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Tom Brady Clearly In Decline … Says Ron Jaworski


Ron Jaworski says it’s evident Tom Brady‘s in decline … ’cause the football analyst says it’s obvious the Patriots legend has lost strength in his throwing arm.

“Watching tape and watching games on TV, I think there’s a little bit lost in his fastball,” Jaws tells TMZ Sports.

The ex-Eagles QB says it’s most apparent when Brady throws the deeper balls — ’cause Ron is seeing a whole lot more rainbow passes than TB12’s normal line drives.

“He’s missing throws that I see him normally make … I think at this point — and it shouldn’t be shocking — he’s losing a little bit of his fastball.”

Jaws tells us Brady’s decline is only ONE of the reasons the panic button needs to be pressed in New England … ’cause Ron’s got major concerns about the roster overall.

“I think Bill [Belichick] probably misplayed a few of his hands in building this football team.”

Good news for the Pats?? They end their season with two of the worst teams in football — the Bills and the Jets.

So, even if dynasty’s coming to an end — 11-5 ain’t the worst way to go out, right??

Ron Jaworski Sides With Wentz In Eagles’ QB Debate … Foles Will Be Gone In ’19!


Sorry, Nick Foles … even though you’ve got the Philly train back on track (again) — Carson Wentz is STILL the Eagles’ future … so says Ron Jaworski.

The legendary Eagles quarterback says there is no QB controversy in his mind … telling us despite Foles rescuing Philly yet again this season — Carson’s still the man.

“Carson Wentz is the Eagles’ future,” Jaws tells TMZ Sports.

In fact … Ron says he believes the team thinks so highly of Wentz — they’ll let Foles walk in the offseason to another team.

“I believe his next opportunity will be somewhere else, not in Philadelphia,” Jaworski says.

Don’t get it twisted … Ron LOVES Nick, saying what the QB has done for the Eagles is “legendary” — and he even wore a St. Nick tie in the QB’s honor!!

BTW — when we spoke with Jaws about the Eagles in December last year — he correctly predicted Philadelphia’s improbable Super Bowl run … but ya gotta hear why he ain’t doing the same this time around.