Jana Duggar vs. Jessa Duggar: Epic Sibling Rivalry Exposed?!

The strangest facets of life in the Duggar family have been well documented over the years:

They take fundamentalist Christianity to an extreme that would make Mike Pence squirm; they’re not allowed to hug members of the opposite sex until they’re married to one; and they believe uteruses should be pushed to their physical limits in the fashion of NFL lineman.

But there’s one weird aspect of life as a Duggar that’s consistently overshadowed by all those admittedly much more bizarre practices.

You may have never noticed this, but the Duggars are always smiling.

We don’t mean most of the time — we mean that with the exception of a seriously somber occasion like a death of the revelation that one of their own supports Black Lives Matter, the Duggars basically take their facial expression cues from Heath Ledger’s Joker.

It’s impossible to imagine anyone being that chipper all the time, especially when they’re forced to share a roof with 20 other people.

(The only possible way such a living arrangement would be bearable is with 43 bathrooms. We’re not sure how the math works out, but it does.)

But despite it all, the Duggars are always grinning and Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids never have a bad word to say about one another.

There’s no way they really get along that well, of course, and as such, fans are always looking for signs of internal strife

The most common theory over the years has been that Jessa and Jana Duggar don’t get along.

And now, In Touch Weekly has uncovered some new evidence that seems to support the theory that these two sisters aren’t as close as they would have us believe.

It all begins with the now-infamous Jewelry Box Story.

It seems that when Jana and Jessa were kids, Jessa would go out of her way to annoy the hell out of Jessa.

The situation got so bad that Jessa would often come to her mother in tears, complaining about the way she had been mistreated by her younger sister.

Michelle was probably busy breastfeeding an even younger kid, so shrugged the situation off and told Jana to make like Jesus by turning the other cheek.

As such, Jana decided to gift Jessa with her most prized possession, “a pink jewelry box filled with treats,” even though “didn’t want to” and “definitely didn’t feel like doing it.”

The story was first recounted in the Duggars’ memoir as a loving family parable.

But Jana offered her version of events at an ATI conference, the tale took on a considerably different tone.

“How I can I work this out, I don’t want to go through my entire life having this bad relationship, it’s not like you can avoid your siblings,” she told the audience as she welled up with tears.

“There are people that may hurt us, there are people that may have done things to us, and that…it is our responsibility to forgive.” Jana sobbed.

(There are those who believe she was also talking about forgiving Josh Duggar in that speech, but whatever the case, it’s a reminder that the Duggars’ childhood wasn’t as idyllic as they’d have us believe.)

Sadly, it seems relations between Jana and Jessa haven’t improved much over the years.

Fans believe Jessa is guilty of shaming Jana for being the unmarried “Cinderella Duggar” and unfairly pawns her household duties off on her long-suffering older sis.

Of course, the best revenge is living well, so Jana may want to give more thought to the possibility of marrying Tim Tebow.

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Jana Duggar: Is That an ENGAGEMENT RING on Her Finger?!

Fans of her famous family are obsessed with the fact that Jana Duggar is still single.

We suppose that’s not surprising, as women in Jana’s family are taught that procreation is their primary reason for being and are frequently married off in their teens.

Still, Jana is only 28, and she seems to enjoy remaining at home and helping to raise her many younger siblings.

In other words, it would be nice to see Duggar obsessives ease up a bit on Jana — but that’s very clearly never going to happen.

In fact, as she creeps closer to the big 3-0, it seems the scrutiny on Jana’s love life is only growing more intense.

“Plant shopping is some of the best kind of shopping. Just ask Jana.”

But it’s not the fungible flora that Duggar fans are focused on here.

Instead, it’s the almost imperceptible shadow on Jana’s ring finger.

As In Touch Weekly reports, fans have been freaking out over the pic, with many declaring it hard evidence that Jana is engaged.

“I may be losing it, but I swear I see a shadow on her ring finger,” commented one fan on a Duggar-focused Reddit board.

