Kris Jenner Finally Answers: Did Tyga Knock Up Kylie or What?!?

It’s the question that has been surrounding Stormi Webster ever since birth.

What will be her first word? Gosh no.

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Whose sperm was actually used to fertilize Kylie Jenner’s egg and create this brand new life?

Was it really Travis Scott, as Kylie has of course claimed and which most of the Internet accepts as fact?

Or might Tyga have actually swooped in and knocked his ex-girlfriend up?

The latter rumor has been making its way around social media over the past several days, gaining momentum as various blog consider the possibility and even compare photos of Stormi and Tyga?

Really. This is happening.

See what we mean below:

While most folks probably don’t really think Tyga is Stormi’s baby daddy, the issue has become prominent enough that Kris Jenner was actually asked about it during a radio appearance on Sunday.

Speaking with the Kyle and Jackie O. show on Sunday, Jenner was asked about this chatter directly — but she barely let the question of Stormi’s paternity leave the hosts’ lips before she chimed in.

“Tyga was chiming in saying maybe it was his baby, I thought, oh god, this is going to get messy” host Kyle said during the interview.

(He was probably referring to the rapper captioning a since-deleted screenshot of Jenner’s pregnancy news with the comment, “Hell nah thats my kid.”)

At this point, though, Kris replied and tried to shut down the topic as best she could.

“Oh no, no no. I think that was just a bunch of silly rumors as usual,” Kris said. “Business as usual on the Internet.”

That may be true.

Or it may be true that Tyga actually asked for a paternity test.

You never know!

Saying that the hosts should just call her any time they want the truth about her family, Kris pivoted in this sit-down to the ongoing “exciting time” for her loved ones.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian just welcomed a third child, Kylie is now a mother and Khloe Kardashian is due to give birth any week.

Indeed, she has been filled with “so many blessings and so many grandchildren,” Kris said on air.

With her ninth grandchild on the way thanks to Khloe and Tristan Thompson, Kris joked:

“I am officially outnumbered.”

True, but she can also now start her own Kardashian-Jenner baseball team as a way to make money off these new relatives.

And, let’s face it, isn’t that Kris Jenner’s main area of focus on a daily basis?

What do YOU think of this Tyga talk?

Could he actually have fathered little Stormi? Do you think he and Kylie will eventually get back together?

Or is Travis Scott in this for the long haul?


Caitlyn Jenner Bashes Trump: He’s the Worst EVER for Trans Rights!

Last year, like so many Trump voters, Caitlyn Jenner expressed bewilderment at Donald Trump’s policies and behavior.

But at times, she seemed ambivalent, following up criticisms with wearing a MAGA hat.

Now, however, she’s speaking out in no uncertain terms that Trump is “the worst ever” for trans rights.

On Thursday night, Caitlyn Jenner spoke about Trump to Newsweek at the Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala.

“As far as trans issues, this administration has been the worst ever.”

After historic gains in the LGBT+ community’s civil rights during the Obama administration, there have been massive setbacks under Trump.

“They’ve set our community back 20 years, easily.”

Part of that, of course, being Trump rescinding protections that allow public school trans students to safely use restrooms that match their gender.

Under Trump, trans students just have to hope that they go to a non-discriminatory school district. And that’s just part of the Trump administration’s pushes against transgender rights.

“It’s going to be hard to change,” Caitlyn says. “But we’ve been through these types of things before, and we’ll continue to fight it.”

Civil rights setbacks are to be expected from Trump, the man who launched his campaign by demeaning Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and who went to great lengths to appeal to his base of ignorant and bigoted voters.

But to some, including Caitlyn, this is a surprise.

See, Trump’s history of racism is well documented and goes back for decades.

In terms of transgender rights, however, he’s been viewed as somewhat progressive. For years, he allowed trans women to compete in beauty pageants.

During the 2016 Republican Primaries, Trump stated that Caitlyn Jenner — by name — could use “any bathroom she chooses” at Trump Tower. She even took him up on that.

He also said that North Carolina, whose legislature and famously despised one-term governor Pat McCrory had pushed through HB2 which banned civil rights ordinances, should allow trans North Carolinians to use whichever public restrooms they feel are appropriate.

Caitlyn Jenner has been a lifelong Republican, so he hoped that the Republican party would wholly accept her.

She also felt determined to take Trump at his word, despite warnings from basically every trans woman she knew — including actress Candis Cayne — that Trump was a danger tot he LGBT+ community.

