Jeremy Calvert to Teen Mom Fans: Leave Farrah Abraham Alone!

Farrah Abraham has a lot of critics, but not very many defenders.

The reasons for this are myriad, of course, as Farrah continues to find ways to f-ck up not only her own existence, but that of her 8-year-old daughter.

Sure, it's Farrah's life, and if she wants to star in live-streaming online sex shows instead of a popular reality series, that's her decision to make.

She would probably find at least some fan support for such choices, were it not for the fact that she's terrible to everyone in her life, especially her mother and daughter.

But now, Farrah has found an unlikely defender in Leah Messer's second husband, Jeremy Calvert.

As a result, another star of the franchise is attempting to get Calvert to see the light, and Farrah is proving once again that she doesn't need to star on a Teen Mom series in order to stir up major drama with the shows' cast. Details:

1. A Problem Like Farrah

Farrah abraham is rendered speechless
Where to begin with Ms. Abraham’s many, many flaws as a mother and member of society? For time’s sake, we’ll just stick to the last couple months of Farrah f-ck ups.

2. Keeping Busy

Farrah abraham og
Yes, it was quite the summer for Farrah, who kicked things off by being arrested for attacking a staff member at the Beverly Hills Hotel while her daughter was asleep nearby.

3. The Dead Dog Debacle

Farrah abraham and sophia at the vmas
Shortly thereafter, Farrah attempted to show off her comedic chops by making a video in which she encourages Sophia to “prank” a friend by telling the girl her dog has died. Funny stuff!

4. The Boxer

Farrah abrahm boxes in a thong
At the moment, Farrah is preparing or her first “celebrity boxing” match, which mostly consists of charging fans to watch her work out in various stages of undress. Sadly, her career as a nude pugilist may be over before it begins because …

5. Farrah Is Back on Drugs

Farrah abraham tests positive for barbituates freaks the f k out
Come to think of it, we don’t know if she was ever off drugs. Whatever the case, she recently tested positive for barbituates while filming a TV show and then tried to play dumb in hilarious fashion.

6. Farrah Being Farrah

Farrah abraham for mtv
Needless to say, Ms. Abraham is a genius in the art of torpedoing her own public image, but one high-profile defender thinks all the flak Farrah receives is undeserved …

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Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger Duggar Gush Over Baby Felicity!

Just days before Felicity Vuolo’s two month “birthday,” Jeremy and Jinger are taking to social media and gushing over their baby.

Fans had expressed concerns about the precious infant’s health in recent photos.

But as fans can see, little Felicity is all smiles.

In the absolutely precious photo that you’re about to see, a grinning Jeremy Vuolo gazes warmly into the eyes of his infant daughter.

Baby Felicity lays on her back and smiles up at him.

According to the captions, this is a very common occurrence these days.

Jeremy writes: “She’s all smiles these days.”

This is a truly touching and beautiful family photo. Take a look:

Felicity was born in July, as Jeremy and Jinger shared on the family website.

“God is so kind!” the post gushed. “Jinger gave birth to Felicity Nicole Vuolo this morning at 4:37 am.”

And then they laid out her stats: “Felicity weighs 8lbs. and 3oz. and is 19.5 inches long.”

“Both mom and baby are healthy, doing great, and resting well,” they shared.

The post concluded: “We are very thankful for her safe arrival and look forward to life as parents”

Felicity will be two months old on September 19! Babies grow up so quickly, and the couple’s fans and followers are happy to see pictures.

Of course, a recent photo of Felicity Vuolo raised concern among fans.

They looked at the adorable baby girla nd perceived that she looked “blue,” which could indicate a problem with circulation or oxygenation.

A number of fans shared these genuine worries in the captions, not to be hateful, but simply out of alarm.

Fortunately, it looks like Felicity remains happy and healthy. Perhaps what followers perceived was merely a trick of the lighting?

After Jeremy and Jinger shared the name of their young daughter, some were puzzled over its meaning.

(And no, it is not a reference to a Keri Russell character)

While you might not expect hardcore Christians like these two to name their daughter after a Roman deity (Felicitas), they explained that they named her after “a young Christian girl who lived long ago.”

That is a clear reference to Saint Felicitas, a young Christian woman who was martyred alongside Saint Perpetua in the Third Century in Carthage.

