Josh Duggar Resurfaces on Facebook, Sparks Feverish Debate Over Forgiveness

This just in:

Josh Duggar is alive and well…

… much to the annoyance and chagrin of many Facebook users.

On Wednesday afternoon, the official Duggar Facebook page shared a photo of nearly every member of this infamous family gathered at a restaurant in celebration of Jim Bob’s birthday.

As a caption, the post read as follows:

Happy birthday to a man that wears many, many hats! Jim Bob, you are an amazing husband and wonderful father. Your heart for people and the desire you have to see others come into relationship with Jesus is beautiful.

Our whole family has been blessed by you.

You have led and guided us and we are so blessed to call you “ours.” Happy birthday!!

Seems pretty straightforward, right?

Pretty much what you’d expect from this family in recognization of this kind of occasion, no?

However, it wasn’t this message or even Jim Bob turning another year older that has elicted serious debate online.

It’s the presence of the person front and center in that picture above: Josh Duggar.

Josh, of course, has been persona non grata for years now.

That’s what happens when you admit to molesting your own sisters, as Josh did in 2015; and then when you also admit to cheating on your wife.

Multiple times, we presume, considerning Duggar had an account with the infidelity website Ashley Madison.

In response to these scandals, TLC canceled the series 19 and Counting, although it has since launched a spinoff titled just Counting On.

Moreover, Josh and his wife Anna have remained pretty far out of the spotlight, sitting at home, caring for their five kids and, when it comes to Josh, trying as hard as he can to keep his hands to himself.

In light of this new photo surfacing, however, many Internet users have taken to the Comments section and engaged in a rather fiery debate over whether Duggar deserves to actually be forgiven.


Is he a “weirdo,” as someone has labeled him above?

Is he absolved of his sins because his family doesn’t hold these sins against him?

Should we let something as heinous as pedophilia go simply because it’s been talked about a lot and/or took place many years ago?


Then there’s the stance, espoused in one remark shared here, that Jesus has forgiven Josh… provided he doesn’t molest or cheat again.

Is this even how it works?

If Josh did commit these acts again and then sought forgiveness, wouldn’t these same people be saying the same thing?

Back in June, Josh made another rare social media appearance, this one by his own doing, on his own account.

He posted the following family photo in honor of his son, Marcus, turning five years old.

The comments Josh received in response to this image?

They were pretty similar to a handful of the critiques posted above.

“Josh should be castrated!” someone wrote at the time, while another added:

“Those poor little girls are at risk for being prey to their own father! The plot to cover for this monster was a very Christian thing to do!”

So… yeah.

Josh may be better served just keeping to himself for the rest of his years.

The guy may have avoided any jail time for his horrible actions as a teenager, but he’ll never be free from online castigation.

And thank goodness, right?


Josh and Anna Duggar: Proof That Their Marriage Is a Sham?

Last week, Josh and Anna Duggar celebrated an anniversary.

The usually private couple to Instagram to share their special occasion with fans:

“Josh and I celebrated our 10-year engagement anniversary,” Anna captioned the pic above.

“The past 10 years have been a wonderful adventure.”

Yes, these two were so eager to celebrate a decade together that they jumped the gun and marked the occasion of their engagement, not their wedding.

Clearly, they’re still head over heels for one another, right.

Well, not so fast, says body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass.

Dr. Glass says Anna’s stance and facial expression convey that she’s uncomfortable being so close to Josh and is forcing herself to look happy for the camera’s benefit.

“She has a tight smile,” Dr. Glass says.

“Her eyes are not smiling. She’s gritting her teeth. It’s very contrived.”

Dr. Glass even goes so far as to claim that one can reach a definitive conclusion regarding Anna’s feelings toward Josh based on the photo:

“Anyone with eyes can see there’s no love there,” she says.

Glass also analyzed the video below, in which several members of the Duggar clan congratulate Jinger Duggar on her pregnancy:

Once again, Dr. Glass, says, Anna’s posture and movements are evidence that she’s uncomfortable being so close to her husband.

“It’s rehearsed,” she says.

“This is what she’s told to do. He has his hands on her to guide her to do it right.”

Glass adds:

“He has both hands on her shoulders, like a control thing.”

According to Dr. Glass, the video essentially serves as evidence that Josh and Anna’s wedding is a sham:

“She’s uncomfortable. She’s rocking back and forth. It’s so phony and contrived.”

As longtime followers of the Duggar clan know, Anna has good reason to feel uncomfortable.

Many fans expected Anna to leave her husband after the Josh Duggar sex scandals went public back in 2015.

She stood by her husband’s sign amidst claims of pedophilia and incestuous behavior, but she was soon punished for her loyalty when it was revealed that Josh had used the Ashley Madison website in order to find a partner with which to cheat on Anna.

Divorce is strictly forbidden in the Duggars’ world, which likely explains why Anna has chosen not to end her marriage.

But that doesn’t mean she’s happy about it.

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Anna Duggar Gushes Over Josh, Makes Internet Barf

Poor, Anna Duggar.

Correction: poor, poor, POOR Anna Duggar.

The mother of five remains married to her husband despite Josh Duggar having been involved in two of the more disgusting scandals we can recall.

We can't imagine she has any kind of support system around her — and we can imagine that her in-laws have all laid on extreme guilt trips about her leaving her gross husband and trying to start over without his terrible influence.

This is relevant once again because Anna made a surprising return to Instagram in early July of 2018, actually writing nice things about Josh in honor of a milestone for the couple.

Get out that barf bag and scroll down to find out what she said…

1. Yes, Anna Duggar is on Instagram

Josh duggar and a kid
But she rarely posts messages or photos. The last time she shared a picture of Josh Duggar was on March 1, 2017. It was the picture above and she wrote as a caption: “Happy Birthday Josh! I’m so thankful for the 30 years of life God has given you – I love you!”

