Danielle Mullins Shades Mohamed Jbali: He’s Nothing But a Mistake!

Of all of the disastrous 90 Day Fiance couples that have graced our screens, few if any have been more controversial than Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali.

We know that Mohamed may face deportation after some paperwork vanished in transit, but … what has Danielle been up to?

Resenting her ex and throwing shade on social media. Take a look at her latest jab.

Now, Mohamed and Danielle’s split has been deeply acrimonious.

Though they were one of those special 90 Day Fiance couples who do make it far enough to walk down the aisle at the end of their 90 days, these two seem to hate each other.

Mohamed accused Danielle of stealing his money and identity during their marriage.

Danielle has tried during their divorce process to get Mohamed deported … out of retaliation for him withholding sex from her during their marriage.

Mohamed has since seemed to accuse Danielle of having an STI or some other sort of disease.

And now, Danielle has posted this:

Danielle Mullins IG post

“I don’t have [exes], I have examples of what not to do again,” it reads.

Even teens can have exes, but the phrasing, the large font, and the “clever” sincerity make it appear marketed to Danielle’s exact demographic.

Danielle enjoys sharing with her followers on social media.

She posts things like recipes and family photos.

But she’s not above dragging Mohamed Jbali from time to time.

Danielle captioned this photo: “This is so true.”

Interestingly, Danielle’s followers have seemed to take issue with the fact that, in real life and on social media, she has retained the name “Danielle Jbali” despite her enmity towards Mohamed.

Fans were particularly outspoken under this post, since she did (indirectly) bring up Mohamed. They commented on it so much that Danielle felt that she had to speak out.

“Drop the name [questions] already,” she writes. “I have chosen to use my legal name on my social media. I am living my life for me not fans of the show. My social media is mine and if you don’t like what I do unfollow me.”

Danielle continues, explaining that she does not like the hate and hostility that she too often receives on social media.

“We are humans like you. Just because we agreed to go on tv does not mean we have to put up with the negative comments and questions that is not your business. You keep calling other people names you will be blocked.”

Fans accused her of hypocrisy, however, since she’s choosing to bash Mohamed while still using his name.

“Stop talking about your “EXAMPLE” or bringing him up! It’s simple done and over with. @danielle_jbali no body cares you keep the name you could just change it on instagram it costs nothing. But you can keep it legally, just change it on instagram.”

While it’s true that it costs precisely zero dollars to change your display name on social media (unlike legal name changes, which cost time and money), Danielle hit back at this critic.

“if you don’t like what I post unfollow or I will help you.”


Still, fans chimed in to defend Danielle.

“People it’s her life if she wants to keep her last name or not it’s not a big deal and what she post on her page is her page don’t like it press unfollower button it’s that simple and happy 2018 year girl.”

Some people keep an exes name because it’s how they’re known to the public. Others keep it because it’s the surname of their children. It’s always a personal choice.

It’s a personal choice for Danielle, too.

You don’t have to like Danielle to respect her personal choice, folks.


Mohamed Jbali Faces Deportation After Losing Paperwork!

As you know, Mohamed Jbali has moved to Texas. Though he provides his followers with updates (and life advice) pretty regularly, he’s said that he doesn’t want to appear on 90 Day Fiance anymore.

Right now, he’s intent on working and enjoying his new life in America. Unfortunately, that may come to an end.

Sunday morning, he shared an image of a very formal letter of denial from US Customs and Immigration.

It’s been clear to most 90 Day Fiance fans that Mohamed Jbali’s entire motive for marrying a US citizen was to acquire legal residence for himself.

He came to the US, had sex with Danielle Mullins (once), and became one of the most talked-about stars on a reality series.

At the very least, you’d think that now that he has that marriage and his short-lived reality career behind him, he could move on and enjoy his new life in Texas.

But … maybe not.

So, remember back in October when we told you about how Mohamed Jbali might face deportation after some very important documents vanished in the mail en route to US Citizenship and Immigration Services?

It turns out that, though the vast majority of Green Cards are renewed, they are really not the sorts of forms that you want to get lost in the mail.

