songwriter announced the news on Instagram back then, gushing that he was “the luckiest man in the world.”

“I felt an instant connection to her and have admired her integrity and practices since day one,” Mraz said years ago of Carano.

“She is whole-hearted in every action, is extremely generous, completely drama-free, and has the most intuitive-genius-mind in the kitchen.

“Not to mention her smile absolutely melts me.”

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the first time Mraz has opened up about his sexuality.

In a 2005 interview with Genre magazine, the singer said he was “bisexually open-minded,” telling the publication:

“I have never been in a sexual relationship with a man. If the right one came along, then sure.”

In this case, he concluded:

“I had a gay friend I was hanging out with just about every day. We were basically best friends. It took me about three months before I realized, ‘Oh my god, we’re dating.’

“Right before I moved to California, he gave me a pretty strong-willed kiss goodbye, which I have never experienced before.

“Unfortunately, he had a little bit more facial hair than I like.”