Josh Duggar: Was Sex Rehab Stint a Lie? Did He Even Go?!

With the holiday season upon on, families everywhere are looking for extra attention/posting about memories and good cheer on Facebook.

In this, the Duggars are certainly no exception, though their fans’ attention to detail is quite exceptional – and may have uncovered a conspiracy.

Not the fact that they sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus instead of trimming a tree, although that could be discussion-worthy another time.

No, a throwback photo they shared of some of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s younger daughters was what whipped fans into a frenzy.

The picture (below), shows the girls in Christmas dresses as one of their little brothers impishly pretends to throw a snowball at them.

Cute, right? Obviously. Innocent, right? Mostly.

Duggar Internet detectives quickly realized that this was the year Josh was away at his Christian-oriented sex rehab hard labor camp.

You know, the place in Illinois he was shipped off to after he was exposed as a child molester, adulterer and porn addict back in 2015.

Just a coincidence?

Possibly, but first, some background: Reformers Unanimous, the “Christian rehab” center for his sexual problems, was always controversial.

Those familiar with RU say it boasted no actual psychologists on staff, calling it another case of the Duggars handling things “in-house.”

In any case, Josh was allegedly sequestered there for months, during which time his long-suffering spouse Anna lived with her in-laws.

Their four children shared the room as the younger Duggar daughters and the older unmarried girls at the family compound in Arkansas.

Which brings us to the photo from that same year, and which conveniently crops out the head of the adult male standing in the background.

Now, we can’t prove who that is.

Maybe it’s Josh Duggar, maybe it’s not, but that’s not the only reason some fans are wondering whether he attended rehab at all.

Earlier reports indicated that Josh, now a father of five, “left for at least some time” during his extended stay in the Illinois facility.

Most legitimate rehab facilities have strict policies that govern when people can and cannot leave the premises, so that’s already suspicious.

Moreover, the Duggar family specifically stated that year that Josh could not leave Reformers Unanimous until his treatment was completed.

Since he couldn’t leave, allegedly, Anna Duggar would be visiting him regularly there. We were led to believe that this happened.

All of this could be conjecture, but given the way the family handles matters like this, the whole thing was always shrouded in mystery.

Is it a stretch to assume that he was simply sequestered in some sort of home confinement while the family concocted this rehab ruse?

Probably. But would you really put it past a man (Jim Bob) who was clearly reluctant to address Josh’s sexual issues head-on for years?

In any case, it raises a series questions:

If Josh Duggar wasn’t actually in rehab, where the heck was he? If he was there, did he just leave and come back whenever he chose?

If that’s the case, what kind of facility is this, and did he get any real help while he was there? Can you trust anything this family claims?


Josh Duggar Hangs With Family, Outrages Fans on Thanksgiving!

As you might be aware, this hasn’t been the greatest year for rapists, child molesters, and other sick, predatory bastards. 

From Hollywood to D.C., the most loathsome behavior imaginable is being called out like never before.

But it seems the coast-to-coast tidal wave of disgust skipped right over the tiny town of Tontitown, Arkansas.

It was just two years ago that the world Josh Duggar molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters, while he was still living at home with his parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Those same parents have admitted to helping Josh hide his crimes from law enforcement officials, thus enabling him to avoid being prosecuted.

We assume to Jim Bob and Michelle recently got a call from Harvey Weinstein, because the fact that they were able to mitigate the ensuing damage to their public image so effectively that they’re now back on TV is impressive in a truly nauseating way.

There was a very brief time in which the Duggars made an effort to keep Josh off their social media pages, but as you can see from the family’s Thanksgiving photo (below) those days are long gone:

Yes, there’s Josh front-and-center, and while a surprising majority of Duggar fans saw no cause for complaint, others pointed out that there’s something very, very wrong with this picture.

“Can’t believe you still let those children near Josh. Ugh. Absolutely disgusting,” commented one fan.

“That’s disgusting and inappropriate,” another remarked.

“Hope Josh kept his hands to himself at Thanksgiving and that no girls fell into a tryptophan nap. He loves those sleeping girls!” a third “joked.”

Instagram comments are all well and good, but hopefully you folks are expressing your misgivings in sternly-worded emails TLC, as well.

Another vocal contingent pointed out that Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are curiously missing from the photo.

Naturally, the conspiracy theorists came out of the woodwork to claim the absence as further proof that Joy-Anna got pregnant before her wedding and is currently being hidden from public view so as to hide the fact that she’s several months further along than the Duggars would have us believe.

Others pointed out that it’s entirely possible the newlyweds simply decided to spend the holiday with Austin’s family.

