Joy-Anna Duggar SLAMMED For Messy Home: That’s Not Safe For a Baby!

You would think a family that’s famous for breeding like fundamentalist rabbits would know an awful lot about child-rearing.

But according to the Duggars’ harshest critics, that’s simply not the case.

In fact, the army of mommy-shamers who comb through the Duggars’ social media posts in search of reasons to complain is so quick to judge that their latest target isn’t even a mom yet:

As you may have heard, Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

There’s some debate over when Joy got pregnant, with some fans insisting that the 20-year-old is lying about her conception date in order to conceal the fact that she broke her family’s “courtship rules” by engaging in premarital sex.

But that’s a discussion for another time.

Whatever the case, Joy-Anna is likely due to give birth sometime in the next few weeks.

And based on her latest social media post, some fans believe she’s far from ready.

The above video was posted to Joy’s Instagram page yesterday.

It offers fans a brief tour of the home that she and husband Austin Forsyth are renovating.

The reaction from fans has been decidedly mixed, as many apparently believe the house is unsuitable for a child.

“This place is such a mess,” one follower commented.

“If I were going to film it and put it on Instagram, I’d clean it up first,” she added.

Another critic zeroed in on Joy’s kitchen, commenting:

“It’s so tiny! You can’t cook a meal for a family in that kitchen!”

“OMG that house is nowhere near safe for a baby,” remarked a third fan.

“The nursery looks like a storage room and the renovation crap is piled high in the living room.”

It’s strange that so many felt the need to point out to Joy that her house is not yet baby-ready, considering her comments in the video make it clear that she’s well aware of that fact.

“We are still doing some little things here and there,” Joy acknowledges at one point.

“The baby’s room is still getting ready,” she adds.

Joy isn’t on social media as much as some of her siblings, and the comments on her latest post probably reminded her of exactly why she keeps her distance.

Of course, the lack of posts has only led to more rumors about Joy-Anna’s “shotgun wedding,” which may be why she took a moment to debunk the rumors that she’s already given birth:

“I’m still very pregnant,” she says at one point, pausing in front of a mirror in order to offer visual evidence.

Smart move, Joy, but as you’ve likely figured out by now, people will always find something to complain about.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: Fans Believe She’s Already Given Birth!

Joy-Anna is using social media to sing the praises of her husband. In and of itself, that’s nothing suspicious, right?

But given the context of Joy-Anna’s impending due date and a lot of suspicious timing surrounding this pregnancy, fans aren’t so sure.

In fact, a number of fans believe that Joy-Anna has already given birth.

Joy-Anna Duggar took to Instagram to gush about her husband, Austin Forsyth.

“Austin, I’m so grateful for your sacrificial, Christ-like love.”

Gotta be honest, the word “sacrificial” can creep out a lot of people, but you have to remember that she lives in a fundamentalist bubble where certain words have different connotations.

“I know that through this pregnancy you’ve given and given so much to me and have never expected anything in return.”

She means throughout the pregnancy. Through works but it almost sound like she’s referring to … well, you know how babies get made, folks.

“Thank you for being my best friend! You are the greatest!!!!”

That line sounds like something that a person would scribble in a yearbook. But she continues.

She then adds a kissing lips emoji, a kissy face emoji, and a heart eyes emoji.

“I love you with all of my heart, honey!!”

She signs and tags her message:

“-your girl #sohandsome #besthusbandever”

Austin Forsyth looks like an off-brand Michael Cera, but we’ll let Austin’s alleged handsomeness and other husbandly qualities go unchallenged.

A swell of commenters replied by … well, assuming that Joy-Anna has given birth and that this Instagram post was merely “fluff” to string followers along until there’s a more “appropriate” time to announce that she’s given birth.

“Is this post to throw the haters off? To make them think you haven’t had the baby yet? Honestly i don’t care when you got pregnant i just hope your baby is healthy and you are happy forever.”

Among other things, Joy-Anna’s suspicious baby bump really reinforces the belief that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth lied about pre-marital sex and had a shotgun wedding.

But, to be clear, most of those who commented with the belief that Joy-Anna has given birth weren’t being hateful.

“Congrats on the new baby girl!”

Others seem to be setting themselves up for disappointment, because Joy-Anna isn’t likely to post photos until we get closer to the “due date.”

“Congrats! Hope you and the baby are doing well! Posts pics soon!”

Other commenters were intensely defensive of Joy-Anna.

