Jill Janus, Singer of Rock Band Huntress, Commits Suicide

Jill Janus, the frontwoman for popular heavy metal band Huntress, was found dead on Tuesday, others in this group have confirmed.

She was 43 years old.

While details are still coming in regarding her passing, this is what band members wrote on Facebook last night as tragic confirmation of the news:

“It is with crushed hearts that we announce that Jill Janus – frontwoman for the California heavy metal band Huntress – passed away on Tuesday, August. 14.

“A long-time sufferer of mental illness, she took her own life outside of Portland, Oregon.”

Continued this post:

“Janus spoke publicly about these challenges in hopes of guiding others to address and overcome their mental illness.”

Huntress were formed in 2009 and released its first album, Spell Eater, in 2012.

The band went on to release a further a pair of orther records as well, while supporting and opening at times for rock bands Motörhead and Lamb of God.

Best known for the singing gig described above with Huntress, Janus also sang for a handful of female metal cover bands over the years, including The Starbreakers and Chelsea Girls.

“Beyond her accomplishments in the music world and her advocacy for mental health issues, she was a beautiful person passionate about her family, animal rescue and the world of natural medicine,” the Facebook message reads, concluding

“She will be missed more than she could have ever known.”

It is unclear at the moment just how Janus took her own life.

The artist was diagnosed with bipolar disease aged 20, telling Revolver magazine in 2015 that she struggled in high school after starting to show signs of this illness at 13 years old.

In response to this awful news, partner and Huntress member Blake Meahl paid tribute to Janus as follows yesterday:

“[We] spent 9 years together creating a home, having a family and building our passion project Huntress.

“The devastation of knowing I will never see her again is the most gutting emotion I have ever experienced. I hope you have found the peace that you couldn’t find on this planet.”

Added Lizzy Hale of Halestorm:

“I’d like to take a moment to state again how important it is to talk about mental health, and remind all of you out there battling demons that you are not alone.

I have to navigate my own dark labyrinth and I turn to music and writing for my lifeline. I want to encourage you to keep searching for Your lifeline, something that makes You happy.

janus tribute

To Jill, My sister of scream, I hope wherever you are you have found the peace that you couldn’t here.

My deepest sympathy’s go out to Jill’s Family and her band Huntress during this time.

If you or someone you know might be at risk of suicide, call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

It provides free and confidential support 24 hours a day, seven days a week for people in suicidal crisis or distress.


Jill Dillard: Drilled on Instagram Over Child-Proofing, Christian Music Choices

Once again, Jill Duggar’s parenting skills as the mother of two continues to hear it from her “fans” over literally every photo.

The Counting On veteran shared a photo of herself installing some baby-proof locks on her kitchen cabinets … so what’s the issue?

Her two sons, Samuel Dillard and Israel Dillard, are one and three years old. In other words, she’s being slammed for child-proofing …

… later than people think she should have!

“A long over due project!” Jill writes.

“Since Samuel has been walking, he keeps getting into the kitchen cabinets! Finally getting the cabinet locks put on! #writeitdowntocrossitoff.”

People who follow her on Instagram routinely criticize Jill Duggar’s parenting, and to be fair, some of her decisions are a bit questionable.

This, though? Fans (we use the term loosely) seem to be reaching a bit if they’re ripping on Silly Jilly’s supposedly overdue precaution. 

Others took the opportunity to mock Derick Dillard, her oft-maligned and disgraced husband who was fired from Counting On.

Some choice comments in that vein:

“Yes they (well she was, her lazy ass husband does nothing but spew hate) were very busy creating horrid recipes!”

“Good old Derick couldn’t do it because he is as useless as the letter G in Lasagne. I should really get around to that.”

Hey, Derick’s going to law school now, people. Everybody just take a deep breath and leave this upstanding citizen alone!

All kidding aside, some supporters of Jill weighed in with more positive feedback. One of them even felt a little inspired:

“We’ve had the child proofing stuff for 2 months and my husband hasn’t done it. So maybe it’s time I do it myself!!”

“Thats so cool,” another said. “With Jessa it took her and Jinger to do it. Are you both going to see Jinger and her baby?”

“Jill looks like a loving, caring woman. I am usually good and judging people just by looking into their eyes,” another fan said.

“So to the negative people, find something to do! You are not Jill’s friend you’re just a fan. You’re not an admin on her page!”

“You’ve such an over inflated sense of the worth of your own opinions. Tell us, has Jill ever posted something you haven’t commented on?”

Well, that’s just way too logical for the Internet.