The Vuolos are not Catholic, but clearly they felt a connection to Felicitas’ religious convictions.

More to the point, however, Jinger and Jeremy explained that the name simply “felt right.”

It is wonderful that Felicity smiles so much. Babies are not generally capable of giving a full smile when first born — it is a skill that they develop.

But smiling is a great indicator that Felicity is successfully bonding with Jeremy and with Jinger, expressing a rush of excitement when she sees her parents.

Babies can be grumpy and they can cry, which is also normal and healthy, but it’s always good to see a baby smile.

Let’s hope that she continues to smile — if Jinger and Jeremy prove to be better parents than anyone in Jinger’s terrifying family.


Audrey and Jeremy Roloff Announce Next Career Move (And It’s a Big One!)

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff would like your attention.

The beloved couple announced last month that they were departing Little People, Big World after many years in front of the TLC camera.

But they also made it clear at the time that they would not be disappearing for very long…

… or at all, really.

And now, just over a month since they surprised fans with their departure confirmation, Audrey and Jeremy have come out with some VERY exciting news about their professional lives.

We’ll let Audrey break it, okay? 

Here she goes…

We are starting a podcast!!

Alright! Can Audrey tell us more about it? You bet she can.

Courtesy of her caption to the adorable photo above, this is what the former reality star wrote:

This has been a longgggg time coming and we are so pumped to start having some raw, unfiltered, down to earth conversations about relationships, friendships, family, entrepreneurship, running a business with your spouse, social media, fitness, marriage, faith, goal setting, hot topic issues, being new parents, our most embarrassing moments from the week and behind the scene of life with us and some of our favorite people! 

Audrey concluded this post by asking the following of fans:

What do you want us to talk about?! Comment your questions and tag someone you think we should interview.

And it didn’t take long at all for followers to respond.

“Interview someone from the Duggar family!” replied one individual, adding:

“I would love to see both of you collaborate and talk about similar beliefs and ideas. @jessaseewald @jillmdillard @jingervuolo are three women I would love to see you interview.”

Another person added: “Oh, I think interviewing @dbusby, @dpmills10, @jingervuolo, @lawbates would be awesome.”

And a third simply chimed in, “@duggarfam.”

Audrey is very open about her faith and her committment to family, that’s for sure.

And the same is often said about members of the Duggar family.

Regardless of who they host as guests, however, this is a pretty cool development for Audrey and Jeremy.

They still run the blog/business Beating50Percent and they have a book coming out in 2019. For real!

This is the cover…

… and this is what Audrey has said about it:

The book is essentially our love story. We are spilling never before told tales from our dating journey, and all the ups and downs and ins and outs of our love story.

The pages are filling up with our failures and successes, what we learned from dating and long distance, and how we prepared more for our marriage than our wedding.

We cant wait to share what we’ve learned from our own dating journey in order to equip our readers to build Godly relationships from their first date to “I do” and beyond.

Like we said above:

Jeremy and Audrey aren’t going anywhere.

And thank goodness for that, right?!?


Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo: Parent-Shamed Already!

The internet sure is a fascinating place, right?

There are so many people there always, and because of the anonymity, so many of those people feel like they’re free to say any old thing that crosses their minds.

Sometimes that makes for some fun, but most of the time it’s just obnoxious.

And when you look at the rampant shaming that goes on in the comment section of famous people’s Instagram posts, you realize just how obnoxious it can get.

For example, you know how Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo just had their first child?

On July 19th, Jinger gave birth to a little baby girl they named Felicity, and since then, they’ve been sharing plenty of pictures of her.

But a couple of days ago, Jeremy shared this one:

It did not go so well.

“Look who joined me for OT Studies w/ Dr. Essex,” he captioned the photo — it looks like they’re getting Felicity started early on learning about the bible!

As you can see, she looks super, super interested in it, too.

But it’s not because she a hardcore Christian already, it’s because she’s a little bitty baby and for little bitty babies, any and all screens are totally fascinating.

It’s just that they’re not typically considered healthy for such small children.

Most doctors will suggest limiting screen time for babies, or banning it altogether for newborns like Felicity.

And Jeremy’s followers were quick to let him know that what is happening in this photo is not OK.

“Young eyes shouldn’t be spending so much time looking at screens,” one person pointed out.