Take a look at Mohamed Jbali’s crushing news:

Mohamed Jbali Deportation Letter

Jbali shared this on Sunday morning, with the caption:

“Sometimes the law does not make any sense because the person who made it never been in that situation.”

He didn’t post the entirety of what looks like a rejection letter, but you can see the word “Denial” written pretty clearly.

It’s even in bold.

Interestingly, part of the form that Mohamed hasn’t seen fit to share with fans would contain the explanations for why he’s being denied.

(If his application had been accepted, it’s our understanding that it would have been good for another decade)

Whether it’s because the forms vanished in the mail and were therefore late or there’s more to it (we can’t help but wonder if Danielle Mullins’ quest for revenge is somehow involved)

Regardless, though, this is crushing news for Mohamed Jbali.

Whatever you may think of Mohamed from what you saw of him on 90 Day Fiance, this is a not-great situation.

We’re sure that Mohamed wishes that his biggest legal worry were over Danielle Mullins suing him for withholding sex during their marriage (basically).

There is, however, hope.

As countless fans pointed out in comments, if your application for permanent residency is denied, there’s an appeals process.

That can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful … but after everything that Mohamed’s gone through to get to where he is today, we can’t imagine that he’s going to just throw up his hands and wander back to Tunisia.

Whether or not Mohamed manages to win his appeal will probably be contingent upon why he was denied in the first place.

In addition to having been a reality star — that’s about as American as you can get — he’s also gainfully employed, paying both rent and taxes on top of other expenses. To our knowledge, he hasn’t been in legal trouble since his move to Texas.

So, if it’s just because the form was lost, we’d sure hope that he’d win his appeal.

(As some fans pointed out, sometimes denials are sent out because most people won’t go through the work to fight them, even though a court battle is still less stressful than deportation)

We wonder if the brevity of his marriage to Danielle Mullins was a factor, however. We’re no experts on immigration, but if officials decide that Mohamed scammed his way into the US, that could work against him.

We sure hope that the people deciding his case are not 90 Day Fiance viewers.


Danielle Mullins: Did Mohamed Jbali Accuse Her of Having an STI?!

We’ve been introduced to a whole host of new 90 Day Fiance stars, but will there ever be a couple as memorable as Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins?

Just because they’re over doesn’t mean that this pair of exes didn’t impact each other’s lives. Danielle brought Mohamed to the US.

And Mohamed? Well, he may have started a rumor that Danielle Mullins has an STI. At least, that’s what fans seem to think.

Recently, Danielle Mullins has faced some disappointments, as what looked like the birth of a brand new reality career was cut short.

Mohamed Jbali has moved and is keeping busy, claiming that he’s working long hours but nonetheless finding the time to stir up controversy with his fans.

We’ll get into all of that in a moment, because it’s the couple’s past that we need to talk about at the moment.

See, Mohamed is from Tunisia and Danielle Mullins is from the US.

Danielle is quite a bit older than Mohamed, but the couple became engaged and even got married.

Though we know that Danielle and Mohamed did have sex — once, to consummate their marriage — the topic of intercourse was a contentious one within their relationship.

Basically, Mohamed Jbali would refuse to bang Danielle. And Danielle was not shy about demanding that he perform his husbandly duties.

The two eventually decided to divorce, though Danielle initially sought revenge against Mohamed by seeking an annulment (hoping to send him back to Tunisia).

Mohamed accused Danielle of having an unpleasant body odor, which he cited as the reason for his disinterest.

But was there more to it than a lack of attraction?

Let’s look at some of Mohamed Jbali’s words:

“Of course I’m not going to have sex with someone like Danielle,” he said to her.

Hurtfully, he added:

“You do not know that nobody will have sex with someone like you!”

(Note that many of Danielle’s 90 Day Fiance castmates were horrified by the way that Mohamed spoke to her, even if they didn’t particularly like Danielle)

But here’s the question:

Was Mohamed Jbali body-shaming Danielle for her appearance and alleged odor, as many of us first assumed?

Or was he referring to a sexually transmitted infection?

Let’s look at some of his other words for clues.

Before his stunned and horrified castmates, Mohamed declared this about Danielle Mullins:

“She has a problem that she needs to see a doctor before she has sex with someone.”

