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Vinny from ‘Jersey Shore’ Hey Kim, Free Mike!!!


Vinny Guadagnino made his pitch that fellow “Jersey Shore” star Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino could do way more good if he weren’t behind bars … and he made the pitch to Kim Kardashian.

We got Vinny Tuesday at LAX, and he said his buddy is doing fine behind bars. He was worried, but he’s been assured by Mike’s wife, Lauren, he’s doing great.

After some talk about getting jacked in prison, Vinny makes his pitch to Kim, who’s batting 3-0 in her effort to free certain inmates

We’re guessing Mike shouldn’t hold his breath. 

Steph Curry College Jersey Won’t Be Retired … Until He Graduates


Steph Curry is the most famous person to EVER play basketball at Davidson College (by far!) … so, why hasn’t his jersey been retired?!

Simple — Steph’s gotta get his degree first. Seriously. 

Remember, Steph is a LEGEND at Davidson, where he was a consensus 1st Team All-American and famously led the Wildcats to the Elite 8 in the 2008 NCAA Tournament. 

So, when we spotted Steph’s old college coach, Bob McKillop out in D.C., we had to get an explanation for why Steph’s old #30 jersey ain’t hangin’ in the rafters. 

“I think he’s in the process of completing his degree,” McKillop told us after heaping TONS of praise on his old player. 

We followed up with the school and athletic director Chris Clunie told us that Steph is still actively working on his degree … and as soon as he completes his education, boom — the jersey gets retired. 

Clunie says the school is extremely proud of all that Steph has accomplished on and off the court. They love the guy. 

By the way, during his college days, Steph listed his major as sociology. Unclear if he’s still pursuing that major or if he’s changed it like a ton of other kids. 

Danny Amendola Surprises Little Kid Wearing His Jersey … ‘Hey Bro, That’s Me!!’

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Here’s a cute story to start your Friday off right … Danny Amendola spotted a little kid wearing his jersey Thursday night — and surprised the hell outta him in an adorable vid!!!

The Dolphins star was cruisin’ around in Miami when all of the sudden a little boy rockin’ his No. 80 gear pulled out in front of him.

“Hey bro, bro — come here,” Danny tells the kid … “You know whose jersey you’re wearing??”

The kid — surprised — responds matter-of-factly, “Yes. Danny Amendola.”

Danny’s reaction?? “That’s me, how are you brother?!”

The kid lights up immediately … and the smile is the most adorable thing you’ll see today — and then the two even stopped to pose for a pic together!!!

D.A.’s been killin’ it this week … making little kids’ days AND (possibly) getting back with his Miss Universe girlfriend.

Proves once and for all … ya can’t lose in the offseason!!