Tyler the Creator Body-Shames Kendall Jenner: She’s Got No Ass!

It’s insultingly reductive to say the Kardashians are only famous because of Kim’s sex tape or the sisters’ famously curvy figures.

The entire family (with the possible exception of Rob), has worked hard to build an iconic brand, but there’s no denying that large posteriors still spring to mind at the mention of the name “Kardashian.”

Kendall Jenner may not be a Kardashian by name, but she’s no less a member of the Kard clan than Kim, Khloe or Kourtney.

So when Tyler the Creator called Kendall out for being less curvy than her sisters during a recent performance, the body-shaming insult carried additional resonance.

“I want everybody to shake they ass when this f–king song come on,” Tyler said on stage.

“Hey A$ AP Rocky, shake that ass. Shake it on Jaden [Smith], he next to you, he might like it with his weird ass. Where Kendall? She ain’t go no ass but shake them bones.”

Kendall Jenner-Tyler the Creator

Suffice it to say, things got quite weird at Tyler’s performance over the weekend.

Obviously, it’s his comments about Kendall’s figure that are drawing the most attention — though encouraging A$ AP Rocky to shake his ass on Jaden Smith is pretty odd, too.

But it’s possible that all the uproar over Tyler body-shaming Kendall is baseless.

It’s important to note that Tyler and Kendall are friends, and he has a history of publicly and playfully mocking her.

At Coachella in 2015, Tyler called out Kendall out in brutal fashion during his set on the main stage.

“Kendall Jenner over here thinking she’s cute and sh-tt. Hey Kendall, Kendall, Kendall, I’m over here to your right. F-ck you,” he said.

While many in attendance were shocked by the comment, Kendall responded by playfully flipping Tyler the bird.

He later clarified the nature of their relationship on Instagram, writing:


At one point it was widely rumored that Tyler and Kendall were dating, but the rapper shot those rumors down, jokingly (we think) tweeting:

“Not possible, we’re both gay.”

So in all likelihood, Tyler was just having a laugh with an old friend when he commented on Kendall’s physique.

Now, there are some who will argue that even if they’re friends and the comment was made in jest, it’s still not okay for Tyler to publicly speak about Kendall in those terms.

They may have a point — but the joke is really quite tame compared to some of the other things Tyler has said over the years..

We’re not saying that makes it okay — just pointing out that Kendall probably wasn’t terribly shocked.


Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Would Like You to Know They Boned Last Night

While the rest of the country was busy getting angry at their TV screens last night, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were making far more productive use of their time.

Or perhaps we should say reproductive use of their time …

Yes, Kylie and Travis engaged in some serious sexy time last night.

And the cosmetics mogul made sure her 47 bajillion Instagram followers knew exactly what was going down.

Kylie posted the video below to her page last night, and it’s basically the prequel to a sex tape.

As you can see, Travis surprised Kylie with every rose in the greater Los Angeles area.

He also played his 2013 song “Hell Of a Night” in case there was still somehow any doubt about exactly what he had in mind for the remainder of the evening.

“Hell of a way to end the night,” Kylie captioned the video.

Apparently, Travis is quite the romantic, as this is not the first time that he’s surprised his billionaire girlfriend with a truly ridiculous amount of foliage.

After Kylie gave birth to daughter Stormi, Travis surprised her with 443 roses, a reference to the fact that Stormi entered the world at 4:43 pm.

If you’re wondering about the point at which romantic gestures cross the line into obsessive-compulsive territory, that might be it.

Of course, in addition to being the mother of his child, Kylie is a near-billionaire and one of the most famous people on the planet, so it’s not hard to see why Travis might be inclined toward extravagant gestures.

Obviously, Scott is accomplished in his own right, but these days it’s hard to match any of the Kardashian women in terms of fame, wealth, and influence.

Kanye is the Kard clan spouse to even come close, and in order to get there, he had to become so famous that it drove him insane.

Anyway, congrats to Kylie and Travis on the smash session.

We just hope they used some sort of protection.

After all, raising kids is expensive, and we’d hate to see them be forced to get second jobs and whatnot.