Jim Bob Duggar: Has He Cut Off Contact With Jinger?!

Not long after she married Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger Duggar began establishing herself as her famous family’s resident rebel.

The most obvious act of defiance is Jinger’s decision to start wearing pants, a violation of her parents’ dress code that reportedly didn’t sit well with patriarch Jim Bob.

But that’s not the only way that Jinger has taken to publicly flouting the Duggars’ famously strict code of conduct.

Jinger waited to get pregnant for more than a year after she got married.

She became the first of her generation to leave the Duggars’ home state of Arkansas when she and Vuolo relocated to Laredo, Texas.

There have even been rumors of Vuolo clashing with Jim Bob over major differences in religious doctrine.

And now it looks as though Jim Bob may have finally become fed up with Jinger’s rebellious tendencies.

As In Touch Weekly points out, eagle-eyed Duggar fans have noticed that Jim Bob and Michelle recently traveled to Texas … and there’s no indication that they took time out to visit the Vuolos in Laredo.

Just last week Jinger and Jeremy stopped by Magnolia, a Houston food and home goods market owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Interestingly, Jim Bob and Michelle visited the same store just days later, but there’s no indication that they spent even a few hours with Jinger and Jeremy during their time in the Lone Star state,

Many have already jumped to the conclusion that this is all an indication of a major rift between Jim Bob and his headstrong daughter.

When Duggar women get married, it’s their husbands, not their fathers who determine the rules they’ll live by.

That’s one of the reasons potential suitors are so thoroughly vetted by Jim Bob.

But every so often, someone like Jeremy slips through the cracks.

A pro soccer player turned baptist preacher, Jeremy no doubt impressed Jim Bob a great deal when they first met.

But it wasn’t until after he and Jinger said “I do” that the extent of Jeremy’s relative liberalism was revealed, and it’s not hard to see how Jim Bob might feel threatened.

In the months since Jinger started wearing pants instead of skirts, two of her sisters have followed suit.

Sources close to the couple tell us that Jinger has essentially instructed Jinger to forget about Jim Bob’s rules.

He’s even taken to the pulpit to denounce Jim Bob’s outdated ideas about “modest attire” and the “woman’s work.”

Has the situation gotten so bad that Jinger and Jim Bob are no longer on speaking terms?

If that’s the case, you can expect the Duggars to do their best to keep the situation a secret … but knowing the obsessive nature of their fans, the truth likely won’t remain hidden for long.

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Jeremy Vuolo to Jinger Duggar: Forget About Jim Bob’s Rules! (Exclusive)

It’s been eighteen months since Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo, and to say a lot has changed in the reality star’s life in that time would be to put it very mildly.

These days, Jinger is pregnant with her first child, and it seems she has every intention of following in her sisters’ footsteps and raising a large family with husband Jeremy Vuolo.

But in many ways, Jinger is living a life that’s very different from those of her siblings, and likely very different from the one her domineering father, Jim Bob Duggar, had envisioned for her.

Much has been made of Jinger’s departures from her family’s stringent code of conduct.

The most obvious way in which the 24-year-old has flouted her father’s rules is by disregarding his famous dress code.

Yes, as you’ve likely heard, Jinger has been wearing pants.

That may not sound like a big deal, but after a spending her entire childhood in mandated below-the-knee skirts, we imagine Jinger got quite a thrill out of slipping on her first pair of Levi’s

Of course, that’s the only way in which Jinger has defied her upbringing and forged her own identity.

Jinger’s parents have reportedly expressed concerns about everything from her decision to relocate to Laredo, Texas to hthe fact that she was married to Vuolo for over a year before she announced her first pregnancy.

(It’s not uncommon for Duggar daughters or women who marry into the family to conceive on their honeymoons.)

A former employee of the Duggars spoke with The Hollywood Gossip exclusively and revealed that Jinger’s husband has encouraged her not to fear her father and to live a life that aligns with her own values, not Jim Bob’s.

“Jinger, she’s off on her own trip, and I’m kind of glad, because she’s been hemmed up so long for many years,” the insider tells us.

“She just needed to spread her wings and realize that God still loves her and there is a life after all that seclusion.”

Not surprisingly, rumors about Jim Bob clashing with Vuolo have been common over the course of the past year, and Vuolo likely knew that he was making a powerful enemy when he encouraged Jinger to break her father’s rules.

But it seems Jeremy realized that Jinger could never be entirely happy living under her Jim Bob’s thumb. 

“When you put someone in a bubble like that and they get out – she went rampant, totally rampant,” says our source.

