Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt: Headed to Trial Over Custody?!

The long, ugly, messy custody battle between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie isn’t ending any time soon, folks.

The two have been arguing over Brad’s unpaid child support, and it looks like they’ve given up on resolving this without a judge.

The exes formerly known as Brangelina are going to have a custody trial.

It’s been two years since this once-famously in love couple split.

Apparently, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt haven’t been able to settle custody issues themselves in all of that time.

TMZ reports that these bitter exes are going to have a custody trial.

Brad and Angelina have filed documents with an L.A. Superior Court Judge.

They will have until June of 2019 to work out a custody arrangement for their shared children.

And they will have the help of a private judge.

According to TMZ, the custody trial is scheduled to begin nearly a month from now, on December 4.

Angelina and Brad haven’t been able to reconcile their different views of how custody should be arranged.

It seems doubtful that a few more weeks will give them time to see eye-to-eye.

See, Angelina is seeking sole physical custody of their six children.

In the mean time, Brad wants a fifty-fifty split — joint custody.

Apparently the custody trial itself is expected to last anywhere from two to three weeks.

But that is only part of the process.

The judge will have to pour over the evidence and arguments presented at trial and reach a verdict regarding custody.

It also falls to this judge to handle the couple’s property settlement.

Angelina and Brad did not have a prenup.

Given that they are both intensely wealthy and extremely bitter towards each other, this is one of the worst situations for not having a prenup.

Brad has been seriously bitter and complained that Angelina has denied him access to his own children.

Recently, the court forced Angelina to allow Brad some time with the children.

She was also required to give him their phone numbers and allow them to communicate with him.

If Brad gets his way in court, he’ll get them with him half of the time, and there will be little to nothing that Angelina can do about it.

If Angelina gets her way, it’s unlikely that she’ll be forced to hand over access to the six children.

If you recall the circumstances of their divorce in the first place, it’s no mystery why Angelina is so reluctant to expose her children to Brad.

It was only two years ago that something happened on the couple’s private plane.

Whatever the specifics of the reported altercation between Brad and the couple’s son, Maddox, it led Angelina to file for divorce the next day.

She also reported Brad PItt to the FBi — for child abuse.

Maddox is old enough that this custody ruling is unlikely to impact him.

But it seems likely that, after whatever she witnessed, Angelina is afraid that history will repeat itself. She can’t risk it.

But she may have no choice, depending upon what this judge decides.

Courts tend to err on the side of giving parents access to their children, out of a belief that this is ultimately best for the child.

If Brad convinces the court that he’s probably not a danger to their children, Angelina will be hard pressed to get anything more than joint custody.

Whatever happens, we hope that the court makes the right decision for the safety and well-being of the children.

That, in the end, is all that matters.


Angelina Jolie: In the Market for Husband #4!

Attention, men around the world!

You may want to scoot a little closer to the computer screen for this announcement.

Are you ready for it? Are you certain? Okay, here it goes…

You may be able to marry Angelina Jolie!

We can’t make any guarantees, of course. That would be ridiculous.

But an insider tells Heat Magazine that Jolie is sick and tired of being single and she’s prepared to do something about it.

“Right now, Ange’s looking at potential suitors who have been suggested by her business team,” a source tells this random publication, adding;

“She’s also putting the word out in high-powered circles.”

Okay, fair enough. Perhaps we ought to amend our opening sentence to read:

Attention, rich and famous men around the world… you may be able to marry Angelina Jolie!

As you very likely know by now, Jolie and Brad Pitt filed for divorce in September of 2016.

To this day, it seems hard to believe, despite all the bad blood that apparently exists between the stars and all the mean things that have been said back and forth between them in the press.

In mid-August, Jolie was ordered to green light more time for Pitt and the ex-couple’s six children, leaving her bitter and allegedly angry over the whole situation.

Is that why Jolie is now looking to move on once and for all?

We don’t know.

However, Heat Magazine write the following:

“Flying solo was beneficial for a while.

“Ange needed to heal after the breakup with Brad – but it’s been long enough and her self-imposed exile from men is over.”

