Leah Messer Spills on Jason Jordan: Where Did It Go Wrong?

So much for those wedding bells.

They won't be ringing any time soon for Leah Messer and Jason Jordan.

Despite what seemed like a healthy and serious relationship between the Teen Mom cast member and her older boyfriend of several months, sources confirmed this week that it's all over between Messer and Jordan.

Was the age difference too much to overcome?

Did one side cheat?

Is there anything scandalous here to report?

Scroll down for an update regarding this split, including Leah's first comments since the news went viral…

1. Let’s Get Right To It: What Happened?

Jason jordan and leah messer
“It just wasn’t working,” a source told Us Weekly of Messer and Jordan, adding mysteriously: “They’re just not a good fit.” But, wait a minute… wasn’t there talk of a wedding?!?

2. How Did Everything Just Fall Apart So Quickly?

Leah and jason date night
This is the question on most people’s minds after the couple got introduced by Jordan’s cousin, who has been close to Leah for some time.

3. They Had So Much in Common!

Leah messer and her daughters
Jordan has a two-year old from a previous marriage and Messer, of course, has three kids from her previous relationships.

4. But That Wasn’t All!

Leah messer on camera
Said an insider to Us Weekly, back when things seemed headed in a very positive direction: “They share the same faith and have gone to church together. They love hiking, cooking and are both very family oriented. He’s very attentive.”

5. Was There a Problem Between Leah’s Kids and Jordan Maybe?

Leah messer on insta
Nope. Not according to Messer herself a few weeks back, as she said for the record: He’s a good dad. He’s an all-around good person.”

6. Messer Tries to Explain

Messer tries to explain
Leah broke her silence on the split by sharing this meme on Twitter. It is okay to let go, that’s for certain. But our questions remain!

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Leah Messer and Jason Jordan: It’s Over!

So much for those marriage rumors, huh?

Heck, so much for those dinner plans they may have had for this upcoming weekend.

The romance has come to an end for Leah Messer and Jason Jordan.

The Teen Mom 2 star and her older boyfriend had only been an item for about six months, but they seemed to be pretty darn serious.

Where did things go wrong?

“It just wasn’t working,” a source tells Us Weekly. “They’re just not a good fit.”

Messer and Jordan were introduced by the latter’s cousin, who has known Leah for some time.

There was a 14-year age difference between the MTV personality and her new man, but that didn’t seem to get in the way.

“Even though he’s older, they have a lot in common,” a different insider told the same tabloid this summer, adding at the time:

“They share the same faith and have gone to church together. They love hiking, cooking and are both very family oriented. He’s very attentive.”

Messer, as readers likely known, has eight-year old twins named Ali and Aleeah. She shares them with ex-husband Corey Simms.

She also has a five-year old daughter named Adalynn who she shares with her second ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert.

Jordan, meanwhile, has a two-year old of his own from a previous relationship, but the children all got along well, Us Weekly wrote in the past, with Messer’s especially taking a liking to Jordan.

We hope this split doesn’t make them too sad.

“He’s a good dad,” Messer said of Jason several weeks ago. “He’s an all-around good person.”

This may still be the case, of course.

Jordan may be absolutely perfect.

But the real question is whether he was perfect for Leah — and the answer appears to be no.

Teen Mom 2 fans will now be left with an obvious follow-up question to this news.

They’ll be wondering: What does this mean for Messer and Calvert? Does it open the door to another reconciliation between the exes?!?

Leah has made it fairly clear that she isn’t interested in getting back together with Calvert, despite the fact that the two totally knocked boots earlier this year.

(That is, Messer and Calvert hooked up.)

Back in the day, Calvert questioned Messer’s ability to care for their daughter and accused her of harboring an addiction to prescription painkillers, a claim that she still denies.

However, he called Leah during an episode of Teen Mom 2 several months ago and acknowledged how far she has come as a woman and a mother and said he was really sorry for the way he acted after they broke up.

“I really truthfully, want to, like, deeply apologize for saying that about you,” Jeremy told Leah. “I do really want to thank you for like being a good mom to my kids.”

He even added:

“No matter what, I’m still always going to love you.”

Here. Read all about it below:

We’re pretty sure Calvert would try again with Messer in an instant.

Does she feel the same way, however?

Stay tuned, folks.

The next season of Teen Mom 2 may need a fresh storyline.


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Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares: Finally Getting Divorced!

There are plenty of 90 Day Fiance stars out there, and not all of them stay with one of the show’s many spin-offs. Some go off and live their happily ever afters.

That is what Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares were doing, more or less … but that is no longer the case. The couple has filed for divorce.

What’s more is that this is not even the first time that they’s begun the divorce process.

Jason Hitch was 39 years old and from Florida. Cassia Tavares was 24 and is from Brazil.

A few years back, 90 Day Fiance viewers saw their engagement through to the end, even though Jason is 15 years older and, frankly, struck many as being an insufferable and controlling know-it-all.

