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Wrestler Andrew Johnson Makes High School Championship Tourney … After Haircut Incident

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Remember the high school wrestler who was forced to cut off his dreadlocks before a match back in December?

Yeah, well, Andrew Johnson just placed 3rd in his district — qualifying for the prestigious regional championships … which means he’s one step closer to making the N.J. state tourney!!!

Johnson’s story made national headlines back in December when a referee told him his hairstyle violated high school wrestling rules … and he needed to chop his locks or forfeit the match. 

The 16-year-old junior reluctantly agreed to cut his hair — and still won the match — but he was visibly devastated

Footage of the incident went viral — and Johnson sat out of the next wrestling event because he was overwhelmed by the media attention. 

The good news … he eventually got back on the mat and returned to form — securing 3rd place at the NJSIAA/Rothman Orthopaedics District 29 tournament in New Jersey over the weekend in the 120-pound division.  

After the district tourney, Andrew told NJ.com, “I tried to block everything out and just wrestle.”

One of the cooler parts of the story … Johnson’s little bro, Nate — a freshman — finished second in the tourney and will also advance to this week’s regionals.

“We’re both moving on, so we’re ready,” Andrew said. 

Their mom, Rosa Johnson, also weighed in — saying, “Our family has just rallied around them and kept them focused.”

“We’ve tried to protect them. They’ve worked really hard for this and wanted to keep them focused.”

As for the ref who forced Johnson to cut his hair 2 months ago … TMZ Sports has learned Alan Maloney has not officiated since the incident, and the NJSIAA is still investigating.

A rep for the board tells us, discipline for Maloney will not come down until after the season … ’cause they want to give Johnson “time to finish the season with no additional distractions.”

Randy Johnson AZ Mansion Hits Auction Block … Previously $25 Mil

Randy Johnson‘s big unit is up for grabs — a 25,000 sq. foot estate with a full gym, game room, bar, basketball court and WATERSLIDE — and all ya gotta do is be the highest bidder. 

As we previously reported, the ex-MLB superstar put the house on the market for $ 25 MIL back in 2014 … but didn’t find a buyer. He slashed it all the way down to $ 14.5 mil before finally deciding to put it on the auction block. 

The place is insane … it’s located in Paradise Valley. Here are the highlights:

— 7 bedrooms, 12 baths
— Full tennis court/ basketball court
— Trophy room
— Game room with bar and pool table 
— Music instrument room 
— Sick pool with twisty waterslide
— Wine cellar
— Massive garage
— Secret garden area
— Movie theater with box office 

There’s more … make sure to check out the pics. The auction, hosted by Concierge Auctions, starts on Jan. 29.  

There’s no starting bid … but in order to get in on the action, ya gotta cough up a $ 100K deposit and proof of income.

As for Randy — who made more than $ 175 mil during his MLB career — records show he bought the property in 2003 for $ 2.7 mil. 

H.S. Wrestler Andrew Johnson Dreads Thrown Away In Dumpster … No Chance To Reattach


The brutal decision wrestler Andrew Johnson was forced to make didn’t have to end the way it did, because dreadlocks can be reattached … but not in his case, because we’ve learned all the hair that was cut off was thrown in a dumpster.

Fact is … dreadlocks can be reattached in a number of ways. It’s a process that typically takes a few months to complete, but it’s doable. Dreads can be fused together, even after some are cut off.  

We’re told almost immediately after the referee for Andrew’s wrestling match gave him the impossible ultimatum, the dreads were swept up — no questions asked — and thrown in the trash.

Sources connected to Johnson’s family tell TMZ, Andrew has done nothing with his hair since it was butchered at the meet. He’s gotten a bunch of offers from various hair care professionals, but so far he’s made no decisions.

As we reported, Andrew and his family have not decided whether to pursue legal action against the referee or the school. They’re waiting for the results of the investigation by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Division on Civil Rights.

As you know … referee Alan Maloney stepped in right before Andrew was getting ready to compete for his New Jersey high school, and told the 16-year-old black wrestler to either chop off his dreads or forfeit the match. It all went down in a matter of minutes, leaving Andrew with little time to process what was happening.  

Andrew Johnson Wrestling Team Boycotting Ref After Haircut Incident

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The Buena Regional High School wrestling team announced it will NOT compete in events refereed by the man who forced Andrew Johnson to cut his hair before a match earlier this month. 

The Buena Regional school board held an emergency meeting in New Jersey on Wednesday with board members and concerned community members … and that’s where the announcement was made. 

As we previously reported, referee Alan Maloney (who is white) told the 16-year-old black wrestler to either cut off his dreadlocks or forfeit the match during a Dec. 19 event. 

Johnson — who was only given 90 seconds to make his decision — opted for the haircut … and video of the shameful moment went viral. 

Maloney’s camp insists the ref was only following strict guidelines about hair maintenance — and was not being racist. 

As for Johnson, Buena has a wrestling match scheduled for Thursday morning — but an attorney for the student says he will NOT compete because he’s overwhelmed by the media attention. 

Johnson’s attorney says he will wrestle again this season — but has not announced a return date. 

Wrestler Andrew Johnson ‘In Pretty Good Spirits’ … Still Weighing Legal Options


Good news … high school wrestler Andrew Johnson is doing well and in “pretty good spirits” after the haircut incident earlier this month — but we’ve learned the family is still weighing their legal options. 

