Jill Duggar: Slammed By Fans For ANOTHER Parenting Fail!

Jill Duggar just can’t seem to catch a break these days.

As if it’s not bad enough that her husband, Derick Dillard, has been fired by TLC after bullying a transgender teen on Twitter, now it looks like Jill might soon be jobless as well.

Yes, Derick says his wife will be joining him in stepping away from the spotlight, and while that might mean thigs are soon to get a little leaner around the Dillard household, there may be some benefits to the new arrangement.

For instance, perhaps Jill’s parenting won’t be subject to quite as much scrutiny now that her family is no longer on TV.

Ha! Just kidding! As long as she continues posting on Instagram, new Jill Duggar parenting controversy will continue to pop up at the rate of about one per week.

The latest might not be as scandalous as the time Jill put a tortilla on her son’s head, but it’s still got Duggar obsessives all worked up.

A photo from Thanksgiving has once again caught the attention of the internet’s finest mommy-shamers, and once again they’re filled with seething rage.

Yes, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, the issue of Jill putting her kid on the floor is once again being raised.

Some fans seem to not realize the pic is several months old.

Others are just leaping at the chance to once again look down their nose at Jill.

In both cases, the argument remains pretty much the same:

Jill is terrible for leaving her kid on the floor while the rest of the family eats dinner.

It’s a bit of reach, considering we know nothing about the context of the pic, but that hasn’t stopped fans from really going off on the mother of two.

“Jill enjoys procreating, but once the baby is born, she’s not interested in the least in the actual parenting,” one person wrote on Facebook over the weekend.

“How about a carrier or swing — something besides the dirty floor? I would have never done that to either of my children.”

Is the floor actually dirty? Who knows.

Does it matter? Obviously not.

Look, we’re not ones to jump to the Duggars’s defense, but it does seem like Jill’s not really getting a fair shake here.

And it’s important to save your outrage, because we’re really due for a legitimate Duggar scandal any day now.

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Jill Zarin Loses Husband to Cancer, Releases Moving Statement

Bobby Zarin has lost his battle against cancer.

The husband of Real Housewives of New York City star Jill Zarin, Bobby passed away on Saturday while surrounded by family members and loved ones.

He was 71 years old.

In tribute to her late soulmate, Jill posted an official statement on her website on behalf of the family.

It reads as follows:

“With the heaviest of hearts, we are devastated to share the news that our beloved Bobby Zarin passed away peacefully today surrounded by family after a courageous battle with cancer.

“There are no words to describe how heartbroken we are. Thank you, everyone for all your love, and support during this difficult time.”

Along with this simple and sentimental message, the website included a photo of Bobby in a suit.

Here it is:

bobby z

Bobby Zarin was initially diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2009.

He went on to have his thyroid removed, while also undergoing radioactive iodine treatment in an attempt to overcome the very serious illness.

“He’s in a better place now,” said friend and fellow Bravo personality Ramona Singer to E! News.

In July of 2015, Bobby spoke to People Magazine about the diagnosis and treatment.

“The radioactive iodine usually kills off whatever undetectable cancer cells are left in your body after surgery,” he explained at the time, adding:

“We thought it was cured – and it usually is in about 93 percent of cases. But I wasn’t able to absorb the radioactive iodine. So it came back.”

b and j

In emotional footage shared on her Instagram page back on December 3, Jill discussed how her husband was in the hospital and “was [doing] okay.”

But she clearly knew the end was sadly near.

“I’m just going to miss Bobby,” she said tearfully in this video. “I’m going to miss my life with him.”

Although the Real Housewives of New York City veteran tried to be optimistic throughout Bobby’s treatment, she said “his cancer took an unexpected turn” over the summer.

In July of last year, Bobby was admitted to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, where he recovered from a procedure related to his disease.

“He is not going down without a fight,” Jill told People. “We’re hoping for a miracle.”

The couple was married for 17 years at the time of Bobby’s death.

In addition to Jill, Bobby is survived by his children – David Zarin, 41, Jennifer Zarin, 38, Jonathan Zarin, 35; along with 25-year-old stepdaughter Ally Shapiro.

A service for Bobby will be held at a Riverside Memorial at a yet-to-be determined date.

Our thoughts go out to Jill Zarin and all others affected by this tragedy.

May Bobby Zarin rest in peace.


Jill Duggar Stuns Fans, Wears PANTS to Speak at School!

Back in July of 2017, Jinger Duggar stunned fans of her family by wearing pants in an Instagram photo.

Up to that point, Duggar women of Jinger’s generation had exclusively worn long skirts, and the pants pic was widely viewed as an act of defiance.

To the chagrin of Jim Bob and the utter joy of many Duggar fans, Jinger sparked a rebellion–and started a trend.

Not long after her sister posted the photo, Jill Duggar began wearing pants, and once again, fans rejoiced.

