Farrah Abraham Pleads Guilty in Hotel Assault: Will She Go to Jail?!

Farrah Abraham is a mess.

You know it, we know it, whatever random person who knows nothing about Teen Mom but has seen a friend post something on Facebook about her sex tape knows it.

Literally everyone who has every heard of Farrah, even in passing, even just once, knows it.

But man, she really proved it earlier this year when she got herself arrested at that hotel, huh?

You probably remember all the details because it really was just an insane little story, but let’s go over the details real quick, just in case.

Back in June, Farrah was staying at a hotel in Beverly Hills with her daughter, Sophia.

While little Sophia was asleep upstairs, being watched over by a nanny, Farrah was down in the lounge, making a scene.

For whatever reason, she began yelling at other hotel guests, cursing and really just being Farrah at them.

It was bad enough that a security guard was called over to escort her away, but by then, she was already too fired up.

According to the guard and several witnesses, she assaulted the poor man by grabbing his head and shaking it.

She also hit him in the face with her forearm because … well, we’re sure it seemed like a good idea to her at the time.

After that, someone had the good sense to call the police, but you know our girl didn’t react too well to that.

Farrah reportedly gave the officers a hearty “go f-ck yourselves,” and she tried pulling the “don’t you know who I am?” card a few times.

Believe it or not, the police officers were not impressed, and she spent the night in jail.

A few weeks later, she was charged with battery, and also with resisting arrest.

If found guilty, she was facing up to 18 months in jail.

Pretty neat, right?

She was ultimately offered a plea deal, and if she accepted it, the battery charge would be dropped altogether.

Instead of going to jail, she’d have a few years of probation, as well as mandatory anger management classes.

It definitely would have been smart to take that deal, but Farrah is not exactly known for being smart.

Instead, she refused the deal and maintained her innocence.

Because, you know, the police officers, the security guard, and all the hotel guests who witnessed this nightmare all came up with the exact same lie.

So she turned down the deal a couple of times, but yesterday, she had one more hearing.

What happened?

Well, this time around, Farrah actually managed to get a little bit of sense.

She pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor, the resisting arrest one, and after she did that, she received her sentence.

And sorry, but she won’t be going to jail (this time).

Nope, she’s on probation for two years, and she also has to complete five days of community service and 12 hours of anger management.

Don’t worry though, because nobody broke that delusional spirit of hers!

“In my eyes I’m not guilty as my property was still at the hotel and people were setting me up, withholding my phone and my car,” she said in a statement to E! News.

“I’ve already completed the anger management, and will finish community service and will follow through on probation.”

How wild is it that after all that, she’s still able to say that she’s innocent with a straight face?

Then again, if she wasn’t able to do that, she wouldn’t be Farrah, now would she?


Bill Cosby: Hit in Face By Airborne Chicken Sandwich in Jail Cafeteria

Bill Cosby is two weeks into his three-to-ten year sentence and has started to really get a look at his life behind bars.

His larger-than-life personality is reportedly not meshing well with his fellow inmates.

A new report says that one prisoner got so fed up with him that he chucked the chicken patty from his sandwich at him, striking Cosby in the face.

RadarOnline reports that Cosby was on the receiving end of a projectile patty of the chicken variety.

“Mr. Cosby cracked a joke to another inmate by the infirmary,” their insider reports.

The source continues: “and that inmate was mad enough to take his chicken out of the bun and plunge it at him.”

The report notes that prison food isn’t exactly served in a buffet, so there must have been a great deal of ire behind the move.

“The way I see it,” the insider says. “You have to be very angry to throw your meal in jail because I don’t think you get seconds.”

We would imagine not.

Chicken Patties for Cosby Reference from Instagram

(Disclaimer: these chicken patties are probably a lot nicer than the institutional chicken disk that allegedly struck the disgraced comedian)

The alleged incident comes on the heels of a report that said that Cosby was enjoying the chicken patty.

“Mr. Cosby told us last week that the chicken patty was the best meal he had so far at SCI Phoenix … so that says a lot,” the source notes.

We already mentioned a report that Cosby has earned a nickname and some undeserved respect from fellow inmates.

“They’re calling him the ‘OG,'” the insider claimed. “Lingo for ‘original gangster.”

Clearly, that respect was not universal.

There was another report that said that Cosby tried pudding in prison, and that it was apparently not to his liking.

“He told us on the phone over the weekend ‘I was promoting THIS garbage?!’” The source claimed. “It tastes like something you give a lizard!”

Cosby was famous in the ’90s as the face of jello and pudding advertisements.

“We were caught by surprise,” the insider stated. “We never asked him: ‘Hey, Mr. Cosby, have you ever tried pudding or Jell-O?’”

“I never saw him and I don’t think anybody else ever saw him eating pudding or Jell-O,” the source admitted.

The insider concluded: “but I was pretty damn shocked when he told us he tried it and it wasn’t what he expected.”

Of course, a conflicting report casts into doubt everything that we’ve heard.