We don’t know if he’s referring to vaginal odor (which can happen when your pH balance gets out of whack — genital odor is normal to a degree, but if it’s unpleasant, there’s probably something wrong).

He may have been referring to something else.

Some people don’t use the right deodorant products, or don’t use them as directed. Or they don’t shower or they don’t wash their clothes enough. All of those can cause, well, some unpleasant olfactory experiences.

It’s also possible — and we are in no way saying this to shame Danielle Mullins’ figure — that Danielle may have had something extraordinary.

Sometimes there are tiny growths, such as yeast, that produce distinctive smells. These growths thrive in the folds of fat that some people may have (different people carry weight differently, of course).

However … the line directing her to see a doctor makes a number of fans wonder if perhaps Mohamed believes that Danielle has some sort of STI.

Perhaps, strange as it may sound, Mohamed felt that accusing her of being foul-smelling and unattractive was the less damaging option than explaining his real fear.

Fans are divided over what might be causing Danielle’s alleged odor. Some believe that Mohamed may have fabricated it altogether.

Regardless, we hope that Danielle has seen a doctor. Even if it’s just a pH balance issue or a hygiene problem, nobody deserves to go around while smelling unpleasant.

And if she doesn’t have a smell, well, the doctor can confirm that for her.

As for Mohamed Jbali’s current whereabouts … he has moved to Texas.

He’s told fans that he’s now working 13 hours a day … which is odd, because he has also claimed that he never misses a day at the gym. If both are true, it sounds like he’s sacrificing sleep.

(It’s not odd that he’s needing money — because 90 Day Fiance stars are paid shockingly little)

Mohamed also stirred up some controversy recently by making some statements that sounded homophobic to a number of fans. He later made multiple posts explaining that he’s fine with LGBT fans.

Danielle Mullins, in the mean time, lost out on a makeover show over alleged mental instability.

It sounds like Danielle was uncooperative and it’s been alleged that the management company with which she’s now parted ways was making some intrusive demands about her social media use.

Honestly, many feel that Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins had dishonest intentions about getting engaged and married in the first place.

Some think that the couple deserved each other. We don’t know that we’d go that far.


90 Day Fiance Update: Where is Mohamed Jbali?!

90 Day Fiance star Mohamed Jbali is dealing with a lot right now.

He recently confessed that he might get deported thanks to a paperwork issue. He's in the middle of moving. And he recently found a new, post-Danielle romantic entanglement.

Well, in a new Instagram video that we have for you below, he delivers some updates and shares one, possibly paranoid, fear of his.

On Halloween, Mohamed Jbali shared a text update on his big move to Texas:

"I am officially homeless until I get to my new place in Texas."

That's such a weird feeling, right? When your apartment is no longer yours but your stuff isn't at your new place, yet?

It must be immeasurably more intimidating for people who aren't from the US who, should something go wrong, can't just drive to a friend's place or their mom's because Tunisia is not conveniently nearby.

And then, on Wednesday, Mohamed shared another update:

"I've been driving forever and I'm still in Tallahassee that's because I have a heavy load."

He makes a goofy analogy trying to connect that as a metaphor for all of life, which shows you how absolutely, mind-blastingly boring driving a moving truck can be.

Well, now he's shared a video update on everything that he's been up to.

"I'm still in Alabama."

The US is, though we don't often think about it, very large. Traveling between states can take days, easily.

Mohamed has probably had his fill of the logistics of driving a moving truck, so he decided to give his fans an update on something much more interesting:


"You remember when I told you that love is happening?"

He has recently hinted at a blossoming romance, but not shared a lot.

Many have suspected that his newfound love is in Texas. (He'll address that, also, in a moment)

"I was talking to a girl from Canada."

He's using the past tense, so … that's not promising.

"And I thought we are good for each other, but, after some time, we found out that it's not happening, it's not … we are not a good match. So we broke up."

That sounds like the right course of action. Besides, was Mohamed going to move to Canada to be with her? How many countries can you hop to?

Then, strangely, he seems to backtrack and correct himself.

"We didn't even start a relationship. We decided that we don't want this; that's it."

It's hard to tell if they really didn't get past the talking phase, or if he's just trying to minimize what they had for his fans.

