Jamie Lynn Spears: Mom-Shamed Over Young Daughter’s Gun Photo!

Just two months ago, Jamie Lynn Spears showed the first photos of her infant daughter, Ivey Joan Watson.

Now, her husband is showing off pics of her eldest daughter, Maddie Aldridge, and the photo is proving to be controversial among fans.

Why? Because Maddie is wielding a shotgun and poised to go hunting at only 10 years old.

Jamie Lynn Spears’ husband, Jamie Watson, shared a photo of the couple’s young daughter, Maddie Aldridge.

Maddie is 10 years old, and famously miraculously recovered from drowning just a year and a half ago.

In the photo, Maddie is standing outdoors and sporting a shotgun with some protective gear over her ears.

“Getting her ready for dove season,” Jamie captioned the photo.

Take a look:

Followers who found the image alarming were quick to blast both Jamies — Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Watson — for taking her hunting.

“Jesus no wonder America it’s drowning faster than the titanic,” wrote one commenter in despair.

“Put down the gun, pick up a pair of binoculars, & take a hike together,” suggested one follower. “For me, teaching kids to kill when there is absolutely no need seems very, very wrong.”

“Stupid, stupid,” another wrote succinctly.

Another took aim at a defense of the practice, writing: “Honor the outdoors by killing innocent animals? Disgusting [point of view].”

“A 10 year old with a shotgun,” one commenter lamented. “If that’s not redneck I don’t know what is.”

Maddie’s aunt Britney may be the absolute queen of pop, but she and her sister are from Louisiana. They’ve been called some unflattering things.

“You´re so irresponsible,” another fan wrote. “Guns are not a toy.”

“it’s ironic they post about their amazing dog (who is totally dependent on them) all the time,” someone wrote. “When they then go and kill animals that are living their own lives minding their own business.”

This person seems to be okay with hunting when adults are doing it, but hates the idea of kids wielding deadly weapons, writing: “Teaching kids to kill things is weird leave that till they’re older, man.”

“Bad parents,” another simply wrote.

As with any controversy, there were also defenders.

“Welcome to the South people. If you dont like it, head out!” writes one defender, who does not speak for all Southerners.

“That little girl has more talent and could completely take care of herself and she just turned 10,” that commenter continues.

Finally, that commenter laments: “Ugh I cannot stand judgement from people who know nothing about what they are looking at! Get it Maddie!”

“I have followed you and @jamielynnspears for years and I so respect your admirable life that you live,” another writes.

They continue: “Seeing celebrities allow their children to live normal lives that kids should live and also honor the love of outdoors regardless of disapproval from some people is amazing and gives me hope in future kids!”

That commenter may be missing the point — the people who take issue with this don’t consider gun-toting animal-killing as part of children’s normal lives.

“I pray she stays like that all of her life,” the commenter concludes. “And passes it on to her kids!”

“You are a wonderful father to Maddie,” another defender writes to Jamie Watson. “Teaching her right.”

This person laments that so many children enjoy engaging storytelling and interacting with their peers using electronics instead of hunting.

“So many kids are hung up on video games and their IPads they never see the outdoors,” the defender continues. “So kudos to you!”

It’s interesting, since a (widely debunked) criticism of video games is that they somehow turn children violent, to see someone praising hunting, which involves actual, real-world violence, as an alternative.

Hunting is always going to be controversial — but it’s unclear if Jamie Watson was trying to stir up controversy or was just proud of Maddie’s outdoorsy, athletic spirit.


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Katie Holmes: Clinging to Jamie Foxx Relationship Despite Being “Publicly Humiliated”

While there’s never been any sort of public confirmation, it’s common knowledge Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been dating for at least the past two years.

The relationship has been a subject of intense tabloid interest, and there was even a time when it was rumored that Holmes was pregnant with Foxx’s baby.

Throughout all of this, both parties have kept mum on the subject of their semi-public romance — and now it seems we may know why that is.

Sources close to the couple say Foxx refuses to fully commit to Holmes.

Apparently, she would be happy to confirm that they’re dating, but he refuses to be tied down.

