June Shannon: I’m Ready to Marry Geno Doak!

Do you hear that, From Not to Hot viewers?

Do you recognize that sound?

Oh, yes, it's the ringing of wedding bells, which may very soon be going off all around June Shannon.

On this week's all-new episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, the mother of four opens up to her sister, telling this sibling that she wants to tie the knot with Geno Doak…

… in Las Vegas!

The veteran reality star and Doak went public with their relationship early in 2018.

Geno actually has four children of his own, and he runs a home remodeling business.

He actually dated Shannon briefly in 2015, keeping in semi-close contact with her ever since, prior to reigniting the romance a few months ago.

“I never thought about marriage until I met Geno. And you know I proposed to him,” Mama June tells her sister, Doe Doe, in the sneak peek featured here.

Why is she so strongly considering this committment now?

“It’s just time for Alana to have that real family connection,” June says about her youngest daughter, who will be Dancing with the Stars this fall.

“Alana needs this," June adds.

Honey Boo Boo had previously told Us Weekly that she's glad her mom has hooked up with Doak, telling the tabloid:

"I'm very proud that Mama got with him because she smiles if you say anything about him. I'm like, 'Mama has been so happy!'"

As for the location of her desired wedding?

Shannon objects to Doe Doe's belief that Sin City isn't exactly the ideal city in which to exchange vows.

“Vegas is the perfect place to get hitched to my man,” Shannon says. “Geno loves surprises, so he’s going to love it… I’m going to put a ring on it."

The thing is, Shannon's older daughter, Pumpkin, is getting married in Las Vegas — and Shannon basically wants to crash that wedding by also holding one of hers.

“I promised that I’m not going to ruin Pumpkin’s wedding day,” says Mama June. "But that doesn’t mean that I can’t get married in Vegas.”

It sort of does.

Check out the clip here for more!

June shannon im ready to marry geno doak

June Shannon Shares Baywatch-Inspired Throwback Photo

Mama June Shannon’s total body tranformation has hit a bit of a snag. She’s regaining weight because she’s going blind.

Even as she has the confidence to strip down to lingerie, she’s also sharing a throwback swimsuit photo from when she was much larger.

Remember June’s Baywatch-inspired photoshoot? You’re about to take a walk down memory lane.

June shared this photo to thank the Durham woman who did her nails, but she’s shared other pics … including a major throwback photo.

First and foremost, Mama June wants to celebrate: “Happy 4th of July America‼️”

Even though she’s in the middle of a fight to retain what’s left of her eyesight, she still took the time to give a shoutout on the Fourth of July.

“I remember when I took this picture,” she writes.

The throwback image that she shares is of her Baywatch-inspired swimsuit modeling.

Take a look:

June Shannon Baywatch Throwback

She’s lost a lot of weight since then but, as she explains when she provides the context, she had already made huge progress on her body transformation.

“I had just lost 60lbs,” June shares. “And felt great about myself.”

Awww, good for her!

Remember, progress is progress, and everyone has a right to feel good about their body’s shape — no matter what societal standards might say.

“I’m still proud of this pic and myself for coming so far,” June says.

“Regardless if I gained a few pounds back,” June concludes. “I’m still beautimess! “

It’s unclear if she’s attempting to spell beautimous, a play on words with beautiful, or if she is poking fun at herself for being both a beauty and a mess.

Either way, she has a great and very healthy-sounding attitude about the whole and breadth of her weight loss journey.

Some folks reach their weight goals and never look back. Some even burn their “before” photos and pretend that it never happened.

June is being honest with herself and her fans — who remember her before her total body metamorphosis.

And, as she mentioned, she has gained back some of the weight.

Mama June has had to undergo a series of eye surgeries to prevent her from going completely blind in her one remaining good eye.

While doing so, she has relocated to Durham, North Carolina so that she can undergo treatment at Duke Hospital.