“She’s not had the baby and its non of our business if she has.”

Yes and no. Sure, it’s her body. But she’s a reality star and public figure and pregnancies are very much a part of her family’s brand.

“She is still very much pregnant stop with the rumors.”

Some people will believe anything that the Duggars put on their website. Precious!

“She could of had it early…premie?”

That’s really cute.

“Who care if was before or after she got pregnant??? They look like a hard working couple and they will make good parents.”

To be clear, we don’t know that Joy-Anna has given birth, and neither do any of those commenters.

More importantly, the only reason that the alleged premarital sex and ensuing shotgun wedding and now the perceived fudging of the due date is even a topic of conversation is because Joy-Anna and Austin are Duggars. Sort of.

They are part of this extreme, fundamentalist fertility cult with a deeply archaic view of sex, gender, and marriage.

It’s not actually wrong to have premarital sex or to get pregnant out of wedlock. But because the views that they espouse say otherwise, many point to this as yet another instance of Duggar hypocrisy.

But you know what? Joy-Anna didn’t choose to be born into that family. Honestly, who would?


Joy-Anna Duggar Comes Clean About Due Date, Shotgun Wedding Rumors

For months now, the biggest story surrounding the Duggar clan has had to do with Joy-Anna Duggar’s pregnancy and rumors that the family is misleading fans with regard to her due date.

Reports of Joy-Anna’s “shotgun wedding” have been circulating non-stop, and to be fair, there’s a good deal of evidence to support the theory that she secretly got pregnant prior to marrying Austin Forsyth.

And the proof just keeps piling up.

Joy-Anna and Austin have admitted to breaking the “courtship rules” that her family holds dear and they rather suspiciously moved their wedding date up by several months without any explanation.

Just last week, Joy further raised eyebrows when she commented on the news that Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child.

The 20-year-old remarked that Jinger would be giving birth just six months after her, which, as many fans pointed out, doesn’t quite match up with the timeline offered by the Duggars.

The family claims Joy got pregnant on her honeymoon, which began on May 26.

If that were true, her due date would be sometime at the end of February or the beginning of March.

Earlier this week, Joy and Austin made an online baby shower registry, in which they revealed that her due date is February 22, 2018.

The revelation has Duggar fans split, with some claiming it’s evidence that Joy got pregnant before her due date, and others claiming the exact opposite.

While it’s true that Joy’s due date is less than nine months after her wedding, the news puts to rest the rumor that Joy got pregnant in March, thus prompting the rescheduling of her nuptials.

Skeptics point out that even if Joy got pregnant on her wedding night, her due date would likely be later than February 22.

Obviously, the matter is far from resolved, and it probably won’t be completely settled even after Joy gives birth.

If Joy delivers before her due date, then the nay-sayers will insist its solid evidence that she’s lying about her conception date.

Duggar loyalists will point out that every pregnancy is different, and babies arrive well ahead of schedule every day.

Either way, it’s one more controversy for a family that’s known little else in recent years.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: CONFIRMING She Got Pregnant Out of Wedlock?!

If you’re a fan of her family’s, then you’ve no doubt heard by now that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

You’re probably also aware of the rumors and allegations about Joy’s “shotgun wedding.”

The Duggars forbid all forms of premarital sexual activity, so the revelation that Joy got pregnant out of wedlock and lied about it to fans would mean yet another dent in the family’s “wholesome” image.

For the most part, the Duggars have been keeping Joy out of the spotlight in recent months, even excluding her from holiday photos, presumably as a means of avoiding further scrutiny of her much-discussed baby bump.

But in response to news that Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child, Joy joined her siblings in recording a congratulatory video that was posted on Facebook.

As usual, fans had much to say about the size of Joy’s belly, but it’s the 20-year-old’s comments about her sister’s pregnancy that really have Duggar Nation buzzing.

“Yeah I’m excited because it’s only going to be six months longer than mine,” Joy-Anna says in the video.

“That is so cool,” she adds.

Pregnancies generally all last about the same length of time, so we’re sure what Joy meant to say is that Jinger’s due date is six months after hers.

And that timeline is raising a few eyebrows today.

Duggar obsessives have managed to narrow down Jinger’s conception date, which means Joy may have given away more information than she intended to with her remarks.

In her pregnancy announcement, Jinger stated that she was not far enough along to know the sex of the baby, which means she’s probably less than 16 weeks along.