“There is!” another user eagerly confirmed.

Someone even went so far as to zoom in on the image in order to determine if Jana is indeed sporting some a new rock.

First the good news:

It does look as though Jana is rocking some finger bling.

The bad news, however, is that the hand we see in this photo is her right hand.


Yes, if you’ve spent any time in the Western world, then you’re probably aware engagement rings are typically worn on the left hand.

And the Duggars aren’t exactly huge on breaking with tradition.

So much to the chagrin of all the Jana-boosters out there, it seems the eldest Duggar daughter remains single.

As for whether or not Jana is disappointed, we don’t really know!

She generally doesn’t talk about her love life very often.

Unfortunately, her family and fans never shut up about it.

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Jana Duggar: The REAL Reason She’s Single Finally Revealed?!

If you’re a fan of the Duggar family, then you’re no doubt aware of the continued controversy surrounding Jana Duggar’s love life – or lack thereof.

Jana is single, and at 28, that may not seem like such a big deal, but the Duggars prioritize procreation over all things, and for a woman to be childless at Jana’s age is virtually unheard of in their community.

The question of why Jana remains single has long been a subject of debate for fans.

She’s a charismatic, ambitious and attractive young woman who’s known to be great with kids and handy around the house.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that she comes from Arkansas’ second-wealthiest family. (It’s tough to top those Waltons.)

And yet, Jana remains unattached.

The situation has fans curious with regard to what might be preventing Jana from starting a family.

And as In Touch Weekly points out, it seems the debate is divided into two camps:

There are those who believe Jana simply doesn’t want to have children.

And there are those who believe she’s considered damaged goods in the Duggars’ close-knit community.

Adherents to the former theory believe that Jana is content to remain at home and help with the raising of her younger siblings.

Some even argue that she might be so exhausted from years of helping her mother that the idea of starting her own family seems impossibly daunting.

“What if she doesn’t actually want to be a mother at this point?” one Reddit user recently opined on a Duggar fan subreddit.

“She’s been raising her younger siblings so long, the thought of having her own and starting over could be exhausting.”

Others believe Jana looks at her sisters’ lives as cautionary tales and fears falling into the same trap that’s ensnared so many of them.

“I feel like she’s watched all her other siblings choose the wrong partners and she wants to avoid doing that,”

“I also feel like she’s single because she feels like she’d be obligated to have kids right away, and she probably doesn’t want kids considering how much she’s had to take care of the younger siblings.”

Compelling arguments, to be sure.

But it’s the latter theory that’s really gaining traction these days, as fans accept the idea that for as much as Jana is beloved by Counting On viewers, she might not be seen as wife material by her peers.

“I’ve always wondered if she missed her window,” one fan commented on Reddit recently.

“I’d love to believe that she didn’t want to just get married and have tons of babies with whoever happens to ask her to court, but I think she just missed her chance.

“I think Jim Bob or Jana turned one interested party down and no one else asked and then she turned a certain age and she was deemed too old in their community.”

It’s a sad possibility to contemplate, but unfortunately, it’s also a very plausible one.

It’s absurd to think of a 28-year-old woman as being too old for, well … anything, really, but members of the Quiverfull movement – of which the Duggars are strict adherents – are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

Boys and girls alike are taught that they’ve been given life for two reasons – to worship God and to create more life.

It’s not uncommon for Duggar women to marry while still in their teens and to get pregnant on their honeymoons.

A woman who’s approaching 30 obviously doesn’t have as many child-bearing years ahead of her as a woman in her early 20s, which is something that potential suitors no doubt consider when contemplating marriage with someone in Jana’s position.

Fortunately, as many fans have pointed out, there’s an easy solution to the dilemma:

Jana simply needs to break free from the belief system that’s stifling her and find a man who’s interested in more than her uterus.

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Jana Duggar: Forced to Do Chores Instead of Dating?!