Sometimes Mohamed can be a little hard to read.

Like we said, he talks about his move to Texas.

His plans are no longer vague — he knows exactly where he's going to be living.

"Now, I am moving to Texas. To be living with a family. They are friends and they are going to rent a room for me in their house and I'm going to be paying my rent every month."

You might think that this goes without saying, but we think that there's more to Mohamed belaboring this point than just his desire to be clear.

See, Mohamed got on 90 Day Fiance and into the US by, well, hopping into bed with Danielle Mullins. Just once, to consummate their marriage, but still.

That, very famously, didn't work out. But Mohamed got to the US, like he wanted.

Some people see him as, if not a gold digger, a man who will do whatever it takes in order to get to where he wants to be.

Fair or not, that reputation follows him.

So he felt the need to address it.

"No love involved. No relationship involved. Just a roommate with a family. They have kids and everything, so I am not going for love."

Clearly, Mohamed feels more than a little grudging about having to clarify that he's not paying rent with his body.

In fact, he seems paranoid that people will make up stories about him anyway.

"Don't believe the media; they are sick."

From some people, that would sound like the lady protesting too much. In Mohamed Jbali's case, he's just a very outspoken guy who gets a little heated sometimes … and who's been doing a lot of driving.

Honestly, videos for his fans are probably a healthy way for him to blow off steam.

Here's the video:

90 day fiance update where is mohamed jbali

Mohamed Jbali: Getting Deported?!

It looks like the proverbial mountain will come to Mohamed Jbali.

Unfortunately for him, by "mountain," we mean the folks at US Customs and Immigration Enforcement. In the video below, Mohamed says that they've opened an investigation into him after some very important forms that he sent in vanished in the mail.

Danielle Mullins must be feeling pretty chipper right about now. Mohamed … not so much.

So, like half of the stars of 90 Day Fiance, Mohamed Jbali is not originally from the United States.

He comes from Tunis, Tunisia — and he came to the US to marry Danielle Mullins.

If you're wondering how well that worked out … they're no longer married, and Danielle is suing Mohamed for money that she says that she spent on him.

But it's pretty clear that, in addition to her desire to recoup lost finances, Danielle wants to punish Mohamed for only having sex with her once during their relationship — to consummate their marriage.

Mohamed's refusal to have sex with Danielle was a huge point of contention for her. As was her belief that he was cheating on her.

In turn, Mohamed accused Danielle of misusing his money and identity, of having lied about her criminal background, and of having a foul body odor that he believed required a doctor's attention.

It was, overall, a toxic relationship.

So much so that Danielle Mullins initially sought an annulment instead of a divorce, because she hoped that an annulment would neutralize Mohamed's legal residency (effectively revoking his Green Card) and get him sent back to Tunisia.

That seems to clearly be more about spite than anything else.

So, despite being so over 90 Day Fiance and its various spinoffs, Mohamed Jbali still has a multitude of fans (and haters) who follow him on social media for updates on his life.

Recently, he asked fans for advise about his upcoming move to Texas. He's been talking about that a lot on his Instagram videos, actually. He seems to be really excited about it.

Unfortunately, fate seems to have thrown a wrench into Mohamed's plans, as he explains:

"Since I came to the States three years ago — over three years ago, I used the Post Office services for, like, maybe over 50 times."

That's more times than I've used it in my adult life. Easily.

"Over, even, a lot — so many times. I never, ever used the insurance when I’m sending something."

That's a foreboding way to begin a story.

"This time, I was trying to send an application to the Immigration so I can get the condition removed from my green card and get the ten-year green card. Guess what happened?"

We can guess.

"They lost the file! I never sent anything with the post office and got lost. This time, when I used the insurance — and this was an overnight mail — they lost my application. Now they’ve started an investigation."

In comments as he responded to fan feedback, he did mention that something similar had happened before related to his Green Card, so maybe his track record with the USPS isn't so great.

In case you're unfamiliar with the particulars of the K-1 visa process, basically Mohammed's residency is conditional at the moment.

After two years, he needs to apply to make his Green Card no longer conditional, and his legal residency extended to 10 years.