Duggar women generally wait until the end of their third trimester to announce their pregnancies, a not uncommon practice, as the likelihood of a miscarriage declines considerably at that point.

So it’s safe to say that Jinger is just over 12 weeks into her pregnancy

Which would mean that Joy is due to give birth this month.

And that would mean that Jinger’s claims that she got pregnant on her honeymoon in late May or early June are more than a little misleading.

According to the timeline she’s offering fans, Joy should only be about seven months along.

So unless she’s planning a premature birth, it would seem that Joy almost certainly got knocked up before she and Austin exchanged vows.

Some Duggar-ites believe Joy made a veiled confession in the video for the simple reason that she’s sick of keeping up the charade.

There was a time when we would’ve found that highly unlikely, but considering how much the Duggar girls have been rebelling against Jim Bob in recent months, we wouldn’t necessarily put it past her.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: CAUGHT Lying About Pre-Marital Sex?!

Ever since the world learned that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child, speculation that the 20-year-old is lying about her date of conception has run rampant.

Joy says she got pregnant just days after marrying Austin Forsyth.

Fans believe she’s lying with the full support of her family.

The Duggars strictly forbid just about all forms of physical contact prior to marriage, so the revelation that one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters got pregnant out of wedlock would be hugely damaging to the family’s wholesome image.

Joy and Austin have admitted to breaking “courtship rules” in the months leading up to their marriage, but the Duggars dating guidelines are so strict that that could mean they simply held hands for too long.

When Joy announced her pregnancy with an Instagram photo, many fans voiced their opinion that she appeared to be further along than the 3-month point that she claimed.

The fact that she spent much of the past month avoiding the spotlight only seemed to lend further credence to claims that she’s not being entirely truthful about the timeline of her pregnancy.

Joy was absent from the Duggars’ Thanksgiving photo, and she didn’t appear in any of the pics the family posted for Christmas.

Yesterday, she posted the above photo to Instagram, along with a caption reading, “Christmas date night!”

It was the first pic she posted in which her midsection is visible since November 11.

That’s a major break from Duggar tradition, as Joy’s older sisters thoroughly documented every step of their pregnancies on social media.

Naturally, fans were quick to put Joy’s latest photo under a microscope in order to determine if she’s any further along than she claims.

(Joy claims she got pregnant in May, and she’s stated that she’s expected to give birth in February.)

Radar Online had the photo examined by Dr. Sean Henry, a gynecologist and women’s health blogger, who, it should be noted, has not treated Joy personally.

“She looks like 32 weeks or so,” Dr. Henry tells the site.

That’s roughly two weeks further along than Joy claims she is.

Can Dr. Henry make such an exact determination simply by looking at a single photo?

It’s a question that’s currently being hotly debated amongst Duggar fans on social media.

And it’s one that likely won’t be resolved until Joy gives birth–and perhaps not even then.

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Joy-Anna Duggar Due Date Is Being “Kept Private” By Family, Source Confirms

Back in August, Joy-Anna Duggar announced that she’s pregnant and ever since, fans have been regarding her claims about her conception date with serious skepticism.

According to Joy, she got pregnant just days after marrying Austin Forsyth.

When she made her announcement, the 20-year-old newlywed stated that she was roughly three months along. 

Fans cried foul and began speculating that Joy had gotten pregnant out of wedlock and was misleading the public in hopes of concealing that fact.

To the theorists’ credit, there’s an awful lot of evidence to support that claim.

Before their wedding, Joy-Anna and Austin admitted to breaking her family’s “courtship rules,” but did not go into detail with regard to the extent of their violation.

(Joy’s family is so strict that they may have broken the rules simply by holding hands for too long.)

So from the start, fans suspected Joy and Austin of defying her parents by engaging in premarital sex.

The fact that Joy sported a sizable baby bump in her announcement photo only added fuel to the fire.

In the months since, speculation has only grown, with several tabloid outlets speaking with doctors who examined photos and confirmed that Joy is further along than she claims.

Now, we’re being presented with perhaps the most compelling evidence to date that the Duggars have something to hide, thanks to  a family insider who’s confirmed to Radar Online that Joy’s due date is being kept under wraps.

“They don’t really want the due date shared,” the insider says. 

“They prefer to keep it private.”

Joy’s mother and several of her sisters and sisters-in-law have gotten pregnant in the public eye, and this is the first time that any of them has made any effort to keep their due date a secret.

