Jessa Duggar Posts Photos of Kids, Gets Roasted For Bad Parenting

Another day, another Duggar parenting controversy.

This time, it’s Jessa’s turn once again, as the mother of two is being harshly criticized for some innocent photos that appeared on her Instagram page this week.

“I’ve never known another little boy who’s more in love with mowers, tractors and skid steers,” Jessa captioned this pic of her unfortunately-named 2-year-old, Spurgeon.

“It makes his day if he gets to sit in the seat and ‘drive’ it.”

Not surprisingly, dozens feigned concern so that they could tear Jessa apart for allowing her eldest to play on farm equipment.

Obviously, the machine isn’t turned on, and the boy was being supervised, but that’s the sort of Duggar criticism that doesn’t even surprise us anymore.

What does surprise us is the fact that fans took issue with this photo of baby Henry enjoying a snooze:

“When this kid is deep in with his chubsy toddler hands behind his head,” Jessa captioned the pic.

“It’s literally just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Surely, Jessa can’t be criticized for a photo of a sleeping toddler, right?


Jessa got positively roasted for this pic, and shockingly, it wasn’t for her use of the word “chubsy.”

No, her followers had beef due to the fact that little Henry appears to be wearing a diaper.

When one follower remarked that the 1-year-old “should be out of diapers by now,” Jessa violated the Duggar rules by actually replying to an online critic.

Even more surprising is the fact that she was totally polite and good-natured in her response:

“My philosophy is that if they aren’t able to do the whole thing from pulling their pants down and getting themselves on the toilet, to pulling their pants back up, and washing their hands, then they aren’t ready,” Jessa replied.

“Otherwise it feels like it’s actually the parent who’s potty training and doing all the work. Lol!

“I’ve been around kids, and I’m aware of the signs of readiness. My two-year-old is getting close, but not quite there, so we’re not rushing it.”

Yes, Jessa says not only is Henry not potty-trained, his big brother isn’t either.

And she doesn’t care what you think about it!

And of course, legions of Jessa’s fans rushed in to help her slay the troll, even the original commenter probably got the point after the first few hundred clapbacks or so:

“My 3 1/2 yr old is just now starting. Each child is different,” wrote one fan.

“You are the mom and you will know when he’ready. Hope you and Ben are doing well. You have beautiful happy boys!”

Obviously, Jessa gets slammed pretty much every time she posts a pic of her kids, so she’s probably used to it by now, but seriously folks — it’s getting out of hand.

There are so many valid reasons to criticize the Duggars that we really shouldn’t get bogged down nit-picking their parenting choices.


Jessa Seewald Shares Super Embarrassing Ben Seewald Love Letters on Instagram

Before marriage, members of the Duggar clan are basically forbidden to even look at a member of the opposite sex.

After they get hitched, however, they’re encouraged to share their love with the entire world.

Anyone who’s seen Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar gush about one another knows that intra-marital PDA is strongly encouraged in Duggar Land.

As far as we can tell, it has to do partially with strengthening the bond between husband and wife, and partially to do with the Duggars’ ongoing efforts to convince the world they’re totally normal humans who experience actual emotions.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald got married back in 2014, but it seems their love for one another remains as passionate as ever.

We know this because Jessa has been following in her parents’ footsteps and proclaiming her love from a mountaintop.

And by “a mountaintop,” of course, we mean Instagram.

Ben Seewald Love Letter

“When you smile at me, it takes my breath away, like my heart has been touched by an angel,” Ben opens.

Needless to say, he set the bar pretty high from the start.

But believe it or not, Ben was able to continue stepping up his Casanova game from there.

“Your smile brightens my spirit like the first gleams of sunrise after a crisp autumn night in the Arkansas Ozarks,” he wrote.

Like whoa, Ben, leave some smooth talk for the rest of us, ya know?

Seewald goes on to write that Jessa’s grin “shines forth radiant beams of warmest love and affection” and “is worth a thousand words, even the most eloquent words of affirmation.”

Here’s the kicker:

“Your smile could melt the age-old ice cap of Antarctica.”

If you’re not talking about age-old ice caps are you even in love?

Obviously, Big Ben knocked that one straight out of the park.

Surely, you might be thinking, he must have exhausted his supply of syrupy romance with that letter, right?

Guess again, friend-o:

Jessa Duggar's Pearls

He went ahead and hit Jess with the pearl-love letter combo.

“What good are such elegant pearls if not to have the grace of being worn by one so elegant and majestic as yourself?” Seewald wrote.