“Her husband said, ‘This is the way it’s going to be – I’m the boss of this family. You’re not doing anything wrong by wearing pants or showing your arms.'”

The insider tells us that he still gets regular updates about the Vuolos from friends who live in laredo, and he’s pleased to report that Jinger has found happiness in her new life.

“I just worry about some of them kids,” he tells us.

And our source has a prediction about which of Jim Bob’s offspring will be next to rebel against their strict upbringing:

“Josiah’s going to be the next one to bust out,” he says.

We’re sure that’s something that many Duggar fans will eagerly look forward to.

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Jinger Duggar Baby Shower: First Look Photo!

Jinger Duggar isn’t really all that close to having her baby.

The TLC star still has about 15 weeks to go.

But it’s never too early for a mother-to-be to get excited about said baby, is it?

This is why Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolvo have been in the news often of late.

They just can’t wait to be parents!

A few days ago, Duggar shared a photo of herself at 25 weeks pregnant, comparing the size of her fetus to the size of a cauliflower and showing off her growing baby bump.

Not long afterward came even bigger news:

Jinger and Jeremy announced the gender of their impending child!!!!!!

Following weeks of anticipation and speculation (from fans online), the reality stars confirmed to People Magazine that a precious little girl is on the way.

“We are so happy to announce that we are having a little baby girl!” the twosome told this publication on Monday, excitedly adding:

“We could not be more excited and are eagerly anticipating meeting our little lady this summer.

“We especially love thinking forward and realizing that she will have excellent role models in both of her grandmothers, who cannot wait to shower her with love.”

But… wait!

Jinger and Jeremy are not done making pregnancy news!

A few hours after revealing the sex of their first kid, the stars attended a baby shower thrown in their honor by two close pals.

“My dear friends Juan & Margarita surprised me with a celebration last night for our little girl,” wrote Jinger as a caption to the following image on Instagram, adding:

“We felt so honored, cared for, and loved by our friends and family!”

True to the gender of the baby, their friends were sure to decorate the room with pink balloons, as you can partly see here:

Jeremy and Jinger told the world about their expecting state in early January.

They received the blessed news about 14 months after getting married and simply cannot wait to become first-time parents.

(Although they did wait longer than most members of this famous family to actually get pregnant, somehow earning flak in the process. Mostly because the Internet is a terrible place.)

Thankfully, neither Jinger nor Jeremy is letting the backlash get to them.

The former continues to post pregnancy pics online and both could scarcely contain their excitement upon announcing the future baby to their fans and followers earlier this year.

This is what they wrote in a statement at the time:

The past 14 months have been the best of our lives as we have had the wonderful privilege of beginning our journey through life together in marriage.

We both looked forward to the joys of marriage but neither one of us fully understood just how amazing the start of this journey would be.

Truly, the Lord’s mercies are new every morning! Now, the journey has taken an exciting turn: We are expecting our first child!

We are praising God for this beautiful gift and ask that you join us in praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy.


Jinger Duggar Reveals Baby Gender: She’s Having a…

Over the past few weeks, Jinger Duggar has shared numerous updates about the size of her impending baby.

At 20 weeks, it was akin to an artichoke. At 22 weeks, a bell pepper. At 25 weeks, a cauliflower.

But the reality star has now taken a break from comparing her fetus to various kinds of food items and instead shared a different sort of tidbit about the child…

… it’s gender!

Indeed, following months of anticipation by Duggar family fans ever since Jinger and Jeremy Vuolvo announced they were expecting in January, we finally know exactly what they are expecting.

So, which will it be? A boy or a girl?!?!?

Cue a drumroll in your head and scroll immediately down for the answer.

The baby will be a…

… GIRL!!!!!!!!

According to People Magazine, Jinger and Jeremy revealed this piece of news in exciting and unusual fashion:

They set up a relay race in Laredo, Texas and asked it to be completed by friends and family members.

Wait, what? Huh?!? We can explain:

The couple split their loved ones into a pink team and a blue team.

One by one, an individual on each team had to eat a single serve container of ice cream prior to running the obstacle course.

The captain of the first team to finish the race then had the honor of flipping the switch on a “Baby” neon light, revealing the gender, while Jinger and Jeremy sprayed everyone with pink silly string.

That’s, ummm, different.

“We are so happy to announce that we are having a little baby girl!” the TLC personality tell People, adding:

“We could not be more excited and are eagerly anticipating meeting our little lady this summer.

“We especially love thinking forward and realizing that she will have excellent role models in both of her grandmothers, who cannot wait to shower her with love.”

Instagram followers last week thought that Jinger was set to welcome a boy because she wrote the word “baby” in blue on a chalkboard, as you can see below.

