Jennifer Aniston: Who is She Dating Now?!?

According to a new tabloid report, Jennifer Aniston’s love life is no longer DOA.

The gorgeous actress may have been stuck in second gear ever since her split from Justin Theorux in February

… but she’s now intent on making sure she isn’t alone every day, week, month and or even every year.

The general point here is the following:

Aniston is dating once again! 

While filming the new Netflix movie Murder Mystery in Montreal on June 27, a source on set said the star appeared “happy” all the time, with her “very upbeat” mood having a positive effect on co-stars such as Adam Sandler.

And why are things going so well for Aniston at the moment?

Nearly five months after she and Theroux confirmed their separation to the public, Us Weekly alleges that Aniston isn’t just out there looking for a new partner again.

She’s actually being wooed by two men!

“It’s very hush-hush,” a friend tells this tabloid, only saying that neither suitor is in the acting business.

The first contender, says another source, is a tech titan introduced to Aniston by a close pal.

“He recently split from his wife and is trying to win over Jen,” says this source.

As for the second individual hoping to become more than just friends (get it?!? FRIENDS?!?!?) with Aniston, a confidant tells the same magazine that he “is an industry creative she met when they started working on a project together several months ago.”

And Aniston has the full support of those close to her, many of whom are psyched she’s back in the dating game. 

“Jen’s group is excited that she’s dating again,” claims an Aniston insider. “They can hardly keep it a secret when they’re so happy to see Jen moving on.”

Aniston has not really been linked romantically to anyone since she and Theroux pulled the plug on their marriage.

With the exception of Brad Pitt, of course, that is.

Some folks out there really think she and Pitt are back together.

Heck, just consider this magazine cover below.

No way it would be misleading its readers in any way, shape or form, right?

So, just how serious is Aniston about Man #1 and/or Man #2?

Not all that serious, this same report explains.

“As strong as Jen is, she tends to be very wary of new people,” says a friend. “It normally takes a while for her to open up and trust someone.”

That’s fair.

She’s been burned in the past, most notably by Pitt who, at the very least, carried on an emotional affair with Angelina Jolie prior to leaving Aniston for the actress.

And maybe more than that.

We’re therefore glad Aniston is taking it slow, letting these suitors prove themselves to her before making any final decisions.

There’s no rush. And she’s a major catch. They have to earn her.


Jennifer Garner Wishes Ben Affleck a Happy Father’s Day, Is More Mature Than We Are

Jennifer Garner make it very difficult to be a celebrity gossip website.

You see, we specialize in the scandalous; in the bitter break-ups that lead to angry Tweets or unexpected mistresses or, in the ideal scenario, some sort of revenge porn situation.

We’re never sure what to do with a star who possibly gets cheated on, definitely gets snubbed on many occasions…

… and simply responds with kindness and generosity of spirit. 

But this is the situation we’ve often found ourselves in when it comes to Garner and Ben Affleck.

The actress filed for divorce from the actor in April of 2017, well over a year since the celebrities separated amidst talk that Affleck cared more about drinking than about his family.

(Jennifer and Ben are parents to three kids: Samuel, Seraphina and Violet.)

There was even talk at one point that Affleck had been unfaithful to Garner.

Nevertheless, Garner has refused to say anything negative about her ex-husband to the press.

She’s practically gone out of her way in the opposite direction, in fact, praising Affleck as a caring individual and as a dad.

This is what she did again on Sunday.

In honor of an occasion that celebrates men with children, Garner posted a sepia-filtered photo of Affleck on Instagra, along with a very sweet shout-out about his parenting in general.

It reads as follows:

“Our kids are lucky to have a dad who looks at them the way you look at them and loves them the way you love them, @benaffleck. #happyfathersday #threeluckykids #haveagreatday.”

What the heck kind of snarky comment can we make about this nice gesture?

Sheesh, Jennifer!

affleck tribute

Last week, Affleck celebrated his 12-year-old daughter’s school graduation at Ivy at the Shore in Santa Monica.

He and Garner are also parents to a 9-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old and have done all they can to shield these kids from the often-dangerous glare of the spotlight.

Because the stars remain so chummy after their split, there’s been endless talk of an eventual Ben and Jen reconciliation.

There have been many tabloid covers and stories such as the one featured below:

But Affleck seems very happy with girlfriend Lindsay Shookus, who he’s actually been with now for over a year.

And his three children seem very happy with him, too.

Affleck marked Father’s Day on social media by sharing an image of the homemade card from his kids that read: “Love you dad! You are my superhero!”

And he wrote as a caption to it:

I can think of three incredible reasons why today is so special.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and father figures out there, and to the women that empower them to be the best they can be.

Okay, fine.

Affleck’s back tattoo is a monstrosity.

But perhaps he’s not so bad after all.

We are all so fortunate beyond measure 


Jennifer Lamb: Will Sugar Bear’s Wife Start Her Own Weight Loss Journey?

Recently on From Not To Hot, it’s looked like June Shannon and Geno Doak might get married. June’s ex has already gotten married — to Jennifer Lamb.

The series started with June’s transformation, but now it looks like Jennifer’s about to embark on her own weight loss journey.

There’s just one potential obstacle: Sugar Bear.

In a recent From Not To Hot preview, Sugar Bear and Jennifer Lamb embarked on a “romantic” fishing trip.

During the downhill walk, Jennifer did not seem to be having a good time.

“Walking to the docks really made my chest hurt,” she later admits to the camera. “It was hard to breathe.”

Those are signs of what may be serious health problems.

(Being winded while walking uphill, which is not uncommon, is very different from experiencing genuine chest pains while traveling downhill)

Jennifer confesses: “I really don’t think I could go on like this.”

While there are perfectly healthy people with large bodies and some very unhealthy people who are slender, Jennifer fears that her size is the culprit.

“At this weight, I’m risking my health and my life.”

And she is thinking about doing something about it.

But she is hesitant to undergo weight loss surgery.

Jennifer explains: “It scares me because … I have a lot to lose.”

She’s not making a joke about how many pounds she needs to shed. She’s talking about her love life.

“Mike likes bigger women,” Jennifer explains. “He might not like me if I lose all this weight.”

For Jennifer, her life right now is about finding a balance.

“I wanna get healthy,” she says. “But I don’t want to lose my husband.”

She even reveals that she is unsure of how to even broach the subject with Sugar Bear.

She tells the cameras: “I wish I could go ahead and tell Mike, but I’m really not ready for his reaction.”

The hints that Jennifer may embark on a weight loss journey have been ongoing.

Remember back when Jennifer went to the doctor?

She complained of “chest pains, being dizzy, and just not feeling right.”

She was shocked to learn, as she stepped onto the scale, that she weighed 431 pounds.

(Obviously, different people carry weight differently, but 431 is a lot of pounds for a human body to bear)

“Oh my God, I know that I’ve gained some weight,” she said, still in shock. “But c’mon — that’s a lot of weight.”

At the time, she was fairly adamant about resisting the idea of a total body makeover.

“I don’t believe in having surgery like June did just to lose weight,” she said. “I’ve always said big is beautiful and I will always stand by that.”

She’s expressing second thoughts, now, perhaps because she has realized that this is less about size and more about her health.

“I don’t want to look like June,” she says adamantly. “I never would want to look like June, but if I keep doing what I’m doing now, I’m not guaranteed the next five years.”

“Living with the weight on me could do more damage than having surgery,” she admits.

Surgery has risks, but the risks of allowing her health to continue to decline may be even more severe.

But Jennifer was then and is in more recent clips afraid of losing Sugar Bear’s affections.

“He loves me the way I am,” she says. “So that’s sort of what scares me too.”

We would hope that he loves her for who she is, and not for her body shape.

“One thing I know,” Jennifer insists. “Mike don’t have nothing to do with no one that looks like June.”

Not all weight loss has the same goal, Jennifer. And that’s okay.

“My joints, my knees, my hip,” Jennifer complained. “There’s days I can’t even function because they hurt so bad. I’m having chest pains, where you get out and you start walking and you can’t breathe. At 44 I shouldn’t be doing that.”

That’s not ideal at any age.

Perhaps, in the coming weeks, we’ll learn that Jennifer has taken this major step for her health and her future.


Jennifer Aniston & Emma Stone: At WAR Over Justin Theroux?!

It’s been four months since the world learned that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have ended their marriage.

But it seems that at least one half of the famous couple is having a little trouble letting go.

Jennifer Anston-Emma Stone Split

First, we heard reports that Jen was engraged by Theroux’s relationship with Selena Gomez.

Now, it seems she’s concerned about a different young starlet who may have caught her ex’s eye.

It seems Justin developed a close friendship with Emma Stone while he was still married to Jen.

Radar Online reports that in the months since Jen and Justin made their split public, he’s been spending a lot of time traveling the world with Stone.

And Jen — who reportedly was no great fan of Emma’s to begin with — is reportedly very, very unhappy about the situation.

“It bugs the hell out of Jen that Justin got close to Emma during their marriage and she isn’t taking this lying down,” a source tells Radar.

“She’s dragging Emma every chance she gets and warning pals like Jason Bateman and Jimmy Kimmel to avoid her.”

The insider says Emma has long been disliked by Aniston and her clique:

“Jen and her squad take issue with the fact that Emma never met a role she couldn’t steal from another actress [most famously ‘La La Land’ from Emma Watson],” she claims.

“I don’t think she realizes who she messed with and how far Jen’s reach is.”

That’s … pretty ominous-sounding stuff.

And apparently, Jen has a history of going medieval on women who incur her wrath:

“This is a pattern for Jen, never directing the rage or gossip at the guy who left her but instead at the next woman he hooks up with,” says the source.

“Jen is in revenge mode and Emma needs to recognize that she’s messing with somebody with a lot of loyal Hollywood friends.”

Now, Emma is an Oscar-winnng actress and one of the most in-demand talents in Hollywood, so she’s probably not too concerned about the possibility that Jen will torpedo her career.

But it’s important to bear in mind that Jen’s been one of the highest-paid actresses every year since Emma was in grade school.

That doesn’t mean she’s capable of crushing Emma like some sort of cartoon supervillain — but she probably make her life much more difficult.

Maybe Emma should just find a more drama-free relationship.

We hear Brad Pitt’s available!


Jennifer Aniston Cutting Ties With Justin Theroux … Because of Selena Gomez?!

It’s been four months since Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux ended their marriage, but they’re a modern couple with a lot of mutual friends, so they’ll probably stay on amicable turns, a la Chris and Gwyneth, Ross and Rachel, right?

Wrong! It turns out this situation is closer to when Rachel left that dentist at the altar or … every other non-Hollywood divorce you’ve ever heard about.

According to Life & Style, Jen and Justin are at war, and Aniston is planning to go nuclear on Justin’s career and social life.

But it wasn’t the breakup that left her so angry.

No, those who know them best say Jen and Justin parted on good terms.

Unfortunately, after the fact, the fact Justin went tom-catting about town with various young starlets, a practice that Jen took as his attempt to embarrass her publicly.

Sources say Aniston was particularly upset over rumors that Theroux is dating Selena Gomez, a woman with a well-known affinity for Justins.

Justin, Jen, Selena

“As far as Jen’s concerned, it’s her or Justin and she doesn’t want to be a part of Justin’s social chain,” a source tells L&S.

Selena may have been the final straw, but she’s not the first young starlet Justin’s been spotted with.

“Jen was angry enough to see [Justin] at dinner with Emma Stone, whom she considers a friend,” says the insider.

“But then she has to contend with new photos of him schmoozing all over Selena Gomez and it’s really tipped her over the edge.” 

Unfortunately for Jen, it seems she might be seeing a whole lot more of Jen and Justin canoodling.

“They’ve known each other for years through their manager,” the source claims.

“Initially, they leaned on each other for emotional support after going through messy breakups.”

The insider adds that Jen and Justin have “become closer than ever” in recent months, adding:

“It’s turned into something more than friendship.”

And if the insider is to be believed, Aniston has come up with a sort of sad revenge plan:

“Jen’s telling friends that she wants to date a younger guy,” the insider claims.

Seems to us that getting back together with Brad Pitt would be an even bigger eff-you, but maybe that’s just because we want to see that happen.


Jennifer Aniston Is PREGNANT WITH BRAD PITT’S BABY!!! (According to Ridiculous Tabloid Report)

These days, Jennifer Aniston is on the market, having recently ended her marriage to Justin Theroux.

Brad Pitt is not single, and is currently dating Neri Oxman, but will the internet let a few pesky facts interfere with news so fake it still stinks of the beluga and Smirnoff they serve for lunch at the Kremlin?

We think you know the answer to that question.

Yes, word on the social media street today is that Aniston is pregnant with Pitt’s baby.

While it’s fun to joke about every single nonsensical rumor originating in Moscow, it seems this report comes to us from Down Under.

Specifically, we can thank the Aussie tabloid Woman’s Day, which recently claimed that Brad and Jen are married, and has been pushing the “pregnant Jen” fan fiction since the days when Ross and Rachel were on a break.

This time, the report has picked up some added legitimacy thanks to OK! magazine, which made the baffling decision to run with the story.

“Jen: Yes I’m Pregnant — With Brad’s Baby!” exclaims the tabloid’s latest issue.

The piece itself uses the international language of BS to “report” on the story without ever stating a single fact.

“Sources are buzzing,” OK! claims, insisting that Aniston and Pitt are “finally on their way to becoming a family” while offering nothing in the way of evidence.

“During one of their romantic get-togethers that Jen surprised Brad with a proposal — to have a baby with her,” an “insider” contends.

“Of course he agreed.” 

Note that at no point does the source actually claim that Jen is pregnant.

The best OK! could do was find someone willing to claim that Pitt and Aniston talked about having a baby at one point.

The source went on to claim that the actors are “blissfully, if quietly, happy and planning next steps,” which doesn’t mean anything, and is not how people talk.

It might seem like we’re going particularly hard on OK! for doing what tabloids have done since time immemorial, but we’ve really reached the point where this particular rumor needs to be put to bed.

We know the tabloid media has a long history of pairing up celebs who have zero interest in one another romantically, but this magazine is particularly shameless when it comes to playing … OK! Cupid.

We’ll show ourselves out.


Jennifer Aniston to Justin Theroux: You Better Not Be Banging Selena Gomez!

It’s been three months since the world learned Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have separated, and while both parties claim the split was amicable, their behavior during that time tells a different story.

Despite frequent rumors that Aniston is back together with Brad Pitt, there’s been no definitive indication that either party has moved on – and that might be by design.

Justin, Jen, Selena

Neither Jen nor Justin has come out and confirmed that they’re dating someone new, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re both still single.

In fact, Jen’s not the only one who’s been the subject of persistent rumors regarding an alleged rebound fling with an A-lister.

For several weeks now, rumors that Justin is dating Selena Gomez have been circulating on social media.

The whole thing seems very far-fetched, especially considering the fact that Justin is 21 years Selena’s senior.

But according to Hollywood Life, Jen has been considering the possibility that there’s some truth to these reports.

And she’s very, very unhappy about it:

“Jennifer is upset over the dating rumors swirling around her ex and Selena,” claims a source close to the actress.

“It hurts Jen to think that Justin would move on already,” the insider adds.

“To think of him with anyone else, especially someone so young and that Jen has a personal relationship with like Selena, is painful for her. Jen doesn’t want to think about it and definitely does not believe it.”

And it seems Selena isn’t the only potential rebound partner that Jen is concerned about these days:

“Jennifer is tired of hearing about all the women Justin may be dating since there split,” the source continued.

“From Emma Watson to Selena, Jen is furious over every picture she sees of her ex with another pretty face out in New York. Jen won’t believe any of the rumors until she hears from Justin himself that he is involved in a new relationship.”

Yes, it seems Jen is concerned that Justin is running around Manhattan sleeping with everything with a pulse, a la Joey Tribbiani.

We’re of the opinion that the only way for Jen to exact revenge is for her to engage in a high-profile fling with Brad.

Actually, we have no idea if that would bother Justin or not.

We’d just like to see Jen engage in a high-profile fling with Brad Pitt.

Give the people what they want, you two!


Jennifer Love Hewitt to Fans: I’m Not Really Ugly Now! I Promise!

Jennifer Love Hewitt took to the red carpet at the Upfronts to promote Ryan Murphy's 9-1-1 series.

As you can see in the video that we've attached, she did not necessarily look the best that she's ever looked. And she saw the pics.

Hewitt is issuing an apology to fans and assuring them that she's still hot and that this "disaster" will never happen again.

Jennifer love hewitt talks to e

Jennifer Love Hewitt took to her Instagram stories to repeatedly apologize for her appearance on the red carpet.

"It has been a really intense couple of days. Like, so great, so blessed — but intense."

A lot of things fit that description. Particularly in show business.

"We go to the Upfront yesterday and nobody tells me the day is going to be like 12 hours long and the humidity is going to be almost 100 percent in New York City."

Fortunately, phones have access to All Human Knowledge and can tell you the forecast. But that's beside the point.

"So, I just have to apologize."

Does she need to apologize for looking less than her best, though?

"Wearing a black suit? Not a good idea."

It was very hot.

"Not wearing enough hairspray and teasing in my hair? Also a bad idea."

Jennifer love hewitt on the red carpet

She is all but begging fans to forgive her for being a human.

"I just have to apologize for how wrecked I look in all the pictures that have come out."

The heat, she says, was a massive factor.

"I was literally melting. By the time I got to the red carpet, I was honestly melting."

If you live in a dry area, heat is like an oven. If you live in a humid and hot area, heat is like a sauna. It's worse.

"My hair was flat, my makeup was running off my face."

She makes it clear exactly why, in her mind, this is such a transgression.

"And I looked like I had completely forgotten I was an actress in this business who is supposed to look [perfect] when you step on the red carpet."

Jennifer love hewitt red carpet pose

She assures fans that she will not look like this on 9-1-1, a show about which she is very excited.

"That is not what I'm going to look like on the show."

Few actors look the same on the red carpet as they do on television.

"I'm going to have makeup on my face."

That's a given.

"I'm not going to be sweating."

That's the dream.

"I'm not going to be overwhelmed by being in front of a red carpet and crews again."

Of course.

"Honestly, I apologize."

Does she really need to apologize? Surely most fans are nuanced enough to understand that she won't always look like she did in 1999.

"I should've really gotten it together!"

Jennifer love hewitt maxim cover pic

She says that her two toddlers had kept her up "all night."

"It was our first time traveling with them."

There's a time zone difference. It's a lot. And this isn't her first #MommyLife mishap.

"Traveling with toddlers…wow. I had no idea. I mean, I waited this long because I knew that it was going to be hard."

But she makes it clear that she's not shaming them for being toddlers.

"First of all, let me say: My kids were ballers. Amazing! They did a great job."

And she gives a big shout-out to her partner in crime, Brian Hallisay.

"My husband is a saint."

Credit where credit is due.

"He really held it all together."

Jennifer love hewitt maxim photo

Overall, Hewitt says that it was a positive experience.

"I had an amazing time in New York, I had an amazing time with my family, but I'm happy to be home!"

Of course.

"I'm going to be killing my boxing workouts again, getting in great shape mentally, physically, and emotionally for all that's ahead when we start the season."

It sounds like she's really trying to assure people that she's going to be "TV hot" again.

"I'm just feeling really grateful, so I hope you're excited. I'm excited."

Fans are, of course, excited.

"And I'm really sorry for looking like a hot mess on the red carpet yesterday. Oh, my God!"

She really dozen need to apologize. Especially not this many times.

"I was so hot! I was like literally melting. Like, melting. Melting! But…I had a blast!"

Mila kunis hot

Jennifer love hewitt to fans im not really ugly now i promise