That sound you heard is millions of panties hitting the floor simultaneously.

We’re pretty sure Ben is a reincarnated Civil War soldier, because no one spits poetic game like that in 2018.

Fun fact: This is the single greatest display of non-Razorback related passion in the history of the great state of Arkansas.

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Jana Duggar vs. Jessa Duggar: Epic Sibling Rivalry Exposed?!

The strangest facets of life in the Duggar family have been well documented over the years:

They take fundamentalist Christianity to an extreme that would make Mike Pence squirm; they’re not allowed to hug members of the opposite sex until they’re married to one; and they believe uteruses should be pushed to their physical limits in the fashion of NFL lineman.

But there’s one weird aspect of life as a Duggar that’s consistently overshadowed by all those admittedly much more bizarre practices.

You may have never noticed this, but the Duggars are always smiling.

We don’t mean most of the time — we mean that with the exception of a seriously somber occasion like a death of the revelation that one of their own supports Black Lives Matter, the Duggars basically take their facial expression cues from Heath Ledger’s Joker.

It’s impossible to imagine anyone being that chipper all the time, especially when they’re forced to share a roof with 20 other people.

(The only possible way such a living arrangement would be bearable is with 43 bathrooms. We’re not sure how the math works out, but it does.)

But despite it all, the Duggars are always grinning and Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids never have a bad word to say about one another.

There’s no way they really get along that well, of course, and as such, fans are always looking for signs of internal strife

The most common theory over the years has been that Jessa and Jana Duggar don’t get along.

And now, In Touch Weekly has uncovered some new evidence that seems to support the theory that these two sisters aren’t as close as they would have us believe.

It all begins with the now-infamous Jewelry Box Story.

It seems that when Jana and Jessa were kids, Jessa would go out of her way to annoy the hell out of Jessa.

The situation got so bad that Jessa would often come to her mother in tears, complaining about the way she had been mistreated by her younger sister.

Michelle was probably busy breastfeeding an even younger kid, so shrugged the situation off and told Jana to make like Jesus by turning the other cheek.

As such, Jana decided to gift Jessa with her most prized possession, “a pink jewelry box filled with treats,” even though “didn’t want to” and “definitely didn’t feel like doing it.”

The story was first recounted in the Duggars’ memoir as a loving family parable.

But Jana offered her version of events at an ATI conference, the tale took on a considerably different tone.

“How I can I work this out, I don’t want to go through my entire life having this bad relationship, it’s not like you can avoid your siblings,” she told the audience as she welled up with tears.

“There are people that may hurt us, there are people that may have done things to us, and that…it is our responsibility to forgive.” Jana sobbed.

(There are those who believe she was also talking about forgiving Josh Duggar in that speech, but whatever the case, it’s a reminder that the Duggars’ childhood wasn’t as idyllic as they’d have us believe.)

Sadly, it seems relations between Jana and Jessa haven’t improved much over the years.

Fans believe Jessa is guilty of shaming Jana for being the unmarried “Cinderella Duggar” and unfairly pawns her household duties off on her long-suffering older sis.

Of course, the best revenge is living well, so Jana may want to give more thought to the possibility of marrying Tim Tebow.

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Jessa Duggar Comes Clean: I Broke One of My Family’s Major Rules

It’s no secret that the Duggars adhere to a very strict code of conduct.

In fact, next to the sheer size of Jim Bob and Michelle’s brood, following rules is what they’re most famous for.

Duggar women are especially constrained, as every aspect of their day-to-day life – from clothing to interpersonal relationships – is strictly governed by regulations that are determined and enforced first by their parents, and then by their husbands.

Some of the Duggar girls have married men who are less strict than their father, which is why, for example, Jinger Duggar is allowed to wear pants.

But there are certain rules that are consistent throughout the faith-based community to which the Duggars belong.

And now it looks as though Jessa Duggar may have inadvertently violated one of those rules.

For reasons that won’t surprise anyone who’s familiar with their belief system, the Duggars are staunchly opposed to the consumption of alcohol.

Getting liquored up isn’t conducive to remaining perfectly chaste and modest at all times, and thus, booze is strictly off-limits to all Duggars, women in particular.

So you can imagine the shock among fans this week when Jessa Duggar revealed that she has, in fact, sampled the devil’s brew.

In an interview with Jessa that resurfaced and was published by In Touch Weekly, the 25-year-old revealed that she has imbibed on more than one occasion.

Though she was careful to note that she never allowed alcohol to pass through her lips intentionally.

“Not on purpose,” Jessa replied when asked if she’s ever had a drink.

