Farrah Abraham: Teen Mom OG is a JOKE!

Where would Farrah Abraham be without Teen Mom?

It’s difficult to imagine, and a little frightening too, honestly.

If MTV had never gotten involved with Farrah, she still would have gotten pregnant as a teenager, and her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Derek Underwood, still would have tragically passed away before their daughter was born.

Farrah’s mother probably still would have allowed her to move into the house she owned across the street from the family home, and our girl would work in pizza joints with dreams of owning her own restaurant one day.

But without the Teen Mom fame and fortune, she never would have been able to move around as easily as she has been, and there would be no reason for Vivid Entertainment to release her sex tape.

She wouldn’t have the funds for all that plastic surgery, either, and there’s a chance her ego wouldn’t have gotten so out of control, but that may just be wishful thinking.

If Farrah had never been on the show, she’d probably be living in Iowa, possibly working her through culinary school, and living the life of your average single mother.

In a whole lot of ways, she’s extremely lucky she was cast on 16 and Pregnant all those years ago.

But you know this girl is way too proud to ever admit that.

Ever since she got fired last fall, she’s been running her mouth all about MTV and how awful everyone involved with the show is — she even sued Viacom, MTV’s parent company.

And in this new interview she did with Daily Mail Australia, not much has changed.

About her Teen Mom co-stars, she said “I think all of the women try to imitate me in my business endeavors and don’t succeed.”

There’s that ego we were talking about!

Farrah also went off about Bristol Palin, something she seems to really enjoy doing lately.

As she recalled, “I was actually with Bristol back in the day for a speaking panel, and she was not 16 and pregnant. She was 18.”

“16 and 18 are far different ages, so I almost put that out there because the storylines were so not right.”

She’s right, Bristol was 18 when she gave birth to her first child, but she was 17 when she got pregnant and for most of her pregnancy.

You know who else was 17 when she got pregnant, despite being on a show called 16 and Pregnant?

Yep, good ol’ Farrah.

Also, in what universe are 16 and 18 “far different ages,” besides the legal universe?

Anyway, Farrah continued slamming Bristol by saying “I don’t know if they’re just trying to find somebody, but she doesn’t have a following like me, she doesn’t have a lot of things that I think the Teen Moms need in order to keep going.”

“There’s now a large gap of entertainment and success that I brought to the show.”

She’s acting like she’s some celebrity that was cast on Teen Mom, not some pregnant teen who, along with a few other pregnant teens, lucked out and got a reality show.

It’s bizarre, and also a little tragic, much like Farrah herself.

She still wasn’t done, either.

“Bristol saying that she can’t wait to show her challenges and struggles … she has less challenges and struggles than we ever had because we came from being 16 and pregnant,” she complained.

“It’s just a joke.”

Again, Farrah was never 16 and pregnant, and neither were many of the other moms on the show.

Bristol didn’t struggle as much as the Teen Mom crew, that’s true, but that has more to do with her family’s wealth and success and less to do with the exact age she was when she gave birth.

But still, we’re glad Farrah could take some time to feel superior about being a few months younger than Bristol was when she had her first child.

Can this girl get any more ridiculous?


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Ariana Grande Speaks Out About Pete Davidson’s Manchester Bombing Joke: It Wasn’t Funny …

Recently, the world was reminded that, many months before dating Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson made an unfortunate joke about the Manchester Bombing.

Ariana’s fans, understandably sensitive to the issue, reacted with shock.

Now, after giving it some thought, Ariana is speaking out.

In the autumn of 2017, Pete Davidson put his gallows humor on full display when speaking about Ariana Grande in stand-up.

At the time, he and Ariana were not even dating, let alone engaged.

He joked that the horrible Manchester bombing of Ariana’s concert in 2017 had been a measure of the level of Ariana’s fame.

“Britney Spears,” Pete noted for contrast. “Didn’t have a terrorist attack at her concert.”

It wasn’t terribly funny as a joke and, since Britney was doing her Vegas residency at the time, the comparison doesn’t really work, either.

But more or less everyone forgot about it … until a few days ago, when people dredged it up again now that Pete and Ariana are engaged.

A number of fans, who took the Manchester bombing very personally, were shocked.

(Keep in mind that, not only is a terrorist attack that kills multiple children serious, but a number of Ariana’s fans are too young to remember 9/11 and this may have been their first brush with non-shooting terrorism that touched them, personally)

It was one tweet by an Arianator that prompted Ariana to speak her mind on Pete’s joke.

The fan wrote: “I respect Ariana and I want her to be happy and everything, but she was just broken after the Manchester bombing.”

The fan’s tweet continues: “so I don’t know why she is still with Pete, like yeah he made that joke a while ago, but like it’s not funny, it’s just rude. This is my opinion.”

Ariana clearly gave this some thought before replying.

Ariana Grande Speaks Out on Pete Davidson Joke

Ariana replied with a tweet of her own.

“This has been very tough & conflicting on my heart,” Ariana admits.

Referring to Pete, she writes that “he uses comedy to help people feel better about how f-ed up things in this world are.”

He sure does.

“We all deal w trauma differently,” Ariana admits.

She’s right. Different coping mechanisms for different folks.

“I of course didn’t find it funny,” she admits.

“it was months ago & his intention wasn’t/ is never malicious,” Ariana says. “But it was unfortunate.”

There are a few things that we should all remember.

One, Pete Davidson’s father died on 9/11. He absolutely does not think that terrorism is funny, but he uses dark humor to cope.

Two, though this was a bad joke (honestly, barely a joke), there are lines that Pete is not crossing. He’s not wishing a terrorist attack on someone else, for example. He’s not hurling slurs.

Three, somebody making a crappy joke before you ever dated is really not breakup material. Sure, you can break up for any reason, but that would be … odd.

Four, and this can be the hardest to grasp, but the way that Pete spoke before dating Ariana was directed at a more adult audience. 

Now that he and Ariana are engaged, he will probably be more conscious that there are impressionable and emotional teens hanging onto his every word.

Ariana and Pete’s whirlwind romance has still caught a number of fans by surprise.

In fact, it was at Ariana’s tribute to the Manchester bombing victims that she and Pete were first spotted cozying up to each other.

Now the two are engaged, and it is understandable that some fans are still scratching their heads and trying to figure out what’s going on.

Some may even have misgivings about Ariana accepting the proposal of this man whom they barely know.

But they should remember that, though Ariana loves her Arianators, they are not literally her family. She does not actually need their permission to date or marry.

Fans should be happy to Ariana is happy.