Alas, it will be the complete opposite of a boy. Surprise!

Jinger and Jeremy told the world early on this year that they were expecting their first child together, about 14 months after getting married.

This is what they said at the time:

The past fourteen months have been the best of our lives as we have had the wonderful privilege of beginning our journey through life together in marriage.

We both looked forward to the joys of marriage but neither one of us fully understood just how amazing the start of this journey would be. Truly, the Lord’s mercies are new every morning!

Now, the journey has taken an exciting turn: we are expecting our first child!

We are praising God for this beautiful gift and ask that you join us in praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy

Psalm 139:13-14 13 For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

In an earlier video for TLC, Jinger and Jeremy had said they’d be “happy either way,” whether the kid was male or female.

This, of course, is the right attitude.

All that really matters in the end, after all, is that they keep the kid away from Josh Duggar.

Far, far, far, FAR away,


Jinger Duggar: Look at Me! I’m 25 Weeks Along!

Jinger Duggar is back with another pregnancy update.

The veteran reality star has shared a new photo on her Instagram page that serves two purposes:

First, it gave followers a glimpse at her growing baby bump, now that Duggar is 25 weeks along in her first pregnancy.

Second, it also gave followers an idea of just how big the baby inside of Jinger has become…

… it’s the size of a cauliflower!

Sort of cool and weird to think about, right?

Along with a baby face emoji, Junger simply wrote “Vuolo #25weeks” as a caption to the image, which has prompted some major speculation online.

“She is writing BABY in the color blue. Looks like she is having a boy,” wrote one fan in response to the image, while another added:

“I’m guessing boy, chalk color for the word baby up to this point has been white…..this time it’s blue either way, boy or girl, as long as both Mama & baby are healthy it’s a blessing.”

Well said. For the most part.

Jinger has been making news of late less for her maternity and more for her maternity style.

The TLC personality continues to defy her conservative family members by wearing pants… over and over and over again.

“You always have such cute outfits!! @jingervuolo do you have a style blog??” asked a fan recently upon seeing Jinger’s controversial outfit.

The answer to that question is no, but it’s maybe something Duggar ought to consider.

Not any time in the near future, however.

Jinger apparently has a lot to do over the next couple months, prior to welcoming her bundle of joy into the world.

“At this point, we haven’t done too much prep,” Duggar told Us Weekly about how she and husband Jeremy are readying themselves for a child, adding:

“Now that I’m halfway through my pregnancy, we haven’t really collected anything.

“A friend of ours had some stuff they were getting rid of, so that was really nice because they were able to give us baby swings and things like that that we needed, but we haven’t started on anything as far as prep for the baby.”

To date, meanwhile, Jinger continues to provide curious fans with updates on her status and her stomach.

Thus far, she has compared the size of her growing baby to an apple, a bell pepper, an artichoke, a papaya, and now a cauliflower.

Consider the star at 22 weeks, for example:

According to various baby websites, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar daughter’s cauliflower-sized baby probably weighs nearly 1.5 pounds and measures around 13.6 inches.

But he or she is growing everyday!

Jinger herself may be experiencing constipation, gas, bloating and heartburn right about now, along with hemorrhoids, frequent urination, and difficulty sleeping.

It will all be worth it in the end, however!

Duggar, for the record, is 24 years old and this is her first pregnancy.

She announced she was expecting in January, about 14 months after she and Jeremy became husband and wife.

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Jinger Duggar: Has She Fully Rejected Her Family’s Beliefs?

It’s been over a year since Jinger Duggar started wearing pants in public, and Duggar obsessives still just can’t get over it.

It may sound like a pretty minor development in the young woman’s life.

After all, wearing pants is such a commonplace activity that the act of putting them on one leg at a time is the universal symbol of relatability.

But as with Dobby the House Elf before her, a simple article of clothing represents freedom and a new beginning for Jinger.

If you’re a fan of her family’s, then you’re probably already aware that Jinger grew up observing the strict Duggar dress code.

That means she wore below-the-knee skirts at all times, even when engaging in sports or other outdoor activities.

Shortly after she married Jeremy Vuolo, however, Jinger broke the bonds of floor-length denim.

Granted, the rebellious spirit of her sartorial choice is somewhat dampened by the fact that she needed her husband’s permission to start wearing pants, but still – Jinger is living her best life, and she wants the whole world to see it.

Jeremy posted the above photo of himself and Jinger on Instagram earlier this week.

The pic was taken during a stop at a Waco, Texas store owned by Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines.