“We’re really heavily in politics, and sometimes, it’s one of those fancy, ritzy events and they serve you what you think is punch, and it’s not,” she added.

“You’re like, ‘Oops, yeah, that wasn’t punch.’ That was champagne or something.”

Jessa didn’t say what her next move was in those situations, but we assume she guzzled the rest of the glass, then headed straight to the bar, where she bellows for more.

We kid, of course. 

Obviously, Jessa is no fan of the hooch, and we’re sure she’s in no hurry to break with the rest of her family on the issue of spiritous beverages.

Besides, Jessa is mom-shamed enough these days.

Imagine if word got out in the fundamentalist community that she enjoys a glass of wine from time to time!

There’s a good chance she would literally be crucified.

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Jessa Duggar: I Have a “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT” to Make!

Attention, good people of the Internet.

Jessa Duggar would like your attention.

The veteran reality star took to her Instagram Stories page on Friday and addressed the elephant in the room, which isn’t really an accurate description of the rumors surrounding Jessa these days.

It’s more apt to say she addressed the alleged fetus in the womb.

Indeed, chatter has been ongoing for weeks now that Jessa is pregnant with her third child, despite already have a two-year old and a one-year old at home.

This would be an unusual development for some women… but for a Duggar woman?

No judgment or anything, you just never know with this family.

“Jessa is definitely pregnant and will be making an announcement in April,” a source close to the family told five weeks ago.

Lo and behold, it is now April — and Duggar did just jump on social media to say she has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

She’s really expecting again?!?!?!?!?!?


“Bc I’ve been asked if I’m hiding a bit of a bump… BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! Yes!” Duggar captioned a photo of herself in a baggy sweatshirt yesterday, adding:

“But it’s currently a shrinking bump rather than a growing one. #postpartum #baggyshirts #thanksforasking.”


Jessa gave birth to a son named Henry on February 7 of last year and also has a toddler named Spurgeon at home with husband Ben Seewald.

It wouldn’t surprise us one bit if the couple eventually adds to its brood with another boy or girl, but not this soon.

Heck, Jessa may not be anxious to keep cranking out kids at all if she’s gonna keep getting dragged online for the most basic of acts.

Shortly before she joked around on Instagram, Jessa posted a video of her young sons running around outside without shoes on.

“Toddlers. So cute to watch them discover all the little details in their world!” Jessa captioned the VERY innocent video.

And then she sat back and watched and horrible trolls yelled at her for being a bad mother because the kids weren’t wearing shoes.

You tell us: Did Jessa deserve crap for this footage?

In a new TLC video, it’s true that Jessa beamed as her younger sister described her experiences as a first-time expectant mother.

“It’s so much fun talking to Jinger,” said Jessa, adding:

“She’s been going through this pregnancy journey and she’s been drawing out all of the different things she’s experiencing.”

Jessa also joked that her sibling better make sure to “enjoy those extra calories!”

Does this mean she’s anxious to get pregnant herself and gobble up as much food as possible?

Not really. Don’t be fooled.

“There’s days where it feels like we have just hardly any time in the evening together,” Jessa said in a Counting On preview in response to Ben mentioning having another child.

Again, we’re certain this will happen someday.

But that day is not today. We doubt it will be tomorrow, either.

P.S. Nice joke, Jessa!

You got us with it! And it made us laugh out loud!

Always nice to see when celebrities can have fun with the many rumors floating around out there about them.


Jessa Duggar: Mom-Shamed Over Controversial Instagram Video

Jessa Duggar may not be as rebellious as her younger sister Jinger, or as milquetoast as her older sister Jill, but for many fans, she hits a Goldilocks sweet spot right in the middle.

Jessa wears pants, and her husband might be the most liberal of all the Duggar in-laws, but her focus remains largely on her family’s core values:

We’re talking about God, family, and of course, slavish devotion to the Duggars’ lucrative media empire.

But like the other women in her family, Jessa is often criticized for her parenting missteps.

And as with her sisters, Jessa is often subjected to criticism that seems to have much to do with misdirected anger at her mother and father, and little if anything to do with the manner in which she raises her kids.

Case in point, today fans are up in arms over a video Jessa posted of her two young sons running around outside.

Watch and be appalled:

Just kidding, there’s absolutely nothing objectionable here at all.

It’s literally just two young children strolling down a sidewalk and investigating some of the more curious items they discover along the way.

“Toddlers. So cute to watch them discover all the little details in their world!” Jessa captioned the video.