But, as anyone who has undergone a health crisis can tell you, it takes up all of your energy, time, and focus.

It is very difficult to continue focusing on maintaining your weight loss when you have to spend a lot of time resting to preserve your eyesight.

And with time spent recovering from surgery, you can just forget about keeping up with your daily exercise routine.

June has had six surgeries in as many months. It is totally natural that June has regained a few pounds.

Little setbacks are almost guaranteed after massive weight loss. The human body is very good at storing energy and regaining lost weight.

As Sugar Bear’s wife Jennifer Lamb undergoes her own weight loss journey, that is something that she should keep in mind.

(You know, if she goes through with it)

But June has shown that she can lose weight already. Losing a few more pounds shouldn’t be too much trouble — when she’s ready.

Right now, she needs to focus on her eyesight. Which is much more important than her shape.


June Shannon Strips Down, Frightens TV Fans Everywhere

As has been documented at length over the last couple years, June Shannon recently lost over 300 pounds.

On Friday night’s episode of her reality show, From Not to Hot, however, the long-time D-Lister was focused on losing something else:

Nearly all of her clothing.

Having packed back on some of the weight she lost on Season 1 via a tummy tuck, liposuction, dieting and lots of working out, June was nervous for a lingerie shoot that had been arranged awhile back on her behalf.

“The lingerie shoot that Gina booked for me is in a couple days and I’m nervous as sh-t,” Shannon said early on, adding:

“Tonia is a celebrity stylist. She’s got this new lingerie catalogue and she wants me to be on the front cover.

“I know I’ve gained a couple pounds and I’ve got to come up with some quick fixes to get some of this weight off so I look good in this lingerie.”

Among these quick fixes that we witnessed on air yesterday?

Shots of apple cider vinegar… running very fast on the treadmill while covered in Preparation H and wrapped in Saran Wrap.. and also wearing head-to-toe trash bags in a steam room.


We’re not making any of those up.

“How much do you need to lose?” Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, asked her mother as June attempted these ridiculous activities.

“Probably a good 25,” Mama June replied, grabbing hold of her belly.

I think that’s a little under what you need,” Honey Boo Boo replied, just being honest. “I think a good 45. I’m being serious.”

Shannon, because she’s sort of terrible, went on to suggest that Alan join her on her journey to get healthier.

“I’m perfect the way I am, but if you need the support …” said Honey Boo Boo, coming across far more mature than her mom.

When it came time for the photo shoot, boyfriend Geno Doak noticed that June needed some public hair grooming before she could strike any poses.

Really, once again.

We’re not making that up.

“Chewbacca down there, we got a little scruffy going on,” Geno said, making us nauseous and adding:

“We gotta trim that sh-t up some.”

Geno then grabbed an electric razor, said he formerly worked as a landscaper and… let’s just move on.

June ended up thrilled with the results of the pictorial, saying the photos proved her dedication to her family.

“If this doesn’t show you that I will do anything to keep my family fed, I mean nothing will,” she offered.

Could she be a lingerie model as a career?

June pondered this option, while Geno quipped in reply:

“If you’re going to do it full time, I think we should invest in a lawnmower.”

Okay, that’s funny.

And gross.


June Shannon: I’ve Gained Weight … But ONLY Because I’m Going Blind!

Earlier this year, we learned that June Shannon is going blind in her one good eye. That is not good. But that’s not the only change in her health.

Recent From Not To Hot clips show that June has regained some of the weight that she so famously lost.

Now, Mama June is opening up about exactly how much she has regained … and how it happened.

Speaking to People, June Shannon reveals exactly what she’s experienced during her new brush with blindness.

“It’s been physically and emotionally draining,” June says.

Any health battle can takes it toll, but in this case, she has needed help from others to perform what were once simple tasks.

June explains: “Losing my independence and having to rely on other people for everything has been crazy.”

You ever get injured and suddenly you need someone’s help just to shower or get dressed? It can be maddening.