It continues:

“She knows a lot of people in the industry who are as good at matchmaking as they are at producing films.”

It’s been rumored, meanwhile, that Pitt has found romance again, either with some woman named Neri Oxman or with Jennifer Aniston.

And this source claims that “seeing Brad move on has put a fire under [Angelina]” to go out and do the same.

If she really is on the market, it’s hard to think of any woman who would be more sought after than Angelina Jolie.

What sort of man is she hoping to find?

“She hasn’t felt a real spark in ages and she misses it,” the source concludes. “She’d like someone who can match her intellect, but most importantly, she needs a physical connection.”

Ah, okay. So there it is.

Jolie really just wants a good f-ck.

Which men out there think they can give it to her?


Brad Pitt: I’ll Never Love Angelina Jolie Again; She Made My Life Hell!

In court, Angelina Jolie has slammed Brad Pitt for being a deadbeat dad, and clarified publicly that a loan is not child support.

The fighting during their messy divorce has reached a turning point.

Insiders say that Brad is no longer interested in reconciliation with Angelina. He just wants his kids.

“Brad couldn’t care less about Angelina supposedly missing him or regretting filing for divorce,” an insider reveals to HollywoodLife.

“That relationship,” the source continues. “Is well and truly over as far as he’s concerned.”

The rest of us have known that since late 2016, so it’s great to hear that he’s figured it out.

“And,” the insider continues. “Brad has zero desire to revisit it, and give it a second shot.”

That sounds like it’s best for everyone involved — Brad, Angelina, and especially the children.

“The past couple of years have been a living hell for Brad,” the source shares.

“And,” the insider shares. “It’s made him question if he ever actually, truly, knew the real Angelina.”

That is curious, since the upsetting circumstances that led Angelina to file for divorce left many former fans feeling that way about him.

The source explains that it’s because “because he never imagined that the woman he fell in love with and married …”

The insider continues: “… could behave in the way she has toward him.”

“But he’s made his peace with it now,” the source adds.

“And,” the insider continues. “He’s moved on.”

Not just with Neri Oxman, but emotionally.

It sounds like he’s accepted that life is never going back to the way that it was.

Brad apparently has a new priority.

“All that he’s focused on is securing access to his kids,” the source reveals.

It is these children, the insider explains, “who are absolutely everything to Brad.”

We’re sure that Brad, like so many people, wishes that he hadn’t done whatever he did on that plane to get Angelina to report him to the FBI for child abuse.

Curiously, an inside source says that it’s now Angelina who wishes things were a little different.

“The further Angelina gets from their split,” the source claims. “The more she thinks about Brad.”

“And,” the insider continues, Angelina allegedly “misses having him in her life.”

It’s normal to occassionally wax nostalgic about past relationships, even ones that failed spectacularly and which you know you ended for the right reasons.

But this source says that Angelina finds herself thinking these thoughts “on a daily basis.”

This is so worrisome to hear.

“Lately,” the insider claims. “There are times when Angelina feels major regrets over ending things with Brad.”

Even worse, the source says that “there are days she can’t help but question if she made the right choices for her family.”

Those who have gone through difficult divorces know that sometimes, you wonder if it would have been best to just accept and ignore your situation.

“The more her anger at him fades,” the source alleges. “The more she misses him.”

We have to say that we have a hard time accepting the report about Angelina.

Oh, we’re willing to believe that Brad is angry and perhaps bitter and no longer wants to try vainly to rekindle what he and Angelina once had.

But the source claims to know Angelina’s thoughts.

We’re sure that Angelina feels a lot of conflicting emotions about her history with Brad.

But in the end, she probably knows that she did the right thing.


Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Fixed Their Relationship In a “Secret Meeting” [Report]

Back in September of 2016, Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt following an incident aboard an aircraft that remains shrouded in mystery.

The former couple has experienced their share of ups and downs in the years since, but those who know Pitt and Jolie best say there have been more downs than ups.

While they’ve mostly refrained from talking about their situation publicly, it’s common knowledge that Brad and Angelina’s divorce has been a messy one, with both parties taking action make life more difficult for the other.

For most of the past two years, Pitt and Jolie were not even on speaking terms, communicating instead through attorneys and professional mediators.