Johnson has gone under the radar ever since the Dec. 19 wrestling match when referee Alan Maloney (who is white) told the 16-year-old black wrestler to either chop off his dreadlocks or forfeit the match. 

But, a source closely connected to the family put it this way — “Andrew is in pretty good spirits. He hopes for things to return to normal and he’s looking forward to competing with his wrestling team again soon.”

There are reports the family has already decided not to pursue legal action over the incident … but sources with direct knowledge say those reports are inaccurate. 

In fact, we’re told the family is considering all options. One thing they want before making any decisions … the findings of the NJ Attorney General’s Division on Civil Rights. That Division is in the midst of its investigation into the incident.

Johnson’s teammates at Buena Regional High School in New Jersey had a scheduled meet Thursday — but Johnson did not participate because he’s felt overwhelmed by the media attention. 

Several huge stars have tried to reach out to Johnson to lend their support — and some UFC fighters have offered to personally train him — but it’s unclear if Johnson has spoken with anyone yet. 

As for the ref, sources connected to Maloney tell us he’s adamant he was following the rules and race had nothing to do with the situation. 

Meanwhile, NJ high school athletic officials have said Maloney will not work any events until an investigation is complete. 

Magic Johnson Not Panicking Over LeBron Injury Here’s the Plan …


Magic Johnson doesn’t seem too concerned that his franchise player is sidelined with a groin injury — telling TMZ Sports it’s all gonna be okay! 

Of course, LeBron James scared the entire NBA when he left the Lakers’ Christmas Day game against the Golden State Warriors after coming up limpy after an awkward fall. 

Bron later announced the injury was just a groin strain — nothing more serious — but still, people are wondering if this is the beginning of the end for a soon-to-be 34-year-old who’s never had any serious injuries. 

“We don’t worry about what people say,” Johnson told us on the way out of Craig’s in Los Angeles … “We’re having a great season, you can’t worry about what people say.”

“I’m happy and we’ll be okay.”

We asked if the injury scare increased Magic’s sense of urgency in getting another superstar to the Lakers — to which he replied, “Nope. Nope. Nope.”

So, what’s the message to the rest of the Lakers who will have to soldier on without LeBron? 

“Play hard, play together, play Laker basketball.”

As for LeBron’s return date, Magic wasn’t specific — saying James is “taking a little time.”

We also asked Magic how he felt about LeBron’s controversy regarding his “Jewish Money” comments earlier this week … and the NBA legend seemed satisfied with how James has handled it. 

“He apologized so that’s a good thing,” Magic said. 

“He’s a great man and he apologized and everybody moves on, right?”

Logan Paul to Andrew Johnson Don’t Let That Racist Ref Bring You Down!!!


Logan Paul hates everything about the wrestling story out of New Jersey, where a white referee forced a black high school wrestler to cut his dreadlocks before his match … and says that ref should be out of a job for good.

We asked the YouTube star for his thoughts on the incident as he leaving The Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills Friday, and he summed it up pretty good, saying … “That’s f***ed!”

Paul was a stud wrestler himself back in H.S., and tells us he was never asked to cut his hair, so he thinks it’s ridiculous Andrew Johnson was put in that position … and feels badly for him.

As we reported … NJ state athletic officials are investigating the ref, Alan Maloney, and he will not be working any matches while they do so. Maloney had previously been disciplined for making a racist comment in 2016, and obviously many believe what he did to Johnson was racially motivated.

Logan’s clearly one of them, but he’s got a positive message for Johnson — don’t let this one bad dude bring you down.

UFC’s Aljamain Sterling Offers to Train Wrestler Andrew Johnson … ‘I Commend You’


UFC star Aljamain Sterling says the haircut incident with high school wrestler Andrew Johnson is “so f*cked up” … but he was so impressed with the kid, he wants to train him personally. 

“It’s so messed up on so many levels,” Sterling tells TMZ Sports … “I felt bad.”

Sterling says he’s spent a lot of time coaching high school wrestling and has NEVER seen a situation where an athlete was forced to cut his hair

In fact, Sterling says if he was the coach that day, he would have pulled his team out of the gym in protest and forfeited the rest of the match. 

“We’re not gonna stand for no sh*t like this,” Sterling says. 

The good news … Sterling trains with other huge UFC stars like Al Iaquinta and Chris Weidman with the Serra-Longo fight team in Long Island, NY — not too far from Johnson’s high school in New Jersey. 

Sterling says he’s already reaching out to Johnson to figure out a way to train together — and hopes he can help the kid grow from this experience … through some friendly combat. 

LeBron James Sends Message To Magic Johnson ‘I’ve Always Wanted To Play Along Melo’

Breaking News

LeBron James ain’t the GM of the Lakers … but it sure seems like he sent a message to the guy who is Tuesday night, saying, “I’ve always wanted to play along Melo.”

Of course … rumors of Carmelo Anthony teaming up with LBJ in Los Angeles have been smoldering ever since John Salley told TMZ Sports it could happen.

Those rumors weren’t quieted when Bron and Melo were spotted on a double date with their wives at an NYC steakhouse Monday night.

And, on Tuesday, Bron seemed to send a clear message to Magic Johnson after L.A.’s loss to the Nets that if he can make the Carmelo move happen, LBJ would be a happy man.

“I don’t run the team. And, obviously there’s some things that would need to be worked on both sides,” LeBron told reporters in the postgame locker room.

“But, I’ve always wanted to play along Melo and if the opportunity presents itself, it’d be great. So, we’ll see what happens.”

Translation … make it happen, Magic!!!