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Lyric McHenry Laid to Rest, Mourned by Magic Johnson

About three weeks after she was found dead in the most shocking and disturbing of manners, Lyric McHenry has been laid to rest.

Details on the funeral have not been made public, but basketball legend Magic Johnson is actually the one who confirmed that a service took place on Wednesday.

Johnson was close to the late 26-year old because she was very good friends with his son, EJ.

McHenry, in fact, was known to television viewers because she made multiple appearances on the first and only season of EJNYC, a spinoff of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills that aired in 2016.

It centered on the life of EJ Johnson and his circle of acquaintances; Lyric and her sister were prominent members of this latter group.

On August 14, however, McHenry’s body was discovered in the Bronx.

She was only wearing underwear and a pajamas top — and a small bag of cocaine was found on her person.

Friends and family members issued statements of sadness and confusion shortly afterward, all stunned by this development.

It was also originally reported that McHenry was 20 weeks pregnant at the time of her death, something no one close to her appears to have been aware of.

In the wake of her funeral, this is what Magic Johnson Tweeted:

Yesterday was a difficult day as we laid to rest Lyric McHenry, a daughter to Cookie and I and best friend to EJ.

We’ve known Lyric since she was a baby and shared many lifelong memories with her and her family. We were blessed to witness her become a caring and brilliant young lady.

Her talent was special and her potential limitless.

She will be sorely missed. May she rest in peace.

magic message

The Hall of Famer’s son has only said a very little bit about losing his best friend.

Back on August 27, EJ said simply via Instagram:

“I’m going to make this clear to everyone.

“There will be no mourning post because I’m not going to reduce a 25 year friendship to one Instagram post. Please respect my privacy and my process.”

McHenry graduated from Stanford University and interned with Barack Obama’s campaign many years ago.

Some of her loved ones have even wondered whether she was murdered because they simply can’t comprehend her having died from a drug overdose.

They still have so many questions regarding just what transpired the night/morning of McHenry’s passing.

“Lyric’s warmth, compassion and energy will be missed by many and the family would appreciate that all speculation surrounding the circumstances of death cease until the real facts are determined during the current investigation by the NYPD and the City of New York,” her family said the day after she died.

Considering the circumstances surrounding her death, they also fought back against chatter that McHenry was living some sort of shameful or sordid existence:

“Lyric who just turned 26 last week on August 6, was a brilliant, creative and lovely young woman who shared a deep passion for writing, film and a long-standing commitment to social justice.

“She was a Christian who grew up in Los Angeles and attended the Center for Early Education and graduated from the Marlborough School in Los Angeles.

“Lyric graduated from Stanford University in 2014 where she studied in Paris, France for a year and spoke fluent French.”

May she rest in peace.


EJ Johnson Breaks Silence on Lyric McHenry’s Death

EJ Johnson has finally commented on the tragic death of Lyric McHenry.

And the former E! reality star has said something very interesting and thought-provoking about his late friend.

First, a quick refresher:

McHenry was found dead on a sidewalk in New York City in mid-August.

The scene was both horrifying, depressing and confusing, as authorities came across McHenry’s body in a rundown section of the Bronx.

She was only wearing underwear and a pajama top. And there was a small ziplock bag of cocaine in her possession.

Moreover, according to initial reports that are now under some dispute, McHenry was about 20 weeks pregnant. She was also just 26 years old.

McHenry was known to television viewers as someone who made multiple appearances on EJNYC, a one-season Rich Kids of Beverly Hills spinoff that aired in 2016 on E!.

It followed the life of EJ Johnson in New York City, the son of basketball legend Magic Johnson and an out and proud young gay man.

Since McHenry’s shocking and sad passing, many friends, family members and loved ones have spoken out in tribute.

They’re also spoken out in defense of Lyric, whose reputation was taking a major hit in death due to the way her corpse was discovered.

But McHenry was a Stanford graduate who had previously interned for Barack Obama and who was enjoying a successful life as a television producer.

In his first remarks since his close friend passed away, however, Johnson did not really take this approach.

Instead, in the comments section of his Instagram, the reality star actually said very little.

Yet he sort of said a lot at the same time.

“I’m going to make this clear to everyone there will be no mourning post because I’m not going to reduce a 25yr friendship to 1 Instagram post,” Johnson wrote.

He later added simply:

“Please respect my privacy and my process.”

That’s quite the unusual and, in our opinion, admirable stance.

In this age of social media, people are often judged by what they say in public; most users feel a need to respond to every tragedy or every current event online, in some kind of attempt to get “credit” from their followers.

But Johnson is refusing to give in to this social norm.

He’s going to grieve in private and he’s not going to try and sum up an entire person or an entire friendship in, like, 240 characters.

McHenry died after a night out with friends in celebration of her birthday, although Johnson was not included in this group outing.

He had earlier sent his pal very happy wishes for the occasion, however, writing on Instagram:

Happy birthday to my best friend who has strutted with my in princess gowns since day 1 @lyric_leigh words cannot express how much I love and appreciate you in my life.

Your constant love, respect and companionship gives me the confidence to live my truth every single day and I am so blessed that even as baby divas we recognized the greatness in each other.

I love you.

McHenry, meanwhile, also frequently shared photos of herself with Johnson on Instagram.

Last year, she wished EJ a happy birthday with a heartfelt post of her own.

“Happy birthday to my twin spirit for life coordinated since toddlers,” she wrote. “I’m so proud of who you are and what you will continue to be! I love you @ejjohnson_!”

While some wonder whether McHenry was murdered, allow us to simply say the following:

May Lyric McHenry rest in peace.