Earlier this week, we learned that Joy will not reveal the gender of her baby, and many fans believe the reason is that Duggar gender reveals are typically accompanied by dated sonogram photos.

Obviously, if Joy is misleading fans about her date of conception, it would be difficult for her to post any such medical information without giving herself away.

It’s impossible to say with absolute certainty that the Duggars are being less than truthful with regard to when Joy’s pregnancy began.

But each new day seems to bring new evidence to that effect.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: Ready to Give Birth Any Day Now?

If you’re a fan of her famous family, then you’ve no doubt heard by now that Joy-Anna Duggar is pregnant with her first child.

And you’re probably also aware that there’s a great deal of controversy surrounding Joy-Anna’s date of conception.

The Duggars claim that Joy-Anna got pregnant on one of the first days of her honeymoon after marrying Austin Forsyth back in May.

That would put her at about seven months along, with a due date in February.

However, some fans believe Joy is much further along than she claims, and may be due before the end of the year.

If Joy did get pregnant out of wedlock, it’s not hard to see why the Duggars would do their best to keep it under wraps.

The family’s famous “courtship rules” make up a big part of the godly, wholesome image that’s so appealing to their most devoted fans.

A premarital pregnancy wouldn’t be as devastating to that image as the Josh Duggar sex scandals, but it certainly wouldn’t do the Duggars any favors.

As such, you can bet that the Joy-Anna’s parents would do everything in their power to hide it from the press if it turned out she and Austin engaged in premarital sex.

Many fans believe the effort to keep the truth under wraps consumes most of the Duggars time these days, hence why filming for the next season of Counting On has been delayed.

They also point to other signs that they say serve as obvious indications of a conspiracy.

The latest, they claim, is the secrecy around the gender of Joy-Anna’s baby.

Typically, pregnant Duggar women eagerly reveal on social media whether they’re having a boy or a girl, usually along with an ultrasound photo.

According to In Touch Weekly, Joy-Anna has decided not to share the news publicly.

Naturally, many are convinced that the decision is yet another sign the Duggars are eager to keep fans at arm’s length with regard to Joy’s pregnancy.

Obviously, a sonogram would be the clearest evidence to date of Joy-Anna’s due date, and conspiracy theorists would be quick to pounce if the fetus were any bigger than most.

Like most of the signs that Joy-Anna got pregnant earlier than she claims, it’s hardly concrete evidence, but it’s more than enough for fans who want to believe she got knocked up before 

Doctors who have examined photos of her have confirmed that Joy-Anna appears to be further along than she claims.

It should be noted, however, that none of the physicians who have made this claim has actually examined Joy.

The question of when exactly Joy got pregnant may never be resolved to the satisfaction of some Duggar obsessives, which means the matter will likely be debated for years to come.

We’re sure the Duggars are thrilled.

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Jana & Joy-Anna Duggar Drop Clue That Counting On Is NOT Canceled!

For several weeks now, we’ve been hearing reports that the Duggar family’s reality show, Counting On, had been canceled amidst declining ratings and growing controversy.

The rumor was the result of little more than silence from both the Duggars and TLC with regard to a renewal of the long-running series, but that was enough to send some fans into a state of premature mourning.

After all, if the show had been canceled, it wouldn’t come as too much of a shock.

Criticism of the Duggars has grown louder in recent months thanks to transphobic comments made by Derick Dillard during a series of bizarre social media tirades.

But the family has survived countless scandals in the past, and it looks as though the Duggars will successfully weather this latest storm, as well.

According to a new post from the ever-popular Duggar news Facebook page Life Is Not All Pickles and Hairspray, Joy-Anna and Jana Duggar were recently spotted filming scenes at an Arkansas beauty salon.

The page even posted photo evidence to prove that the girls are currently filming:

Pickles and Hairspray also shared an extensive list of things that we can expect to see on the show this season, along with a few things we most certainly will not see.

That list includes, of course, Josh Duggar and Derick Dillard (the former is still in exile, the latter has either been fired by TLC or quit the show of his own volition, depending on whom you believe).

Apparently, we also won’t see any of the Duggar girls wearing pants, even though several of Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters have been favoring a more modern sartorial style in recent months.

The page sardonically informs fans that they also won’t be seeing, “The real religious views of the Duggars even though they consider the show their Christian ministry.”

Burn. Needless to say, Pickles isn’t exactly Jim Bob’s favorite Facebook page.

