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Hugh Jackman Ballin’ with the Globetrotters

Hugh Jackman might not be ready to join the Harlem Globetrotters just yet, but his ball-handling skills aren’t half bad … and he’s definitely got the charisma.

What else would you expect from the ‘Greatest Showman?’

“The Front Runner” star got an impromptu lesson from Globetrotters star Cheese Chisholm in the tunnel at Madison Square Garden Tuesday … as the Knicks were prepping for their Christmas Day game against the Bucks.

Check it out … Jackman’s got some game, and totally nails the elbow pass spin move. Things get a little dicier when Cheese adds more steps though … and he’s got some work to do on spinning the ball on his finger.

BTW, the other ‘Trotter in the vid is Hot Shot Swanson, the shortest Globetrotter in team history at only 4-foot-5.

The Harlem Globetrotters got a game Thursday at MSG, the first of 7 in NYC to close out 2018.

Don’t expect Hugh to take the floor with them … yet.