Paris Jackson: Ordered By Grandparents to Dump Cara Delevingne?

Last month, we reported that Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne are dating.

There still hasn’t been an official announcement from the couple, but it’s pretty clear from their recent public outings that Paris and Cara are an item.

And unfortunately, it seems not everyone is thrilled with the news.

According to Radar Online, Paris’ beloved grandparents, Joe and Katherine Jackson, have made it quite clear that they do not approve of her relationship with Cara.

“Joe and Katherine are mortified by Paris’ romance with Cara because it goes against everything they believe, which is that a woman should be with a man,” an insider tells the site.

Yes, it seems Joe and Katherine’s disapproval is the result of old-fashioned homophobia.

But they also have some backup rationales on deck, because apparently wanting “what’s best” for Paris means making absolutely certain that she’s unhappy.

“They both love Paris so much and they want what’s best for her, but they feel that Cara’s fast-paced lifestyle is too much for her,” the source adds.

Sounds like they’re ready to use Paris’ struggles with addiction to justify why she shouldn’t be with someone who enjoys clubbing as much as Cara.

The problem with that is, while Cara does seem to enjoy partying, there’s no indication that her definition of the word involves drinking or drugs.

We’re not saying she’s completely straight-edge, but the woman is photographed extensively just about everytime she leaves the club, and we can’t recall a time she was caught slurring or stumbling.

Fortunately, Paris is having none of Joe and Katherine’s nonsense:

“Paris isn’t listening to anyone when it comes to her relationship with Cara,” the source says.

“She is following her heart and believes that Paris is the one she is meant to be with.”

Yes, apparently things are really moving that quickly.

The source says Paris feels a freedom with Cara that she’s never known before.

“Paris is able to be herself around Cara, and that is refreshing to her,” the insider adds.

“People around her think she’s fallen completely in love.”

So it sounds like old Joe Jackson won’t be getting his way, but don’t feel too bad for the guy.

After all, he’s 1. a huge bigot, and 2. a terrible person beyond that.

So really, this is just a win-win for everyone involved.

Except for Joe. But Joe sucks.


Josiah Duggar: Why Did He Break Up With Marjorie Jackson?!

These days, Josiah Duggar is engaged to Lauren Swanson, and the young couple appears to be head-over-heels for one another.

But Josiah’s love life hasn’t been all smooth sailing. 

Before Lauren came along, Josiah courted Marjorie Jackson, and while the vast majority of Duggar courtships result in marriage, the short-lived relationship between Josiah and Marjorie ended abruptly and without explanation.

To this day, little is known about the exact reason that Josiah and Marjorie called it quits, and many fans are stll intrigued.

After all, a Duggar courtship is unlike most other romantic relationships.

The Duggars describe courting as “dating with a purpose” – and that purpose is not companionship, but procreation.

Jim Bob and Michelle discourage their kids from entering courtships until they’re certain their partner is someone they could imagine marrying and having kids with.

So breakups are extremely rare, and it’s even more rare for courtships to end the way that Josiah and Marjorie’s ended.

Just weeks after the couple loudly and proudly announced their courtship on the Duggars’ official Facebook page, they very quetly went their separate ways.

Fans only realized the relationship had come to an end when they noticed that all of the photos of Marjorie had been deleted from Josiah’s Instagram page.

So what exactly led these two to the surprsing decision to break up?

Well, they’ve both been hesitant to speak about it publicly, but Josiah shed some light on the decision in his last interview before he met Lauren.

 “Marjorie and I had a good time together. We were just trying to follow God’s lead on everything,” he said of the split, according to In Touch Weekly.

“She didn’t feel that it was the right timing then, so we called it quits for a bit.”

Interestingly, Josiah concluded the interview with a comment that many interpreted as an admission of fault – as well as a 

 “We have time to grow … you never know… But when you think about a girl to marry, you ask what kind of guy she would want to marry and you try to be that kind of guy.”

After Josiah’s interview, the Duggars issued a brief statement to People magazine:

“A few weeks ago Marjorie and Josiah agreed to end their courtship, keeping in step with what they believe the Lord’s will is,” the statement read.

“Both are thankful for the time getting to know each other, and their families continue to enjoy each other’s company and close friendship.”

And that’s likely all the information we’ll ever get on the subject.

As soon as the Josiah-Marjorie courship began, it became clear that Josiah would not be opening up about his orevious relationship any further.

There was a talk of Marjorie writing a tell-all about her time with the Duggars, but the book never materialized.

We guess fans will simply have to continue speculating wildly about the reasons the couple called it quits!

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Paris Jackson: I Smoke Weed & You Should Too!

Paris Jackson is no stranger to controversy.

She’s been famous since the day she was born, and the spotlight has only gotten more intense as she’s inched closer to adulthood.

Obviously, with 2.6 million followers on Instagram alone, Paris is subjected to more than her fair share of scrutiny and criticism, but for the most part, it seems she’s able to take it in stride.