But hey, Duggar fans are likely just ecstatic that they’ll soon be treated to another season of fundamentalist hijinks.

There’s been no official word regarding a premiere date as of yet, but TLC sources have indicated that the show will return in spring of 2018.

Watch Counting On online to get caught up in time for what should be a gloriously Derick-less season.


Joy-Anna Duggar: New Baby Bump Photo Sparks Suspicions

When Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth got married back in May, fans of Joy’s famous family were full of questions.

The biggest mystery surrounded the date of the nuptials.

For some reason, Joy and Austin moved their wedding from October to May, and never offered an explanation as to why.

Three months later, Joy-Anna announced her pregnancy, and everything started to make sense.

Fans reasoned that Joy and Austin had violated the famous Duggar courtship rules by engaging in premarital sex.

The rescheduled wedding was viewed as an attempt to conceal the fact that Joy had gotten pregnant before saying “I do.”

The fact that Joy-Anna has all but disappeared from public view in recent weeks hasn’t helped her family’s efforts to convince Counting On viewers that she waited to have sex until after she was married.

Joy and Austin were both absent from this year’s Duggar Thanksgiving photo, but it’s possible that they simply decided to join Austin’s family for the holiday.

Whatever the case, the effort to keep Joy out of the spotlight has done little to silence suspicious fans, many of whom have done some digging to unearth what they believe is solid evidence of Joy’s premarital conception:

That’s a photo from Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell’s wedding that took place back in September.

As many fans have pointed out, Joy would have been about four months pregnant at that point, but it looks as though she may be further along here.

“That bump is NOT 4 months,” tweeted one viewer. “She’s at least 6 months pregnant!”

Duggar defenders have repeatedly used the “every pregnancy is different” argument to explain what appear to be discrepancies in the timeline of Joy’s pregnancy.

But the evidence that Joy isn’t being entirely truthful does seem to keep piling up.

Some skeptics point to an October Instagram post in which Joy stated that she could already feel the baby kick.

Doctors say first-time mothers generally don’t “until closer to 25 weeks.”

Again, not exactly solid evidence that Joy got pregnant out of wedlock, but it’s not hard to see why so many are suspicious. 

Several medical professionals have stated that Joy-Anna is further along than she claims, but their opinions are based only on photos of the 20-year-old mom-to-be.

Whatever the case, you can be sure that if Joy and Austin did engage in premarital sex, the Duggars will continue to do their damnedest to cover it up.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: Has She Already Given Birth?!

Duggar conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen.

Not a week goes by that we don’t learn of some wild new hypothesis about the largest family on television.

These days, most of the social media chatter has to do with 20-year-old Joy-Anna Duggar, who’s currently pregnant with her first child.

Joy married Austin Forsyth in May, and she announced that she’s expecting just three months later.

Right off the bat, fans were skeptical about the timeline.

The belief is that Joy got pregnant before her wedding, and due to the Duggars’ strict ban on premarital sex, she lied about her date of conception.

It certainly wouldn’t be the most elaborate Duggar conspiracy we’ve seen.

Of course, the jig would be more or less up once Joy-Anna gave birth ahead of schedule and confirmed the theory that she’d gotten knocked up before saying “I do,” right?

Well, not if the Duggars keep the delivery under wraps until the appropriate time.

That’s a photo of Joy that appeared on her Instagram page earlier this week.

“Heading down to Mississippi for a wedding,” she captioned the pic.

As with everything Joy does, fans were quick to respond with a tidal wave of feedback:

“She is glowing! Beautiful,” wrote one follower.

“Joy, you look so beautiful with no makeup,” echoed another.

But amidst all the praise was some serious skepticism prompted by, of all things, the lack of bloating in Joy’s face.

“She doesn’t look pregnant here. They are hiding something,” commented one fan.

“Joy doesn’t even look pregnant in this pic,” wrote another.

Yes, on the basis of a photo that shows us nothing other than her face, fans have jumped to all sorts of conclusions.

Many are actually convinced that Joy secretly gave birth several weeks ago, and her family is planning to keep the news under wraps in order to stick with their original timeline.

Is it a ridiculous theory?

Of course! In fact, in most cases we would dismiss right off the bat, but it’s worth remembering that these are the same Duggars who kept Josh’s sex crimes under wraps for over a decade.

They’re basically what would happen if you combined the Waltons with a team of super-spies.

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