Whatever the case, it’s yet another Duggar Thanksgiving photo that’s stuffed full of controversy.

Just wait until the Christmas card, which will presumably feature the Honorable Judge Roy Moore in a Santa costume.

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90 Day Fiance Spoilers: Josh and Aika! Do They Marry? Who Has a Criminal Past?

We've gotten to know the new 90 Day Fiance couples and grown to like (and perhaps dislike) some of them as they travel to be together decide if they want to potentially spend the rest of their lives together.

One of those new couples is Aika and Josh, and their relationship has … a lot of complications. Some of which are contained in the video below.

Well, we know how how their engagement ends. Beware, folks — spoilers below!

Aika and josh

First, here's some background:

Aika is 36 and hails from Quezon City, Phillipines.

Josh is 43 and lives in Mesa, Arizona. (Meaning that yes, they're a couple with an appropriate age difference of a mere 7 years!)

There's a lot that's weird about these two.

For starters, the way that they met was an "accidental glitch" that placed Josh's dating app in the Phillipines when he lives in Arizona.

That's a story that we find about as believable as 

Some fans and viewers believed that Aika was more interested in a green card and being taken care of in the US than she was in Josh himself.

TLC's "love story" video for the two of them (full of creepiness; it's below) even ends with Aika reminding Josh that he'll be her provider.

Josh and aika beach pic

So … did these two make it, or did they part ways?

According to the investigations by the good folks over at Starcasm, Josh and Aika got married.

Their marriage certificate says that they got married on September 7th.

Josh and Aika haven't officially announced this news, of course — that's 90 Day Fiance's secret to reveal.

But the couple has been spotted all over the US for the past few months. Since Aika is only allowed to stay in the US for 90 days before getting married, that was already a pretty strong hint that the two had tied the knot.

Oh, and a number of sightings of the two involved the pair wearing matching rings.

Josh and aika selfie

Normally, we'd be offering up congratulations at this point.

But honestly … we don't know that this is good news.

First of all, thanks to Reality Blurb, we know about Josh's criminal past.

His rap sheet includes a DUI, some credit issues that involved his wages being garnished, and, much more seriously, a domestic violence arrest.

Josh allegedly punched a 28-year-old woman in the face and pushed her down an embankment near their apartment.

Police apparently broke down the door when they heard her screaming for help from inside.

Josh managed to weasel out of it, however, because the woman — as is not uncommon with domestic violence victims — refused to press charges or cooperate with police.

We have no idea how much of this, if any, Aika knew.

We wish that we were surprised, but Josh has been alarming from the get-go, as you'll see in the video below.

Aika of 90 day fiance

In this video — which yes, of course is edited — Josh's every other sentence seems to raise a red flag.

He describes Aika as "like a trophy to me."

And then there's the fetishism when he says: "I've always kind of had a thing for Asian girls."

Dating Asian women is fine. Exclusively dating any one race of people because you have particular ideas about them being "sexier" than others is gross.

It gets worse somehow when he talks about the Phillipines having a low divorce rate, because it sure sounds like he wants an "exotic" beauty who will totally depend on him and never leave.

Which, we suppose, is why he waited only 5 days after meeting her to propose.

But they're married now. For better or for worse.

90 day fiance spoilers josh and aika do they marry who has a cri

Josh Duggar: No More Therapy! I’m Cured!

You know, we’ve spent os much time talking about newly exposed sex monsters over the past several weeks. It might be easy for some to forget that there are some sex monsters that we’ve known about for years.

So … how is Josh Duggar doing these days?

Well, apparently, he’s “cured.”

The news that Josh Duggar molested five young girls, including four of his own sisters, was horrifying.

We’ve heard a lot of disturbing things about the Duggars over the years, including allegations of physical abuse perpetrated by Jim Bob and the way that the Duggars view women and their roles in marriage and society.

But that Josh Duggar’s molestation was actively covered up by the Duggar parents until a whistleblower came forward was shocking, even for that crowd.

They say that the first step to recovering is that you have to admit that you have a problem.

Josh Duggar doesn’t seem to have met that standard, since he’s apparently not sorry and blaming the devil for his actions. Great.

But see, the molestation isn’t what got Josh Duggar sent away to “therapy.”

(We say “therapy” because, though there are some great, professional religious counseling services in the world, Josh Duggar was sent to a shady faith-based retreat with views compatible with that of the Duggars. Not helpful)

Instead, Josh Duggar’s porn viewing (gasp!) and attempts to cheat on Anna Duggar using the Ashley Madison dating site were the cause for alarm within the Duggar family.