It’s true that Trump never showed a personal investment in destroying the LGBT+ community. He’s not Mike Pence.

But … she was forgetting that a large part of the Republican party’s base sees trans people as a threat, and that Trump would need to court their approval.

Particularly in an effort to win over socially conservative legislators and to distract his base from his basically daily scandals.

In other words, Caitlyn forgot that her own party’s values do not value her or her community.

Leopard Face Political Meme

(This tweet remains evergreen for a reason, folks)

In some ways, Caitlyn Jenner has been a powerful spokeswoman for the trans community, using her platform to raise awareness and even to indirectly help other trans folks come out to their families.

She epically shut down Piers Morgan’s inappropriate questions about her genitals, which are none of anyone’s business.

At the same time, others feel that by voicing support for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over the years, politicians who are a threat to trans rights, she’s betrayed her own community.

When she was confronted and called a fraud last year, it was because she enjoys the lifestyle of a rich white celebrity and is wildly out of touch with the lives of most trans women who have to live under Trump.

In other words, if she thinks that Trump’s policies are bad, it’s all so much worse for countless others.

Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military, a transparent appeal to his base of voters, has been rejected as discrimination.

The Pentagon is standing up for the troops.

But other things — like rescinding protections for trans students — will have to be undone by future Presidents.

Will Caitlyn Jenner put her foot in her mouth in future elections, and end up backing other anti-trans candidates because she thinks that, as a rich woman, they’ll represent her interests?

Or has she learned her lesson from Trump? Has America learned its lesson from Trump?

Only time will tell.


Kylie Jenner: Is She Lying About Who Stormi’s Father Is?!

Earlier this month, Kylie Jenner was kind enough to share the first real photo of her brand new baby girl, Stormi.

In the photo, we actually got to see little Stormi's face for the first time … and her face has ignited a whole lot of controversy.

And that's because many, many people are convinced that the baby doesn't look a lot like Travis Scott. Instead, those people say she bears a strong resemblance to Tyga.

You know, the guy Kylie was with a few seconds before Travis got her pregnant.

Check out Twitter's explanation for why Tyga might actually be the father — if you're not convinced by the end, at least you'll have been entertained!

1. Hmmm …

As it turns out, a whole, whole lot of people think that. Like, so many people.

2. Like This Person

Like this person
To some, it’s not even a question — Stormi looks like Tyga and his son with Blac Chyna, King Cairo.

3. Stormi Stevenson

Stormi stevenson
Do you see Tyga here?!

4. Uh …

What about here, do you see a resemblance?


Jerry jerry jerry
Where’s Jerry Springer when you need him?! Seriously, where is he? Can he get on this?

6. Maury, Help Us!

Maury help us
Forget Jerry Springer … you know who we need here.

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Kylie Jenner Answers ALL Your Burning Pregnancy Questions

Kylie Jenner barely said a word during her pregnancy.

The reality star chose to remain silent in order to prepare herself for the biggest moment of her life, remaining far away from the spotlight throughout the duration of her second and third trimester.

But then she give birth to daughter Stormi Webster… and now Kylie won't shut up!

The first-time mother is back to sharing photos on Instagram and she took a few moments in March of 2018 to answer a bunch of questions about her pregnancy on Twitter.

What did she crave while knocked up? How did Kris Jenner react to the news?

Scroll down for answers to these inquiries and many more!

1. Kylie, Pre-Parenthood

Kylie jenner looks fly
This is one of the final snapshots Jenner posted to social media prior to taking many months away from the platform. Now that she’s back, however?

2. … She’s Unafraid to Share!

Kylie jenner and stormi webster close up
This is one of the first photo Kylie posted that gave followers a full glimpse at herself post-pregnancy and, of course, of little Stormi.

3. So…What Secrets Can Kylie Reveal?

Kylie jenner and baby stormi
The 20-year old held what almost amounted to a Reddit AMA on Twitter about six weeks after becoming a mother. It revealed a few interesting details.

4. Such As?

Tell first
Okay, this isn’t the best example, considering Kylie can’t recall. But she did narrow the field down to two!

5. Yay for Mama Kris!

Kris reply
Wow. We totally thought Kylie would say Kris expressed shock and disappointment upon learning the news. (Just kidding.)

6. She’s Lying!

No fear
We assume Kylie is lying in order to quell the concerns of followers, but come on: ALL first-time mothers are scared to give birth. It’s okay to admit that.

