Jessica Miller: David Eason’s Sister Arrested For Assault! Did She Beat Up Jenelle Evans?!

Jessica Miller is the sister of Jenelle Evans’ husband, David Eason.

She’s never appeared on Teen Mom 2, and it seems she has little face-to-face contact with Jenelle.

Still, in the world of TM2 obsessives, Jessica is something of an icon, thanks to her stunning ability to match Ms. Evans in terms of violent insanity.

Jenelle and Jessica’s feuds are the stuff of legend, often spilling from one social media platform to another, as each attempts to publicly throw shade without the other one knowing.

It’s a thrilling game of cat and mouse, in which both the cat and the mouse accuse one another of being meth addicts.

Jessica accuses Jenelle of doing drugs while pregnant.

Jenelle accuses Jessica of driving while high and getting fired for stealing prescription painkillers from work.

We all look on in amazement and thank the heavens that our families are downright functional by comparison.

Unfortunately, it looks like the schaudenfreude might be coming to an end, as Jessica will likely be doing her best to keep her nose clean for the foreseeable future.

According to Starcasm, Jessica was arrested for assault over the weekend 

There’s no word on who Jessica may have assaulted, but it’s worth noting that she got into yet another Facbook fight with Jenelle the day before the arrest.

This time, Jenelle unequivocally initiated the spat, by posting this deranged “review” of Jessica’s t-shirt company:

“Fake business!!!!! This owner is psycho! She threatens people on a daily basis on social media saying she’s going to fight them and such.

“She also doesn’t own one piece of this clothing at all and uses an “art” app on her phone to copy and paste texts onto shirts without even testing them out herself.

“She tried stealing a logo from another company. I ordered a shirt a week ago and it’s still not here. I asked to be refunded and it’s taking forever! Really upset with this company! Never shopping here again. Maybe if the owner wasn’t on drugs this business would be ran properly.”

We don’t know what’s funnier–the fact that Jenelle has gone full-Trump and is now calling everything she doesn’t like “fake,” or the fact that tried to legitimize the whole thing by slipping an actual complaint about delivery time into unhinged psycho-screed.

Interestingly, an Instrgam follower recently asked Jessica why she’s never gotten into a physical altercation with Jenelle.

David’s sister had this to say in response:

“I came really close to it when i had to go to court with her and barbara over jace. I followed her into the bathroom and i told her what an ungrateful selfish little B she is but i kept my hands to myself bc she isnt worth jail time or my money in court costs! “

Perhaps tellingly, Jenelle hasn’t taken to Twitter to boast about Jessica’s arrest, as one might expect her to.

We’re not saying Jessica and Jenelle got into a fight, but we certainly wouldn’t be floored by that news.

We’ll keep you updated on the situation as more information becomes available.

In the meantime, watch Teen Mom 2 online to remind yourself of just what a brawler Jenelle is.

She’s not someone you wanna mess with…


Jessica Alba Gives Birth! Look at These Gorgeous Newborn Photos!

Forget celebrating the new year with a glass of champagne and a kiss.

Jessica Alba celebrated the flipping of the calendar with… a new baby!

The actress and long-time husband Cash Warren added to their gorgeous family on Monday night, welcoming child number-three to close out 2017 in the most miraculous way possible.

Wrote Alba on Instagram, along with the following picture of her newborn:

“Hayes Alba Warren 12/31/17 Best gift to ring in the New Year!! Cash and I feel so blessed. Haven and Honor are already obsessed with their new baby bro.”

What a precious image, don’t you think?

Take a close, long, sentimental look at it here:

Indeed, as Alba mentions above, the stars are already parents to daughters Honor, 9, and Haven, 6, and had always planned on giving them a brother or a sister.

“It was always in the cards for them to have a third child,” an insider previously told E! News. “It was definitely part of the plan and they just wanted to wait a few years for the right time.”

Alba announced her pregnancy in July.

“@cash_warren and I are officially going to be outnumbered #babyonboard #herewegoagain #blessed,” Alba penned as a caption at the time alongside a photo of her and her two kids.

Warren, meanwhile, also shared a precious picture on Instagram and wrote right next to it:

Hayes Alba Warren: You sure know how to ring in the new year!” he captioned the photo. “You showed up a few days early but we couldn’t be any happier.

Your Mamma is the strongest woman I know … you’re so lucky to have her by your side. You have two amazing sisters who already adore you and I know you’ll be thankful to have them guide the way.

On your first day of life, I promise to love you, to cherish you, and to provide you with a sandbox full of dreams to explore.

Welcome to the family my sweet baby Hayes!

Alba, who runs The Honest Company and has basically retired from acting, often shared photos of her baby bump on social media over the past few months.

She very openly embraced her curves and the bun growing in her oven.

“Love being preggers w my baby boo #BossLady @jkroogr,” the star wrote at one point.

Adds the aforementioned source to E! News:

“Jessica has been working her entire pregnancy and will still play a role when the baby is born.

“Her company means a lot to her but she is thankful that she has a great team to help her.”

We send her the very best.


Jessica Simpson: SLAMMED For Letting 5-Year-Old Daughter Wear Makeup!

Jessica Simpson tends to let it all hang out on Instagram.

We mean that in both the semi-literal sense, as Jessica Simpson bikini pics are a semi-regular occurrence, but also in a more figurative sense, as Jess enjoys putting the quirkier aspects of her private life on display for her millions of followers.

In the past, this has landed the mother of two in hot water.

Simpson’s parenting has been criticized on a number of occasions because for some reason, a surprisingly large segment of our population loves nothing more than going on social media and telling moms they’re bad at being moms.

Jessica posted the above photo yesterday, along with a caption reading:

“This is NOT an #ad, @maccosmetics is my daughter’s favorite store! Mommy-Daughter Day with #MAXIDREW #girlygoth,”

And with that, the call rang out to all the mommy-shamers in the land, who emerged beneath their bridges to get in some quality troll shots:

“You both are beautiful without makeup. Please teach her you don’t need makeup to be beautiful,” wrote one follower.

“How about taking your daughter some were [sic] fun were [sic] she can be a little girl. Instead of being brain washed that she need [sic] makeup to look pretty,” commented another.

Fortunately, the haters were largely outnumbered by those who take the much more logical position that a little girl trying on makeup is probably not a reason to call in CPS:

“Who cares if she wants to wear a little lipstick. Kids just want to be like their mom. Leave the woman alone,” wrote one.

“All these mommy shamers need to get a life. I mean honestly WHO CARES! I played with makeup as a little girl. She’s her daughter!” echoed a second.

This is not the first time that Jessica’s daughter has worn makeup on Instagram, and it’s not the first time that Jessica has taken flak for it.

In a way, the backstory makes this photo even better.

Jess knew there would be backlash, and she posted the damn pic anyway.

Why? Because you can’t let the haters run your life, that’s why.

Jessica’s daughter is 5 years old and already owning trolls en masse.

If that’s not solid parenting, we don’t know what is.