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Redskins Owner Dan Snyder $100 MILLION Yacht with IMAX Theater Like That, Jerry Jones?!

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Today in rich people doing rich things … Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder just bought a massive, $ 100 MILLION superyacht … and it’s got a freakin’ IMAX THEATER!!!!

Fresh off news of Jerry Jones‘ $ 250 million, 357-foot superyacht purchase … Snyder has officially entered the boat wars with his 305-foot yacht called “Lady S.”

Jones’ yacht has 2 helipads and a gym … so Snyder had to one-up the Cowboys owner with a floating IMAX theater, which is reportedly the first EVER created … and it reportedly cost $ 3 mil to install.

Snyder’s new floating toy also has a helipad (just one) … as well as 8K HD TVs and four VIP suites, according to The Guardian.

Snyder also owns a smaller, but still really dope yacht as well … so, the more the merrier?

How will Jerry respond in this NFC East rivalry, water edition?? We’re sure he’ll come up with something.

Antonio Brown Gunning to Play for 49ers … Says Jerry Rice

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Jerry Rice says he had a long talk with Antonio Brown about his NFL future — and the guy REALLY wants to play for the San Francisco 49ers. 

“He wants to come here really bad,” Rice said on the “Joe, Lo & Dibs” show on 95.7 The Game. 

“He’s talking about running the hills with me, doing all that and just working out … just picking my brain.”

Of course, A.B. is on his way outta Steel City after his recent antics led Steelers owner Art Rooney to say last week it’s “hard to envision” the WR coming back in 2019.

But, Rice says the Niners NEED to step in and trade for the wideout — guaranteeing Brown will behave — and flourish — if he’s given the opportunity in S.F.

“I would be looking forward to just passing some of that knowledge on to him and being around this guy because I know he’s a great individual.”

“If it was left up to me, he would be here in a heartbeat.”

Seems Jerry’s got a pretty strong finger on A.B.’s pulse — the two talk often … and Brown even has a painting of Rice up in his home gym.

And, per Jerry, Antonio’s a stand-up guy that would only make the Niners better.

“I don’t know what happened in Pittsburgh. But, I know that if this guy comes here to San Francisco, he’s going to do everything possible to help this team to win.”

Translation … get it done, Lynch!!!

Terrell Owens to Jerry Rice You’re the Greatest Ever … But I’m #2

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This counts as being humble … right? 

Terrell Owens ran into Jerry Rice at the airport Tuesday night — and ADMITTED that #80 is the greatest wide receiver of all time … even better than #81. 

Hey, it’s obvious to most people … but hearing it come from T.O.’s own mouth is a big deal from a guy who once proclaimed, “I love me some me!” 

During the encounter, Owens said … “I know I’m great. But, I’ve always said there’s only one person better than me at the pigskin and guess who that guy is?!”

Owens added, “You heard it here from the horse’s mouth. He’s #1. I’m always gonna be 1A, Anybody else they can be #2.”

Both guys had pretty solid NFL careers — Owens ended up with more than 1,000 receptions, 15,934 yards and 153 TDs. 

Rice had 1,549 career catches, 22,895 yards and 197 TDs. 

Both ended up in the Hall of Fame … but yeah, Owens is right — Rice is G.O.A.T.

Jerry Jones Buys $250 Million Superyacht

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How ’bout them Cowboys!?

Jerry Jones just bought himself one of the sickest yachts we’ve ever seen — 357 feet long with TWO helipads and a gym … and a reported price tag of $ 250 MILLION!!!!

The ship is called “Bravo Eugenia” — which the 76-year-old billionaire named after his wife, Gene Jones. It was built in the Netherlands and delivered to Jones on Dec. 20 … an early Christmas present.

The ship can hold 14 guests with 30 members … and has all the bells and whistles you’d expect. 

Fun features include a steam room, full gym, massage room, plunge pool, rain shower and a storage area for all of the cool water toys Jones decides to take out to sea. 

The interior is also top of the line — featuring light woods and lacquered surfaces. 

One of the designers, Pascale Reymond, issued a statement on his work … saying, “We worked very closely with the Owner to find the perfect artisans and craftsmen in creating bespoke artworks, fabrics and signature furniture pieces that reflect the Owner’s style and essence and combine to create a warm, inviting environment for all on board.”

Bon voyage!