Jana Duggar is 28 years old and single.

That may not seem like a big deal, but Jana was raised in a family that teaches children from a young age that women are put on earth to procreate.

So the fact that four of her younger sisters have now married and started families while she remains at home with mom, dad, and an ever-dwindling brood of siblings has got to weigh on Jana’s mind from time to time.

Jana has been dubbed “the Cinderella Duggar” due to her perceived ability to suffer in silence and devote herself to household chores.

But is she really suffering or is she found fulfillment in serving her family?

Complex questions, but most Duggar fans aren’t interested in seeking the answers or listening to what Jana has to say.

Instead, they’d rather focus on what they believe is new evidence that the woman flat-out hates life.

Recently, the Duggars posted a video of Jana doing some gardening.

Seems innocent enough, but like everything else Jana does, it fans quickly interpreted the activity as evidence that Jana is depressed and miserably lonely.

“It’s sad to watch a 28-year-old woman raising her mother’s ‘blessings.’ Too bad she can’t use her many talents for her own life,” commented one viewer.

“Agreed… it’s horrible that Jana is forced to be the mom for all her younger siblings,” remarked another.

Like we said, the act of growing vegetables was somehow taken as further proof that 

And what does Jana have to say about all of this?

Well, not much, sadly, and her silence has been interpreted as further evidence that she’s a miserable workhorse who’s being forced to shoulder the burden of her parents’ decision to sire 19 freakin’ kids.

However, it’s not unusual that Jana’s not speaking up for herself, as Duggar women are rarely permitted to say what’s on their minds.

It’s possible that she’s miserable, but it’s equally possible that she’s decided marriage and children are simply not for her.

It’s tough to say, as most of the comments on the subject are made not by her, but by her father.

“Jana is 28 years old and still single. She’s still praying about ‘the one,’” Jim Bob Duggar told the crowd at a recent Christian leadership conference.

Jana’s own comments on the situation often sound forced or scripted.

“I know how it feels to wait for Prince Charming to come along. I’m still waiting. Waiting is not always easy,” she said in an interview back in 2016.

She’s been mostly silent on the matter ever since.

Fans are desperate for Jana to find the right man, which has led to some interesting rumors over the years.

Some of them have been absurd (like the reports that Jana is courting Tim Tebow), but others have been thoroughly believable.

But others have been entirely believable.

Most recently, it was reported that Jana was dating Caleb Williams, who – like most of her alleged suitors – is a longtime friend of the Duggar family.

Unfortunately, Wilson denied the rumors and he and Jana have not been seen in one another’s presence since.

So we guess Jana wll remain the Cinderella Duggar for the foreseeable future.

At least she’ll always have her gardening.

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Jana Duggar: Is She Being Forced Into Dating Nathan Bates?!

For years now, Jana Duggar courtship rumors have been circulating non-stop on social media.

Generally, fans want what they feel is best for Jana, but at times the tone of the discussion can get more than a little overbearing.

Case in point, the current obsession with Jana and Nathan Bates.

The Duggars have been close friends with the Bates family for several years, and the two clans share an awful lot in common.

The Bates also star in a reality series that focuses on their fundamentalist lifestyle and the difficulties they experience as a family of 21.

The Bates may have never reached the same level of fame as the Duggars, but it’s not hard to see 

As you may recall, fans were previously obsessed with the idea of Jana dating Lawson Bates.

Lawson and Jana are slightly closer in age, but both parties long ago made it clear that they’re not romantically involved.

And so, fans have shifted their focus to Lawson’s younger brother, 24-year-old Nathan, and the Duggar discussion boards on Reddit are currently buzzing with speculaiton about the potential couple.

The talk comes on the heels of reports of Jana courting Caleb Williams.

That relationship never materialized, so now fans are forcing Jana and Nathan together.

There’s no rhyme or reason to it, and it’s hard to imagine that Jana isn’t at least a little creeped out by the whole thing.