Much of the concern-trolling over the course of the past year has had to do with the 19-year-old’s mental health.

Back in 2013, Paris attempted suicide, and some of her most obsessive fans have been keeping an eye out for red flags ever since.

Paris Jackson has struggled with addiction in the past, and since it was a lethal combination of prescription drugs that claimed her father’s life, her followers are often on the lookout for signs of substance abuse.

So when Paris posted an Instagram story in which she can be seen smoking pot, we suppose some backlash was to be expected.

What was less expected was the epic fashion in which Paris stood tall and clapped back at her haters.

One follower commented, “And what parent thinks its okay for their kid to smoke weed? Girl, you’re better than this & you know it.”

Paris was having none of it, and she let the “fan” know exactly what she thought of her unsolicited advice:

“I know of a few parents that actually rely on this amazing organic medicine to keep their children alive since the alternative pharmaceutical drugs that doctors were shoving down their throats was basically killing the poor little ones but hey, to each his own,” Jackson wrote.

“Try googling ‘narcotics’ ‘big pharma’ and then google ‘cbd’ then get back to me, i’ll be sitting here eating granola and watching scooby doo,” she added.

Yes, Paris clearly has strong views regarding the health benefits of cannabis and the dangers of prescription drugs.

We’re guessing many therapists would caution against a teen who’s already beaten addiction dabbling in different mind-altering substances, but Paris seems to be proceeding carefully.

At her young age, she’s already experienced the ravages of addiction firsthand, and according to those who know her best, that’s just one of the struggles that have made Paris wise beyond her years

Obviously, that doesn’t mean that Paris is immune to relapsing.

But it does mean that those of us who really don’t know her at all should probably withhold judgment and trust that she knows what she’s doing.


Paris Jackson Almost Died; Is She On a Downward Spiral?

Despite the happy reports that Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne may be dating or at least have hooked up, some are worried about Paris.

Recently, she partied so hard on a rooftop that, in her words, she almost died.

Some ask if she’s on a downward spiral that could put her back in the hospital. Is she?

RadarOnline reports that Paris Jackson was recently partying so hard that she allegedly nearly fell from a New York City rooftop.

Which apparently has some people worry that she’s caught in a downward spiral.

“It was terrifying! For a split second, we thought she would perish.”

(Perish is a fine word, but who uses it that way in a sentence? Or was this source one of Cara’s British friends?)

“Paris has been completely out of control, but there’s nothing the family can do.”

Here’s the photo — Paris herself shared the image of her “near death” experience. She literally just danced on a rooftop and almost fell towards the roof.

So … it’s probably not as dramatic or dire as it sounds. We hope.

Paris Jackson "Nearly Fell"

RadarOnline mentions how Cara and Paris were spotted sneaking out of a trendy East London bar at 3 in the morning, holding hands, and heading off to the same hotel.

“Paris feels free, crazy, and uninhibited around her female companions — especially Cara.”

That sounds like a good thing, right?

“Paris can’t be talked to sensibly, and everybody is bracing themselves for a dreadful phone call.”

Though Paris did attempt suicide five years ago, that was five years ago when she was a young teenager with a lot on her plate.

So why are they so worried now, exactly?

Sadly, we think that we know what Paris’ family’s “concerns” are really about.

As we mentioned when we discussed reports about Paris’ alleged relationship with gal pal Cara Delevingne, it sounds like Paris’ older and more conservative relatives are having a hard time dealing with who Paris is.

“Katherine and Joe are not big fans of being openly bisexual.”

That … sounds an awful lot like bigotry. Best case scenario, like they’re worried that her life will be harder when people know that she isn’t straight.

“She has been outspoken about her bisexuality and this is no surprise to anyone who knows her.”

It’s no surprise to any of her fans — the majority of whom are celebrating reports of her alleged relationship with Cara.

“But her family is having a hard time accepting it.”

That sounds like their problem, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, it sounds like members of Paris’ own family hold some appalling beliefs about her.

“Katherine and Joe are so religious and they believe that Paris’ desire for women will lead to a life in hell for her.”

In religious terms, people can believe whatever they like. But they don’t need to make their beliefs any of Paris’ business.

“Katherine was always trying to steer her away from the ladies.”

That’s so sad to hear. Many LGBT youths experience the same thing, but it’s a shame that not even celebrities are always free to be themselves around family.

“She was really hoping that this was just a phase Paris was going through.”

Well, a partner might be a phase, but sexuality isn’t.

Paris Jackson’s mental health may have led her to a dark place when she was 15.

Now, though, she seems to be doing so much better.

Most people don’t view dancing with friends on a rooftop as part of a downward spiral. Most people call that being a rich and beautiful 19-year-old who’s living her best life.

Obviously, we all hope that Paris is more careful in the future. But we’re also sure that she will be.

As for “concerns” over Paris’ sexuality … we hope that Paris isn’t hurt by her family’s alleged views. She deserves to get to be herself.