Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth: Dark Relationship Secrets Revealed (Exclusive)

Earlier this week, reports that Austin Forsyth had behaved abusively toward his wife, Joy-Anna Duggar, made their way across the social media landscape.

The allegations were based primarily on what Counting On fans had witnessed both on the show and in web exclusives posted by TLC.

To be clear, Austin has not been accused of physically abusing Joy-Anna, but viewers who claim they’re able to recognize the signs from firsthand experience say that Austin has repeatedly demonstrated behavior that’s typical of men who perpetrate emotional and verbal abuse.

A former employee of the Duggars who spoke exclusively with The Hollywood Gossip tells us that many who know the Forsyth family best would not be the least bit surprised to learn that Austin is sometimes overly-harsh in his interactions with his young wife.

Our source claims that like Joy, Austin was raised in an extremely strict household.

And it seems the harsh lessons he learned from his overbearing father may have irreparably damaged the young man’s views on relationships:

“His father governs everything that he does, from cutting cows to doing whatever,” the source tells THG, adding that Terry Forsyth offered his son a bizarre ultimatum when Austin requested permission to begin courting Joy:

“He couldn’t date Joy-Anna until he flipped five houses,” the insider says. “Austin had to flip and sell five houses before he’d be allowed to date.

“He went to his dad, and he said, ‘What do I need to do?’ and his dad said, ‘You need to flip five houses before you can court.'”

Though Austin was already a grown man at the time, such parental demands are not entirely uncommon in the Duggars’ world, a place where there’s no such thing as casual dating, and courting is viewed as a prelude to marriage.

However, like the man himself, Terry’s request of his son was viewed as unnecessarily harsh.

But even before he set such a difficult challenge before Austin, Terry was something of a controversial figure around the Springdale, Arkansas community:

“Terry, he’s on his second marriage, and I still haven’t figured this one out yet, he’s an officer in Paul [Caldwell]’s church, and you can’t be an officer in the church if you’ve been divorced,” the source tells us.

“Austin is a prime candidate for mental abuse, because I’m sure he’s been totally mentally browbeat.”

The insider elaborates:

“I guarantee [Joy] is at his beck and call. To me, she really has no life with Austin. She’s just gonna be a baby factory.”

Fortunately, the source says, Joy is so highly-regarded in her hometown, that if Austin ever crosses the line into physical abuse, he’ll pay dearly.

“If he does abuse her in any way, there won’t be nowhere he can hide,” the informant tells us.

As for the question of whether or not Joy got pregnant before marriage, our source says those who know the couple best believe there’s a distinct possibility those rumors are true.

“She’d been alone with him several times. They got caught several times,” says the tipster.

“I caught them kissing outside the garage door one night. They were standing in this little area where the cameras weren’t, and she went up and kissed him.

“I yelled out, ‘What’s going on over there?’ I mean to tell you, they ran like scared rabbits,” our source says.

The insider continued:

“About an hour later I was in the garage, and Austin came up to me and said, ‘We’re only human, you know.’

“I said, ‘I know you’re human. But when you make rules, you need to follow them.'”

On the question of whether or not Joy and Austin broke the rules of courtship in more serious fashion, the insider says:

“She may have had sex before they were married.

“She ain’t no sexpot, don’t get me wrong, but she was ready to be married.”

Asked for a final impression of Austin, our source said simply:

“He doesn’t have a backbone. He doesn’t have a whole lot of common sense.”

It sounds like Austin should have no trouble getting along with some of Jim Bob’s other sons-in-law.

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Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth Head to Therapy Amidst Abuse Claims

It’s only been less than a year since Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth, but it seems the newlyweds are already experiencing some rough patches.

Earlier this week, for example, accusations that Austin had abused Joy made their way across social media.

Now, the Forsyths are reportedly addressing their issues head-on with a trip to a marriage counseling retreat.

Of course, the Duggars don’t believe in traditional forms of therapy, so Joy and Austin’s options are limited.

Any help that they seek must be rooted in their religious beliefs, and they’re obligated to keep it all in the family for secrecy’s sake.

As a result, the young couple is pushing conflict of interest concerns to the side and seeking help at a retreat hosted by Austin’s parents.

”Getting some work done at camp. We have the Spring Marriage Retreat coming up on April 20-22, come hear Austin and I share our testimony,” an ad on the Forsyth’s website reads.

