Andy Dick Groped Ivanka Trump in Resurfaced Jimmy Kimmel Footage

Of all of the men named in #MeToo stories, Andy Dick was the least surprising to many folks. Yes, including Harvey Weinstein.

And now, the world can see for themselves in newly resurfaced video from 2007.

On television — on Jimmy Kimmel, in fact — Andy Dick reaches over and gropes Ivanka before getting removed by security.

Andy dick tongue out

Andy Dick is a comedian and actor. Unfortunately, he has been accused of groping a number of people.

Despite his dismissive attitude towards those claims, he has been let go from projects because of it.

(Don't touch people without their consent, folks)

Now, an old clip of Andy exhibiting inappropriate touching has surfaced.

He and Ivanka Trump were both guests of Jimmy Kimmel's in 2007. And Andy couldn't — or rather, he simply refused to — keep his hands to himself.

Andy dick gropes ivanka trump on jimmy kimmel

In the clip, Andy can be seen reaching over and running his finger's along Ivanka's leg.

Kimmel tells him to stop.

Ivanka, though trying to laugh it off at the time (and clearly looking over to Kimmel to make sure that he has noticed), tries to get him to stop.

Eventually, Andy was removed by security.

Kimmel would later suggest that Andy, who has been to rehab more than a dozen times in his struggle for sobriety, was under the influence.

Andy dick mug shot 2010

Andy actually reminded his followers about this incident by posting about it in December of 2017.

"The time I 'groped' Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, on Jimmy Kimmel Live," he writes.

"Her legs were sparkling," he says, as if to explain. "And I was trying to see if the glitter would wipe off."

That curiosity is understandable. Acting on it is not excusable.

"I also mistakenly thought she would date me," he says.


"I was jokingly carried off by security," Andy says.

Maybe half-jokingly.

Ivanka trump on instagram

"Is anybody going to carry Trump off?" Andy asked in December. "No joke. Confusing times."

This is a transparent attempt to deflect from his own actions.

See, a lot of people would like to see Donald Trump impeached and tried for his misconduct and alleged crimes.

But trying to distract from your own behavior by pointing to someone else's is called whataboutism.

Ivanka Trump may be her father's daughter, but that doesn't mean that it's open season on any of her body parts.

Andy dick image

Andy Dick has been dismissive of allegations against him, saying that he never touched people's genitals and perhaps licked some people's faces.

His implication was that it's all part of his brand.

Folks, "it's all part of the act" does not fly when we're talking about sexual harassment or sexual assault.

If the other person does not consent, you are not entitled to touch them. Yes, even if their father is a bad, bad man.

Andy Dick may struggle with sobriety, and we wish him the best on his quest for good mental and physical health.

But everyone has their struggles. No one is entitled to invade another's body without permission. Even if it's covered in glitter.

Weinstein scandal which powerful men are accused of sexual misco

Andy dick groped ivanka trump in resurfaced jimmy kimmel footage

Jimmy Fallon Roasts Donald Trump Mercilessly After Twitter Feud

After Jimmy Fallon tried to walk back some of his 2016 friendliness towards Donald Trump, the POTUS let him have it on Twitter. 

Specifically, Trump demanded that Jimmy Fallon "man up" and not apologize for humanizing Trump during a critical election year.

Fallon responded by donating to a group working to help immigrants. He also went after Trump in a monologue. Watch!

Jimmy fallon tussles donald trumps hair

So, Jimmy Fallon expressed regrets for that shameful incident in which he had Donald Trump on as a guest during the 2016 election.

At the time, Fallon ruffled Trump's hair as if Trump were just some eccentric reality star and not a clear and present danger to American ideals and freedoms.

Trump saw Fallon's regrets and, as he is want to do, flipped out on Twitter. So Jimmy Fallon responded in his monologue.

"Before we begin," Fallon tells his audience. "I just wanna give a shout out to our show’s number one fan — the President of the United States!"

Picking up on his intention, the audience applauds — something that you're not likely to hear Trump elicit outside of one of his infamous rallies.

Fallon slash trump

Jimmy sets the stage.

"As you may have heard last night," Fallon says, explaining the premise. "The President of the United States went after me on Twitter."

"So Melania, if you're watching, I don't think your anti-bullying campaign is working."

Melania's proposed bullying campaign has been a source of many jokes, even before she shared that it was called "Be Best."

It seems that Melania doesn't really care.

"When I saw that Trump insulted me on Twitter," Fallon explains. "I was gonna tweet back immediately, but I thought, 'I have more important things to do.'"

That line, of course, is just a set-up for his punchline.

"Then I thought, 'Wait, shouldn't he have more important things to do?!'" Fallon exclaims. "He's the president! What are you doing? Why are you tweeting at me?"

Many have lamented that Trump spends so much time on Twitter. But that pales beside his record-breaking time spent golfing.

Jimmy fallon with donald trump

"Crazy," Fallon says. "The President went after me on Twitter. It's pretty much the only thing I have in common with NFL players."

Trump has, of course, been famously critical of football players who kneel in protest of rampant anti-black violence.