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Kylie Jenner: No More Babies — I Love Plastic Surgery Too Much!

Kylie Jenner has been a mother now for over a month — and still, how wild is that?!

It’s been five whole weeks now since she gave birth to little Stormi, and by all accounts, she’s loving motherhood.

Well, she’s reportedly a little iffy about that whole dirty diaper situation, and sources have claimed that she has gotten overwhelmed by her daughter’s crying.

But then again, she’s a spoiled 20-year-old who’s found herself in an odd situation, and babies can be overwhelming, so …

We can cut her a little bit of slack, right?

Oh, and while we’re talking about it, can you guess one more thing that Kylie doesn’t love about being a mom?

According to a source who spoke with Radar Online, it’s the fact that in order for her to have Stormi, she had to go several moths without having plastic surgery or any cosmetic procedures of any kind.

Nine moths without lip fillers — the horror!

The source claims that Kylie had such a rough time not messing with her face that now that she’s able, she’s fully prepared to “go overboard” with plastic surgery.

Not only that, but the girl “couldn’t be happier” about it.

“She told her sisters that the best day in her entire life was when she could get fillers in her lips again because she hated the way she looked when they deflated during her pregnancy!” the source says.

… Really? That’s the best day in her entire life?

Not the birth of her daughter? Not even the day she dumped Tyga for good?

Oh, Kylie, what are we ever going to do with you?

Unfortunately, this situation may actually be pretty serious — the source also claims that Kylie may get some work done against medical advice.

“Kylie wants to go against her doctors’ wishes by doing coolsculpting and other non-invasive weight-shedding procedures,” this insider says.

“At the same time, she would get her lips and entire face done up with fillers.”

The source adds that “She said that she never wants to get pregnant again because of how it made her look. She hated being non-plastic!”

Could any of this be true?

Yeah, maybe.

As soon as we heard the news of Kylie’s pregnancy, we began hearing reports about how much she hated what the pregnancy was doing to her body.

Hearing a rumor over and over again doesn’t make it true, obviously, but it’s interesting that she essentially went into hiding until after she gave birth.

She looks amazing now, just five weeks after having Stormi, but she’s also 20 years old, and very possibly into those “non-invasive weight-shedding procedures.”

But could she have been uncomfortable enough with her appearance during pregnancy to go this crazy with plastic surgery now?

Again, yeah, maybe.

Since this is Kylie we’re talking about, we won’t really have to wonder for too long — if she does get reacquainted with her beloved fillers, you know we’ll see the proof in some selfies.

Never change, girl!


Kylie Jenner: Why She Turned Down Travis Scott’s Marriage Proposal

A number of fans have wondered if, now that Travis and Kylie have welcomed their baby girl, the two will make things official by getting engaged.

True, Kylie’s only 20 and they haven’t even been dating for a year, but they have a child together and both seem committed to this relationship.

Now that Travis has reportedly proposed to Kylie only for her to shoot it down, those same fans are wondering: why?

HollywoodLife reports that Kylie isn’t ready to marry Travis, as he found out to his chagrin on their trip to Miami.

“When Kylie and Travis were on their trip he spontaneously asked her to marry him, but she turned him down, for now.”

Oh, that sounds incredibly awkward.

But she’s reportedly very happy with him and even open to marriage … eventually.

“Kylie definitely wants to marry Travis, but she also really loves how things are the way they are.”

This may come as a surprise, since Kylie decided to have his baby, but she apparently has some realistic and mature ideas about 

“She knows she rushed into this relationship, so she’s trying to slow it all down and enjoy every single stage.”

That sounds healthy. Again, they’ve been dating for less than one year.

Per this report, Kylie’s getting some much-needed advice from her family members.

She’s always been said to be particularly close with Khloe.

“Plus, she gets lots of guidance from Khloe [Kardashian] who is encouraging her to wait on the whole wedding thing.”

Kylie and Khloe have a special bond, perhaps in part because they both once thought of themselves as “ugly ducklings” (though neither were ever ugly) until their radical body transformations.

But all of Kylie’s sisters are apparently quick to give her good advice.

“But it’s not just Khloe, all of Kylie’s sisters are encouraging her to take her time as much as she can.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that Kylie’s sisters believe that Travis Scott is some sort of deceiver who’s only in this for easy sex and an easier lifestyle thanks to Kylie’s money.

First of all, we know that Travis Scott is not a deadbeat dad.

We saw his eyes glisten with excitement as he attended multiple appointments for Kylie as she saw doctors and went through ultrasounds.