Nathan Bates Photo

Some fans have skipped right over the hope that Jana and Nathan will get together and proceeded directly to expressing their disapproval of the relationship.

A relationship that, again, doesn’t actually exist in the real world.

“He’s younger and most likely less mature,” said one Reddit user.

“I think Jana is too smart for Nathan Bates. He seems like a nice guy, but not the brightest bulb,” commented another.

It’s enough to make you wonder if Jana has anything to say about her own love life.

While she hasn’t spoken on Nathan directly, she recently made it clear that she’s unattached.

“There have been different guys come along and ask but yeah it’s just not… they haven’t been the right one,” said Jana.

“I’m not just out to get married to the first one that comes along.”

So there you have it.

That should be enough to silence the rumors on social media … for about 15 minutes.

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Jana Duggar: “Creepy” Valentine’s Day Gift Grosses Fans Out

In recent months, a slew of Jana Duggar courtship rumors piqued the interest of fans who have spent years awaiting news that she eldest Duggar daughter has found Mr. Right.

Unfortunately, it seems all that optimism was unfounded, as the Duggars recently confirmed that Jana is still single with a gesture that some fans are describing as “creepy” and “weird.”

On Monday, the family posted the above photo of Jana with a massive floral arrangement.

Fans were initially excited, believing that the roses were a Valentine’s Day gift from a suitor.

However, a caption written by Jana’s parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, revealed that that wasn’t quite the case.

“Jana received SO MANY beautiful valentine flowers from her brothers on Valentine’s day!” the caption read.

Yes, it seems Jana’s brothers sent her flowers, a gesture that some fans found heart-warming and others founs super gross.

Some fans were simply disappointed that Jana hasn’t actually found the man of her dreams:

“Dang….thought she had a special guy in her life for a second,” commented one.

“I thought she had someone,” wrote another.

Others felt that Jana’s brothers overstepped their bounds by sending a 

“That’s a little creepy,” wrote one follower.

“Sweet but a little weird to get flowers from your brothers!!!” remarked another.

“She helped to raise most of those boys. Wouldn’t you give flowers to your mother figure? How is it creepy?” wrote one Duggar defender.

Another fan blamed Jana’s parents and their strict courtship rules for the fact that that 27-year-old is still single.

“How is she waiting for mister right when she is not allowed to go anywhere, the guy has to be approved by Jim Bob. Mister right isn’t going to just come knocking on the door or drop out of the sky,” reads one comment.

Believe it or not, the Duggars love Valentine’s Day, and the tradition of single family members exchanging gifts is a long-standing one.

This year, however, fans had hoped that the Counting On clan would mark the occasion by revealing that Jana had finally entered a relationship.

Reports that Jana is dating Caleb Williams have been all over social media in recent months.

While Jana never came out and confirmed the rumors, she also never expressly denied them, which was enough to give some fans hope.

Unfortunately, it now looks as though the “Cinderella Duggar” is still very much a single woman.

Hey, at least she gets a nice floral arrangement in exchange for all the work she does around the compound.

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Jana Duggar To Be “Married Off” For Ratings?!

Last month, Jana Duggar turned 28.

Obviously, she’s still very young, and she has plenty of time to marry and start a family.

Now if only her father saw things that way…

As you may know, rumors of Jana entering a courtship have been circulating non-stop for several years now.

And yet, the so-called “Cinderella Duggar” remains single.

The latest round of reports had Jana dating Caleb Williams, but now it appears that either the rumors were bogus, or the relationship fizzled, as Jana is once again a confirmed bachelorette.

But for how much longer?

It seems fans on the Duggar message boards on Reddit are convinced that Jim Bob knows exactly when Jana will get married –  he just might not have told her yet.

“Does anyone think Jim Bob is holding off on marrying Jana to create tension and just when people are getting sick of Counting On, he will marry her off in a royal wedding-type, hyped spectacle?” wrote one fan this week, prompting a lively discussion on the matter.