(Seriously, folks — on top of all of the rigorous vetting that every immigrant experiences, they also have mountain after mountain of paperwork to go through)

Mohamed made a follow-up post, about how he had interacted with a post office manager.

It did not go well, and he reported that the manager became toxic.

(Mohamed himself isn't always the friendliest guy, let's be honest, so we'd be willing to believe that there were problems on both sides … but clearly this is a matter of considerable importance for Mohamed. His whole life hinges upon that one lost envelope, you know?)

Some fans and commenters suggested that perhaps this was a conspiracy against Mohamed on the part of some postal worker who recognized his fame and decided to sabotage his attempts to send in letters.

Mohamed said that he didn't think so — which is pretty reasonable. He's a reality star but he's not, you know, that famous.

Hopefully he'll be able to get things sorted out and go through with his move to Texas. It will be very interesting to see him start a new life in the Lone Star state.

If things don't work out, well … we guess that Danielle Mullins will have gotten her wish.

In the video below, though, you can hear how distressed he is. You almost can't help but feel for the guy.

Mohamed jbali getting deported

Mohamed Jbali is Moving, Asking For Help From Fans

Mohamed Jbali seems to be making the best of his stay in the US, despite Danielle Mullins’ efforts to ruin his life. She’s suing him now, but she’s previously tried to get him deported and we don’t know for sure that she’s given up on that.

But though Mohamed says he’s done with 90 Day Fiance, he’s not done updating fans on his life and plans via social media.

And, following some hints, he’s shared that he’s leaving his current residence. But where is he going? And why is he asking for help?

Don’t worry — Mohamed Jbali hasn’t been deported.

Not yet, anyway.

He came here, he went through the K-1 visa process, he even consummated his marriage to Danielle Mullins with a single incidence of sex.

(That’s not enough for Danielle Mullins to not be a bitter ex, but it’s enough that Danielle was told that her odds of getting an annulment are slim-to-none, which means that Mohamed gets to stay in the US … we think)

Anyway, Mohamed seems to be making an effort to move away from Danielle — and that means moving out of Florida.

Specifically, he’s moving to Texas.

Following his mention of wanting to take up residence in the Lone Star state, Mohamed’s comments were apparently full of controversy.

So he responded … and is sharing a little more about his plans. Oh, and asking for help.

“I never, ever posted something and I didn’t have people fighting in the comments.”

Welcome to the internet.

“Guys, why you saying ‘It’s the red state,’ and ‘racist people,’ and ‘They are against Muslims.’ It’s just a state.”

We’ll get into the merits of that in a moment.

“There’s 50 states in America, OK? And they so many people they do live in Texas — Muslims and people who they are against Donald Trump — and they’re fine, they’re living happy.”

Yeah, Texas is home to literally millions of people who voted against Trump. There’s more to Texas than stereotypes, folks.

“If you look at the previous comments, I mean the previous post, you will see so many people they love Texas and they are happy living there.”

If you like that kind of weather, sure.

“Why, when I move there, people tell me: ‘Oh, you’re Muslim, you shouldn’t go there,’ or ‘It’s the red state,’ or ‘racist people.'”

It all depends where you move within the state.

“I’m not going to be fighting with these people. I’m just going to mind my business and have my own life. That’s it.”

We should note that Mohamed Jbali is absolutely right.

And that’s not a statement that we make all that often.

First of all, Texas, like most states in the US, has a huge cultural divide between urban centers as opposed to remote, rural areas.

Heavily populated areas, like cities and their surrounding suburbs, tend to be more diverse.

Politically, they tend to lean progressive.

Sparsely populated areas might be perfectly welcoming … or not.

An electoral map of most states looks like a number of blue dots in a sea of red, some close to blue dots and others seeming totally isolated. This is not unique to Texas.

(Texas is just, you know, bigger)

So moving to a red area in California and a red area in Texas are likely going to be comparable experiences.

And we should also point out that Texas is experiencing an electoral shift.

While Trump did win Texas by about 53% of the vote to Hillary’s 43%, a number of electoral forecasters were surprised that it was so “close.” 

Nate Silver mentioned that, in the next couple of decades, it’s possible that Texas could become a swing state.

But it still has a ways to go.