Jill was the first of her sisters to marry and have kids of her own.

She’s often regarded as the spitting image of her mother, a doting wife and dedicated stay-at-home mom who lives to cater to her family’s needs and obey her husband.

So when Jill tossed the family dress code in the trash, it served as an indication that the new rules are here to stay.

And a new photo of the 26-year-old that appeared on her husband’s Instagram page this week might send the strongest message yet:

Derick Dillard posted the above photo, along with a caption reading:

“My beautiful wife speaking to a group of young ladies at a school today about God-centered relationships!”

Jill has been wearing pants in public for several months, but the fact that she neglected her family’s well-known dress code in an environment such as a school speaking engagement is being viewed by many as a bold rejection of her strict upbringing.

As In Touch Weekly points out, the response from fans has been ecstatically supportive.

“Yesss with the pants free the legs ladies!” commented one fan.

“Omgggggggg I am deceased. It’s not even a super long shirt!!!” wrote another.

“They have finally realized they can have their own freedoms. You can be modest and still wear pants. Clearly shown,” said a third Instagram follower. 

Jill and her sisters are still stuck in a bygone era in the sense that they strictly adhere to rules set by their husbands, but fortunately, the new men in their lives are far more lenient than their father.

Derick might not be as progressive as Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, but it seems he’s come around to the idea that there’s nothing blasphemous about a pair of pants.

It’s a minor step forward, but it represents a whole new world of freedom for the Duggar women.

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Jill Duggar: Son’s Secret Medical Crisis Revealed!

Jill Duggar has been a reality TV star since childhood.

As such, she’s accustomed to sharing just about everything with her family’s massive fan base.

But there are some things that even Jill would prefer to keep private.

When Jill welcomed her second child back in July of 2017, she waited several weeks before posting a photo.

Now, fans believe they know why.

Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, posted the above photo on his Instagram page this week as part of a montage celebrating his mother’s birthday.

Fans were shocked by the never-before-seen image of baby Samuel hooked up to wires with tubes coming out of his nose.

Some of Derick’s followers were deeply concerned by what they saw.

Others insisted that while they’re certainly unsettling, such scenes are not uncommon.

“That is a tube to suction fluid out of the lungs,” commented one fan.

“When babies are born by C-section the fluid does not get pushed out by contractions. It is normal to have to get this out, not a complication. Happened with both my C-section babies.”

Others continue to suspect that Samuel experienced serious health problems from birth and that the Duggars did their best to downplay the severity of the situation.

“Omg poor Samuel, feeding tube and oxygen. Don’t think he was as healthy at birth as you said originally,” one of Derick’s followers wrote.

At the time of Samuel’s birth, the Duggars did reveal that he was born via C-section following a difficult and complicated labor.

“After 40 hours of labor, he was delivered via C-section at the hospital,” the family revealed in a statement released just after the birth.

“Thank you for your continued prayers and support!”

“His birth didn’t go as expected,” Jill later stated in an interview with People magazine.

In all likelihood, fans will never know exactly how serious Samuel’s health problems were at the time of his birth.

Derick Dillard has been fired by TLC as a result of some controversial public statements, and it appears as though his family will be leaving the spotlight along with him.

So going forward, the only source of information about the Dillard family will be the Dillards themselves.

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Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Will They Ever Be Allowed to Adopt?!

In recent weeks, Derick Dillard has made waves and angered both his famous in-laws and his former bosses.

As a result, Derick was fired by TLC after harshly criticizing transgender teen Jazz Jennings on Twitter.

The reaction against his unprovoked bullying campaign has been swift and harsh, but now it looks as though Derick mght not be through suffering the consequences of his foolish remarks.

As fans are no doubt aware, Derick and Jill Duggar have talked about adoption on several occasions.

Obviously, the couple has kept busy making biological children in recent years, but they seem to believe that the adoption option remains open to them should they ever decide to take advantage of it.

However, should they ever initiate the process, they may learn that that’s simply not the case.

As In Touch Weekly points out Jill and Derick may have hurt their chances for adoption with their recent conduct.

Adoption agencies–particularly international agencies, of the sort in which Jill and Derick have expressed interest–often factor in the social media activity and political and religious views of prospective parents when making their decisions.

Jill has not publicly espoused Derick’s transphobic views, but she has stated that she fully supports her husband in all matters.

That loyalty could work to her detriment if she and Derick ever decide to adopt.

Of course, thus far, several Duggars have spoken at length about adoption, but none has actually initiated the process.

Fans have expressed annoyance with those circumstances, arguing that it’s beginning to look as though the famiy simply enjoys the adulation they receive from fans when they talk about adoption, but would never actually take an adopted child into their home.

Jill and some of her sisters have also discussed the idea of becoming foster parents, but that seems even less likely.