“Anytime we’re driving to North Texas, #magnolia is a mandatory pit-stop,” Vuolo captioned the pic

Fans who follow Jinger and Jeremy on social media know that this is far from their first visit to the Gaines’ flagship store.

In fact, it looks as though Jinger and Jeremy are hardcore Gainers.

(Yes, we just invented that term for Chip and Joanna fans.)

Now, it may not seem like a very big deal that Jinger is a rabid follower of two popular reality stars.

But those who are well-acquainted with the beliefs of the Duggar family will know that children are taught from a young age that virtually all forms of secular entertainment are shunned. 

So not only is Jinger wearing pants, she’s also watching television shows that have nothing to do with Jesus.

You might think that wouldn’t upset her parents very much, considering they built their fortune on reality TV, but the Duggars consider themselves exemptions to the secular entertainment rule.

Jim Bob claims that he values television only as a means of furthering his ministry.

The tens of millions of dollars he’s made are just a sort of bonus, we guess.

Anyway, Jim Bob probably isn’t as forgiving in his view of Chip and Joanna, which means he probably isn’t too keen on Jinger publicly expressing her fandom.

Unfortunately for JB, it doesn’t look as though Jinger is planning to surrender her newfound freedom anytime soon,

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Jinger Duggar Is Still Freaking Fans Out With Her Fashion Choices

It’s been a full year since Jinger Duggar started wearing pants in public, and naturally, that minor act of sartorial rebeliion doesn’t garner quite as much media attention as it used to.

Most fans have become accustomed to the sight of Jinger’s denim-clad appendages by this point, but it seems there are some who are still shocked – shocked! – by the sight of the 24-year-old in a pair of Levi’s.

“Beautiful. Wow she’s wearing pants I don’t think I’ve ever seen her wear pants,”

“Oh my goodness she is wearing pants.. Oh what is this coming to,” one fan wrote.

Granted, we follow the Duggars’ fashion choices much closer than most.

(And since you’re this deep into an article about Jinger wearing pants, you can probably say the same.)

But the idea that there are fans of the family who still had no idea that Jinger long ago cast of her skirt-shackles makes us feel like we’re taking crazy pills.

Thankfully, numerous Duggar obsessives played the “well, actually…” card for us and pointed out to their fellow Instagram users that 

“Silly people. Out of respect to her parents she followed their rules living at home. When you leave home, you choose your own path. Get over the negativity.”

Yeah, silly people! It’s time to get woke to Jinger’s defiant legwear.

This movement has gotten so big that other Duggar women are now wearing pants in direct defiance of the strct dress code with which they were raised.

Sure, it doesn’t really affect anyone outside of their niche religious tradition, but it marks the first time that Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters went against the teachings of the controversial Institute in Basic Life Principles that inspired some of their parents’ most bonkers beliefs.

Sadly, they were only able to engage in this small insurrection because a man signed off on their efforts.

Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo back in November of 2016, and the young pastor was so firm in his belief that she should be permitted to wear pants that he addressed the topic in one of his semons:

“It is your liberty as to whether you dress modestly with a modest pair of pants, or with a skirt, or with a T-shirt, or with a blouse,” Vuolo reportedly told his congregation

Jinger Duggar: Ice Skating! In Pants!

“It is not your liberty, women, to wear sensual, seductive clothing that is designed to draw the attention of your brothers.”

Maybe someday the Duggar women will be allowed to make decisions for themselves without running it by their husbands first.

But for now, this is a step in the right direction.

A baby step in the right direction, but still …

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Jinger Duggar Shares Pregnancy Update; Fans Go Wild!

If you’re a fan of her family, then by now, you’ve probably heard the news that Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

You probably also know that when it come to starting a family, Jinger has opted for a decidedly different approach than the one taken by her sisters.

Whereas most Duggar women are pregnant within a few weeks of tying the knot, Jinger was married to Jeremy Vuolo for over a year before she announced she was expecting.

Many believed that Jinger would continue to buck tradition by keeping a low profile during her pregnancy.

Now that the big news has been confirmed, however, Jinger has been eagerly updating fans every step of the way.

Jinger’s baby bump photos are highly anticipated by her Instagram followers these days, and the mom-to-be seems happy to give the people what they want.

Here’s the latest straight from the source:

Yes, Jinger is already 22 weeks along.

Her baby is roughly the size of a papaya, and frankly, we can’t help but wonder why Jinger couldn’t have used some less esoteric analogous produce.

Isn’t a papaya roughly the same size as, say, an avocado?

Plus, millions of New Yorkers probably think Jinger is trying to say her baby is the size of a hot dog.

(We kid. The Duggars are popular across several demographics, but we’re guessing they’re not particularly huge in Manhattan.)