2. The Last Time Anna Posted Anything at All?

You need to go back to May 1, 2018. She asked if anyone would be watching the film “Love Arrows” and included with this question the quote above.

3. So, Why Did She Return on July 5?

Because “June was an exciting month for our family,” Anna wrote as a caption to multiple photos, explaining why as follows: “Marcus, Michael and I are are officially a year older + Josh and I celebrated our 10 year engagement anniversary!” It was this last statement that got the attention of fans, especially when you consider how she followed it up.

4. She Followed It Up with This Photo

Josh kisses anna
And also with this conclusion to her caption: “The past 10 years have been a wonderful adventure. So thankful for God’s redeeming grace and His blessings to us along the way, especially our 5 M’s!”

5. A Wonderful Adventure, Huh?

That’s one way to look at it. Fans had a mixture of responses to this description, from those who thought Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have pressured Anna to remain married… to those who thought it was no one’s business… to those who believe Josh had been redeemed.

6. Wait… Redeemed for What?!?

Anna and josh duggar
In case you aren’t aware, let us refresh your memory here: Josh admitted in May of 2015 that he molested two of his sisters and five girls overall. It was also revealed that his parents were aware of these actions, yet did not go to the authorities.

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Josh Duggar Returns to Social Media, Gets Torn Apart By Fans

Over the weekend, Josh Duggar’s son Marcus celebrated his fifth birthday.

Normally, Josh keeps a pretty low profile on social media, but he decided to make an appearance on Facebook in order to celebrate Marcus’ big day.

Needless to say, it didn’t go well.

The above photo appeared on the Duggars’ official Facebook page on Saturday, along with the following caption:

“Happy birthday to our sweet grandson, Marcus!” Josh’s parents wrote.

“We love your sweet, precious spirit, Marcus! You are growing up so fast and learning new things each and everyday! We love you and love watching you grow in the knowledge of the Lord.”

Josh made a tentative return to social media last week, but it seems his intention then was to quietly steal money from fans.

This is the first time in quite a long time that fans have seen a new photo of Josh.

It’s also the first confirmation in several months that — despite rumors of Anna leaving Josh — the family of seven is very much intact.

Some Duggar followers didn’t take the news so well:

“Josh should be castrated!” wrote one fan, adding:

“Those poor little girls are at risk for being prey to their own father! The plot to cover for this monster was a very Christian thing to do!”

“Ugh that josh tho,” commented another Facebook user.

Those sentiments were widely echoed, and the memory of Josh’s sexual misconduct clearly remains fresh for many.

And those folks remain thoroughly disgusted by his actions.

But as In Touch Weekly points out, a surprising number of fans are calling for forgiveness for Josh:

“A story of God’s love and restoration. Too bad others have such a difficult time forgiving. God bless this family,” one fan wrote.

“It’s so nice to see a photo of Anna, Josh and their beautiful family. Anna doesn’t post too often on Instagram,” remarked another.

Yes, it may be hard to believe, but there are folks out there who are fervently Team Josh.

We don’t know what’s more bizarre — that some people are so quick to forgive such shocking abuse, or that they’re eager to advertise their loyalty to Josh on Facebook.

In either case, it seems the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle won’t be going away anytime soon.

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Josh Duggar: Using Fake Names to Scam Fans Out of Money?!

Back in 2015, news of the Josh Duggar sex scandals shook fans to their core and threatened to bring an end to the Duggar family’s media empire.

Remarkably, three years later, life has pretty much returned to normal for the Duggars — with the notable exception of Josh, of course.

While his parents and siblings made a rather smooth transition back to the spotlight, Josh remains exiled from both fans and his family.

Currently, Josh works on a used car lot owned by his father, and he lives several miles away from the neighborhood in Tontitown, Arkansas that most of them call home.

Of course, the clearest indicator of the rift between the former lobbyist and the rest of his family might be that Josh no longer worships at the Duggar family church.

Josh is reportedly in dire financial straits, as he attempts to raise five children on a car lot attendant’s salary and with little financial help from his wealthy family.

But that’s just one of the reasons that fans are wary of Josh’s latest “fundraising” efforts.

Josh returned to Facebook this week with little fanfare, and he’s apparently on a mission.

Thus far, Josh’s activity on the site has been extremely limited:

As In Touch Weekly points out, he changed his profile picture to a photo of his son Matthew — and he announced that he’ll be raising money for two family friends who were involved in a car accident.

Of course, this is Josh Duggar we’re talking about, so it wasn’t long before fans noticed something deeply suspicious about his philanthropic efforts.

As one Facebook user quickly pointed out, the fundraiser that Josh is encouraging fans to contribute to was apparently started by someone named Janie Williams.

The only problem there is the fact that Janie doesn’t appear to be a real person.

“Both names are listed on the GoFundMe as running the campaign,” the fan wrote on Facebook. 

“When I click on Janie’s name, it led me to Josh’s profile,” she continued.

“I can see Josh using the common [names] Janie/Joe and common last [names] Williams/Smith to try [and] hide. I [don’t see] a Janie Williams listed as a friend on Josh’s page.”

Yes, it appears that Josh has constructed yet another alias for himself.

In the past, he’s been caught using the name Joe Smithson on social media.

And of course, there was the fake Ashley Madison profile that Josh used to try and cheat on his wife.

So what exactly is going on here?

Well, it’s tough to say, but the Duggars have a long history of begging fans for money under suspicious pretenses.

Now, it looks like Josh is attempting to supplement his meager income with a little light fraud.

All in a day’s work for one of the shadiest figures west of the Mississippi.

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