The retreat promises “powerful truths from scripture encouraging couples to strive for a marriage the way God designed it to be….Coupled with team building activities, and humorous games, these 2 night, 3 day events are perfect for rekindling, reviving and renewing any love story!”

It sounds like pretty lighthearted stuff … and perhaps that’s the problem.

Joy and Austin aren’t looking to rekindle the flame ahead of their silver anniversary.

These are two very young people who didn’t get to spend any time alone together until their honeymoon, and who welcomed their first child almost exactly nine months after tying the knot.

Now the difference in their personalities is abundantly clear to fans, and it’s reached the point where Austin’s constant annoyance with Joy’s childlike personality has allegedly pushed him into verbal abuse territory.

Unfortunately, they live in a world where even if they decided they’re both miserable and horribly ill-suited for one another, divorce is simply not an option.

Joy and Austin don’t need trust falls and couples archery; they need real treatment for a licensed therapist.

Unfortunately, that sort of thing simply doesn’t fly in Duggar Land.

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Austin Forsyth Accused of Abusing Joy-Anna Duggar

It’s been nearly one year since Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth, but fans are just now getting a glimpse at the couple’s relationship dynamic thanks to the most recent season of Counting On.

And many viewers don’t like what they’re seeing.

As In Touch Weekly points out, fans on Reddit’s Duggar-related message boards believe that Austin has demonstrated signs of abusive and controlling behavior in his interactions with Joy.

“I think Austin is a creep. I really think he is at the very least emotionally abusive,” writes one viewer.

“He seems super controlling and Joy just looks to him for answers to everything.

“She is so used to obeying her parents without question, and being so young and brainwashed makes her so vulnerable to domestic abuse.”

The same fan goes on to accuse Austin of taking advantage of Joy’s indecisive nature.

“She was so indecisive with wedding details and seems like a really naive little girl. Austin just gives off dark vibes to me on the YouTube clips — thoughts?”

Another fan agreed with the assessment, pointing out that the Duggar women are especially vulnerable to abuse due to the fact that they’re taught from a young age to be fully subservient to the men in their lives.

“He’s a 100% in the right place to be at least emotionally abusive since Joy does not have a mind of her own and always looks to him whenever they are asked a question.

“Plus she’s only 20 and a lot less knowledgeable (and she acts it too) than he is.”

Another adds, “I can see him being abusive to his Gideon and the rest of his future kids for sure because of the Pearl tips.”

The last comment refers to the controversial child-rearing methods espoused by Debi and Michael Pearl.

The Pearls advocate “blanket training” and other disciplinary techniques that involve using objects to strike children as young as 6 months old.

Austin’s family recently hosted a seminar from the Pearls, and Joy and Austin are on record as supporting their controversial views.

However, some fans think this is simply a case in which Austin is being condemned as a result of his personality, not his actions.

Duggar children are taught to keep smiles on their faces at all times, and thus, when someone with a slightly less giddy demeanor arrives on the scene, they might seem disgruntled by contrast.

“I think he’s a very serious and cold person, which can give off the wrong impression initially,” remarks one Reddit user.

“I personally don’t believe he would ever hit Joy (although he does believe in the Pearl training method, which is a type of physical abuse), but I definitely can see him belittling/talking down to her if he gets annoyed or she does something he doesn’t like.”

Another echoed that sentiment, suggesting that Austin may simply not be as comfortable on camera as his in-laws:

“No I don’t, I think he’s just very guarded as he hasn’t been around the cameras for anywhere near as long as the Duggars so isn’t comfortable and hasn’t let his guard down yet,” the user wrote.

Yes, Austin certainly behaves very differently than the Duggars – but the jury’s still out on whether that’s a breath of fresh air or cause for concern.

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Joy-Anna Duggar Confesses: My Parents’ Religion Is Too Strict!

Back in May of 2017, Joy-Anna Duggar married Austin Forsyth.

Just nine months later, Joy welcomed her first child.

Needless to say, at just 20 years old, Joy is already eagerly following in the footsteps of her mother and older sisters by devoting her life to marriage and motherhood in accordance with her family’s religious views.

But it seems she wasn’t always thrilled with the prospect of keeping the faith.

In a newly released preview of tonight’s episode of Counting On, Joy is seen giving a heartfelt speech the rehearsal dinner for Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell’s wedding.

It seems Joy and Joe share a special bond, and he helped through an extraordinarily difficult period in her youth.

As she reveals in her speech, Joy had some serious doubts about the religious beliefs that shaped her upbringing, and Joe was both a guiding light and a source of love and support during this uncertain time.

“I can’t speak and cry. It’s terrible. First of all I want to say that Joe, I’m so thankful for you,” Joy says in her speech.

“You really did change my life.”

Joy goes on to reveal that her crisis of faith made her feel like an outsider at times, and Joe was always quick to remind her that she still belongs:

“Just through my teen years, I think I was having a hard time taking my parents’ faith as my own and you really befriended me as an older brother, and [were] the first in the morning to say ‘I love you’ and ‘What are you going to do today?’ and stuff like that,” she says.

“It just really meant a lot to me.”

It doesn’t sound like Joy ever fully abandoned her parents’ belief system or explored other faiths, but this is the first time that one of Michelle and Jim Bob’s children has admitted to harboring doubts about the beliefs that dominate all aspects of life in the Duggar home.

It’s a reminder that Joy once seemed to be the Duggar most likely “break away” and pursue a life far from her parents’ home that looked very different from the environment she was raised in.

A tomboy who seemed more interested in sports and the outdoors than marriage and family, Joy seemed to have little interest in pursuing the life that had been assigned to her at birth.

Needless to say, these days she’s given up the struggle and seems happy in her pious, domestic life she’s built for herself.

Her parents are likely thrilled – but it’s a disappointing turn of events for many Duggar fans.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: Look at My Precious Son!!!

There have been a lot of questions surrounding the pregnancy of Joy-Anna Duggar.

Foremost among them?

Did the strict Catholic get pregnant before marriage?

This rumor continues to make the Internet rounds simply based on math and logic.

Considering the timing of Duggar confirming that she was engaged to Austin Forsyth last year… and then the confirmation that she was married and … then pregnant, an act that she says took place during the couple’s honey moon…

… many fans have been wondering whether this timeline adds up.

Might Joy-Anna and Austin have not just broken the strict Duggar courtship rules that require essentially no physical contact prior to marriage, but utterly destroyed them?

Could they have engaged in premarital sex?!?

We’ll likely never know for certain, but there’s at least one question no one out there is asking.

There’s no debate circulating around son Gideon himself, who was born to Joy-Anna and Austin in late February.

The little guy is simply angelic, full stop. Case closed.

To hammer this precious point home, Joy-Anna shared the above photo on Instagram over the weekend.

As you can likely surmise, it features Gideon on his one-month birthday, a milestone that would cause any parent to sit back and reflect.

“Time sure does fly! It’s hard to believe Gideon is already 1 month old!,” wrote his famous mother as a caption, adding the hashtag #GideonMartynForsyth.

The reality stars shared the following snapshot of their first-born shortly after he entered the world and continue to also share their journey to parenthood each week on new episodes of TLC’s Counting On.

“We are blessed beyond measure with the arrival of our son, Gideon Martyn Forsyth,” the couple said in a statement upon telling universe that their baby was here.

He measured 22 inches long and weighed a massive 10 pounds, three ounces when he was born.

(Editor’s Note: That is one HUGE baby! We’re oh so very sorry, Joy-Anna.)

Added the Forsyths at the time:

“Looking at our child for the first time was such an incredible moment! God is so good, and we are both so thankful.”

The couple was married for 39 weeks prior to becoming parents, claiming, as mentioned above, that they had sex for the first time the night of their wedding and got pregnant during this same act.

Which is certainly conceivable.

But you can understand why a handful of social media users out there are skeptical.

Gideon, meanwhile, marks the 10th grandchild in the Duggar family… and the eighth boy.

To date, Jessa Duggar Seewald and Jill Duggar Dillard have only given birth to boys; while Anna Duggar, Josh Duggar’s poor wife, is the only family member who has given birth to girls.

(She’s also the only family member married to an admitted child molestor.)

Looking ahead, the Duggars are expecting two more grandchildren this year, as Kendra Caldwell Duggar and Jinger Duggar Vuolo are both pregnant. 

Jinger has not revealed if she will be having a boy or a girl, but Kendra has told fans she is expecting a son.

You can click on the above photo gallery to get to know Joy-Anna a little better.

And on the video below to get to know her son a little better.

He’s so very cute!


Joy-Anna Duggar: Jill & Jessa Are My Mom Idols!

Last month, Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed her first child, a son named Gideon.

Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest challenges, but fortunately, when it comes to being a mom, Joy has plenty of role models to turn to.

In a new interview with Us magazine, Joy opens up about the ways in which Jill and Jessa Duggar’s parenting skills made her more confident about starting a family of her own.

“I’ve seen their consistency and diligence and I can apply those things to my life and into my parenting,” she tells the mag.

Joy married Austin Forsyth back in May, and she got pregnant almost immediately afterward.

By contrast, her sister Jinger Duggar was married to Jeremy Vuolo for over a year before she announced that she’s expecting.

But despite the very different paths to motherhood they’ve taken, Jinger and Joy both look to their older sisters for encouragement and inspiration.

Jinger Duggar is expecting her first child at the moment, and she also says her older sisters have been instrumental in helping her prepare for first-time motherhood.

Jinger says that while she shares Joy’s respect for her sisters’ work ethic, she feels the most valuable thing she learned from her older siblings is the importance of self-care for new moms:

“If you need to take a nap or lay down in the middle of the day, don’t feel bad,” Jinger tells the tabloid.

Jinger’s exact due date isn’t known, but her pregnancy overlapped with Joy’s and she remembers that time as uniquely special:

“It’s been a really unique experience in that we’re getting to share all of the different changes that our bodies are going through and can talk about them and encourage each other. It’s definitely been nice,” Jinger reveals.

Adding to the excitement is the fact that the girls’ sister-in-law, Kendra Caldwell, is also pregnant.

Kendra married Joseph Duggar back in September of 2017, and like Joy, she commenced the business of starting a family right away.

All three women say the experience of being pregnant together has helped them form a deeper bond.

And we’re sure they’ll remain as tight as Jill and Jessa are as the years go on.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: See Her Post-Baby Body!

It hasn’t quite been a month since Joy-Anna Duggar gave birth to her son, Gideon Forsyth.

Now, however, the family has posted a photo that shows off Joy-Anna’s post-baby body, unobscured by her precious newborn son.

Take a look!

We’ve seen a couple of glimpses of Joy-Anna after her difficult childbirth.

Mostly, we’ve seen Joy-Anna cradling little Gideon with her husband by her side. That gives you little to no idea of how her body is recovering from the pregnancy or the major surgery.

Below, however, fans can see her figure, just weeks after her attempt to give birth at home backfired and forced her to have her baby in a hospital with doctors — and surgeons.

Gideon was a breech baby, and she had to undergo a C-section in order for him to be born safely.

Thanks to the wonders of medical technology, he was, and both baby and mother are alive to tell the tale. (Well, Gideon isn’t saying anything just yet, but you get the idea)

Take a look at how the new mother is doing after that ordeal of a chidlbirth.

Unlike in previous photos, fans can see Joy-Anna standing up and facing the camera directly.

She’s arguably a little bundled up … but only a little. Healing will take time, but right now, Joy-Anna looks like she’s made great strides towards recovering.

And her figure looks wonderful.

The Duggar family’s official Facebook page shared this photo of Austin, Joy-Anna, Michelle, and Jim Bob.

In the captions, they (most likely Michelle) wrote:

“This time last year, these two were engaged and we started wedding planning! Now, they are happily married with a precious son! #SoBlessed”

Fans were quick to notice and express their appreciation.

Though some Counting On fans had slammed Joy-Anna for having a child at such a young age, there were plenty of positive comments under the new photo of the mother with her family.

“Absolutely THRILLED for them… their sweet Gideon looks just like his very proud daddy.. and Joy is just beaming with joy over her sweet son …one precious happy family!!!!”

Gideon was not actually in the photo, but that fan just couldn’t help but mention the adorable baby.

“My husband and I did the same thing: engaged in October, married in March, baby in November. Now we’re 11 years in and still madly in love! Oh and we have seven kids.”

It has long been rumored that Joy-Anna got pregnant before marriage, though timetables show that it’s possible that she became pregnant on her honeymoon.

“What a precious family you have! Having Jesus at the head of it like you all do is the most important thing in this lifetime!”

As diehard fundamentalist Christians, the Duggars are of the same mind as this particular commenter.

It’s of course wonderful to see that Joy-Anna is recovering from her pregnancy.

Some fans, however, continue to debate whether she actually gave birth when she said that she did, and suspect that Joy-Anna gave birth earlier and that her family helped to cover it up to save face.

That sounds absurd, right? Reality stars will do a lot of things to preserve their brand, but … fudging their child’s birth date?

But for the Duggars, this is about more than just branding.

They believe that they each have a religious obligation to avoid sexual activity before marriage. Some can understand how, given recent scandals, they might try to bury the shotgun wedding rumors presenting the childbirth a month later.

It still sounds bonkers, but you have to remember that the whole family rehearsed Joy-Anna’s childbirth. They’re reality stars and they’ve covered up family secrets before.

Some fans didn’t react to Joy-Anna’s post-baby body or even her status as a new mother when they saw that photo.

Instead, they couldn’t resist deriding Michelle Duggar for describing Gideon as “precious” in the captions.

It’s a running joke among Counting On viewers that Michelle knows very few words aside from “precious,” because she uses it so often.

Obviously, we all fall into speech patterns. It doesn’t necessarily denote any shortcomings in anyone’s vocabulary.

Of course, many criticize Jim Bob for keeping his children uneducated, so perhaps that running joke isn’t entirely wrong.


Joy-Anna Duggar: Caught FAKING Birth Scene For Counting On Cameras?!

From the moment that Joy-Anna Duggar announced she was pregnant, fans of her famous family suspected that something was afoot.

Rumors about Joy-Anna’s “shotgun wedding” persisted for months after she and Austin Forsyth tied the knot, and many still believe the 20-year-old got pregnant before getting married.

When Joy welcomed her first child last month, it was widely viewed as a validation of her version of events.

The delivery date was consistent with the timeline Joy had claimed from the start, and it seemed she was finally proven right after six months of scrutiny.

Now, however, new questions are arising thanks to a Counting On web episode which details Joy’s delivery.

At one point in the episode, Ben Seewald is seen reacting to news that Joy was experiencing complications.

“A C-section is always tough,” Ben tells the camera at one point.

“Definitely not what she was hoping, but we’ll see how it goes from here.”

Ben’s scenes take place at Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s house.

He’s seen rocking his own son in his arms and sharing the news of the birth with little Spurgeon.

“Spurgeon, can you say a boy?” he coos to the 2-year-old.

It’s all very sweet and innocent – or at least it would be if it weren’t staged and scripted.

As many Duggar obsessives have pointed out on social media, Ben and Jessa uploaded a congratulatory video on the day that Joy announced the birth.

In the clip, Ben states that Jessa shared the news with him after he returned home from work.

So he didn’t find out about the birth at Michelle and Jim Bob’s house, and he certainly wasn’t with his in-laws, receiving updates on the delivery in real time.

Obviously, reality shows shoot scripted scenes all the time, and none of this indicates conclusively that Joy was lying about the date of her conception or delivery.

But for obvious reasons, it’s not exactly helping her credibility with skeptical Duggar fans.

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Joy-Anna Duggar: Frightening Pregnancy Complications Revealed?

On February 23rd, Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed her baby with Austin Forsyth.

Joy-Anna is excited about motherhood, but fans were surprised to learn that her baby was born, not at home, but in a hospital.

When fans understand the risks involved with home births, however, they may understand why Joy-Anna put her safety above her family’s traditions.

When Joy-Anna and Austin welcomed their baby son and firstborn into the world, they didn’t just add to the every-growing horde of Duggar grandchildren.

They also may have quashed those premarital sex rumors once and for all, since Gideon Martyn Forsyth’s date of birth means that it’s most likely that he was conceived on their honeymoon.

Yes, that sounds unbelievable, but some people are intensely fertile, so it is possible.

Gideon was born at 10 pounds and 3 ounces (ouch!) and, to the surprise of many fans, he was born in a hospital.

This defied the expectations that many fans had held that Joy-Anna would have a home birth.

Despite what members of the Duggar fertility cult may enjoy about home births, giving birth in a hospital where you can reap the benefits of modern medicine is actually a much, much better idea.

Dr. Mary Jane Minkin spoke to People about the health risks associated with home births.

“There are many risks to having a baby.”

That is very true. Complications can arise. Tearing can happen. And sometimes, childbirth just doesn’t work out without medical intervention.

People who give birth at home are gambling with the life of the mother and of her child.

Dr. Minkin continues as she describes specific hazards that make home births so potentially dangerous.

“Some women will not be able to deliver their babies through their pelvic bones.”

The skeleton rearranges during pregnancy (ouch), but that’s not always enough.

“If that occurs, most of the time the cervix will stop dilating and the baby will not descend into the birth canal.”

That’s a nightmare situation, but it happens.

“Then a transfer to a hospital would be necessary.”

Doctors are equipped to deal with the situation.

“Sometimes we can give the woman medicine to strengthen her contractions. Other times, administration of pain relief such as an epidural anesthetic can help.”

And of course there’s always the alternative to vaginal birth.

“Or maybe we do need to do a Caesarean. Obviously all of these necessitate a medical facility.”

There is another scenario, in which the baby’s head will fit into the birth canal but the baby’s shoulders will not. This is called shoulder dystocia

“When that happens in the hospital, we shout out to get ‘all hands on deck’ and have our colleagues come to lend a hand; we also have our anesthesiologists rush up to help get the woman more relaxed to see if that could help.”

Hospitals are uniquely equipped for that situation.

“But at home we don’t have the extra pairs of hands available.”

Generally, at home one doesn’t have an anesthesiologist, either.

Dr. Minkin continues to warn against the dangers of home birth.

“Fortunately these scenarios are uncommon, but they can happen. And at home there isn’t much you can do.”

She does mention that, if comfort is a concern, many hospitals have LDR suites designed for delivery in more comfortable surroundings.

“These are rooms in a hospital that are a part of a labor [L] floor, but they look much more like a bedroom at home, with some special equipment in the closets!”

The comforts of home but the medical resources of hospitals.

“You can labor in this bedroom, with family or friends, and deliver [D] in the bed, just like you could at home. The R refers to recovery, so you can stay with your baby in the room, as long as everything is fine.”

Doctors can monitor for things that people at home might not even recognize.

“And you can have close monitoring to make sure there isn’t extra bleeding.”

Dr. Minkin is very experienced with childbirth. She understands the need to make accommodations for the comfort of the family.

“I started delivering babies in 1973 — at that point we were just starting to have dads come in to the delivery room.”

There were periods in time, if historical records are to be believed, in which even rulers and kings were forbidden from the delivery room.

That has now changed.

“We have been trying since to make the experience of a delivery more comfortable for our patients, without sacrificing any safety for the family.”

With hospitals finding that balance, one wonders why some remain so determined to give birth at home.

It’s a good thing that Joy-Anna is apparently wiser than so many members of her family.

With a baby weighing over 10 pounds, the hospital is the place to be.


Joy-Anna Duggar Opens Up About Motherhood: I’m So Excited!

It’s an exciting time in the Duggar clan.

News out of Tontitown is arriving so fast these days that even diehard fans can barely keep up.

But despite all the courtships, engagements, weddings, and births, the Duggars will always find time to give a proper introduction to their newest addition:

Last month, Joy-Anna Duggar welcomed her first child, a boy named Gideon Martyn Forsyth.

In a video posted on TLC’s website today, Joy and husband Austin Forsyth can be seen gushing about their bundle of joy as they introduce him to fans:

“We are so happy to announce the arrival of our baby, Gideon Martyn Forsyth,” Joy tells the camera.

“We chose Gideon because it’s a strong biblical name and the character in the bible was someone who was willing to follow the Lord, and he was a strong leader,” Austin says. 

“And Martyn is my middle name, and it was my granddad’s on my mother’s side middle name, so, we just thought our firstborn should have my middle name.”

Joy goes on to detail the many ways in which she and Austin are thrilled with their new arrival:

“I think Austin’s really excited to have a baby boy because he’s been wanting to have someone to take to work and to go do a lot of different hobbies and to teach him all the skills that Austin knows,”

“And I’m excited because, I don’t know … he’s just our baby.”

From there, Joy delves into the flood of emotions that accompanied the arrival of her firstborn:

“I think being first time parents is really indescribable. I think everybody that has a baby goes through this feeling of just being so proud and so thankful to have a little one.

“It’s very humbling having a life depending on you,” Austin adds.

Joy goes on to say that while first-time motherhood has presented a wealth of challenges, she wouldn’t trade the experience for the world:

“The first few days have been really good,” she tells fans.

“Gideon, he likes to eat a lot. He sleeps a lot during the day and is up a lot during the night. So I’m trying to switch that around, but he’s done really good.”

Joy concludes her video by thanking fans for their “support and encouragement”

Hey, maybe now that the baby is here and healthy and happy, fans will focus on that instead of circulating those “shotgun wedding” rumors about Joy and Austin.

We kid, of course.

Sadly, that will never happen.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem that the Forsyths are terribly bothered by such reports.

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