One insider says Holmes is “humiliated” by Foxx’s reluctance to acknowledge their relationship, but claims she can’t bring herself to break up with him.

“No one understands why Katie loves a man who can’t seem to commit or why he’s publicly humiliating her like this,” the source said.

“Everyone just wants her to take care of herself and to be happy. But she won’t let go of Jamie.”

The insider adds that in recent weeks, Foxx has made no secret of his dalliances with other women, thus exacerbating Holmes’ embarrassment.

The actress was reportedly infuriated by photos of Foxx spending the Fourth of July with ex-girlfriend Kristen Grannis.

Katie was reportedly overseas with daughter Suri at the time.

A different source concedes that Holmes is frustrated by Foxx’s unwillingness to commit, but claims she’s ultimately happy with their relationship.

“[Holmes] has fun with [Foxx] when they are together,” the informant claims.

“It’s a relationship that works for her.”

Unfortunately for Katie, she doesn’t have the luxury of privacy while she attempts to figure out how to proceed from here.

Her relationship remains a topic of widespread fascination — despite the fact that she and Jamie have never even appeared in public as a couple.

Just last month, reps for Holmes denied that she and Foxx called off a wedding and broke up.

Interestingly, he refused to confirm or deny that they were an official couple.


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Jamie Foxx: Accused of Slapping a Woman with His Penis

These days, Jamie Foxx is all about Katie Holmes. But, according to an accusation, in 2002, he slapped a woman in the face with his penis.

There’s a little more to the allegations, and the woman has come forward and reported the incident to police.

Foxx is dismissing the story as “absurd” and has vowed to fight back.

We know that there’s a temptation to make jokes or to come up with funny nicknames for the incident, like cock-boxing or penis-popping or whatever.

But one way or the other, this allegation is serious, so let’s take a look at the details.

TMZ reports that Jamie Foxx’s accuser says that this incident happened 16 years ago, in 2002.

She says that she and a friend were attending a party at his house.

Foxx allegedly tried to get her to perform oral sex on him. She refused.

She says that he struck her in the face with his penis.

After she refused to perform on him, she says that one of Foxx’s friends instructed her to leave the house.

The incident, she says, was severe enough that she went to the hospital the next day to undergo treatment for a severe panic attack.

She says that the #MeToo movement is what inspired her to come forward with the incident from 16 years ago.

So much about this incident is unclear, including whether or not the alleged penile strike was intentional (since penises can be unwieldy beasts).

But conventional wisdom says that if your penis is accidentally hitting someone who doesn’t want to touch it, you’ve probably done something wrong.

But Foxx isn’t arguing that this alleged sexual misconduct was a misunderstanding.

In a statement to TMZ, Foxx’s attorney, Allison Hart of Lavely & Singer, says:

“Jamie emphatically denies that this incident ever occurred,” she says.

That’s very different from saying that it was an accident or misunderstanding.

Hart continues: “And he will be filing a report with the Las Vegas Police Department against the woman for filing a false police report against him.”

And that is a very aggressive response.

Hart had more to say.

“The first time [Jamie] became aware of this woman’s absurd claims about an incident that supposedly occurred 16 years ago,” Hart says. “Was when TMZ contacted his representatives [Tuesday] about this story.”

That’s a hell of a way to find out that you’re accused of wrongdoing.

And Hart says that there’s a reason that we’re all first hearing about htis now.

“The alleged incident was not reported to law enforcement in 2002, or at any other time in the last 16 years until last Friday because the incident never happened,” she says.

She is certainly defending her client very thoroughly.

So, is Hart right?

Is this a much-feared incident of a false allegation of sexual misconduct, inspired by so many very real #MeToo stories?

Or does she have some sort of evidence or outcry witness (or perhaps medical documentation of the panic attack) to back up her report?

Some wonder if Foxx simply has no memory of trying to convince a woman to perform oral sex on him, but that this woman was traumatized by the experience.

It is not uncommon for one person to have a very bad night while the person whom they hold responsible for it never noticed.

it is unclear what the accuser expects to come of her report, but it sounds like — whatever may have happened — this woman has felt haunted for a long time.