In addition to getting dragged for her parenting, Jill also revealed that she was listening to music during her DIY chores.

There were some strong opinions there, too.

“Listening to some praise music on my fave [90.9 KLRC] app,” Dillard included in her caption to the photo at the top of this article.

“I was under the impression that music with a beat, which Hillsong undoubtedly has, was not permitted by Jim Bob,” one fan commented.

Others blasted her because Hillsong’s message doesn’t mesh with her fundamentalist lifestyle … others still just blasted her faith.

At the end of the day, the Duggars are human.

There’s plenty to criticize, and we’ve been there. But to a point we also need to agree to disagree or just let folks live a little.

Is Jill endangering her kids’ lives here? Really?

Or is she actually doing something that, by definition, is designed to do the EXACT OPPOSITE and keep the little ones safer?

When we’re harping on someone child-proofing her kitchen just because it took her longer than it conceivably could have?

Might be time to rethink your own life. Or at least take a look at some of Jill’s mom’s far more questionable practices (above).

Seriously, some dubious stuff in here.


Jill Duggar Bribes Son With Candy, Gets Slammed By Critics

Not a week goes by without Jill Duggar getting slammed for her parenting methods by people who seem to detest her, yet continue to follow her on social media.

It's a curious phenomenon made even more curious by the fact that Jill gets roasted even when she's demonstrating top-notch parenting skills.

Case in point, Jill is homeschooling her kids, and it seems that even in summer (and even though her eldest is only 3) she remains committed to teaching them the basics at a young age.

And she's not just winging it or relying on her own maternal instincts.

As evidenced by the video above, Jill has done her research.

She admits she's no expert, but says she'd like to share her experiences with a handful of educational tools for the benefit of other parents who might be homeschooling their kids.

And naturally, this led to Jill being roasted so hard the Duggars opted to disable comments on her latest YouTube video.

"I'm no professional at all but this is just what we've enjoyed and Israel loves school right now, so we're trying to just keep him busy with that," Jill said in the clip that apparently left some fans in a seething rage. 

"And it's fun," she added.

Seems innocent enough, but fans went off on Jill for everything from keeping her child out of school to using candy as an incentive.

Look, we know for some people the Duggars can do no right and their first instinct when they see any member of the family is to start hurling criticism.

It's understandable, but it's still dumb as hell.

Josh Duggar is a molester and Jim Bob and Michelle might be cult leaders, it's true.

But Jill and her her sisters are victims in this case, and even when we side-eye their behavior (whihc is very often), we try to keep that in mind.

At best, the Duggar kids are sheltered, and at worst, their traumatized.

Something to keep in mind next time you feel like raking one of them over the coals for giving their kids candy.

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Jill duggar bribes son with candy gets slammed by critics

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Jill Duggar and Lauren Swanson: Unexpected Feud Alert!

It’s only been a few weeks since Lauren Swanson married Josiah Duggar, but it seems the newest member of reality TV’s favorite fundamentalist family is already clashing with her in-laws.

Yes, it seems the latest Duggar wedding didn’t quite go according to plan — and Lauren may feel that one of Josiah’s many siblings is partially to blame.

Jill Duggar-Lauren Swanson

The speculation that Jill Duggar and Lauren Swanson are not exactly getting along began when Jill posted a link on her Instagram page promising “New pics and videos up! link in bio!!”

Jill promptly deleted the link without explanation, leading fans to theorize that she was instructed to do so by Lauren.

Of course, pics and videos from the wedding are everywhere on the internet.

So why would Lauren lay the smackdown on Jill in such public fashion?

Well, that’s where this story gets interesting.

As we said earlier, Josiah and Lauren were not able to get hitched without a hitch.

In fact, it sounds like the wedding was more or less a disaster.

Guests described the event as a “chaotic,” disorderly affair that seemed to have been thrown together at the last minute.

Now given how many times Josiah and Lauren’s wedding date changed, it’s possible that it was thrown together at the last minute, but that’s a conversation for another time.

At this point, you might be thinking:

So the wedding was a mess. What does that have to do with Jill?

Well, possibly nothing. But possibly everything.

Jill is the oldest married Duggar woman of her generation.

As such, she assumes certain responsibilities, among them — you guessed it — assisting with wedding planning.

In the past, Jill has proven up to the task, but this time it seems she may have dropped the ball.

Another theory holds that Jill rushed to post the pics so that she could cash in on the ensuing traffic.

You see, Jill quit Counting On after her husband, Derick Dillard, was fired from the show last year.

Since then, money has been tight around the Dillard household (as will happen when you have two kids and no income) , and some fans think Jill tried to score a little extra cash by being the first to link to her brother’s wedding pics.

