Joe Jackson: Hospitalized with Cancer, On Verge of Death

Joe Jackson has been hospitalized with terminal cancer.

And, according to multiple outlets, the father of Michael and Janet Jackson will almost certainly never go home again.

Those close to the Jackson patriarch tell TMZ that loved ones are rushing to Jackson’s side, hoping to say goodbye to the controversial figure prior to his passing.

Joe’s wife, Katherine, is reportedly at the hospital and she has been joined there so far by a handful of kids and grandkids.

“Joe is going to die any day,” an insider says simply to Radar Online, adding of his wife:“Katherine doesn’t think he will live until Monday.”

This same source says Joe’s relatives “are already planning his funeral,” saying that Joe has made his wishes well known:

“Joe wants to be buried next to Michael. So he’ll be laid to rest in the mausoleum, and so will Katherine.

“The Jacksons have already bought multiple plots at Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles, have spoken to police and arranged car services.”

Joe’s health has been in decline now for a number of years, as he suffered a stroke in 2015 and has also been diagnosed with an aggressive form of colon cancer.

“He’s very very frail, he doesn’t have long,” Jermaine Jackson told The Daily Mail this morning. “The family needs to be by his bedside – that’s our only intention in his final days.”

Jackson, of course, is the father of the late Michael Jackson, as well as singer Janet Jackson and nine other kids.

This means he’s also the grandfather of Paris Jackson, the most prominent of Michael’s kids.

Joe was the manager of The Jackson 5 way back in the day, overseeing the group that made Michael into an icon via a rather heavy and scandal-filled hand.

He’s been accused on many occasions of abuse, infidelity and of fathering kids out of wedlock.

Specifically, Michael Jackson went on record before his own death of how Joe would force him to rehearse around the clock and how he was the victim of whippings and other forms of physical and emotional abuse.

Michael did also say that such strict parenting/managing contributed to his eventual success as an artist.

At this point, Joe is estranged from many of his sons and daughters.

A source close to Janet Jackson, for example, says that the star has been denied access to her father.

Joe’s daughter Joh’Vonnie Jackson, his sole child not with Katherine, has also reportedly not been allowed to see her father, despite their close relationship.

Joe does not want to be viewed in his current state, according to these reports.

His handlers have nee feuding with his family members over just who and who is not allowed inside Joe’s hospital room.

jj image

Jermaine confirms this account, saying that full access was really just granted on Thursday evening.

“No one knew what was going on – we shouldn’t have to beg, plead, and argue to see our own father, especially at a time like this,” he told the aforementioned British newspaper, adding:

“We have been hurting. We were not being told where he was and couldn’t get the full picture. Even from the doctor. My mother was worried sick.

“It’s what any family would want, but some people around him think they know better…and they don’t.”

Joe Jackson is 89 years old.


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Ariel Winter Mourns Jackson Odell, Shares Heartbreaking Message

Shock and sadness continues to emanate around Hollywood when it comes to the death of Jackson Odell.

As detailed over the weekend, the young actor and musician was found dead on Friday at what most outlets have reported as a sober living facility.

(Other outlets have written that the 20-year old was actually found dead inside his own home.)

Best known for his role as Ari Caldwell on eight episodes of The Goldbergs, Odell also appeared on episodes of Modern Family, The Fosters and Nickelodeon’s iCarly.

His movie resumes includes 2011 children’s movie Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.

Over the past couple years, Odell had transitioned from acting into the music, having penned numerous tracks for the soundtrack of the 2018 movie Forever Your Girl, including the Lauren Alaina hit, “Wings of an Angel.”

Numerous celebrities and close friends have shared their condolence over social media since this tragic news broke, with Odell’s family releasing a statement that reads as follows:

The Odell family has lost our beloved son and brother, Jackson Odell, on Friday.

He will always be a shining light and a brilliant, loving and talented soul. He had so much more to share. Our family will always carry that truth forward.

Our wish is that the rest of the world who knew and loved him does as well.

family message

Along with his loved ones, Modern Family actress Ariel Winter also left a note that has left the Internet in tears.

She had known Odell since he first broke into the acting business and responded to his passing with a note on Twitter. It reads:

Devastated to hear about the passing of Jackson Odell.

I knew Jackson since we were 12 years old, and he even appeared in an episode of Modern Family. We didn’t talk much as we entered our high school years, but I’m glad I got to spend time with him before his end.

Very hard for me to hear about anyone passing away, but someone so young really saddens me. Sending love to his family and friends.

You can see the note for yourself here:

wintet tweet

Odell’s cause of death is yet to be determined.

We expect to know more this week after an autopsy is performed and the results are made public.

Radar Online has reported that he passed away from a heroin overdose, but it offers little evidence to back up this speculation and we do not want to get ahead of ourselves.

We simply hope Jackson Odell is resting in peace.

The young actor’s passing concluded a sad week overall in Hollywood.

It followed the suicide of designer Kate Spade at age 55 and the suicide of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain at age 55.

We’ll continue to follow the details as they relate to all of these deaths and we’ll continue to keep readers up to speed regarding the latest.



Jackson Odell Dies; The Goldbergs Actor Was 20

Jackson Odell, a former teen actor and songwriter, was tragically found dead on Friday at a sober living facility in the San Fernando Valley.

He was 20 years old.

Odell is likely best known to television fans for his recurring role on television’s The Goldbergs, on which he portrayed student Ari.

Along with this role on the ABC sitcom, Odell also appeared on Nickelodeon’s iCarly and made an appearance on Modern Family.

His big screen career included the 2011 children’s film Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.

According to TMZ, the outlet that broke this unfortunate piece of news, Odell was discovered unresponsive in the aforementioned sober living home; there were no signs of foul play.

A successful singer and songwriter, Odell had been involved in acting since the age of 12.

Most recently, the 20-year old had transitioned from acting into the music world, having written numerous songs for the soundtrack of the 2018 movie Forever Your Girl, including the Lauren Alaina hit, “Wings of an Angel.”

On iCarly, though, he played a character named Gumbo in a single episode.

Jackson was also known, as mentioned above, for playing Ted Durkas on Modern Family.

The character was Manny’s romantic rival and bully, attempting in vain to win Fiona’s affection and humiliate Manny on an installment of this wildly popular program.

Prior to becoming Ari for eight episodes on The Goldbergs, Jackson had brief stints on Arrested Development and The Fosters.

In the wake of this horrible development, Odell’s fans and co-workers took to social media to mourn his untimely loss, sharing their thoughts and condolences on Twitter and Instagram.

Wrote entertainment reporter Rachael Ellenbogen, for instance:

“No!! Jackson Odell was so insanely talented.

“Not just for random shows & movies, but for his music. Followed him on YT for yrs & made sure to include him in an article I did at my 1st internship yrs ago.

“Then went to see #ForeverMyGirl opening night to support his songwriting.”

odell tweet

Odell’s death caps a troubling and depressing week in Hollywood.

First, Kate Spade was found dead of suicide in her Manhattan apartment. The designer was only 55 years old.

Then, Anthony Bourdain was found dead of suicide in a French hotel. The celebrity chef and TV star was 61 years old.

May they, Jackson Odell and all the celebrities listed below all rest in peace.