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Baker Mayfield Takes Shot At Hue … Jokes About Crotch Grab

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Baker Mayfield took ANOTHER jab at Hue Jackson … AND joked about a crotch grab that got him suspended — and it all went down in a video skit with Peyton Manning‘s bro.

Baker went on Cooper Manning‘s “Manning Hour” — a FOX NFL Sunday skit … and while he was “cooking” up a cake — he took a jab at his ex-coach while praising his current one.

Cooper: “Look, if you’re not a fan of kitchens, it’s OK.”

Baker: “No, I love kitchens.”

Cooper: “Yeah, kitchens are great. They’re better than Jacksons.”

Baker: “Anything’s better than Hue — oh, um, you.”

Of course, Mayfield and Jackson have had a longstanding beef ever since Hue bolted for the rival Bengals after being fired from Cleveland back in October.

There’s more … Mayfield also mocked a sideline crotch grab that earned him a suspension back when he was a QB at Oklahoma.

Cooper: “Grab the nuts.”

Baker: “NFL doesn’t really like it when I do that.”

Cooper: “No, the nuts!”

Baker: “Oh! Sorry, I have a history with that.”

This ain’t the first time this month Baker’s mocked an issue he’s had in the past … he also laughed off his Arkansas arrest in a Fortnite stream last week.

It all makes us wonder once again … is Lincoln Riley is laughing yet???

Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens Jokes About Getting Into U.S. At Sean Penn’s CORE Event


Yusuf Islam — formerly known as Cat Stevens — apparently had a tough time getting into the U.S. for Sean Penn‘s annual pre-Globes gala … but it’s unclear what the problem was.

The iconic British singer-songwriter was one of the performers at Penn’s CORE charity event Saturday night, which raises money for disaster relief efforts in Haiti and other countries across the Caribbean every year ahead of the Golden Globes.

While introducing Yusuf, Penn noted he almost wasn’t permitted to come. He doesn’t elaborate beyond that, and Yusuf went on to play a beautiful set in front of folks like Julia Roberts, Anderson Cooper, Casey Affleck, Jamie Foxx, Mike Myers, Keegan Michael Key, Bonnie Hunt, Allison Williams, Larry David, Connie Britton, Ben Stiller, Maxine Waters … and other stars in attendance.

However, based on Yusuf’s history with the United States — he was literally banned from entering the country between ’04 and ’06 for alleged ties to terrorist efforts, which was later discovered to be bogus — it’s possible his past gave him issues with U.S. Customs … especially under the Trump administration. 

Speaking of Trump … Penn later joked that he’d applied to be Trump’s new Chief of Staff in light General John Kelly stepping down last month. Classic dry humor from SP here. 

The good times didn’t stop there either — Mike Meyers tried auctioning if his cell phone case for $ 40k (to no avail) and Julia Roberts ended up winning World Cup tickets with her hubby … for no less than $ 100k, of course.

Terrence Howard Kevin Hart’s Homophobic Jokes … All Part of Comedy


Terrence Howard dismisses criticism of Kevin Hart for making homophobic jokes, saying it’s all part of the job.

We got Terrance Friday at LAX and he was squarely in Kevin’s corner, saying the Academy blew it by passing on him. He went on to say dredging up jokes and tweets from year’s past crosses the line, and then insinuated the attack on Kevin might be racial … pointing to recent comments by Nick Cannon that white comedians made similar homophobic jokes with no consequences.

When our photog pressed, Terrence said it’s not a racial thing, but he brings up Nick Cannon’s comments a second time. 

Comedian Ron Funches Keep On Ripping Louis C.K. For Parkland Jokes I Don’t Like Him!!!


Louis C.K. deserves to get trashed for telling jokes about Parkland survivors, which just proves Louis is kind of despicable … so says fellow comedian Ron Funches.

Ron came on “TMZ Live” Wednesday making it clear … he’s not a fan of C.K. or his supporters. Ron essentially says Louis is a bottom feeder. 

Ron, whose hour-long stand-up special “Giggle Fit” premieres Jan. 4 on Comedy Central, says he understands comics trying out new material in front of smaller crowds, but he says that’s not an excuse for Louis because the Parkland jokes basically amount to hate speech. 

Bottom line for Ron … Louis should be punching up instead of punching down, and he deserves every bit of backlash

Michael Rapaport Barstool Sports Fires Back He Cracked Herpes Jokes About Himself!!!


Michael Rapaport has no business suing anyone for saying he has herpes … because he himself has said it … according to the countersuit Barstool Sports just filed against the actor.

Barstool is firing back at Rapaport’s September lawsuit against them, saying it’s impossible to defame the guy because his reputation’s already “so badly tarnished that it cannot be harmed any further.” In the docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Barstool points out Michael commented on a 2015 photo of himself, saying, it “looks like” I have “a herpe.”

Of course, the Barstool guys included the photo as an exhibit in their lawsuit.

Barstool Prez Dave Portnoy told us back in September, Rapaport “claims to be the king of trash talk and then cries when people respond in kind.” Now, he’s included tons of examples of that in the docs. For example, Barstool calls out Michael for calling a sports show host a “twinkie-eating f**k boy” and a producer for the show a “Long Island Jew.”

In the suit, they also include social media posts where Rapaport caught flak for racist comments about ‘Real Housewives’ star Kenya Moore … and sexist comments about Fox News host Laura Ingraham. According to the docs, he also called a female sports reporter a “rail thin, no ass … looking to get piped at an R. Kelly concert … backstage and at the hotel.”

You get their point … Rapaport’s no choir boy, and has said enough vile things to make him defamation-proof.

And Barstool insists it did NOT breach his contract by firing him — quite the opposite. In docs, they say his contract included a clause that allowed for his firing if he put Barstool in “public disrepute” with his public comments … including several about Barstool staffers.

Barstool is suing Rapaport to get back the $ 400k it paid him. 

We’ve reached out to Michael … no word back yet. 

Gilbert Gottfried Cracks Jokes About ‘Aladdin’ Snub … Robin Williams Approved?


It’s hard to tell if Gilbert Gottfried‘s truly bitter about not being asked to reprise his role in the “Aladdin” reboot, because the comedian’s response is classic Gilbert — cracking crass jokes.

We got the voice of Jafar’s sidekick parrot, Iago, from Disney’s animated classic and asked if he’d be making a cameo in Guy Ritchie‘s live-action reboot … but no such luck. To add insult to injury, Gilbert tells us producers went out of their way to snub him … yet managed to get Robin Williams in the film.

Yeah … he went there.

Gottfried also predicts it’ll prove to be a big mistake not including him … but he’s got a suggestion for how the filmmakers can make it right.

In case you missed it … the first images of the new “Aladdin” cast — including Will Smith as the Genie and Mena Massoud as the titular star — were revealed Wednesday.

Many fans are up in arms about Smith not being blue and Aladdin wearing a shirt … but some diehards are just pissed there’s no Gilbert.

He feels your pain.