It’s also possible that TLC put the kibosh on Jill’s efforts, as they no longer have a working relationship with Jill.

Whatever the case, it’s an interesting situation.

Duggar feuds are nothing new, but a newcomer like Lauren coming after an OG like Jill?

Now, that could make for some entertaining television.


Jill Duggar Posts Her Most Revealing Pic Yet: What Will Jim Bob Say?!

Jill Duggar has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the more conservative Duggar children, which of course means that she’s one of her parents’ favorites.

For most of her life, Jill has done exactly what is expected of her.

She married young, started a family almost immediately thereafter, and basically emulated her ultra-conservative (and ultra-subservient) mother in all things.

But after her husband, Derick Dillard, was fired from TLC for making bigoted remarks on social media, a change seemed to take place in Jill.

Perhaps it was the fact that the network that made her family famous had chosen to publicly condemn her husband’s beliefs.

Or perhaps Jill listened to the concerns and criticisms of fans who were rightfully repulsed by Derick’s insensitivity.

Whatever the case, it appears that the incident led her to question the belief system she was raised with for the very first time.

First, Jill distanced herself from Derick with a series of cryptic social media comments.

Now, she’s openly sporting attire that would certainly no fit her parents’ standard of “modesty.”

That’s a photo of Jill that appeared on Derick’s Instagram page earlier this week.

“I fall more in love with this woman every day,” he captioned the pic. “Love you @jillmdillard #hiking #alonetime #nokids.”

Fans lavished praise upon the pic, having never before seen Jill wear above-the-knee shorts in direct defiance of the infamous Duggar dress code.

“Wow she actually looks like a woman living in 2018 and not the 50’s,” one follower commented.

“She looks much more attractive.” 

That last remark seems a bit unnecessary, but fans seem to agree that freedom looks good on Jill.

“Thank God they are branching out from that legalistic church the fam attends and that they are now free to choose for themselves!” one user commented.

“Love seeing the tanks, shorts and jeans!”

Now, it’s important to note that Jill is still an adherent of the ultra-conservative sect of Southern Baptism she was raised in.

But according to the Duggars’ belief system, fathers decide what sort of clothing their daughters are permitted to wear until they get married, at which time, the responsibility transfers to their husbands.

So basically, Jill is allowed to wear shorts because her husband says so.

But hey, slow progress is still progress.

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Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Saw The Incredibles 2 … Without Their Kids!

As you may already know Jill Duggar’s parenting decisions are often called into question.

Sometimes the criticism is warranted like when Jill inexplicably forces her young children to walk two miles for Chik-Fil-A.

Other times, however, it’s just haters being haters, such as when the internet decided Jill’s kids looked “sickly” and decided to roast her about it.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide which category the latest controversy falls into.

Even though Derick Dillard is unemployed and Jill seems to work as a midwife no more than a few times a year, these two somehow have disposable income.

And this week, they used that extra cash to take in the long-awaited sequel to the beloved animated Ayn Rand fantasy, The Incredibles.

The reviews and box office have both been spectacular, and it seems that The Incredibles 2 is fun for the whole family.

Which is why it’s a little weird that Jill and Derick decided to take in the flick without their two sons.

“Just dropped off the boys for their first overnight together away from us,” Jill captioned the above pic.

“Let the anniversary date begin! #incredibles2 #besthubbyever”

Yes, it’s Jill and Derick’s anniversary this week, and since they’re not allowed to drink or spend too much on fancy meals or engage in non-procreative sex, we suppose their celebratory options are pretty limited.

But as many fans pointed out, it’s weird to see an animated kids movie and leave your kids at home.

 “They WOULD see the Incredibles 2 on a date night WITHOUT the kids,” one fan pointed commented, according to In Touch Weekly.

Others were quick to defend the Dillards, pointing out that this is pretty minor as Duggar parenting controversies go.

 “Wow!” wrote one follower. “They are at the show watching the Incredibles 2 and people on here think that’s wrong?? Get a life people!”

Others pointed out that it would be standard Duggar practice for the parents to see the movie first before deciding if it’s appropriate for the kids.

That may seem ridiculous for a PG-rated film, but there is some cartoonish violence in The Incredibles 2 that could mess with extremely sheltered kids like the Dillards’.

Plus, as Twitter revels in reminding us, Mrs. Incredible is thick, y’all.

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Jill Duggar Says Nice Things About Terrible Husband, Shares Rare Wedding Photo

It’s been a week of ups, downs, insults and compliments for Derick Dillard.