Another elaborated that “Her eyes are still too delicate for screens like that,” and suggested that “maybe you can just read or talk to her and tell her what you’ve learnt.”

“Jer the light of the computer is not healthy for the eyes of your baby!”

Interestingly enough, it seems like Jeremy deleted other critical comments — there were even some about the way he’s holding his daughter that are no longer there.

Of course, most of the comments were full of praise, with many even suggesting that Felicity is actually taking in what she’s watching on Jeremy’s computer.

Felicity is three weeks old, just in case you’d forgotten.

Are these people right, should he be more careful with screen time?

Yeah, probably. Many doctors would say so.

But let’s be real, is a comment on an Instagram post really going to do any good?

Is Jeremy going to read those comments and change anything because of them?

We all know he’s not.

So while it may be fun to call out reality stars for whatever nonsense they decide to post on social media, is it really doing anything? Is there any point?

No. No, there is not.


Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff: When Will They Have More Kids?!?

Look, Audrey and Jeremy Roloff.

We know you are very busy these days.

You have a toddler at home and a memoir set to come out and a popular blog to keep writing, but we have a quick question to which we’d love a definitive answer:

When are you having more children?!?!?

We’re kidding, of course. 

Or we’re kidding about the urgency of the answer at least.

But it is a common concern of many celebrity gossip followers to wonder when their favorite couple will have a baby… and then to wonder when this couple will have more babies… and so on and so forth.

With talk online of Audrey being pregnant already with child number-two, the Roloffs told People Magazine this week that they certainly are anxious to expand their family.

They just aren’t certain when this will happen.

“Jer and I definitely want to have more children,” Audrey tells this publication, adding:

“We’ve never really put a number on it, we want to take them one at a time.

“We’ve always envisioned a big family, that’s always been something we’ve talked about from the very beginning.”

“Enough to fill up a sprinter van,” jokes Jeremy.

It’s not difficult to envision Audrey and Jeremy as the parents to many children.

They are a faith-based twosome who seems very dedicated to themselves and to their family.

We’ve never seen a woman gush over her kid the way Audrey has gushed over daughter Ember ever since she was born in September.

Elsewhere in this same interview, Jeremy touched on another aspect of the couple’s future.

He admitted that he talks to his parents constantly about buying the family farm in Oregon.

Interesting, right?

We suppose thia makes some sense, with Matt Roloff moving to Arizona and Amy Roloff perhaps moving away to start a life with boyfriend Chris Marek.

We simply had no idea such a transfer of property was in the works.

For now, however, the main work on which Audrey and Jeremy are focusing in the rollout of their book, “A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively, Date Intentionally, Love Faithfully.”

It comes out in April of 2019.

“We believe everyone has a unique love story and we want people to be super stoked to press into their own love story,” Jeremy explained to People of the book’s premise.

“We want readers to prepare more for their marriage than their wedding [day].

“I think social media can paint facades, so [Audrey and I] hope that people will walk away [from the book] knowing that we aren’t perfect, our [dating] relationship wasn’t perfect.

“We learned from our struggles and we came out stronger on the other side.”

Teases Audrey on this same subject:

“I think people will be surprised at how much they don’t know about our love story.”


Jeremy Roloff Reveals Why He Left Little People, Big World

Jeremy Roloff has finally come clean.

The long-time reality star took fans by surprise last month when he announced that he and wife Audrey Roloff would NOT be returning for future episodes of Little People, Big World.

And why not?

Jeremy didn’t really cite a reason at the time.

He merely said the following:

After 14 years, over 300 episodes, and 17 seasons, the time has come.

A year ago I made the decision that this season would be our last. It has been an amazing run, and I can’t say thank you enough to all of you who have watched and supported us along the ride…

We will still be supporting the family as they carry the #LPBW torch onward. This is a decision concerning Audrey and me specifically – the show must go on!

As Roloff himself said in this statement, he basically grew up in front of TLC cameras and decided awhile back that it was time for a change.

Perfectly understandable, right?

And Audrey, of course, backed her husband up in a message of her own.

Now, however, as part of an interview with People Magazine, Jeremy has elaborated a bit on his reason for wanting to spread his wings beyond reality TV.

“I think when anyone has done something for 15 years, they reach a point where they kind of ask themselves, ‘How much longer do I want to be doing this?’ And so two years ago I asked myself that question,” Roloff told the publication.