There’s plenty going on in the Duggars’ world these days.

In fact, there are so many pregnancies, courtships, and weddings in the works that even diehard fans are having trouble keeping track.

But all those developments haven’t led to increased viewership, and ratings have been on a steady decline for over two years now.

One fan on Reddit described the most recent season of Counting On as “incredibly boring,” and it seems he’s not alone.

So it’s not hard to see why now would be the perfect time for big news such as a Jana courtship.

But the idea that she’ll announce a relationship soon in order to boost ratings is entirely based on fan speculation, right?

Well, not entirely…

In the past, when he was asked about his eldest daughter’s single status, Jim Bob Duggar would give evasive answers.

These days, he’s a bit more forthcoming –  and it seems he’s just as eager as the fans to see Jana find Mr. Right.

In his most recent interview, Jim Bob was asked point blank about his feelings about his daughter’s dating prospects.

Rather than lashing out against the creepiness of such a question, Jim Bob calmly replied that he’s been “praying about that one.”

In other words, he very much wants Jana to get married ASAP.

And in the Duggars’ world, what Jim Bob says goes.

So you can expect an announcement at a time when it will be most advantageous to the family brand.

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Jana Duggar: Has She Cut Off All Contact With Josh Duggar?!

It’s been two years since the Josh Duggar sex scandals shattered the wholesome image his family had worked so hard to cultivate over the years.

While a surprisingly large segment of the Duggars’ fan base has demonstrated a willingness to forgive Josh’s egregious crimes, some members of his family might not be so willing to move on.

Josh molested five young girls–four of whom were his sisters–and yet he was able to avoid criminal prosecution as a result of intervention from his parents. 

Remarkably, some of his victims–most notably Jill and Jessa Duggar–have publicly forgiven their older brother.

Others who remember the nightmarish atmosphere of the “Duggar compound” in those days have not been so quick to move on.

Many fans now believe that Jana Duggar has continued to keep Josh at arm’s length, even as those around her have been quick to forget his appalling transgressions.

Unlike her sisters, Jana has not spoken publicly about the scandal, and it is unknown if she was one of Josh’s victims.

But as a surrogate mother to her younger siblings, it stands to reason that Jana would continue to be wary of her predatory older brother.

A video uploaded this week by Josh’s sister, Anna Duggar, has many Duggar obsessives wondering if Jana recently cut off contact with Josh, possibly due to a new transgression.

The clip, which features Josh and Anna’s daughter Meredith, seems designed to tug at Jana’s heartstrings.

“Do you miss Jana?” Anna asks from off camera.

“She’s far away,” Meredith responds.

Apparently believing that Jana is on the phone, Meredith says, “I can’t hear her… Jana, where are you?”

Needless to say, many viewers were moved by the video.

“She is so sweet that made me cry,” commented one follower.

“Awww quick FaceTime Jana because this baby looks too sad!” remarked another.

The comments section quickly erupted with speculation as to why Meredith hasn’t seen her favorite aunt in so long.

Many proposed that Meredith may be missing Jana because the 28-year-old has estranged herself from Josh and, by necessity, his family.

It would be nice to see someone in his inner circle refuse to let Josh off the hook, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that that’s what’s happening here.

The Duggars are currently in Australia, and it seems Jana made the trip along with most of the rest of her family.

In all likelihood, she’ll resume regular contact with Josh and his family upon her return to the States.

It’s bad news for those who would like to see Josh endure some sort of comeuppance.

But on the bright side, it’s good news for little Meredith.

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Jim Bob Duggar: I Can’t Believe Jana Is Still Single!

Last week, Jana Duggar celebrated her birthday.

Along with her twin brother, John David, Jana turned 28–not a milestone age, but a very big deal to Duggar fans, nonetheless.

Unfortunately for Jana, her birthday is a subject of fascination for reasons that aren’t entirely celebratory,

Jana is still single, which is a fact that seems to astonish many fans of her famous family.