TMZ spoke to someone at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

“This did NOT happen,” their insider said forcefully of the chicken patty incident.

“And,” the source continued. “I am unhappy with anyone who is reporting such fake news.”

What’s more is that Cosby has allegedly had no contact whatsoever with fellow inmates while he is evaluated by prison staff.

Cosby is two weeks in and, no matter whose report you believe, it seems safe to say that he’s no longer living his best life.

He wants out of prison — and we’re not referring to the goofy claim that Cosby is planning an elaborate prison break.

No, we mean that his legal team is fighting in court.

They are appealing, trying to throw out his sentence, his conviction, and even the judge. We wouldn’t hold our breath.

His wife, Camille Cosby, is said to be demanding that the judge be investigated. It would be a surprise if her efforts bear fruit.

Cosby has been sentenced to prison, and he may even spend the rest of his life behind bars.

But his conviction for the drugging and sexual assault of Andrea Constand is just a drop in the bucket considering that 60 women came forward to accuse him of similar crimes.

Though some of these survivors may feel vindicated that he is behind bars, very few if any of them will also get their day in court.

Some waited “too long” to report for the legal system to accept. Others are unable to corroborate.

Many feel that Cosby’s incarceration is a victory — but a hollow one.

Perhaps the story, true or not, of the chicken patty incident will bring a smile to a few faces. That’s worth something, at least.


Farrah Abraham Goes Back to Court: Is She in Jail Yet?!

Farrah Abraham has a lot going on in her life right now.

She’s been training for that celebrity boxing match, she failed that drug test, she’s in that weird new feud with Vivica A. Fox …

Speaking of feuds, she’s been having a little public spat with Bristol Palin, too, and she’s still pretty fond of running her mouth about Teen Mom OG and how much better she is than all the cast members.

Like we said, she’s pretty busy these days.

With everything we’ve been hearing about her lately, you may have forgotten that there’s a decent chance she could be going to jail soon.

Back in June, everybody’s favorite former Teen Mom was arrested after causing a scene at a hotel in Beverly Hills.

According to some poor hotel guests who were unlucky enough to be there with Farrah, she seemed intoxicated that night, and we know that she was rowdy enough to get kicked out.

A security guard came to escort her away, and that’s when things got bad.

Or, well, worse.

The guard claimed that Farrah got violent with him when he tried to remove her from the hotel — he said she hit him in the face with her forearm, and that she also grabbed his head and shook it.

Someone called the police, and when officers arrived, she told them to “f-ck off,” and she pulled the “don’t you know who I am?” trick a few times.

It did not work.

She stayed in jail until the next afternoon, and a few weeks after that, she was officially charged with battery and resisting arrest.

If she’s found guilty, she could face up to eighteen months in jail, and that’s exciting, right?

Not because we want to see her fail or be sad or anything like that, just because it’s neat when people do bad things and then face consequences for their actions.

She had her first big court date last month, and she was offered a plea deal — a pretty sweet one, too.

If she agreed to the deal, then the battery charge would go away, and instead she’d be charged with trespassing, which just sounds better, you know?

Instead of going to jail, she’d just be on probation for a few years, and on top of that she’d have to take some anger management classes, do community service, and stay away from the hotel where everything went down.

It seems like a good deal, especially since several witnesses all agree that she’s guilty of attacking that security guard, and we’re pretty sure those police officers could convince a judge that she’s guilty of resisting arrest, too.

But did she take that deal?

You know she didn’t!

As Farrah explained in an interview after that court date, she didn’t accept the deal because she’s not guilty — ever since this whole mess started, she’s been insisting she’s not guilty.

For what it’s worth, she also said that she’s “very mentally stable” and that she has “no aggressive issues.”

It’s hard to comprehend just how delusional she really is, isn’t it?

But that all happened several weeks ago — what’s going on with everything now?

Well, Farrah just had another hearing, and … ugh.

Before she made her way into court, she did a little Instagram Live video in which she told her followers “I better not be found guilty of anything.”

“I’m nervous, I’ve been stressed out,” she said. “I have anxiety about all this.”

For anyone who may be in the same position she’s in right now, she advised them to “stand firm for whatever you believe in, do not say you’re guilty for something and take a plea deal.”

“Stand firm if you guys have court or anything. I know it’s stressful.”

“For the record,” she added, “I never trespassed. For the record, I never battered someone. That would be a no-no and I never resisted an officer.”

“I’m never living in Beverly Hills ever again! It is trouble!”

So there you have it!

Farrah never did any of those things that many, many people saw her because “that would be a no-no,” and no-nos are something Farrah does not do.

It’s as simple as that.

Did the judge buy this incredible “no-no” argument?

As frustrating as it is, we don’t know — we just know that she has another pre-trial hearing on November 2nd.

Why is this taking so long? Is this normal? Are they trying to decide if Farrah is mentally competent enough for an actual trial? Did that failed drug test affect any of this?

So many questions, and absolutely no answers.

Guess we’ll have to wait until November to see how the no-no defense plays out!