"In response," Fallon says, reiterating what he had already tweeted. "I made a donation in Trump's name to the Refugee And Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services."

RAICES is an organization that many see as the perfect counter to Trump's preference of placing refugees, asylum seekers, and others who cross the border in internment camps.

"Or RAICES," Fallon says, leading up to his next joke. "When Trump heard that, he was like: 'I love RAICES, they're my favorite peanutbutter cup.'"

Jimmy fallon golden globes promo pic

Fallon then proceeds to deliver some mild burns to Trump.

"A new poll found that 58 percent of Americans think President Trump is intelligent," Fallon cites.

Sorry if that statistic crushes the final vestiges of anyone's lingering faith in humanity or the American public.

Fallon jokes: "In response, Trump was like, 'Ok, what did the other 58 percent say?'"

Fallon then moves on to poking fun at Trump's lack of geopolitical savvy.

"And today at the White House, Trump met with the King and Queen of Jordan," Fallon says. "Which got awkward when Trump thanked the King of Jordan for giving us Michael."

That line refers to Michael Jordan, a famous baseball player.

Fallon then went on to make quips about Sarah Huckabee Sanders getting asked to leave a restaurant and then about Trump's angry Twitter response that better resembled a Yelp review.

Jimmy fallon on his show

Is Jimmy Fallon especially funny? Not in this monologue.

(You can enjoy the monologue because of its politics without finding it to be a laugh riot)

Should he be forgiven for his hair-ruffling humanization of Donald Trump during such a critical election year? Probably not, but history will be the judge.

But it is definitely not appropriate for the President of the United States to use his position to attack comedians. Or restaurants. Or political rivals. Or, you know, people with brown skin.

Considering that Trump locked up a couple thousand kids in cages and called for Samantha Bee to be fired, his attack on Fallon was relatively mild.

Good for Fallon for using the opportunity to donate to a good cause, though. He deserves credit for that.

Jimmy fallon roasts donald trump mercilessly after twitter feud

Donald Trump to Jimmy Fallon: Be a Man, You Loser!

Donald Trump is finally tackling one of the major issues facing our country:

How Jimmy Fallon feels about the interview he conducted with the President back in September of 2016.

About a month before he stunned the world by getting elected Commander-in-Chief, Trump sat down across from Fallon on The Tonight Show.

But the host of this iconic late-night program didn’t press The Donald on any legitimate issues plaguing the nation or challenge his knowledge on any important subject.

Nope. Instead, Fallon asked about Trump’s infamous hair and even gave it a tussle.

The comedian was LAMBASTED on social media and across various circles for this behavior, with critics taking Fallon to task for simply joking around with Trump, for treating him as a funny and harmless and jovial person.

When, in fact, as has now been proved time and again, Trump was a threat to our Democracy.

Here. Take a look below to refresh your memory over what transpired about two years ago:

Shortly after, when faced with this critcism, Fallon scoffed.

Have you seen my show?” he asked a reporter, implying that he’s known for lobbing soft balls at his guests and prides himself on NOT being hard-hitting.

“I’m never too hard on anyone,” he added.

This is true, and it did sort of raise an interesting debate about the role/responsibilities of a late-night talk show host.

But now that Fallon has seen the horrors of a Donald Trump Presidency, most notably the separation of kids from their parents at the border over immigration issues, the former Saturday Night Live cast members has expressed regret.

Fallon said in a recent interview that he he didn’t mean to “normalize [Trump] or to say I believe in his political beliefs” and that he feels badly about it.

And, naturally, this has made him the subject of an attack from the President:


Tweeted Trump on Monday morning:

“.@jimmyfallon is now whimpering to all that he did the famous “hair show” with me (where he seriously messed up my hair), & that he would have now done it differently because it is said to have “humanized” me-he is taking heat. He called & said “monster ratings.” Be a man Jimmy!”

Two things are notable about this Tweet:

  1. There are no typos! That’s incredible.
  2. Trump is very focused for some reason on how Fallon allegedly really did mess up his hair, as if this was a source of debate or contention.

As you can see above, Fallon has chosen to take the high road in response.

He isn’t Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert.

He has not made it this far by engaging in politics; and certainly not in tweaking the President in any way, shape or form.

Fallon has managed to make Jay Leno look polarizing by comparison.

Therefore, Fallon’s simple response to Trump baiting him is to simply say:

“In honor of the President’s tweet I’ll be making a donation to RAICES in his name.”

This is an organization in Texas dedicated to reuniting children with their mothers and/or father. It’s a great cause. We can’t fault Fallon to giving money to it obviously.

But a lot of Fallon’s core audience is comprised of Trump’s voting base.

It would at least be a little interesting to see how they would respond if Fallon and Trump actually went back and forth for a bit.

That isn’t Jimmy’s style, however.

And we can argue for weeks about whether it’s his responsibility.

All we know for certain is this:

Trump cares a lot more about a celebrity saying something negative about him than he cares about American citizens in Puerto Rico having electricity in their homes.