First, the homophobic ex-reality star was blasted by social media users on Father’s Day, considering he supports a President who advocates for tearing kids away from their parents at the border.

While wife Jill Duggar praised the dad of her two sons for being a staunch Christian, many Internet users pointed out the hypocrisy of someone who claims to hold these types of religions values…

… yet is also for the sort of cruel immigration policy espoused by Donald Trump.

Think of ALL the children being held in a detention center, separated from their parents. Is that loving? Is it Godly? NOPE!” screamed on critic online.

But we’re not here right now to wade into these kinds of controversial political waters.

We’re here to point out that Dillard is at the center of another special occasion today:

It’s the four-year anniversary of his wedding to Jill, who wed on June 21, 2014 in Springdale, Arkansas.

In honor of the milestone, Jill shared a rare photo from the day she and Derick exchanged vows (and first kissed, per Duggar courtship rules) and wrote a caption that reads as follows:

This man is my favorite! @derickdillard I’m blessed beyond measure to have you as my hubby! #4yearanniversary Ihope God gives us many more years here together! I wanna #growoldtogether.

She wasn’t done with the annoying hashtags, either, adding:

#besthubbyever, #bestpapaever, #manofmydreams, #imspoiled and #sograteful.

Of course, not everyone out there feels this way about Dillard.

He was slammed by his very own cousin recently for failing to hold up Christian values, following Derick’s ongoing tirade against the LGBT community.

If you’ll recall, Dillard was fired by TLC for constantly bashing transgender reality star Jazz Jennings last year.

We could spend a long time reciting the list of mean and close-minded things Dillard has said.

But we’d mostly just be repeating ourselves from past articles about him.

So, instead, on his anniversary, we’ll go back in time a bit and recite details from his wedding instead.

Based on a People Magazine article at the time, over 600 cupcakes, 3,000 chocolate-chip cookies and 3,000 root-beer floats were served at the reception for guests to enjoy.

More than 100 immediate family members were in attendance, as were guests from more than 30 states, Jim Bob Duggar told the publication back then.

Josh Duggar acted as emcee of the reception, pointing people to long folding tables filled with chocolate and vanilla cakes, as well as the tables with the wedding cake

This was before it came out that he’s a messed up individual who molested two of his sisters.

As for the first-ever spit-swap shared between the husband and wife on their big day?

“It was worth the wait,” Jill told the magazine.

How very sweet.

Too bad we can’t say the same about her bigoted husband.


Jill Duggar Stuns Fans With Scandalous Swimsuit Pic!

These days, it’s not uncommon for Duggar children to rebel against the constraints of their ultra-strict upbringing.

In particular, Jim Bob’s offspring have been flouting the rules of the strict Duggar dress code by daring to wear pants — and now it seems Jill is raising the bar even further by showing off a little shoulder skin.

Jill posted the above photo on her Instagram page over the weekend with a caption reading:

“Nothing says summer like a relaxing family day at the pool! What do you enjoy doing with friends & family on summer days?”

We don’t know about you, but our answer is obviously “sit inside and devote far too much time and attention to Duggar Instagram posts.”

Anyway, you might not notice anything out of the ordinary about Jill’s attire here.

But if you’re a longtime fan of her family’s, then you’re probably aware that Duggar swimwear used to be much, much more conservative.

Like, imagine the leotard-like getups those old-timey mustachioed barbell guys used to sport in the ’20s.

Then throw a t-shirt on top, and you’ve got a pretty good idea of how Duggar women used to dress for the beach.

For the most part, fans were overjoyed that Jill is allowing herself (or being allowed by her husband) to dress like she’s going swimming, not scuba diving,

“Love the fact that Jill is wearing a swimsuit!!” commented one follower.

“Absolutely no judgment. Just a question. I think we’d love to hear your journey from skirts and wholesome wear swimsuits to pants and sleeveless suits,” wrote another fan.

The ultra-conservative swimwear that Jill and her sisters used to sport was not the result of personal choice, of course, but rather a consequence of their ultra-strict upbringing:

“The reason why we wear modest swimwear is we always want to be modest,” Jana once explained on Counting On.

“A lot of swimwear nowadays is exposing parts that shouldn’t be exposed.”

Of course, Jill is a Duggar, so it’s safe to assume she had an agenda in mind when she posted this pic.

But it probably had nothing to do wiith whipping fans into a frenzy, and everything to do with rumors that her children are “sickly” and pale and seldom play outside.

We’re guessing this pic is Jill’s way of putting those rumors to bed — and showing off a little upper arm while she’s at it!

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