Now, Jason tells RadarOnline about why he filed for divorce from Cassia on September 7.

“A successful relationship is communication, physical attraction, and doing whatever it takes,” Jason begins, in what viewers familiar with him may imagine is a patronizing tone.

“Right now it’s time to go in different directions,” Jason declares. “I think we’ll remain friends. She knows I have her best interests at heart.”

Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares 01

Jason may be the kind of guy who drives past a lemonade stand and starts listing problems with the business acumen of actual children, but he is quick to shoot down the idea that Csssia just wanted U.S. citizenship.

“She did not come here just to become an American citizen,” Jason affirms.

“She had a good life in Brazil,” Jason explains. “She was about to finish college. She didn’t have to marry me.”

Cassia has graduated here in the U.S. and he does not believe that she will be deported, given how long they were married.

That said … one never knows.

Jason says that the Army is sending him away.

“I’ll be deployed from nine months to a year,” Jason announces. “The deployment wasn’t a factor in the divorce.”

Jason explains his divorce: “If there is indecision, you can’t build a foundation on that.”

He also insists that, though he filed the papers, his split from Cassia is mutual and “uncontested.”

“There will be no alimony payments,” Jason claims. “No fighting over anything.”

We’re not sure how that will happen, unless there was a shady pre-nup or unless the divorce will include one lump sum.

Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares 02

Jason also filed for divorce from Cassia in January of this year.

“I did everything I could,” he lamented to RadarOnline at the time. 

“I took her to every major city in the country,” Jason said. “We went to Vegas four times. I paid for resorts to stay for weekends. We saw every show and concert, hung out with celebrities.”

“I had expectations from her and she wasn’t fulfilling them,” he said vaguely. “She wasn’t communicating with me what they were. She would not talk. I had to beg for attention. It was humiliating.”

In April, Jason spoke up again: “I still love her. I don’t want a divorce. I love her and I want to take care of her. What kind of man would I be if I quit this relationship?”

Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares 03

It’s unclear what problems they were having. It is possible that Jason was doing for Cassia what he imagined she wanted.

Sometimes, spouses can’t give each other what they really want.

Of course, in January of 2017, Jason was arrested for domestic violence after police spotted an injury on Cassia’s arm.

“Jason … grabbed [Tavares] by her left arm, leaving a mark,” the police report reads. “Jason then began screaming at [Tavares] to the point [Tavares] was in fear and dialed 911 for law enforcement.”

That sounds scary. All things considered, it sounds like a divorce is the best thing for these two.


Jason Tartick on Colton Underwood as The Bachelor: Is He a Fan?

On Tuesday, Colton Underwood was confirmed as the next Bachelor

Some fans are absolutely thrilled and would love a shot at dating this hunk. Others favored other frontrunners … frontrunners like Jason Tartick.

Jason is sharing how he really feels about Colton being selected for this coveted role.

Jason Tartick took to Instagram to reveal his thoughts about Colton becoming the next leading man on The Bachelor.

“To have great friends you have to be a great friend,” Jason’s post begins.

Jason’s post continues: ‘@coltonunderwood is a class act, generous man, and a hell of friend.”

“So happy for you brotha!” Jason declares.

Jason makes his enthusiasm clear, concluding with: “Let the Bachelor Party Planning commence!”

That is not all that Jason had to say on the subject, however.

In an interview with E!, Jason Tartick expresses his thoughts on Colton’s big win.

“Colton is like a brother to me,” Jason says.

He says that they bonded on The Bachelorette, sharing: “We were in the limo night one and we hit it off.”

“He’s just a really good guy and we became really good friends,” Jason gushes.

“We supported each other through the journey,” Jason reveals. “And it’s not always the easiest journey.”

He says that the two of them forged a powerful friendship and remain close “still to this day.”

Jason is over the moon that he gets to watch his buddy try to find love.

“I’m very happy for him and his journey to find happiness,” Jason says.

It sounds like he’ll be tuning in for sure.

Jason is excited, saying: “I think he’s going to do a great job as the Bachelor.”

That said, Jason would have loved to be the leading man himself.

“This was an opportunity I would’ve liked to have had,” Jason admits.

He says that he’d leap at the chance “simply because I wasn’t sure that it would work the first time around.”

“But,” he notes. “I did find love in a place I really wasn’t certain I could.”

The Bachelorette made him realize that this format could lead to real romance. Maybe he’ll get his chance to be the leading man … some day.

Jason sounds almost wistful as he talks about what could have been.

“I was so open to giving The Bachelor an opportunity [for me] to find that person,” he admits.

He says: “I thought that it would put me in the best position to find my person, my one.”

Well, he’s immensely popular, so it sounds like he might get his wish in the future.

If not, we’re sure that he has a great chance of finding love off-screen, too.

Especially since he has such a great, healthy attitude about his buddy Colton getting this coveted title. Good for them both, you know?