“I can’t do anything,” June explains. “And have to lay down most of the time and take care of my vision.”

That would definitely explain why has has regained weight. Obviously, recovering her eyesight has to take priority over her figure.

”I have to worry about that right now,” June emphasizes. “That’s my main concern.”

As for how much weight she’s regained?

25 pounds, she reveals.

That can be hard to lose, but considering that she lost hundreds of pounds, that’s like a drop in the bucket.

June explains that she’s not going to try to re-lose that weight right away, saying: “I’m just focused on getting my vision back.”

As she explained, she needs to rest. Sometimes, exercise can help the healing process — but sometimes, it can actively impede recovery or make things worse. That latter applies when you’re recovering from eye surgeries.

But June is confident that, when the time comes, she can shrink back down.

“I can lose the weight, I know that,” she says.

Good for her.

But she makes it clear that she will avoid gaining too much weight, even while she concentrates on her eye.

“And I know I don’t want to go back over 200 lbs,” she says. “I’m paying attention to it more.”

June is completely blind in her right eye, but she’s accepted that.

Losing vision in her left eye is serious business.

At prsent, June rates her left eye’s vision as “a four out of ten,”

That doesn’t sound great, but she sounds satisfied.

June makes it clear that she has realistic expectations for her eyesight, saying: “Nothing is guaranteed.”

That’s true enough.

“Even if it stays as good as it is now,” June says of her lingering eyesight. “I’ll be happy.”

June and boyfriend Geno Doak have temporarily relocated to North Carolina so that they can be close to Duke hospital, a world-class medical facility where they can monitor and treat her eye.

But while June is focused on recovery and managing her expectations, some of her fans are dismayed that, after all of the work that she did to transform her body, she has regained this weight.

First, this is a special circumstance. Injuries or ailments that impair mobility tend to interrupt regular exercise, from walking around the house to actively working out.

That can really throw you off of your rhythm and cause weight gain.

Second of all, the grim truth is that almost everyone who loses weight eventually regains at least some of it.

Human bodies adapted for survival during times of scarcity, and are very good at storing energy as fat. Not even weight loss surgeries are a guarantee.

June Shannon is a problematic individual with a worrisome history, but we obviously hope that her eyesight makes a full and speedy recovery.

While “grandma’s eyesight isn’t what it used to be” might sound like a normal thing to say, remember that though she is a grandmother, she is only 38 years old.

There’s no good age at which to go blind, but 38 would be a very bad age for it.

Let’s hope that she continues to get the rest that she needs. Exercise can come later.


June Shannon and Geno Doak: Are They Getting Married?!

Fans have already seen the From Not to Hot trailer. New episodes begin on Friday, June 15!

But this video offers a number of sneak peeks into upcoming footage, including a very telling scene in which June and boyfriend Geno Doak are looking at wedding dresses.

June is talking about marriage for the first time in her life, folks. Are they going to take that next step?

Geno doak and june shannon on the couch

Before the preview video that we've included gets to June trying but failing to get into a size 8 dress, she heads to the dress shop to pick up her dress.

While there, she and boyfriend Geno end up looking at dresses.

(After she explains to him that the "headband" that he points out is, in fact, a tiara)

Shannon's eyes light up when she looks at wedding dresses.

"This could be us," she says.

Geno, who likes to deflect with humor, replies:

"You better stay away from the dresses, you might be blinded by all that white."

June shannon and geno doak look at wedding dresses on from not t

No one is more surprised than June that she suddenly has her eyes on wedding dresses.

She confesses to the camera:

"Walking into the dress shop and seeing wedding dresses is like … I wanna wear one of those one day."

She did wear a camouflage dress for a commitment ceremony with Sugar Bear back before they parted ways but … clearly she has something a little more traditional in mind.

"And it's kind of crazy for me to say that, because I've never said that before."

It sounds like June is head-over-heels for Geno. 

Geno doak and june shannon in bed

Geno, of course, made several jokes about the wedding dresses.