John David is unattached as well, but as a man, his love life–or lack thereof–is not as heavily scrutinized.

Women in the Duggar family are taught from a young age that procreation is their primary reason for being.

Several of Jana’s younger sisters have already married and started families of their own, which is one of the reasons that fans are baffled by the fact that Jana remains childless.

It’s an unexpected situation, to be sure, and while there are many rumored reasons circulating around social media, it seems Jim Bob is just as baffled as anyone else when it comes to why Jana is still single.

Over the weekend, Jim Bob appeared at an event organized by the Institute for Basic Life Principles in Kilsyth South Baptist Church in Kilsyth South, Victoria.

Amateur video from the event shows the Duggar patriarch uncomfortably joking about Jana’s refusal to marry.

“And Jana is–actually, back in the U.S., it’s her birthday,” Jim Bob says in video of the speech.

“Jana is 28-years-old and still single, so she’s still praying about the one.”

On Reddit, most Duggar fans were quick to defend Jim Bob’s sense of humor.

“I wasn’t there but I assumed it was just a dad joke. He makes a lot of them especially on the old episodes of the original show,” commented one user.

“Women have a biological clock. Men generally don’t. It’s more notable for a woman to be single and childless after a certain age. This is not unique to the Duggars,” wrote another.

At least one fan, however, was quick to point out the insensitivity of Jim Bob’s remarks:

“What I do wonder is–what’s Jim Bob’s angle with that joke? Is it just a standard-issue dorky dad joke that he’s too oblivious to realize could be seen as hurtful?” the Redditor wrote.

“Does he know it’s a sensitive subject, so he’s trying to diffuse it with humor? Is ol’ JB a little salty that lovely, talented Jana isn’t playing along with the real Duggar family business: marrying off its children for profit?”

We may never know just what’s going on in Jim Bob’s head–and that’s probably a good thing.

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Jana Duggar Courtship Rumors: A Comprehensive List

Today marks the 28th birthday of twins Jana and John David Duggar.

Of course, in a rare reversal for the family, it's the male who's being pushed to the margins, and the female who's getting all the attention.

But don't worry, the reasons for that are completely sexist, in keeping with the Duggars' reputation.

You see, Jana is still single.

This is almost unheard of for a family in which girls are taught from a young age that procreation is their sole reason for being.

So with every birthday, the moaning and hand-wringing from the Duggar faithful becomes more intense, as does the need to believe that Jana is in a secret courtship that will soon bear fruit … and by "fruit," of course, we mean children.

Here's a complete list of all the men Jana has been erroneously linked to over the years.

1. Single Cinderella

Jana duggar a pic
Dubbed the “Cinderella Duggar” due to the number of household chores she performs, Jana stayed at home to help care for her siblings as her brothers and sisters flew the coop to start families of their own.

2. Pushed Out of the Nest?

Jana duggar photo
Sources close to the family say that from the time she was of child-bearing age, Jana’s family has been attempting to marry her off to any available man who crosses her path. So we guess this marks her tenth anniversary of being creepily objectified by her own parents!

3. Or Shackled to the Compound?

Jana duggar photograph
Of course, there are those who claim the opposite–that Jana has been forced to remain at home to help care for her siblings. Frankly, we’d believe either terrible rumor!

4. Either Way…

Jana duggar on counting on
…the rumors keep flying, and they probably won’t let up until Jana either gets married or releases a statement proclaiming that she plans to remain single for the rest of her life.

5. The Pressure Increases

Jessa duggar pregnant pic
The public pressure on Jana to hurry up and start breeding has only gotten more intense as her sisters have married and started families of their own. At this point, five of Jana’s younger siblings have married and have either had children or are currently expecting.

6. Who Are the Suitors?

Jana duggar baby
The list of Jana’s potential suitors runs the gamut from longtime family friends to famously pious NFL stars. And curiously, she’s mostly kept mum about the rumors…

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