It’s tough to imagine how anyone could object to such a purely innocent scene, but fear not – the mom-shaming trolls of the internet quickly found a way.

Yes, dozens of commenters were stunned – stunned! – by the fact that Jessa allowed her youngest son to walk around barefoot.

One childcare expert clutched her pearls and expressed her breathless concerns about Jessa’s “poor baby getting stabbed in the foot with something.

Another stated that she couldn’t even finish watching the clip for fear that little Henry would encounter “a nail or piece of glass.”

Step aside, John Krasinski – Jessa Duggar has officially delivered the year’s most compelling horror film.

And people say those shaky-cam found footage flicks are played-out!

We’re generally not very big on defending the Duggars – but we have to call ‘em like we see ‘em, and this is clearly a case of mental toddlers getting far too worked up about the safety of actual toddlers.

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Ben Seewald to Jessa Duggar: Hurry Up & Get Pregnant Again!

Ben Seewald and Jessa Duggar have been busy.

The young couple has welcomed two children in just three years of marriage, and it seems that they have no intention of stopping there.

Or at least Ben has no intention of stopping there.

If you’re a fan of the Duggar clan, you may have been disappointed to learn that Monday night’s episode of Counting On was a season finale.

But fear not – the Duggars are taking an etremely brief hiatus and will be back with a whole batch of new episodes this summer.

“It’s crazy how much has changed in our family over the past year and there’s so much more to come,” Jessa in a recent teaser for the summer season.

“Babies, relationships and milestones are always happening.”

Sure, there are the upcoming milestones that we already knew about – we’ll get to see Joy-Anna Duggar welcome her baby; Jinger and Kendra are still expecting; preparations for the wedding of Josiah and Lauren Swanson are under way…

But could it be that Jessa is hinting at yet another majot development that will come as a surprise to Duggar fans?

“What if we have another kid by the end of four years?” Ben says to Jessa in the preview.

Jessa is a Duggar, so obviously she’s open to the idea of having more children … eventually.

But it sounds like Ben is talking about expanding the family ASAP – and Jessa comes off as less than thrilled by that prosepct.

In fact, at one point in the preview, she bemoans the 

“There’s days where it feels like we have just hardly any time in the evening together,” she complains.

Of course, like her sisters, Jessa was raised with the idea that the primary function of women is to breed.

So you can bet that Jessa is open to the idea of bringing more little bundles of joy into the world eventually.

But perhaps she’d like to wait until her first two sons are a but more independent.

“It seems like our family never slows down,” Jessa says at one point in a tone that could be taken as more resigned tha excited.

“You never know what’s going to happen next,” Joy-Anna adds.

Any new mother can imagine the fatigue that Jessa must be feeling at this point.

Unfortunately, like other new moms, Jessa isn’t permitted to tell her husband that she’s at the end of her rope.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: Jill & Jessa Are My Mom Idols!

Last month, Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed her first child, a son named Gideon.

Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest challenges, but fortunately, when it comes to being a mom, Joy has plenty of role models to turn to.

In a new interview with Us magazine, Joy opens up about the ways in which Jill and Jessa Duggar’s parenting skills made her more confident about starting a family of her own.

“I’ve seen their consistency and diligence and I can apply those things to my life and into my parenting,” she tells the mag.

Joy married Austin Forsyth back in May, and she got pregnant almost immediately afterward.

By contrast, her sister Jinger Duggar was married to Jeremy Vuolo for over a year before she announced that she’s expecting.

But despite the very different paths to motherhood they’ve taken, Jinger and Joy both look to their older sisters for encouragement and inspiration.

Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child at the moment, and she also says her older sisters have been instrumental in helping her prepare for first-time motherhood.

Jinger says that while she shares Joy’s respect for her sisters’ work ethic, she feels the most valuable thing she learned from her older siblings is the importance of self-care for new moms:

“If you need to take a nap or lay down in the middle of the day, don’t feel bad,” Jinger tells the tabloid.

Jinger’s exact due date isn’t known, but her pregnancy overlapped with Joy’s and she remembers that time as uniquely special:

“It’s been a really unique experience in that we’re getting to share all of the different changes that our bodies are going through and can talk about them and encourage each other. It’s definitely been nice,” Jinger reveals.

Adding to the excitement is the fact that the girls’ sister-in-law, Kendra Caldwell, is also pregnant.

Kendra married Joseph Duggar back in September of 2017, and like Joy, she commenced the business of starting a family right away.

All three women say the experience of being pregnant together has helped them form a deeper bond.

And we’re sure they’ll remain as tight as Jill and Jessa are as the years go on.