But someone doesn’t have to be a schemer for a rushed marriage to be a bad idea.

In general, rushing into marriage is a recipe for disaster.

The only time that it’s smart is if there are legal reasons (someone needs a Green Card, someone needs to not be compelled to testify against the other in a court of law, someone needs health insurance) … or perhaps if a reality series is paying you enough.

Again, and we cannot emphasize this enough, but extrapolating from Stormi Webster’s February 1st birth date, Kylie and Travis had been dating for perhaps one month when Kylie conceived.

Maybe they would still be together even if they hadn’t brought another human being into the world — Kylie loves with her whole heart.

But getting engaged to someone you’ve effectively just met is a recipe for disaster.

That said, there’s no reason for Travis and Kylie to not continue their happy and healthy relationship.

You don’t need a piece of paper or a special ring to be a family.

And, of course, no delay precludes them from getting married in the future. When Kylie feels that the time is right.

If anything, this story about Kylie shooting down Travis’ proposal is a reminder to everyone to not do those public proposals.

Travis was wise enough to not do this alleged proposal over a livestream, of course.

But if you propose in public, you should be absolutely certain (as in, talk about it) that the other person wants to get married.

Otherwise, they either say yes out of nervousness and guilt because of their audience … or say no and leave you both feeling incredibly embarrassed and awkward.

We wish Kylie and Travis the best of luck for whatever becomes of their relationship.


Kylie Jenner Celebrates Women’s Day by Drawing Attention to Her Boobs

On the occasion of International Women’s Day yesterday, Kylie Jenner took a moment to remind Instagram followers that she is, indeed, a woman.

By which we mean she shared a picture that drew everyone’s attention to her large breasts.

The 20-year old, who has ramped up her social media use once again after taking approximately nine months off, shared the above selfie on her wildly popular account yesterday, writing a simple two-word caption that was meant to encapsulate a broad concept.

Women’s Day, Kylie said alongside the image.

This was a reference to International Women’s Day, which is held each year on March 8 because it was on that date in 1917 when women in the Soviet Union were granted the right to vote.

In this #MeToo movement climate, yesterday’s holiday became an especially noteworthy occasion.

(Heck, McDonald’s made the grand and very important gesture of turning some of its arches upside down as a tribute!)

So we’re all for Kylie recognizing it and trying to help her fellow females feel empowered these days.

We’re just not entirely sure how this picture accomplishes that goal.

As mentioned previously, Jenner took a social media hiatus for almost the duration of her pregnancy.

She then gave birth to a daughter actually named Stormi on February 1 and has since shared a number of selfies, along with a number of adorable baby photos.

(Have you seen THIS ONE of Jenner’s self-proclaimed “pretty girl?” Cute stuff!)

In this case, of course, Kylie wants the focus to be not just on her, but on her post-pregnancy upper body and how far it has come in about six weeks.

And this is what most followers have chosen to focus on.

“Pregnancy really made her look older in the best way,” wrote on follower in response to this image, while another shared the sentiment:

“She looks more like a woman now.”

Another fan, meanwhile, apparently wanted to take a bite out of Jenner, sounding a lot like Travis Scott with his desire to start banging his girlfriend once again.

“I see you looking like a snack!” this follower wrote as a comment. “What a beauty.”

While we do question Kylie’s motives in sharing a selfie as a tribute to women around the world, we’re mostly joking around here.

However, Kris Jenner posted her own Instagram picture yesterday in honor of this same quasi holiday and was deadly serious in her caption.

Much to the chagrin of some critics around the World Wide Web.

“I’m so proud of my girls and their hearts and what amazing moms they are and their work ethic and how they get up and do their best every single day,” wrote Kris alongside the following image, adding:

“They share, they give back, they care… they are my best friends and my angels! Thank you girls for teaching me how to be better every single moment we share…

“You give me life and I love you.”

kris post

She added:

“(of course I love Rob the same but it’s International Women’s Day).”

It’s true. It was International Women’s Day.

Plenty of users just scoffed at Kris choosing to recognizing her own kids on this occasion, especially considering their wealth and status, as opposed to the women out there whose work ethic involves getting up early everyday to go and work three jobs, for example…

… as opposed to the Kardashian woman who mostly take off a few layers of clothing and then sit back and watch the Likes pile up.

But that’s a debate to be had on a different day, we suppose.

Overall, let’s all simply agree that the future is female. Rock on, ladies!