You have to compare those percentages to swing states that ended up going for Trump. In North Carolina, for example, Trump won by about 49% to Hillary’s 46%. That’s a very close call.

So, long story short, if Mohamed Jbali goes to Texas and settles in Houston or Austin, he’s likely to have a normal metropolitan experience.

By the way, Mohamed is reaching out to his followers for a little help getting to Texas.

“I’m looking for a truck to move my stuff to Texas from Miami.”

Maybe he’s just sharing this with fans. If he gets an offer, he might show up only to find that it’s a trap set by Danielle Mullins.

(Kidding! Mostly …)

“The cheapest one I found is $ 1,500! Can you imagine that? $ 1,500 just for a truck. Wow. Wow. Wow. Like, imagine how much it was gonna be if I was moving to California or Washington the state or something like that!”

Even just moving to a city a few hours away can be expensive. I did it a couple of years ago.

“Life is too hard here in the States. Nothing is cheap. NOTHING is cheap! Everything is expensive.”

Yep. Standard of living is generally tied to cost of living.

“So, I gotta find another way to move my stuff without renting a truck.”

Or … he could dive back into reality television and use that cash to help him move.

Just a thought.


Danielle Mullins: Suing Mohamed Jbali! He Didn’t Give Her Sex, So She Wants His Cash!

Of all of the innumerable 90 Day Fiance couples, the bitterest have to be Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali.

There are a number of toxic relationships on that series, just like there are everywhere in life. But not everyone seeks to ruin their ex’s life.

Danielle, who still hasn’t been successful in getting Mohamed deported, seems to have switched tactics: she’s attempting to sue him.

Danielle and Mohamed split ages ago and filed for divorce, so you’d think that they’d be eager to move on with their lives.

Apparently not, though.

Danielle Mullins seems less interested in moving on and more interested in making sure that Mohamed cannot.

During their brief marriage, Danielle accused Mohamed of cheating on her. She also demanded that he have sex with her, because he was her husband.

For his part, Mohamed accused Danielle of some financial wrongdoings, of hiding her criminal background, and of having a foul body odor.

There’s clearly no love lost between the two, but Danielle isn’t just bitter — she seems to want revenge.

First, she’s been trying to get Mohamed deported.

They went through the K-1 visa process, so she’s not having an easy time just undoing that legal process.

She tried seeking an annulment, but was advised by her attorney that, since she and Mohamed had consummated their marriage, they’d need to just do a divorce.

The difference, of course, is that an annulment would have had different implications for Mohamed’s green card status.

Now, though, Danielle has switched tactics — because she’s suing Mohamed Jbali.

Starcasm obtained court documents that show that Danielle Mullins has filed suit against Mohamed Jbali to the tune of $ 12,500.

Danielle has lamented having spent money to fly Mohamed to the States.

Unlike a few 90 Day Fiance stars, she’s by no means a wealthy woman.

Of course, in order to actually try to sue Mohamed, she won’t just need to prove that he owes her money (a tricky thing, since he’s accused her of misusing his identity and finances).

She’ll also need for him to actually receive the summons.

Despite being active again on social media, Mohamed Jbali has reportedly still not actually received the summons in the weeks since Danielle filed suit.

In the past, he’s proven that he’s skilled at avoiding court documents and the people who deliver them. So … this should be interesting.

Mohamed isn’t exactly a wealthy man either.

However, we should note that he recently passed on a job opportunity that could have earned him $ 10,000 in one day.

It wasn’t a television appearance.

Mohamed Jbali expressed his frustration and disappointment that a porn company offered him the gig.

“Oh. My. God. So, you guys watched me on TV before, right? And you always see my posts here on my Instagram. Is there anything saying that I would be in an adult movie?”

It was an offer. His response was supposed to give them their answer.

“How stupid people are these days! How! A professional company — a professional, I mean, a production company, they send me a professional email offering me to fly to LA. Everything is paid, and they are willing to pay me a ten thousand dollars for one day of filming for an adult movie.”

That’s a good deal. A lot of top-notch professional porn stars can make a couple of thousand dollars in a day. And, again, they’re professionals.

Mohamed Jbali is a reality star, though. That counts for something.