But while Jinger has been happy to keep fans up to speed on the baby’s development, there are certain details that she and Jeremy seem intent on keeping to themselves.

Yes, the baby’s gender remains a mystery, and the Duggar faithful are very keen on finding out whether Jinger is having a boy roa girl.

Thus far, none of Jinger’s sisters have delivered daughters.

Josh Duggar has given his parents granddaughters, but boys currently out-number girls in the next generation of Duggars by a very wide margin.

It’s unclear if Jinger is keeping the gender to herself for privacy reasons, or if she’s chosen to be surprised on the day of delivery.

Whatever the case, the mystery has piqued the interest of fans:

“Will you two announce the gender?” one of Jinger’s followers asked this week.

“I’m hoping you have a girl!” commented another.

“It’s a boy, look at the blue ‘baby,'” remarked one amateur sleuth.

Needless to say, it doesn’t look as though the speculation will be letting up any time soon – and the Duggars probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Jinger Duggar Flaunts Baby Bump, Shares Parenting Advice on Instagram

As you’ve likely heard by now, Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child.

For the most obsessive fans of her famous family, the news of Jinger’s pregnancy was a long time coming.

After all, Jinger was married to Jeremy Vuolo for more than a year before she announced that she has a bun in the oven.

That timeline might make perfect sense for most people, but Duggar women frequently get knocked up on their honeymoons.

Of course, Jinger has always been her family’s resident rebel, as evidenced by the fact that she was the first female of her generation to wear pants in public.

(Duggar women are typically limited to floor-length skirts, even while playing sports or engaging in other physical activities.)

So it’s not terribly surprising that when it comes to starting a family, Jinger has decided to dance to the beat of her own drummer.

Jinger Duggar and Friend

And when it comes to parenting advice, she’s also bucking tradition by accepting input from outside her own family.

Jinger and Jeremy were in Los Angeles over the weekend for an event called the Shepherds’ Conference, a gathering of male Christian leaders.

Jeremy posted the above photo of his wife sitting next to a family friend named Emma Hatter.

“‘The days are long, but the years are short.’ Wise words to my beautiful wife from Emma Hatter, a dear member of @gracecomchurch for 50 years,” Jeremy captioned the photo.

The quote, from author Gretchen Rubin, was apparently Hatter’s response to Jinger and Jeremy’s request for parenting advice.

The words of wisdom have become a popular way of reminding new parents to cherish their time with their young children.

Particularly in the era of mobile devices and social media, it can be easy to forget that what really matters is face-to-face time with loved ones.

For all their many controversial parenting techniques, the Duggars deserve a tip of the hat for prioritizing family time over screen time.

Of course, when you star on a reality show with your parents and siblings, family time often is screen time.

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Jinger Duggar Posts Baby Bump Pic, Pregnancy Update

Fans may feel like they awaited news of a Jinger Duggar pregnancy for a decade or so, but really, it was only about a year between her wedding to Jeremy Vuolo and her announcement that she’s expecting.

Regardless, this is the most highly-anticipated new addition to the Duggar clan in quite some time, so it stands to reason that the family’s most obsesive followers are clamoring for updates.

Fortunately for them, Jinger is happy to give the people what they want.

That’s a photo posted to the expectant mom’s Instagram page earlier this week.

She captioned the image, “[Baby emoji] Vuolo #20weeks”

As you can see from the blackboard behind Jinger, Baby Vuolo is roughly the sizr of an artichoke these days.

You may be thinking to yourself, Well, that’s nice and all, but what’s a good produce analogy for the fetus’ size at 18 weeks? At 15 weeks?

Well, you’re in luck!

Jinger has been updating fans for several weeks and each post also works as a lesson in gestational development, as well as inspiration about what to get in your salad at lunch.

At 15 weeks, Baby V was roughly the size of an apple.

Three weeks later, she could’ve hidden behind a bell pepper.

Okay, so it’s not as thrilling as when Jinger wears pants on Instagram, but these are the posts that some Duggar fans live for.

And they’re especially poignant coming from Jinger.

Typically, Duggar women announce their first pregnancy within a few months of getting hitched.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to get down to the business of starting a family on their honeymoons. 

However, Jinger was married to Jeremy for over a year before she offered fans any sort of baby-making news, thus prompting all sorts of deeply offensive speculation about what might be taking her so long.

But Jinger has earned her spot as the family rebel, and she wasn’t about to start popping out little ones just because the fans demanded it of her.

But now that she is expecting, it seems she’ll be sticking with family tradition by offering regular bump updates, and for that, we thank her.

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