Agencies that match foster children with families often have strict rules with regard to disciplinary practices and the sort of beliefs that foster parents are permitted to instill in their charges.

And it seems unlikely that the Duggars would be willing to comply with by which all foster families must comply.

“Because of the trauma these children have endured, the agency does not allow corporal punishment,” reads a page on the Foster Family Home Inquiry website.

“Foster parents will need to recognize the religious beliefs of the foster child and support them in exercising their religious beliefs.”

The Duggars would likely be unwilling to accept a situation in which they were unable to use corporal punishment (the family’s fondness for “blanket training” has been well-documented) or impart their own unorthodox beliefs to children living under their foor.

Ironically, all the talk of adoption and fostering that was supposed to highlight the Duggars’ benevolent side is bringing all their most controversial ideas and practices to the forefront.

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Jill Duggar SLAMMED for Sharing Offensive Photo of Her Son?!

There are lots of fun things about being a celebrity.

Money, fame, adoring fans … what’s not to like?

As it turns out, if you just think about it for a minute, there are actually quite a few things not to like — for instance, all those strangers who feel like it’s OK to criticize you for each and every thing you do.

Sometimes it’s deserved, of course, but a lot of times, haters hate just for the fun of it.

The Duggars know that. They know it very, very well.

To be clear, the Duggars have done several things through the years that deserve heaps and heaps of hate.

That horrible molestation scandal, and the way Jim Bob and Michelle handled it? Despicable.

Josh’s Ashley Madison mistakes and his admission that he was addicted to both sex and porn? Yes, sure, throw all kinds of shade at that.

But a few days ago, Jill posted this photo of her younger son, Samuel, on Instagram:

Samuel Dillard Poop Incident

And surely there are things more deserving of your outrage than this.

“That moment when you hear the rumble and you’re like, ‘oh no! Quick! Stand him upright before he….too late,” Jill captioned the picture.

She added the hashtags “Samuel Scott Dillard,” “Sam the Man,” and “blowout,” just in case you needed a little more information.

The photo is instantly relatable for anyone who’s ever spent any significant amount of time around babies. Things like this happen, and they happen often.

But still, a lot of people feel like, for many reasons, Jill was wrong for sharing this.

“What would possess you to post such a dumb picture, Jill?” one of her followers asked. “Slow day at the house of Derelict Dillweed?”

All right, that’s a pretty solid nickname for Derick Dillard, we’re not going to lie. But things do get a lot worse.

“Why the hell would you post a pic of poop coming thru onesie?” another person asked. “Just another reason showing how you ‘girls’ really don’t have a life outside of being submissive to your hubbys.”

Someone told Jill that her post was “really not in good taste,” and someone else said “Seriously, it’s gross and nobody wants to see that.”

For one of her followers, the picture was simply too much — this person wrote “SMDH – yes quick take a pic post it on social media. Screw the fact he should of been changed.”

“Same as you did to poor Izzy bind him in a blanket let him cry as you take pics to post. Social Media comes before your kids damn Jill you are your parents!”

Way harsh, right?

But honestly, these people are kind of right.

If you’re on social media yourself, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen photos like these — some parents just enjoy sharing things like this.

You’d think that more people would understand that their friends don’t really care to see picture of actual poop while scrolling through their Instagram feeds …

But obviously you’d think wrong.

Still, this is all harmless, and we’re sure precious little Samuel didn’t suffer too much while his mom put off changing him for a second to take this picture.

Though to be clear, it’s definitely gross.


Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard SLAMMED for Remarks About Muslims!

The Dillards have gone and done it again!

And by “it,” of course we mean make offensive, horrific statements like it’s totally normal and not at all a problem.

It’s like they’re making a career out of being awful, which is convenient, considering that Derick caused the family their sweet, sweet reality show gig with his bizarre habit of making bigoted remarks about a teenage girl.

In addition to Derick’s continued harassment of Jazz Jennings, he’s been making hateful comments about the transgender community in general.

He’s also still begging Duggar fans for money, and then there’s more general weirdness, like the way he tried to announce that he hadn’t been fired from Counting On a month after the news broke that he had in fact been fired.

It’s all bad. Very bad.

And with this new update he and Jill shared on their blog … well, they’re not making things better.

The blog was a little update on their family, just in time for Christmas.

They opened things up with “We have had the privilege over the last few months to have many interactions with international students and their families!”

If you’re familiar with these people, you can probably tell where this is going already.

They wrote that they helped their church organize a “Thanksgiving dinner in an American home” event where different families welcomed a student from the University of Arkansas into their homes — the students were from “mostly Muslim families.”

“One of the Ph.D students from an Arab country brought her husband and child,” they recounted. “Her husband seems very open to the gospel and even said if they were going to be in the area he would’ve loved to visit our church!’

“We are praying for him as Derick and others continue to befriend him that God will save his soul.”