“Like, how stupid is the person who thought about that? Before you offer something, you need to make sure that you’re offering to the right person. Crazy people! That’s all I can say.”

That’s not usually how offers work.

You offer someone something because they’d be a good fit, and then it’s up to them to respond.

Disappointingly, it looks like Mohamed might be one of those people who views sex work as shameful.

If it were just a personal preference, he could have just said “no.” Instead, he comes across as disgusted.

Like we said, it’s disappointing.

And we wonder if he’ll be singing a different tune if Danielle wins her lawsuit against him.


Mohamed Jbali: I’m Back… And I’m Outta Here!


Mohamed Jbali is not dead.

Questions have surrounded this controversial 90 Day Fiance star for several months now, ever since he and Danielle Mullins got divorced back in March.

Do the two still talk? (No.)

Has Mullins moved on to another man? (Maybe.)

Has Mohamed Jbali been deported (Nope, he went back briefly to Tunisia, but on his own accord.)

Jbali himself hasn’t been around to answer many of these questions because he took a social media hiatus, prompted to do so by TLC producers in order to hype a new season of his reality show, some have alleged.

But now Mohamed has returned to Instagram.

And also to the United States.

The reality star shared a selfie of himself sporting some new facial hair this week; the post was geotagged near Haines City, Florida and Jbali joked about the rumors floating around the Internet as a caption.

“I’m still alive lol,” he wrote.

Take a look at the snapshot here:

The sex-free star later included a few life philosophies along with another picture of himself with a beard. To wit:

Your happiness is not my responsibility!

Pleasing everybody is not possible!

When im done loving myself i will have time to love someone else!

Your opinion about me is not gonna change how I feel Because I know how to control my feelings!

In another post, meanwhile, Mohamed explained that he returned from his social media break, yet he won’t be talking about 90 Day Fiance because he refuses to watch the show.

He claims he’s done participating in the show or any of its spinoffs, too.

“I have no respect for some fake couples in it plus it’s not the best place to tell a real story,” he says. “Thats why I’m out!”

Don’t let the door hit you as you leave, man.

“The judge did not ask me to leave the country,” Jbali explained on a recent episode of the program, elucidating his situation as follows:

“I am just divorced. I got my divorce without fighting, without anything.

“We didn’t talk about any single thing in the courthouse – we just agreed to pay whatever we have bills together and that’s it.”

Mullins claims she has agreed to star in an upcoming show, but we doubt we’ll see Jbali on the small screen again.

Will you miss him?


Mohamed Jbali: Did He Get Deported or Not?!?

Forget what happened on Game of Thrones when Jon and Dany finally met, Sunday night television this week provided viewers with a far more pressing answer to a far more important answer:

What the heck happened between Mohamed Jbali and Danielle Mullins?!?

Did the former get deported or what?!?

This topic has been hanging over 90 Day Fiance for months and it was finally addressed in full yesterday evening.

In scenes filmed back in March, we watched as Danielle aimed to get the ex-couple’s marriage annulled, an act that would likely result in Mohamed’s deportation because it would cause his green card to be void.

Mullins explained how she and her husband never really had sex, jumping from there to to conclusion that their marriage was therefore a sham.

“Mohamed not sleeping with me is proof that he was not here for the right reasons and he was getting sex from someone else,” Danielle said in a confessional.

(Somewhere, husbands around the globe are disagreeing, arguing that a lack of sex simply means Mohamed and Danielle were married.)

In preparation for a court hearing, Jbali met with an attorney during this same the episode.

He was advised that since Danielle was coming equipped with supposed proof of his infidelity – in the form of social media posts and text messages – and that Mohamed should have his own evidence on hand to counter these claims.

Mohamed got pretty darn angry over the situation.

He was told to calm the heck down, lest this same anger come out in a courtroom setting and it costs him the case.

The actual hearing won’t air until next week, but those who have followed the journey of Mohamed and Danielle closely (for some reason) will recall that the former broadcast the events at the time on Facebook Live.

He wanted to tell his story without concern that producers would edit it in some way.

During this livestream, Mohamed detailed how a judge decreed a divorce would be best for him and Danielle, NOT an annulment.

Did he go back to Tunisia? Yes.