In real life, outside of the fringe views of the Duggar cult, we know that viewing pornography is normal and only rarely creates a problem (in the same way that drinking, or even hand-washing, might be done to excess and adversely impact someone’s life).

For the Duggars, it’s corruption by society or by “the culture” (a catch-all term that they use to refer to, you know, normal people who aren’t part of their fertility cult) and perhaps every bit as bad as the adultery.

The adultery thing, at least, we can all sort of agree on. Anna Duggar was unfortunate enough to marry a man who molested little girls. The last thing that she deserves is to be cheated on, right?

The Duggars weren’t shocked by the molestation news, because they were the ones who covered it up in the first place. But the porn and the cheating?

So, naturally, they sent him back to “therapy.”

Well, RadarOnline is reporting that Josh Duggar is now no longer in therapy.

(If you can even call it “therapy” in the first place)

Someone with the unenviable position of being a Duggar family insider shares:

“He’s doing great. He’s really folding into the lifestyle that comes with a new baby. He seems to have made some serious changes in his life.”

Now, if you’re thinking that you remember something or another about Josh Duggar having left therapy already, you’re thinking of his faith-based rehab facility.

Josh Duggar left rehab in the spring of 2016.

At the time when Josh departed from rehab, the Duggar family put out a statement:

“Since the residential treatment program ended, we have been working with a professional marriage and family counselor to take important steps toward healing.”

In other words, they’d put Josh in their version of “therapy.”

“It isn’t easy and some days are very difficult. It is a long road to rebuild trust and a truly healthy relationship.”

Honestly, even though Anna Duggar doesn’t deserve to be cheated on, we can’t imagine the levels of reinforced conditioning that made Anna believe that she needed to stay with Josh.

Even some of the Duck Dynasty stars were saying that she should feel free to divorce him.

“We are very thankful for God’s forgiveness, grace and help, as it is our strength and guide to rebuilding our lives.”

We’re not going to tell anyone what to believe, but we’d say that adultery can be forgiven. Molestation cannot.

“As the future unfolds, we are taking one day at a time and we are grateful for your continued prayers for both of us and our sweet children.”

You know, there are tasteful messages, and then there’s ending a post about Josh Duggar with “sweet children.” Yikes.

So, we in real life know that a leopard doesn’t change their spots.

So … how long until the next Josh Duggar scandal, do we think?

We’d imagine that Josh will try his best to lay low for a while before he tries anything new. He’ll want the family to be confident in him and to trust him again. If he’s finished with therapy, then he’s well on his way to that.

What getting caught these last times will tell him is how to not get caught next time.

What a creep.


Josh Duggar WINS Stolen Photo Catfish Lawsuit!

The legal system has been quite kind to Josh Duggar.

Despite revelations that Josh molested five young girls in his youth, the father of five has never served prison time, nor seen the inside of a courtroom for his crimes.

Now, Josh is enjoying a different kind of legal victory, and yet again, he never even had to go in front of a judge.

Back in August of 2016, Josh was sued by Matthew McCarthy, a Los Angeles-based DJ who claimed that Josh had ruined his career by stealing his photos for use on various dating profiles.

McCarthy says he was harassed with nicknames like “Duggar boy toy,” and potential clients refused to hire him for fear of being associated with the sex scandal.

He’s suing Josh for undisclosed damages, claiming that the damage to his public image is irreparable.

Fortunately for Josh, a judge threw the case out last week, due to a legal technicality.

It seems McCarthy filed in the wrong state, and will need to re-file in Arkansas for his case to be considered.

McCarthy wanted the case tried in his home state of California, citing Josh’s two trips there in 2013 and 2015 as grounds for his filing.

It seems, however, that the judge saw McCarthy’s argument for what it was–an effort to avoid traveling to Arkansas to pursue a frivolous lawsuit.

Yes, far be it for us to side with Josh freakin’ Duggar of all people, but does anyone really believe this DJ’s career was ruined by Josh using his pic on OK Cupid?

Josh’s crimes are revolting, to be sure, but something about the image of people following McCarthy down Sunset and harassing him with jeers of “Duggar boy toy” just seems a little far-fetched to us.

Perhaps if Josh had set out to ruin McCarthy’s career, but the former reality star says he found the image googling “random guy.”

Don’t get us wrong, Josh deserves every negative consequence in the world for his crimes.

He should’ve done prison time and been forced to shell out millions in restitutions to his victims.

But an LA DJ attempting to cash in due to imagined damages just feels a bit cynical to us.

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