In front of the cameras, June turns to Geno and says:

"I know you're just teasing. You know you want to lock this body down and put a ring on it."

Geno replies with humor:

"If you're insistent on getting married, I feel we’re close enough … I could walk and give you away."

Mama June gets very frank with the camera, saying:

"I think Geno wants to get married to me, but I think he's scared because his first marriage failed."

June shannon and geno doak make out

Other parts of the video feature other teasers of what is to come.

There may be some more discussion of June Shannon's brush with blindness.

Sugar Bear and Jennifer Lamb continue their romance.

Jennifer is worried about her health and eager to lose weight, but she knows that Sugar Bear prefers larger women and so she is hesitant to tell him.

In the mean time, Pumpkin and Josh are still dealing with the fact that they are new parents with a baby.

(Fair warning, there is a diaper change, and there is some excrement footage within the trailer … ugh)

June shannon knows her worth

During all of this, Alana has been booted out of her bedroom to sleep on the couch while her room was turned into a nursery for Ella-Grace.

Which, frankly, seems extremely unfair to Alana, who is not the one who got pregnant. Surely the crib could have gone into the room with Pumpkin.

A nursery is not more important than a bedroom for an almost teenage girl. And if one of the girls is going to lose her privacy, it might as well be the one who had the baby, right?

Speaking of unfair things, Geno gets Alana a cat in an effort to cheer her up. It doesn't seem like anyone knows how to interact with a cat, or perhaps they read a list of things to not do and mistook it for a list of how to treat a cat.

(We hope that someone from the production crew gave them some advice, for that cat's sake)

So, we don't know if June and Geno are headed to the altar.

But they sure are teasing that it's a possibility.

We suppose that we'll just have to watch and see.

The introduction

June shannon and geno doak are they getting married

Mama June: See Her Amazing Transformation Through the Years!

Can you believe that it's been six years since we were first introduced to Mama June and her wild and wacky family?

It's true — all the way back in 2012, we saw a little girl called Honey Boo Boo on TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras. We met her family, including her mother, June, known for couponing and for her infamous "go-go juice."

(Just in case you missed this fascinating origin story, "go-go juice" is a mixture of Red Bull and Mountain Dew that June gave her kid to keep her energy up during beauty pageants.)

They were so fascinating that they landed their own reality show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, shortly after their Toddlers and Tiaras episode premiered.

The show lasted for four seasons until it was abruptly canceled in 2014 after June reportedly began dating a convicted child molester.

After that, the family left the spotlight for a bit, but not for too long — June and her partner, Sugar Bear, did a stint on Marriage Boot Camp.

And then 2017 brought us Mama June: From Not to Hot, in which she lost a ridiculous amount of weight and shrunk down to a size 4.

Even though she achieved the apparent goal of getting hot in that first season, the show was renewed, and in the second season we saw numerous health issues as well as the pregnancy of her daughter Pumpkin.

That's right, June became a grandmother one more time, and one more of her kids became a teen mom, just like their mama before them.

It's a lot to take in, right?

So let's just sit back, relax, and see Mama June go through all those changes right before our eyes …

1. The Introduction

The introduction
Here’s our very first glimpse of June on Toddlers and Tiaras. Seems like a lifetime, huh?

2. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!

Here comes honey boo boo
Here’s June in the first episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo — not much has changed, since the show premiered just months after the Toddlers and Tiaras episode, but she definitely feels more comfortable with the cameras.

3. Oh, June …

June shannon pic
… She really is very comfortable, isn’t she?

4. Blonde Mama June!

This is june shannon
After the first season of the show, June went blonde, which is now her signature hair color. The transformation is happening!

5. Them Curls!

June shannon on anderson
And sometimes, when she’s feeling saucy, she does some tight, heavily styled curls!

6. Red Carpet Ready!

June shannon at glaad awards
This is June, all cleaned up. So.

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