But not because he was deported.

“I’m not trying to say that the judge said I have to leave – no, it’s my decision, I said to leave. The judge did not ask me to leave the country,” he said.

“I am just divorced. I got my divorce without fighting, without anything.

“We didn’t talk about any single thing in the courthouse – we just agreed to pay whatever we have bills together and that’s it.”

It’s true that the painful saga of Mohamed and Danielle as a married couple is over. They have gone their separate ways and ended their relationship on poor terms.

But the saga of Danielle herself may just be beginning.

Mullins recently said she has signed on for at least one more reality show in the future.

God help us all.


90 Day Fiance Star Danielle Mullins Finally Reveals Whether She and Mohamed Jbali Had Sex!

Whether or not a marriage has been consummated is usually just the business of the spouses, but sometimes — just like on period dramas and Game of Thrones — the question of consummation can become a legal matter.

That’s the case for 90 Day Fiance stars Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali, whose awkward marriage never really made any sense, with many people questioning if the two — who seemed unable to stand each other — 

Well, Danielle’s finally spilling the beans. …

Okay, so as we mentioned in our 90 Day Fiance recap, things have been worse than ever for Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali.

Like, early on, it seemed that Danielle was frustrated with Mohamed’s lack of interest in her and she accused him of cheating.

In the mean time, she seemed controlling and Mohamed accused her of having an unbearable body odor.

So … they both seem a little shady and a lot ill-suited for each other.

And then there was that whole time period when Mohamed Jbali was missing.

The show itself caught up with Mohamed Jbali and no, he hadn’t been deported.

(Though that could still be in his future if Danielle gets her way)

Mohamed had fled from Miami, where Danielle had located him, and moved to Port Richey.

He has been working there as a driver.

The show’s camera captured the moment that he was served with his annulment papers.

An annulment, mind you, means that he’ll almost certainly be deported.

But the annulment itself is no guaranteed thing, because it’s more extreme than a divorce.

But in order to get an annulment, Danielle Mullins needs grounds for one.

Because unlike King Henry VIII, she can’t just change the rules for herself if she isn’t granted the annulment that she seeks.

And Danielle addresses the question of whether or not she’s likely to get the annulment on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

She finally talks about a topic that countless fans and viewers had been wondering about for ages.

Danielle and Mohamed have always, always been evasive about their sexual relationship — or lack thereof.

Early on, Danielle seemed peeved that Mohamed wasn’t, um, “performing his husbandly duties.”

Mohamed seemed off-put by Danielle, and had also allegedly cheated on her.

Noit a great combo.

On the episode, we see Danielle meet with her court liaison, Linda.

She is, of course, discussing the annulment that she’s seeking.

Danielle listed “fraud” as the reason for the annulment, but Linda isn’t convinced that it will be sufficient grounds for the court to erase her marriage to Mohamed as if it had never been.

(Linda isn’t convinced that Danielle can prove fraud in the first place)

So … basically, Danielle has to fess up about her sex life with Mohamed.

And, since she’s on this show, she has to make an embarrassing revelation on camera.

Danielle finally admits that she and Mohamed did have sex, thus consummating their marriage.

… But only once, ever.

That’s kind of the worst possible answer that she could have had to give, you know?

If they hadn’t had sex at all, that would be embarrassing but great for her push for an annulment.

If they’d had sex plenty of times, that would be less embarrassing but would hurt her case in court.

As it is, reality has handed Danielle the worst of both worlds, and she just admitted it on camera.

We’d feel sorry for her given the circumstances … or for Mohamed given that he could get deported.

But they both seem like jerks.

90 Day Fiance doesn’t always end in disaster and spite for the couples.

Kirlyam and Alan Fox are expecting and also seem to be wildly happy together.

Some of the struggles that the couples in 90 Day Fiance face are unique to a couple who’s first meeting on a reality show and who only have 90 days to get married.

But you know what?

It’s normal for some couples to work out and others to not work out.

Half of marriages end in divorce.

(The other half end in death)

So it only makes sense that 90 Day Fiance, where the relationships are rushed at the beginning, will have some relationships that rush towards the bitter end.

By “the bitter end,” we mean divorces and annulments.

Not death.