Mama June: See Her Amazing Transformation Through the Years!

Can you believe that it's been six years since we were first introduced to Mama June and her wild and wacky family?

It's true — all the way back in 2012, we saw a little girl called Honey Boo Boo on TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras. We met her family, including her mother, June, known for couponing and for her infamous "go-go juice."

(Just in case you missed this fascinating origin story, "go-go juice" is a mixture of Red Bull and Mountain Dew that June gave her kid to keep her energy up during beauty pageants.)

They were so fascinating that they landed their own reality show, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, shortly after their Toddlers and Tiaras episode premiered.

The show lasted for four seasons until it was abruptly canceled in 2014 after June reportedly began dating a convicted child molester.

After that, the family left the spotlight for a bit, but not for too long — June and her partner, Sugar Bear, did a stint on Marriage Boot Camp.

And then 2017 brought us Mama June: From Not to Hot, in which she lost a ridiculous amount of weight and shrunk down to a size 4.

Even though she achieved the apparent goal of getting hot in that first season, the show was renewed, and in the second season we saw numerous health issues as well as the pregnancy of her daughter Pumpkin.

That's right, June became a grandmother one more time, and one more of her kids became a teen mom, just like their mama before them.

It's a lot to take in, right?

So let's just sit back, relax, and see Mama June go through all those changes right before our eyes …

1. The Introduction

The introduction
Here’s our very first glimpse of June on Toddlers and Tiaras. Seems like a lifetime, huh?

2. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!

Here comes honey boo boo
Here’s June in the first episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo — not much has changed, since the show premiered just months after the Toddlers and Tiaras episode, but she definitely feels more comfortable with the cameras.

3. Oh, June …

June shannon pic
… She really is very comfortable, isn’t she?

4. Blonde Mama June!

This is june shannon
After the first season of the show, June went blonde, which is now her signature hair color. The transformation is happening!

5. Them Curls!

June shannon on anderson
And sometimes, when she’s feeling saucy, she does some tight, heavily styled curls!

6. Red Carpet Ready!

June shannon at glaad awards
This is June, all cleaned up. So.

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June Shannon Makes Like Marilyn Monroe: See the Unexpected Photos!

Look out, all corpses buried in the same cemetery as Marilyn Monroe.

Because this legendary actress must be rolling in her grave right about now.

And it’s all thanks to June Shannon.

The WEtv reality star is posing here for a special photo shoot in which she channels the most famous movie scene in Monroe’s extensive resume.

You know the one, right?

That one in which Monroe stands over a grate in The Seven Year Itch and we see her iconic white dress get blown up over hear body and nearly over her head?

It may be the most famous few moments in big screen history.

And now Shannon is doing her best impression of Monroe, striking a very similar pose in a very similar outfit, something we never thought we’d see just a few years ago.

Seriously, remember when Shannon weighed over 300 pounds?

Heck, when she weighed over 400 pounds?!?

Before she underwent that drastic weight loss?

That was way back then and this is now… and now Shannon fancies herself a role model for plump individuals who want to change their appearance and lifestyle.

Hence this pictorial.

The fine folks behind Mama June: From Not to Hot sent us these photos in promotion of this Friday’s midseason finale, which the network bills as follows:

June undergoes another surgery to keep from going blind. Jennifer keeps a huge secret from Sugar Bear. Pumpkin is rushed into labor and June risks everything to be with her- despite her doctor’s orders!

Sounds pretty exciting, doesn’t it?

Mama June is down to around 200 pounds these days, a transformation she credits to some dieting, a bit of exercise and a lot of plastic surgery.

Like, A LOT of plastic surgery.

Will she undergo any more down the line?

This is a question that continues to surround the unexpected reality star.

Shannon isn’t planning any more procedures as far as we know, but if it helps her land another season of her popular series, we’re guessing she’d gladly go under the knife.

What do you think of Shannon making like Monroe in these images?

Is it a sign of empowerment? Of how far Shannon has some in her weight loss journey?

Or is this the most sacrilegious thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life?


June Shannon: Planning on MORE Plastic Surgery?

From Not To Hot star June Shannon attained her insane weight loss through multiple cosmetic procedures.

Considering that the show’s in its second season and seemingly revolves around her body’s transformation, fans and viewers have one major question:

Is June Shannon planning on getting more cosmetic surgery?

At her heaviest, June Shannon weighed 460 pounds.

Her surgical procedures began with the installation of a gastric sleeve in 2015. The sleeve was a device that limits foot intake by physically restricting one’s stomach capacity.

It’s an extreme option for portion control.

Beyond that, she made changes to her diet and also began working out with a trainer.

She also had a tummy tuck, a breast lift, and had excess skin removed from around her arms and neck.

(For some people who experience extreme weight loss, the excess skin that lingers after they worked so hard to lose weight seems like a sick joke. It needs to be surgically removed)

The results are that June is about 300 pounds lighter than she was.

Speaking to InTouch Weekly, June Shannon shares her plastic surgery plans. She starts by talking about her current weight.

“People think that I’m going to gain the weight back.”

Sadly, it’s not uncommon for people who’ve lost large amounts of weight to regain at least some of it. The body is resilient and believes that it needs fat stores to survive.

But June says that she’s going to be an exception.

“But hello, I’ve almost been at this [weight] for a year and a half and I’m not gaining!”

That is quite an accomplishment!

And her present stats are …

“My current weight is like 165 to 170.”

That really is a loss of about 300 pounds. Most people don’t have that much to lose — or wouldn’t still be alive if they did. She’s really transformed herself.

June credits her change to the tremendous changes that she’s made in her lifestyle.

“I just try to watch what I eat and exercise when I can.”

She keeps motivated, too.

“I don’t ever want to go back.”

With that kind of determination, you might wonder if she plans to go under the knife again, if need be.

Especially if June Shannon wants to impress her boyfriend, a man by the name of Gene Doak.

But June’s response sounds very determined.

“Hell no!”

Well, that’s not ambiguous.

So she has zero plans to get further plastic surgery, for weight loss or otherwise. Good to know.

She says that she’s done enough.

“I did what I wanted to do and that’s it!”

Honestly, that’s pretty great news.

Of course, not all medical treatments are elective.

Recently on From Not To Hot, Mama June Shannon was going blind — losing all vision in her remaining good eye.

As it turned out, the issue was her retina — which was fixed with surgery.

She had to walk around with an eye patch of sorts for a while and was advised to use a walker in order to get around safely.

But obviously, that’s a medically necessary procedure. Not the same thing as weight loss surgery or getting extra skin removed.


June Shannon: I’m Going BLIND!

Mama June only just got hot. We hope that she spent plenty of time admiring her new shape in the mirror, because she might never again see her reflection.

In the clip below, June Shannon's boyfriend walks into the room to ask June what's wrong.

It turns out that she's going blind.

June shannon in bed

June Shannon is 38 years old. That's awfully young to be losing one's eyesight.

Then again, she's also a grandmother — Lauryn Shannon welcomed her baby girl last December.

As you'll see in the video below, last week, June Shannon calls for her boyfriend.

She's laying in bed, looking distrought … but doesn't seem to be looking at anyone or anything.

From not to hot geno doak

June's boyfriend, a man named Geno Doak, comes in to help.

He looks concerned … but he's also asking June if she's messing with him. He is, after all, fairly new to reality television.

(There's really no way of knowing how much is planned, but while the actually blindness issues surely weren't planned, it's likely that this conversation was — but that doesn't mean that it was rehearsed)

June says that she's losing vision in her one good eye — because her eyesight has been deteriorating for years.

She describes a "black circle" obscuring what she sees. That's, um, alarming.

From not to hot junes blindness

"What if I lose sight in my good eye?" June openly worries. "I went totally blind in my right eye four years ago!"

Geno helps June get up from her bed.

(Her room, though sparsely decorated and with a pretty boring carpet, has a gorgeously bold wall painting choice — we haven't really mentioned this before, but June Shannon's house has some great paint choices on the interior).

June calls for Alana (that's Honey Boo Boo herself, folks) and the two of them head to the doctor.

This is absolutely the right choice. There can be a number of causes for sudden blindness or near-blindness, and none of them are good.

From not to hot junes bedroom

As we said, loss of vision can have a number of causes.

(Non-fun fact: I once lost my vision for a matter of minutes — did you know that some people lose their vision after riding roller coasters? It's called a "grey out." I didn't know that either until it happened to me, and I didn't know the term until years later)

In June's case, the doctor diagnosed her with a detached retina.

If your first thought was that Mama June was a victim of some sort of violence (she's opened up in the past, accusing Sugar Bear of having beaten her and her daughters), know that there can be a number of causes.

One of the potential causes is good ol' inflammation. Another is neovascularization (the natural growth of new blood vessels).

In any case, the solution is eye surgery, which was promptly ordered for Mama June.

From not to hot june gets up

June Shannon is concerned over the idea of being disabled.

"I don’t want to lose my independency," she says, unintentionally lightening the mood.

A preview for the next episode shows Mama June Shannon wearing a white eye patch, complete with googly eyes.

Technically, Mama June only has a 50% chance of restored vision after she recovers from surgery.

Of course, we can all infer that this story has a happy ending, since Mama June flaunted her weight loss at a premiere just last month and didn't seem to have any trouble while she was doing it.

Still, this must have been a terrifying experience for her.

Take a look:

June shannon im going blind

Sugar Bear to June Shannon: “You Are a Dumb B-tch!”

There will be no more Mr. Nice Guy for Sugar Bear on this week's episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot.

Instead, there will be at least one instance of Mr. I-Can't-Believe-You're-Doing-This-And-You-Totally-Suck-For-It Guy.

In the following clip from this surprise WEtv hit, Sugar Bear tries to call his ex-wife because he says it's his day to at least talk to daughter Alana.

But June is nowhere to be found. The Bear simply gets her voicemail.

Angry that he's getting the run-around on a previously-agreed-upon arrangement, Sugar goes off on Shannon, screaming about how unfair it is for her to keep his child from her father.

“I hate it when you act like a stupid type of women that you are,” yells Sugar Bear, adding:

“I don’t know what the hell you are trying to pull – I knew I couldn’t trust you to keep up your end of the deal, and I know you have a man living in that house!”

Indeed, she actually, somehow does.

Shannon isn't just dating some dude named Geno Doak, but she may very well be living with him, meaning Geno gets to spend a lot more time with Alana than Sugar Bear does.

This fact did not sit well with Sugar Bear's wife on last week's installment of this scripted reality show…

… and it won't sit well with Sugar himself this Friday night, either.

“You’re not gonna get away with this… this is the last time you’re gonna f-ckin’ mess with me! You’re a dumb bitch, June," Sugar Bear says in the clip featured here, concluding loudly:

F-ck you!

We also get glimpses in this video of the family's cat and dog.

Later on, speaking directly to the camera, Sugar says the following:

"I knew June was going to try and keep me away from Alana … she’s trying to sabotage our relationship – it ain’t gonna fly with me, it ain’t gonna happen!”

Mama June and Sugar Bear broke up in 2016 after they failed to salvage their romance on a season of Marriage Boot Camp.

Since then, Shannon has scarcely allowed Sugar Bear see his daughter, alleging her daughter’s suffered “emotional abuse” as a result of her dad and adding that the two can't have a relationship until he “gets help."

Watch this explosive clip below:

Sugar bear goes off on june shannon you are a dumb b tch

Mrs. Sugar Bear to Mama June: Prepare for Hell!

What goes around is about to come around for June Shannon.

On last week's episode of Mama June: From Not to Hot, the WEtv star talked major trash about the dude who knocked up her daughter.

Shannon is most certainly not above saying mean things about other people.

And this appears to be a quality that her ex-husband finds attractive, considering he's moved on to a woman who isn't afraid to spew some venom, either.

Just consider the following sneak peek.

It features Sugar Bear's latest lover, a woman named Jessica, paying a visit to June's sister-in-law, Janice.

Janice is very clearly NOT a fan of her semi-famous relative.

The conversation quickly turns to how Shannon is dating a guy named Gino and that Gino has moved in to Shannon's home…meaning he sees her kids nearly everyday.

Including, of course, Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson.

This doesn't sit too well with Jessica because her very own husband isn't allowed to see his daughter these days.

"So you're telling me she moved this man Gino in and June won't even let Alana come 5 foot in front of Mike – her real daddy" Jennifer says to Janice, who responds:

"Sad, ain't it."

We guess.

Almost everything about this family makes us sad, really.

"June has some nerve telling Mike that he can't see Alana when she's got a strange man living in her house," Jennifer says, adding:

"So surprise, surprise, June is just a big old hyprocrite."

Not true!

She isn't that big anymore! That's the entire point of this show!

Jessica wants to make June pay, but not before gathering all the information she can on the situation.

So she hatches a plan with Janice in the video below.

"Let's go bring a little hell down on June," she says ominously.


Click play for more:

Mrs sugar bear to mama june prepare for hell

June Shannon Talks All the Trash About Daughter’s Baby Daddy

June Shannon, role model?

Yes, according to June Shannon, that is.

In the following clip from this week's new episode of the WEtv reality series From Not to Hot, Shannon lays into her daughter's fiance and baby daddy, some dude named Josh Efird.

The 38-year old is simply stunned and aghast that little Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon has gotten herself knocked up at the age of 17 and is actually going to stay with this Josh fella.

"Josh gets on my ever-loving last God damn nerve,” June vents in the clip below to her boyfriend, Geno, adding of her future son-in-law:

“I told him he needs to get a better job if he’s going to support my grandchild. Every time he thinks that I let my guard down, I’ll be right behind him saying, ‘Boom motherf-cker."

But, wait, didn't June also have a child at the age of 17?

TWO children, in fact?

Yes, but she held down three jobs at the time and was responsible, she tells Geno.

"Pumpkin doesn't understand bills. Like, she's always coming [to me saying], ‘Hey, I need $ 100. Hey, I need gas.'" June explains here.

"But if Josh thinks I'm always going to be him and Pumpkin's safety net, they got another damn thing coming."

Geno (who, it bears repeating, is dating June Shannon on purpose) does his best to comfort his previously overweight lover.

But June is on an angry roll in this video.

"Pumpkin knows ain't none of my babies' daddies stuck around. But I don't want the same thing to happen to her…

"Pumpkin, I'm always going to be there for her, but Josh, he needs to shape up or ship out."

Lauryn, meanwhile, gave birth in December.

She is now the mother to a little girl named Ella Grace.

But when June first learned her teenager was expecting, she WENT OFF on the guy whose sperm made this possible.

"Pumpkin is f-cking pregnant. This not what I envisioned for her – at 17 to be f-cking having a baby," she yelled at Josh on an earlier episode, adding:

"I mean, what plans do you have? I mean, do you have any idea how much it takes to raise a baby? Coming home, working nine to five, eating f-cking ramen noodles and macaroni and cheese for the next 18 years.

"Are you ready for that? Ding dong!"

Watch June's latest slamming of Josh below:

June shannon talks all the trash about daughters baby daddy

Sugar Bear: Angry Yet Horny After Mediation with June Shannon

Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson might not be the star of From Not to Hot, but he's sure getting some screen time. 

OBut on tonight's episode, his last mediation with Mama June left him so angry that his new wife encouraged him to calm down.

He had his own idea for how to blow off steam … and it involves his wife, Jennifer, and their shared bedroom. That's right, folks. Sugar Bear wants to bang out his frustrations.

Sugar bear and jennifer lamb amorous intentions

From Not to Hot is about more than just June Shannon's insane weight loss and total makeover.

It's about her life and her family's life. And that includes her ex-husband, Sugar Bear.

In tonight's episode, he is fuming about his latest interaction with the From Not to Hot star.

"In mediation, I knew June was trying to push my buttons," he tells the confessional.

Nobody can push your buttons like family, folks. Especially an ex.

Sugar bear and jennifer lamb at home

"And one of these days," he says. "I'm afraid I might just blow up again."

June Shannon accuses him of domestic violence, so that's … not a reassuring thing to hear.

The on-camere conversation between Sugar Bear and his wife, Jennifer Lamb, begins on a much more playful subject.

Sugar Bear wants to go to bed, and he does not wish to sleep.

Jennifer quickly understand what has him all riled up.

"You're just frustrated because of what happened at mediation."

And she knows how he processes that.

"More than anything, you just take it out in the bedroom and then you sleep."

Sugar bear on his couch

Jennifer cautions him against letting his anger get the best of him.

"If you let this anger out in front of people, like lawyers and judges, that's what June wants."

Really, he should be processing his anger in a healthy way, regardless.

"When they see that, there is no way Mike they will let you see your daughter by yourself."

And really, should any child's safety be risked around someone with anger management issues? The answer is, categorically, no.

"You got to be the calm, Mike, and not the blowed up Incredible Hulk person."

That is a truly incredible line. Imagine Chris Hemsworth delivering that line to Mark Ruffalo in Thor: Ragnarok instead of parodying the ridiculous "sun's going down" line from Age of Ultron.

Sugar bear and jennifer lamb amorous intentions

Of course, in this same episode, Jennifer White confesses that she has some reservations about Sugar Bear seeing Alana in the first place.

"I can't help thinking that Alana might not be Mike's."

A DNA test was brought up when Sugar Bear complained that June Shannon was keeping his daughter from him. But Jennifer's right — it could backfire.

"I know I would love Mike's child just like I love mine, but that lawyer said something that keeps sticking in my mind."

She has some definite opinions on how to respond to the test.

"If it turns out that Alana's not his, June Shannon would be out of my life forever. I sure in the hell ain't paying child support for a kid that’s not Mike's."

And Jennifer believes that she has good reason to doubt Alana's paternity.

"When he was with June, he was working a lot of nights. I wanna do a DNA test."

Sugar bear winks

And you can see that clip below.

In the end, though, Jennifer suggests a "healthy" stress-relief technique: throwing cinderblocks at photos of June Shannon

(We don't know how common it is for someone to have cinder blocks on hand, but apparently Mike's issue is that he doesn't have any photos of his ex)

We're not necessarily saying that it's the healthiest way to process things, but … it's better than actual violence against a person.


Sugar bear angry yet horny after mediation with june shannon