So the news that Brad and Angelina arranged a secret meeting in order to settle their differences has come as quite a shock to fans:

“Brad and Angelina actually set up a secret meeting at her house,” a source tells E! News.

“It’s the first time they have truly gotten together to make things work since their group therapy with the children. Brad and Angie’s meeting was a success.

“They are going to stay with the plan set forth through the courts.” 

The insider adds that it was Jolie who made the decision to attempt a detente with Brad:

“Angelina decided it was time to try to make things work and Brad was relieved and very ready for the offer,” the source continues.

“Brad has been dedicated to making peace throughout the process and now it finally seems like they are at a point where they can create a calmer situation for the kids.”

The timing of the truce is rather odd, as just last month, Jolie filed court documents accusing Brad of failure to pay “meaningful child support.”

The source claims that since that filing, Angelina reached the realization that in deciding to go nuclear against Brad, she was causing collateral damage to her children.

“Angelina created a very difficult situation for Brad and the children and she has finally realized her behavior backfired,” the insider claims.

“Angelina loves her kids very much and it seems like she felt threatened she might lose time with them and, in turn, she went on the attack. Unfortunately, everyone in the family has suffered,” the tipster continues.

“She started to see a change in the kids’ behavior because they missed their dad,” the source adds.

“The kids’ reaction to the divorce actually helped Angie try a different tact.”

While it’s unfortunate that it took Pitt and Jolie years to reach a mutually amicable co-parenting relationship, we applaud them for their efforts.

And much more importantly, we’re sure their kids will thank them.


Angelina Jolie ORDERED to Give Brad Pitt More Visitation With Kids!

Brad Pitt sure is getting a lot of child visitation time for a guy who allegedly barely even pays child support.

But will it last? A report says that a court date for him and Angelina Jolie is looming — and it’s just days away.

These questions of custody, child support, and visitation could be resolved sooner than either estranged ex could imagine.

Until the next court date, which is scheduled for August 21, Angelina is being forced to send her six children to spend time with Pitt.

The court has ordered her, The Blast reports, to hand them over for “four hours every other day on school days and twelve hours every other day on non-school days.”

The order that they spend twelve hours with him every other day on non-school days is staggering.

Additionally, as we previously reported, she was ordered to surrender her children’s cell phone numbers to Pitt.

She was also instructed that she is not to monitor their communications with him.

As we mentioned, Angelina has accused Pitt of being a deadbeat dad.

In court documents, she alleges that he has made minimal contributions towards their children during the two years since their split.

This, she says, has forced her to shoulder the bulk of the costs of caring for all six of them.

It is not that she cannot afford to care for her children, but that it is the responsibility of both parents to support their children.

Pitt did not care for being called a deabeat — if not in so many words — at all.

Brad Pitt accused Angelina of “media manipulation,” though her complaint was filed in court documents.

He then went on to claim that, actually, he’s paid more than $ 9 million in child support.

That sounds like plenty to contribute to six children. More than plenty, really.

But Angelina’s team replied that he was deliberately distorting facts to make it appear that he was providing for his children more than he really was.

He had apparently given Angelina an $ 8 million loan after he insisted upon keeping the family home and the belongings within it.

Obviously, a loan is not the same thing as child support.

The loan was given to help Angelina secure a new home, and he is reportedly charging her interest on the amount.

It is possible that Pitt’s attorney will argue that since the loan is for a home that the children also occupy, he was helping them with it. That would make his case pretty weak, however.

It is difficult to imagine how that argument would work in court unless Pitt forgives the loan, and even then.

Hopefully, an official amount for future child support payments can be determined soon — perhaps in a matter of days, if the August 21 hearing goes well.

Many suspect that the court will make a new ruling on child custody and visitation — though that could, at least potentially, go in favor of either Angelina or Pitt.

Perhaps the court can also clear up who has paid what to whom during the past few years.

Hopefully, the court can do so in a way that does not allow one side or the other to misrepresent the truth using numbers and payments.

What everyone should want is whatever arrangement — in terms of finances and custody and, well, everything else — is in the best interests of the children.