Watch Counting On online to keep up with all the courtships, weddings, and births.


Jessa Duggar: ACTUALLY Pregnant With Third Child?!

Lately, speculation that Jessa Duggar is pregnant with her third child has been running rampant amongst fans of her famous family.

But as the weeks and months fly by with no word from Jessa or her husband, Ben Seewald, it begins to seem less and less likely that there’s any truth to the reports.

After all, pregnancy news is the Duggars’ bread and butter.

Generally, expectant Duggar moms can’t wait to share the news with fans.

So why would Jessa and Ben keep their big news under wraps?

Obviously, the fans simply got it wrong this time, right?

Well, not necessarily …

“Jessa is definitely pregnant and will be making an announcement in April,” a source close to the family tells In Touch.

As for why the Seewalds would be so hesitant to share the news publicly, the insider says there’s a perfectly good reason for that:

“They have been keeping the news under wraps, partly because it was in the early stages and also because she did not want to take away from the news that her brother Josiah [Duggar] and Lauren [Swanson] are getting married,” the tipster claims.

Yes, it seems in an act of sisterly love (and media savvy), Jessa decided that it’s best not to overwhelm social media with a deluge of Duggar news.

And there’s certainly been no shortage of developments to keep the family’s most obsessive followers satisfied.

As many have pointed out, if the news about Jessa is true, that would mean she learned she’s expecting not long after the world found out that Jinger Duggar is pregnant.

Jinger is five months along, which means we could be looking at back-to-back Duggar births less than a month apart.

And of course, Josiah and Lauren are engaged, which means a wedding is likely on the agenda for this summer as well.

We suppose this steady stream of developments was to be expected as the eldest Duggars reached marrying and child-bearing age, but still – even Jim Bob and Michelle must be starting to feel overwhelmed.

Watch Counting On online to try and keep track of all the comings and goings in Tontitown.


Jessa Duggar Reveals Son’s Health Condition, Gets Criticized For Negligence

Jessa Duggar just can’t seem to catch a break lately.

It seems that ever since Jill Duggar’s husband, Derick Dillard, was fired from Counting On, the scrutiny of Jessa and her family has only intensified.

On social media, Jessa has remained as famous as ever amongst obsessive Duggar fans.

Unfortunately, these days, her interactions with her followers tend to be strangely hostile.

More often than not the negativity takes the form of critical comments about Jessa’s parenting.

In recent months, Jessa has been slammed by fans for everything from failing to properly homeschool her children to putting them in harm’s way by living to close to a highway.

Needless to say, followers have devoted a shocking amount ot time to combing through her social media posts in search of something to get angry about.

Sometimes, however, the outrage stems not from a minor background detail in a photo on Jessa’s Instagram, but from comments she’s made on her family’s popular reality show.

And it seems a minor revelation Jess made on this week’s episode has the Duggar faithful all whipped up into a frenzy. 

“When Henry was about three months old, he had what appeared to be ‘cradle cap,'” Jessa told the camera.

“But I tried a lot of different washes, lotions, creams, and things like that, and then I started to figure it out that this was actually eczema and probably an allergy.”

She added that the problem is persistent, and that she and husband Ben Seewald are often forced to take action in order to stop Henry from making things worse:

“Henry has some pretty bad flare-ups on his head and in his neck creases and so we have to keep socks on his hands to keep him from scratching it,” Jessa added.

Apparently, a sizable percentage of the Counting On audience is made up of medical professionals, and many of them feel that Jessa is to blame for her son’s condition:

“I just saw the episode of Henry and his eczema allergy. I saw you eating eggs, and eggs can also be a huge flare up,” wrote one viewer on Mrs. Seewald’s Instagram page.

“My son has eczema too, we found out it’s a wheat, egg, and soy allergy,” wrote another.

“Cut gluten, dairy, and sugar,” advised a third, cautioning that scents and lotions Jessa is using might also be making the problem worse.

We’re sure most of these folks intended to be helpful, but the tone often comes off as a but smug and scolding – especially since Jessa already addressed these possible causes in Monday’s episode:

“I’m trying to address what’s irritating his stomach and trying to eliminate things from my diet to see what’s up,” she said on the show.

“I’ve cut out all inflammatory foods: gluten, dairy, corn, nuts. It’s just a matter of figuring out what it is.”

So there you have it, folks – Jessa seems to have access to the same medical information as the rest of us.

But we’re sure that won’t keep you from offering unsolicited advice.

Watch Counting On online to find more reasons to get on Jessa’s case!