Jeremy went on to say he prayed on the issue and received the full support of his loved ones and has no regrets about the decision.

“It just felt boring almost, you know?” he adds.

“At some point you [need to] build something that you’re proud of. I didn’t build the show, and I’m not saying you need to build something to be proud, I’m just saying it ran its course.

“I feel like now is a great time to leave.”

And Jeremy and Audrey have plenty to keep them busy.

The couple has a book coming out next spring, along with something they did build: blog/company Beating 50 Percent, which defines itself as “a marriage ministry on [a] mission to revive covenant marriages.”

It also sells merchandise.

So it’s not as though these Roloffs will be disappearing entirely; far from it, in fact.

About two years ago, Jeremy’s brother, Jacob Roloff, also quit Little People, Big World.

But he did it in far more dramatic and scandalous fashion, blasting the series and his family members and fake.

Molly Roloff, meanwhile, never really showed any interest in being a cast member.

Back to Audrey and Jeremy, though:

Besides growing their family at some point, the stars also want to purchase land or the family farm.

As for their careers, Jeremy explains that their biggest goal is “to continue sharing our life with people.” He explains:

“We’re trying to inspire love stories.”


Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Book Cover: First Inspiring Look!

As previously noted and lamented, Audrey Roloff and Jeremy Roloff are leaving Little People, Big World.

The couple made this announcement about a month ago.

In doing so, however, they also said the following…

“We’re not disappearing. We have a lot of exciting stuff in the works and are eager to continue the work that the Lord has called us to.”

Along these lines, Audrey and Jeremy have gone into more detail about their most immediate upcoming project: a memoir titled A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively, Date Intentionally, Love Faithfully.

The couple confirmed this book was in the works several months ago, explaining at the time that the tome would be based on their experience as a faith-based couple.

Said Audrey in March:

The book is essentially our love story. We are spilling never before told tales from our dating journey, and all the ups and downs and ins and outs of our love story.

The pages are filling up with our failures and successes, what we learned from dating and long distance, and how we prepared more for our marriage than our wedding

We cant wait to share what we’ve learned from our own dating journey in order to equip our readers to build Godly relationships from their first date to “I do” and beyond.

Fast forward to now and the Roloffs have given an interview to People Magazine in which they share more details about this unique idea.

“We believe everyone has a unique love story and we want people to be super stoked to press into their own love story,” Jeremy tells this publication, adding:

“We want readers to prepare more for their marriage than their wedding [day].

“I think social media can paint facades, so [Audrey and I] hope that people will walk away [from the book] knowing that we aren’t perfect, our [dating] relationship wasn’t perfect.

“We learned from our struggles and we came out stronger on the other side.”

The book comes out in April of 2019…

… and this is your first look at the cover!

Audrey and Jeremy have been married for four years and welcomed a daughter named Ember in September.

They say this memoir will reveal the “raw, never-before shared tales from their own dating journey,” with Jeremy teasing the content as follows:

“[Maintaining a long-distance relationship] was really difficult for us. We did it for three years, and in the book we explain how it started, how we survived it.

“And Audrey almost ended our love story.

“We tell that story and I got emotional when I reread it… There are [also] two other really difficult moments outside of [long] distance that were big challenges and learning curves.”

How intriguing, right?

Jeremy often penned Audrey letters during this time apart, which is where the stars got the title of the book from.

To this day, Audrey and Jeremy try to keep their relationship original, creative, fresh and exciting.

“I think one of the things is realizing that pursuing and dating don’t have to stop when you get married,” says Audrey when explaining how they make their marriage work:

“The subtitle of our book is ‘pursue creatively, date intentionally, love faithfully,’ and we think all of those three things can be true before you’re married and after you’ve been married for 20 years.

“For us, it’s really important to continue pursuing each other in marriage, to continue to look for ways that we can love each other when it’s not convenient, and even when it’s hurtful.”

For more on what you can expect to read in the book, click HERE.

And then let us know: Will you be picking up a copy?


Jeremy Vuolo: Throwing Shade at Derick Dillard on Twitter?!

Just last month, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo welcomed their first child.

In the weeks since, the happy couple has been doting on their daughter and gushing about little Felicity every chance they get.