But Derick isn’t the only one working on converting the Muslim masses — “Jill and the boys have been able to be part of a weekly Arab ladies English class, with Muslim ladies from several different countries.”

“Every week the ladies meet at a friend’s home where they learn to make an American dish, eat together, then read a Bible story and discuss the English language.”

Sounds super.

Their adventures aren’t over yet though — they also wrote that while shopping on Black Friday, they “saw a couple ladies wearing burkas, so Jill stopped to ask them where they were from and invited them to the Bible study.”

“They came that week, and one of the ladies brought some traditional tea and treats to share. When asked if they had ever read a story from the Bible, both ladies said they had not.”

“We are praying that they will return to more Bible studies.”

As always, Jill promoted the blog post on her Instagram, and judging by the comments, the post was not well received.

“Wonderful,” one person commented. “I’m sure you’ve welcomed your new Muslim friends to share the Quran with you.”

“That comment about the Muslim families seems like more of a ‘look we are accepting people please donate‘ comment than a comment about loving everyone and accepting people from different faiths,” another speculated.

“People don’t need to be saved,” a commenter explained, “they need their beliefs to be respected. Approaching people while they are living their daily lives to try to convert them is deeply wrong.”

“Respect is a two way thing, Jill, and asking someone who is wearing a burka about the Bible is not respect and showing understanding, it’s moral imperialism.”

Someone called it “disgusting” that they “can’t just do a nice thing for people,” they “have to use it as an opportunity to convert them,” and another person told them “No one needs to be ‘saved’ but you two.”

And those are all very, very valid points.

How about this: in 2018, why don’t we just promise to do a little better, OK, Dillards? Just a little bit?

It would be hard to do any worse, that’s for sure.


Jill Duggar & Derick Dillard: Are They Headed For DIVORCE?!

For several months now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Derick Dillard is cheating on his wife, Jill Duggar.

Outlandish Duggar rumors are a constant on social media, but this one seemed more legit than most, thanks in part to the fact that at one point, Derick seemed to confess to cheating on Jill.

Apropos of nothing, Der tweeted a bunch of quotes about adultery, and in typical Duggar clan fashion, many of them subtly placed the blame on the wife who’d been cheated on.

This is in keeping with the family’s philosophy on marriage, as Michelle famously warns her daughters that it’s their duty to have sex with their husbands on command.

She also believes that if they’re unwilling to do so, they shouldn’t be surprised when the husband “gets it” elsewhere.

As a mother of two who’s also her family’s sole breadwinner (Derick was fired by TLC last month after tweeting a string of bizarrely transphobic remarks.), Jill might not always feel up to the task of serving as her husband’s personal sex slave.

So if Derick cheated, his infidelity was likely dismissed by his in-laws, and Jill was probably made to feel that she had no choice but to forgive him.

But that doesn’t mean she has to be happy about it…

Many fans feel that the cracks in Jill and Derick’s marital facade are beginning to show in obvious ways.

For one thing, Derick is once again associating with Josh Duggar, the man who molested Jill when she was just a young girl.

Recently, Derick has been requesting donations for further “ministry work” (read: to fund his unemployment), and Josh recently became a major donor.

Not only that, the two have been spotted dining out together, and have reportedly become very close in recent weeks.

As In Touch Weekly points out, users of the Duggar-focused Reddit community are convinced that’s a clear sign of trouble in paradise:

“Jill and Derick have seemed pretty ‘over’ each other since well before Sam’s birth, but Derick seems to really have really gone off the rails lately,” one redditor wrote.

“Between his general awfulness and tweeting a whole lot of Biblical quotes about adultery and recent willing association with Turd [Josh Duggar] (more on that in a moment), I could see him finding some sort [of] twisted justification.”

Many echoed the sentiment, and reading their comments, one’s left with the impression that there’s little doubt Jill and Derick’s marriage is in peril.

“I can’t help but feel awful for all of the married girls. Courtships are soooo short, I don’t feel like they get a chance to really get to know their husbands. And then they are stuck,” wrote one user.

“They’re still in the infatuation stage by the time they’re married and have no idea what their husband is like behind closed doors. I’m sure it works out for some but to me, it just sounds like a recipe for a terrible relationship,” commented another.

Of course, there are those who still believe Derick has been faithful … but they’re also of the opinion that his actions are covering up a deeper family secret:

“Here’s my crazy conspiracy theory that no one else is talking about: I think Josh cheated on Anna again, like, recently, and the family found out,” one redditor remarked.

“I think Derick posted those tweets to condemn his brother-in-law, and I think Josh gave him some money towards his latest grift to try and be like “see we’re family, we’re in each other’s corners, also please shut up.”

There could be something to that theory.

Of course, these are the Duggars we’re talking about, which means the whole situation is currently being swept under the carpet, and we’ll likely never receive any definitive answers.

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