Kim Kardashian Reads a Kanye Mean Tweet to Jimmy Kimmel!

We all love those "celebrities read mean tweets" segments that Jimmy Kimmel does. Honestly, we sometimes wonder if some of the hateful tweets are really just attempts to get on TV.

Well, to celebrate Jimmy Kimmel's birthday, the show put together mean tweets about Jimmy Kimmel — giving him a taste of his own medicine — and had his various celebrity friends read them to him.

There are a lot of gems, here. But what might be the best one is Kim Kardashian reading a mean tweet about Jimmy … written by Kanye West.

Kimmel mean tweets chris hemsworth

Ray Romano is Kimmel's birthday guest, and the tweet that he read was:

"Jimmy Kimmel needs a kick to his d–k hole."

That would take some impressive aim.

Michael Keaton, one of those rare actors who's played both a superhero and supervillain (Batman and also The Vulture), read the first of many tweets that shame Jimmy's appearance.

"I thought I saw Jimmy Kimmel @ Home Depot. Turns out it was just a sloppy dude with big dimples."

That's not actually one of the meaner ones.

Halle Berry, who is looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous as always, reads: 

"@jimmykimmel you are a jackass d–k sucker keep your mouth shut and do your little Tv show or get the f–k out of our country."

That bit of nuanced opinionating sounds political in nature.

Blackish star (and former Law & Order star) Anthony Anderson shared a strangely introspective hateful tweet:

"@jimmykimmel you represent everything I hate about myself. You bloated douche bag."

Kimmel mean tweets kristen bell

Controversial radio host Howard Stern jumps in, after wondering how he managed to get roped into doing this bit:

"Is Jimmy Kimmel crosseyed or just ridiculously ugly?"

He dismisses that particular mean tweet as "stupid." He's right.

David Spade seems a little too enthusiastic as he reads:

"@jimmykimmel go suck a gorilla d–k u dumb fatass."

Honestly, all that we can think about when we see David Spade is his feud with Danielle Bregoli.

Kimmel mean tweets larry david

Chris Hemsworth reads a backhanded compliment, though he's distracting in his handsomeness … and in that he trips over one word.

"@jimmykimmel is a comedy god. Like a deformed, lame, hideous god, such as ancient Greece's Hephaestus. But that ugly bozo was still a god."

As you'll see in the video below, Chris really struggles with the name Hephaestus. Way more than anyone should, since most people learn about the Olympians in elementary school. Maybe not in Australia?

(Since Thor: Ragnarok was absolutely incredible and probably the best MCU film to date, we'll give Chris a pass on that)

Speaking of stars of excellent media, Kristen Bell reads a tweet that body-shames Jimmy Kimmel in more ways than one:

"@jimmykimmel R u kidding me w that flabby body? What the f–k – get 2 the gym man. Do u really shave ur pits??? Scary!"

That's rude. Also hair-removal doesn't have to be gender-based.

(You know she's starring on The Good Place, which was so good that I binged the first season in one day … whoops)

Kimmel mean tweets jon stewart

Jon Stewart, who's not doing much recently other than getting roasted by Kathy Griffin on Twitter over his response to the Louis C.K. revelations, reads:

"Jimmy Kimmel is that same fat kid from Win Ben Stein's Money who grew up to become that fat kid from Win Ben Stein's Money."


Larry David's might be the funniest (as you'll see, he just about loses it) but also one of the meanest:

"This is going to sound fantastic, but I forgot Jimmy Kimmel's name so I googled 'Ugly late night talk show host' and I got him, top link."

Kimmel mean tweets kim kardashian

There are plenty of others, including actors Liam Neeson and Jennifer Lawrence and convicted rapist Mike Tyson.

But who really got our attention was Kim Kardashian.

Most of these stars were reading tweets from random, quasi-anonymous internet strangers.

Kim Kardashian, however, was reading a tweet from a fellow celebrity … who is also her husband.

Kanye West's words, as read by Kim:


Kim seems to think that it's a fair point.

Watch the full video below!

Kim kardashian reads a kanye mean tweet to jimmy kimmel

This is Why Taylor Swift Made Jimmy Fallon Cry Last Night

As previously reported, Jimmy Fallon recently lost his mother.

The host took a week off from filming The Tonight Show to mourn his loved one and then returned on Monday night and briefly addressed the sad situation from behind his desk.

At the top of the hour, Fallon said he was by his mother's side when she passed away… 

… and then he shared a memory that combined his childhood with his mother's final moments.

“When we were little, my mom would walk us to the store, and we would hold hands. And she would squeeze my hand three times, and say ‘I love you,‘” a teary-eyed Fallon told the audience.

“Last week, I was in the hospital and I grabbed her hand and squeezed ‘I love you.’ I just knew we were in trouble.”

How does this story relate to musical guest Taylor Swift?

Swift performed the track “New Years Day” on the program, which is a ballad about never leaving a loved one’s side.

And it turns out that a lyric on the single bears a striking similarity to the memory Fallon revealed earlier in the evening.

“You squeeze my hand three times in the back of the taxi,” Swift sings in one verse. “I can tell that it’s gonna be a long road.”

When Taylor sang these words, Fallon was visibly moved to years off-camera, sources have confirmed.

And for an understandable reason, right?

According to writer/producer Mike DiCenzo, Swift wasn't even booked for the show until the last moment.

And no one had any idea she would sing something that happened to be so personal to the host.

"I could see Jimmy silhouetted at his desk dabbing his eyes with a tissue," DiCenzo tweeted about the moment Swift hit that line, adding:

"We all lost it. It was a beautiful coincidence in a beautiful performance."

After she completed her performance, Swift and Fallon embraced.

You can hear the latter thanking the former in the video below.

"That hug between Jimmy and Taylor after the song was 100% real emotion. Whatever you think of Taylor, she did something beautiful for Jimmy and our show today, and we're forever grateful," DiCenzo also said.

Pretty cool, huh?

Watch the full Taylor Swift performance now:

Taylor swift debuts new song on the tonight show brings jimmy fa

Jimmy Garoppolo Likes Beer & Debauchery (And There’s Nothing Wrong with That)

Turns out … Jimmy Garoppolo’s a bro. Now that Tom Brady’s former backup is in the news for being traded to the 49ers … someone sent us some footage of Jimmy partying during St. Patrick’s Day — and guess what? Bro’s gonna bro. Jimmy G. rolled…


Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Tapings Canceled After Mother’s Death

Jimmy Fallon won’t be hitting the TV airwaves anew this week … NBC canceled new tapings of “The Tonight Show” following his mother’s death. The network announced Sunday there wouldn’t be any new ‘Tonight Show’ episodes airing this week, and that…


Jimmy Fallon’s Mother Has Passed Away

Jimmy Fallon and his loved ones are in mourning.

The comedian sadly lost his mother, Gloria, on Saturday, one day after NBC canceled a taping of The Tonight Show due to a Fallon family emergency.


Said a spokesperson for the talk show host and his relatives:

“Jimmy Fallon’s mother, Gloria, died peacefully on Saturday.

“Jimmy was at his mother’s bedside, along with her loved ones, when she passed away at NYU Langone Medical Center in NYC.

“Our prayers go out to Jimmy and his family as they go through this tough time.”

Gloria was 68 years old.

It’s unclear whether she had been ill for a long period of time, but at least Fallon was able to be with his mother at the time of her passing.

On Friday, Variety reported that NBC had cancelled the Tonight Show’s scheduled taping due to “a private Fallon family matter.”

In its place, the network ran an episode that had originally aired in September.

According to IMDB, Gloria made two appearances on her son’s show over the years.

Fallon keeps his private life mostly private, but he did open up about his mother at times over the years.

Just this past June, he revealed to Howard Stern that Gloria used to be a nun.

A month before that, he shared a memory about Gloria as part of a “#MomQuotes” segment for the talk show.

“My mom and I were talking on the phone for the third time that day and she actually said, ‘We don’t talk enough,’ ” he tweeted at the time.

We send our thoughts, prayers and condolences to Fallon and his family.

It’s unclear if Fallon will resume taping The Tonight Show next week, but he should obviously take as long as he needs to mourn.

May Gloria Fallon rest in peace.


Questlove Shows Sympathy for Jimmy Fallon, ‘When You Lose Someone It’s Always Sad’

Questlove just suggested to our photog … Jimmy Fallon’s mom has either passed away or it’s about to happen. We got “The Tonight Show” band frontman leaving the Director’s Guild in West Hollywood Saturday and asked him how Jimmy’s doing after…


Jimmy Kimmel Cries, Slams Congress, Pushes for Gun Control

Jimmy Kimmel better be careful.

He's in danger of becoming more known for his heart than his humor.

Several days after the comedian dedicated multiple monologues to slamming a proposed health care bill, the talk show host once again grew emotional on stage while talking about this week's massacre in Las Vegas.

Kimmel hails from that city.

And a shooter opened up late Sunday night on attendees at a country music festival, killing nearly 60 people and injuring over 500 others.

“Here we are again in the aftermath of another terrible, inexplicable, shocking, and painful tragedy, this time in Las Vegas, which happens to be my hometown,” Kimmel said to open his show on Monday, tears forming in his eyes immediately.

“It’s the kind of thing that makes you want to throw up or give up. It’s too much to even process, all of these devastated families who now have to live with this pain forever.”

He then asked:

"Why is that allowed? I don’t know why our so-called leaders continue to allow this to happen. Or maybe better question: why do we continue to allow them to let it happen?"

In response to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders saying this was NOT the time to discuss gun control, Kimmel shot back:

"I don’t know, we have 59 innocent people dead, it wasn’t their time either, so I think now is the time for political debate.”

Seth Meyers and James Corden also called on politicians to put lives before money last night, but Kimmel stands out for the emotion he conveyed and the surprisingly important voice he has become in these difficult times.

Earlier this year, Republicans in Congress voted to make it easier for the mentally ill to purchase guns.

They will soon vote on legislation that makes it easier to purchase and use silencers. At one point, politicians pushed for alleged terrorists on the No Fly List to legally own guns.

All of this despite the extreme majority of Americans being for background checks and other gun control measures.

Mere thoughts and prayers are hollow and meaningless at this point, Kimmel said.

Referring to Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell, he added:

“They should be praying – they should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country because it’s so crazy… lawmakers won’t do anything about this because the NRA has their balls in a money clip.”

“I want this to be a comedy show, I hate talking about stuff like this,” Kimmel concluded on Monday.

“I just want to laugh about things every night, but it seems to be becoming increasingly difficult lately.

"It feels like someone has opened a window into hell. What I’m talking about tonight isn’t about gun control – it’s about common sense.

"Common sense says no good will ever come from allowing a person to have weapons that can take down 527 Americans at a concert…

"Something needs to be done already. Tell your Congress people to do something. It’s not enough to send your love and prayers."

Impressive stuff. Watch the full monologue now:

Jimmy kimmel breaks down slams congress pushes for gun control

Jimmy Kimmel Just Obliterated Brian Kilmeade

Jimmy Kimmel makes a living by making jokes.

But he's made a name for himself of late by taking a serious stance when it comes to health insurance in America.

This is because Kimmel's son underwent open heart surgery over the summer and the talk show host has since been vocal about how one's financial situation should not dictate whether one's child receives the best medical care possible.

This brings up to the latest proposal by members of the U.S. Senate to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a bill that does not always cover individuals for their pre-existing conditions.

Without boring readers regarding the details of this bill, allow us to say this:

It would raise premiums and it would take away insurance from over 20 million people.

On Tuesday night, Kimmel zeroed in on how the bill would also implement lifetime caps on coverage and discriminate based on preexisting conditions.

In response to his critique, Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy appeared on CNN on Wednesday and told Chris Cuomo that Kimmel simply “does not understand” the legislation.

“Oh, I get it. I don’t understand because I’m a talk show host, right?” Kimmel asked, sarcastically.

Then, after listing over a dozen major health care organizations that “vehemently oppose the bill,” Kimmel suggested that maybe the problem is that “I do understand, and you got caught with your G-O-Penis out."

Because Cassidy was actually a recent guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host continued as follows:

“I don’t want to turn this into a Kanye-and-Taylor-Swift-type situation, but when Senator Cassidy was on my show in May, he told me that he believed that every American family regardless of income should be able to get quality health care, and I believed he was sincere.

"Sadly, the bill he unveiled last week with Senator Lindsey Graham indicates that he was not sincere. It is, by many accounts, the worst health care bill yet."

From there, Kimmel took umbrage with Fox & Friends‘ co-host Brian Kilmeade, who referred to the late-night host as a Hollywood elitist pushing his political agenda on the rest of the country.

Take it away, Jimmy!

“The reason I found this comment to be particularly annoying is because this is a guy who, whenever I see him, kisses my ass,”

"Oh, he’s such a fan… He follows me on Twitter; he asked me to write a blurb for his book, which I did; he calls my agent looking for projects. He’s dying to be a member of the Hollywood elite.

"The only reason he’s not a member of the Hollywood elite is because nobody will hire him to be one.

"And you know, the reason I’m talking about this is because my son had an open-heart surgery, then has to have two more, and because of that I learned that there are kids with no insurance in the same situation.

"I don’t get anything out of this, Brian, you phony little creep.”

Watch Kimmel's full blistering monologue below:

Jimmy kimmel just obliterated brian kilmeade