But that doesn’t mean they’re not making time for the truly important things, like roasting Derick Dillard’s dumb ass on social media.

A little backstory is required in order to fully understand why Jeremy’s seemingly innocent tweet from Monday night is being widely interpreted as anti-Dillard shade.

As you probably know, Derick was fired from Counting On after unapologetically sharing his bigoted views with the world on Twitter.

And it’s not just his former bosses who have taken issue with D-Dill’s big mouth.

There have been rumors that several members of the extended Duggar clan want nothing to do with Derick.

And reports of a feud between Vuolo and Dillard have been especially common in recent weeks.

“Jinger and I are so grateful to TLC for giving us the opportunity to share our lives with all of you!” Jeremy wrote on Twitter before Monday’s Counting On season premiere.

“Tune in this Monday night — July 30th, 9/8C — for the new season of #CountingOn.”

Sounds innocent enough, but it’s not hard to see why many Duggar-watchers took the remark as an extremely subtle jab at Derick.

“Some Dillard shade,” wrote one fan.

Another echoed the sentiment with a reluctant shoutout to Jeremy:

“He’s good at throwing shade in a fundie acceptable way,” the viewer commented.

“I don’t like him, but damn if it ain’t entertaining.”

Dillard has made his distaste for his former home network abundantly clear in the months since he was unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

He was fired for attacking fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings, and he’s since accused network execs of espousing values that run counter to everything the Duggars stand for.

In that context, it’s a bit easier to see how Jeremy’s public praise for the same folks who gave Derick the ax could as smack talk.

Of course, the big question now is — will Derick respond? 

We sure hope so.

We could really go for a heated Duggar feud.


Jeremy Vuolo: Man, Newborns Really Don’t Sleep, Huh?

Jeremy Vuolo has made a classic first-time father mistake.

Ahead of the birth of his very recent baby, the reality star forgot to catch up on his sleep.


The long-time TLC personality welcomed a daughter into the world alongside wife Jinger Duggar last week, as the couple made the very exciting announcement that Felicity Nicole Vuolo has arrived.

“God is so kind,” Jeremy wrote online, adding of his baby’s name and her measurements:

“Jinger gave birth to Felicity Nicole Vuolo this morning at 4:37 a.m. Felicity weighs 8 lbs and 3 oz, and is 19.5 inches long.”

As you can tell by the photo Jeremy and Jinger provided with this statement, their daughter is absolutely precious and perfect as well.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, perhaps she isn’t perfect.

Vuolo has posted his first pair of messages since becoming a parent and both point to the same parental hiccup that afflicts many young men and women:

A lack of sleep!

That darn newborn just keeps waking up hungry and said!

“To sleep, my dear friend and faithful companion. So long, it was a good run. Fondly, Jeremy,” Vuolo wrote as a pretty humorous meme on Monday evening.

Jeremy Vuolo meme

He then gave a shout-out to his new best friend:

“Dear coffee, it’s just you and me now. Don’t let me down. Gratefully, Jeremy.”

Jeremy Vuolo coffee

Fans, of course, were quick to laugh along with Jeremy and also to assure him of two things:

  1. Sleep will come eventually.
  2. Being a father is still worthwhile, even if it means you can barely see straight half of every day.

In his baby announcement, Vuolo confirmed that “mom and baby are healthy, doing great, and resting well,” adding:

“We are very thankful for her safe arrival and look forward to life as parents!”

The stars went public with Jinger’s pregnancy back in January, after 14 months after they became husband and wife.

This was actually a very long time for the couple to wait, at least by the standards of Jinger’s baby-crazy family.

In April, Jinger and Jeremy then told everyone that they were having a girl. Hooray!

“We love thinking forward and realizing that she will have excellent role models in both of her grandmothers, who cannot wait to shower her with love,” the couple stated.

Looking ahead, meanwhile, Jinger will be able to consult with various loved ones about what it’s like to have a baby around the house (and when the heck one finds time to sleep!).

After all, Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed a son named Gideon with husband Austin Forsyth in February of this year.

And then Kendra Caldwell gave birth to a son named Garrett David with husband Joseph Duggar on June 8.

As for when fans can get an inside look at Jinger’s journey to parenthood?

Counting On returns Monday, July 30 at 9/8c on TLC with new episodes.

Click below for a peek at what’s on tap: