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Justin & Hailey Bieber Getting Hitched Again … This Time on the West Coast!!!


Justin and Hailey Bieber are tying the knot again — but this time, they’re doing it in the sunshine and inviting a bunch of their friends and family, including another very famous couple … TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the planning tell us J.B. and H.B.’s wedding is taking place during the weekend of March 1 — which also happens to be Justin’s 25th birthday. This ain’t no coincidence — we’re told Justin wanted to be a “married” man by his next bday.

Our sources say the 2nd round of nuptials are taking place somewhere in L.A. While the Biebers’ families are primarily located in the East Coast and Canada — where they initially wanted to have the wedding — they ultimately changed their minds because the weather sucks.

So wedding #2 has moved out West, and it will be a religious affair since #1 was not performed in the eyes of God.

Two people who’ve already received a “Save the Date” email — Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

FWIW, this is the third batch of “Save the Date” invites the Biebers have sent, but we’re told, this time around, they’re sticking to their guns.

Topgolf To Justin Timberlake ‘Happy Gilmore’ Swings Aren’t Chill … Don’t Make Us Call Mom


Justin Timberlake needs to check his “Happy Gilmore” impressions at the door the next time he decides to take some cuts at Topgolf, because the company says they just might tattle on JT if he keeps breaking their rules.

If you’ve ever been to Topgolf — and if you haven’t, get on it STAT — you know they really frown on anyone channeling Adam Sandler‘s famous character in their super fun driving range. But, Justin was a bad boy last weekend and broke their safety code with a textbook windup swing. 

Topgolf tells us they’re quite aware of Justin’s rule-breaking ways, and they’re issuing him a hilarious warning … saying, “we aren’t necessarily mad, we’re just disappointed in him. We’ll try to reach out to his reps, BUT we may just have to call his mom.”

Fact is, the “Happy Gilmore” is a well-known violation — it’s even on the waiver you sign before starting the game — so the company and social media went crazy after Justin posted video from his awesome time at the Topgolf in Charlotte, N.C. during a stop for his Man Of The Woods tour.  

Still, it’s pretty hard to be mad at JT … and if you ask us, he totally nailed Sandler’s famous swing. 

We’re told Justin LOVES Topgolf and frequents their locations across the country, so it’s gonna be interesting to see if he pulls this stunt again. 

In any event, JT might want to hit up Shooter McGavin for a lesson on proper technique.

Justin & Hailey Plumbing Problems are the Pits … Hunting for New L.A. Pad


Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey, have learned a valuable lesson — before you drop a ton of cash on a new home … double-check the pipes.

Sources close to the Biebers tell TMZ … they were forced to leave their $ 100k/month crib in the San Fernando Valley last month after a major plumbing issue arose, among other problems.

We broke the story … JB signed a lease to rent the 4 bedroom, 7 bathroom Mediterranean-style house in October, but we’re told the couple’s had a bunch of issues.

A pool heater broke, there was trouble with the AC and a pipe burst … which our sources say was the final straw.

They’ve moved out, but there’s no worry the landlord will go after them for breaking a lease. We’re told this was a month-to-month deal, so they’re in the clear. 

Justin and Hailey have been staying at a Beverly Hills hotel ever since, and if the vid of Justin singing in front of the hotel is any indication … they’ve been making the most of it.

But now, we’re told they want a place of their own, so they’re on the hunt. As for whether they’ll commit to buying, our sources say the couple’s on the fence.

Justin and Hailey Bieber House Hunting … Is This One Big Enough?!?

Justin and Hailey Bieber are still looking to become L.A. homeowners … because they just checked out a massive property that’s definitely large enough to start their new family.

The newlyweds were seen leaving this Encino mansion Tuesday afternoon, and it doesn’t look like a second straight day of house hunting is stressing them out.

Justin and Hailey checked out a sprawling estate in the Royal Oaks section of Encino … and the deets are pretty wild. It’s 12,500 square feet of luxury sitting at the end of a cul-de-sac, and the 10-bedroom, 11-bathroom home is being listed for a cool $ 13 million! 

Yeah, that’s a hefty price tag … but JB is already renting a place in the valley for $ 100k/month, so he can definitely afford it.

Sounds like this new place has plenty of space for their furry new family addition to roam around.

Justin Bieber I Got That Feeling … Gives Out Some ‘Sexual Healing’

Justin Bieber‘s in a singing mood … and based on what he’s singing, he’s also in the mood to get some!

The Biebs was waiting with the missus, Hailey Bieber, outside the Montage Hotel in Bev Hills Wednesday night when he broke into song and dance … inspired by Marvin Gaye.

Check out JB in the vid — the “Sexual Healing” serenading starts off directed at Hailey, but then he pivots and belts out the lyrics for the world to hear … before pulling in a random guy for some lovin’.

The dude rolls with it and even snags a selfie with the couple … then Justin continues putting on a free show.

If this is how he’s kicking off 2019, it’s gonna be a goood year for the newlyweds.

Justin Bieber All Smileys for Clothing Launch … $250k in Drew Drip


Justin Bieber wanted the members of his Drew crew to have a nice day … so he hooked them up with some serious smiley face bling.

The Biebs’ company, The House of Drew, is launching a line of clothing and merch early in 2019, and to celebrate the occasion … he ordered up 6 custom necklaces with pendants of the happy Drew logo.

We’re told the 2 larger smiley faces are for JB himself (maybe one for Hailey?), and the other 4 were gifted to his team. Our sources say Justin ordered the ice from celeb jeweler Eliantte just in time for the holidays.

All in all, we’re told the Drew jewelry’s worth about $ 250k.

We broke the story in February … Justin filed trademark paperwork to expand his brand, which features his middle name.

He already released a line of comfy hotel slippers for Christmas and they were a hit … selling out almost instantly. Mrs. Bieber got a pair though.  

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Merry Christmas #houseofdrew

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The rest of Bieber’s Drew brand is set to be released pretty soon … so keep your eyes on the smiles.

Justin Bieber Don’t Cry for Me Argentina … I Can Finally Come Back!!!


Justin Bieber is now free to return to Argentina after the country reversed its “No Biebs Allowed” policy … so all you Beliebers in Buenos Aires can rejoice.

TMZ has learned JB can finally go back to Argentina without fear of being arrested for his alleged role in a beatdown of a photog way back in November 2013.

It’s been a long and winding road in the legal system. A trial judge found Bieber guilty, but the case was appealed several times and ultimately the Argentinian Supreme Court reversed the conviction and cleared him. 

A “Document of Resolution” was filed December 18 … officially ending Justin’s ban.

As you’ll recall … Bieber was indicted in December 2016 for allegedly ordering his bodyguards to assault a photog as he was leaving a club and take the guy’s money and gear. 

Justin’s not currently on tour, but when he decides to go back … he’s got a huge country in South America available to add to the concert list.