Kailyn Lowry: Is She Trying to Get Pregnant By Chris Lopez?!

The Teen Mom franchise has shown us some pretty bad dads over the years, but Chris Lopez might actually be the worst of the lot.

We know what you’re thinking — how could this guy possibly be worse than Ryan Edwards or Adam Lind? — but hear us out.

Adam and Ryan have at least made half-hearted attempts to be involved with their kids’ lives.

According to his baby mama Kailyn Lowry, Lopez is merely an “Instagram dad,” who poses for pics with little Lux, but isn’t there when his son actually needs him.

Granted, we’re going entirely off of Kail’s comments about the guy, as Chris refuses to appear on Teen Mom 2, but she has a reputation as being among the most honest and least BS-y of the Teen Moms.

Several dudes have done Kail dirty over the years (we’re looking at you, Javi), so if she says Chris seriously sucks, we’re inclined to believe her.

But as anyone who’s ever sent a late-night “u up” text to a horrendous ex knows, sometimes what the head and the heart (or the genitals) want or two very different things.

It’s partially for that reason that fans are convinced Kail is still hooking up with Chris on the sly.

There’s even a very specific rumor that Kailyn is trying to get pregnant by Lopez.

As far as we can tell, this is a result of the fact that she stated Lowry said she wants a fourth baby, and Chris is a man who was recently in her vicinity. 

Some have even gone so far as to “call out” Lowry directly on social media, as though she’s just gonna break down and confess because someone tweeted at her:

“So when Chris wasn’t jumping in your pool, I take it he was jumping in your bed? You did say you wanted another baby by him right?!

Never one to shy away from a troll, Lowry replied with her signature brand of sarcasm:

“Yes, that’s what I do with him in all my free time,” she tweeted.

Now, we all know Lowry isn’t above hooking up with an ex, but if she were looking to bring another kid into the world, we’re pretty sure Chris would be very low on her list of potential baby daddies.

The guy is barely around for the kid he already has.

Plus he won’t go in front of a camera, which means all the drama he brings into Kail’s life doesn’t even equate to more screentime.

Talk about lose-lose situation.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more on Kail’s turbulent love life.


Kailyn Lowry Says Chris Lopez is Her First Love (Wait, What?!?)

Kailyn Lowry has dated many men.

We say this without a hint of judgment; it's simply a fact.

The Teen Mom 2 star has been married once and has three babies by three different men.

But while Kailyn has open been very candid about these relationships, both their ups and their downs, we were shocked by something she said a new Q&A session on her official blog.

What bombshell did she drop about third baby daddy Chris Lopez?

You'll be as shocked as we were when you find out below…

1. He’s a Deadbeat Dad!

Kailyn lowry looks pretty
This is what Lowry said about Chris Lopez not long after her son Lux was born. She came down hard on him in March of 2018 for never actually be there for his child.

2. Instagram Isn’t Real Life

Kailyn lowry on podcast
“Don’t be an Instagram parent.” This is what Kailyn wrote in response to Lopez sharing a photo online of Lux despite, in her view, rarely being around to care for him.

3. But That was Then

Chris lopez and lux
Of late, Lowry has said slightly more flattering things about Lopez. Heck, she allegedly wants to use his his sperm to get pregnant again, which means she can’t TOTALLY hate the guy.

4. Still, We Weren’t Prepared for This

Kailyn lowry ad
In the Q&A we cited above, Lowry was asked the following question: “Out of all the obstacles in life you’ve overcome, which was the toughest? Why? How did you get through it?” She considered this inquiry and gave a lengthy response.

5. Well, There Was My First Huge Break-Up…

Kailyn lowry jo rivera image
“When I think about everything I’ve been through, two things instantly come to mind,” Lowry said to open her response. “First was moving on from living with Jo and his family, and into an apartment alone with [first son] Isaac. The whole struggle of no longer being a “family” and understanding my feelings that went into all of those decisions was really tough.” Fair enough, right?

6. Kailyn Continued:

Kailyn lowry jo rivera photo
“I really struggled with the realization that the entire situation I was in, including my relationship with Jo, was not meant for me. I was so thankful that Jo’s family was there for me, but Jo and I weren’t meant for each other. Of course, even though I knew this, it was still hard to see him moving on. We were 18 years old with a child together, and I really didn’t know how to understand what I was feeling or properly cope with it.”

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Kailyn Lowry: I Was Mindf-cked by Javi Pregnancy News!

Kailyn Lowry wishes nothing but the best for Javi Marroquin.

Really, she does.

The Teen Mom 2 star has quite the history with her fellow cast members, considering they were married at one point and share a four-year old son named Lincoln.

Heck, they even hooked up again fairly recently.

But now Marroquin is expecting a child with girlfriend Lauren Comeau and Lowry is totally cool with this development.


Scroll down to learn the one major problem she had with Javi's stunning baby announcement…

1. Kailyn Opens Up

Kailyn lowry podcast
During a recent episode of the Teen Mom 2 star’s podcast series with Lindsie Chrisley, Coffee Convos, Lowry couldn’t help but touch on Javi’s impending fatherhood.

2. Oh, Yes, Javi is Going to be a Two-Time Dad!

The announcement photo
He broke this huge piece of news in late May, posing with girlfriend Comeau and son Lincoln and an ultrasound photo and stating: “Been kinda quiet lately for many reasons. I was sad I couldn’t share the good news because I was afraid of what people would say. The amount of love I’ve received is so overwhelming and so appreciated. I realized No negative comment will take this moment away from us. A baby is a blessing and I am ecstatic for the future. Lincoln is happy, I’m happy, and Lauren is happy.”

3. Wait… WHAT? Really?!?

Marroquin javi photo
Fans were stunned by this bombshell, if only because Marroquin had just come off a relationship with Briana DeJesus. The guy, and his sperm, move quickly.

4. How Did Kailyn React to the News?

Kailyn vs javi
“I knew,” she told Radar Online, confirming that Javi’s Instagram post was thankfully NOT how he broke the news to his ex-wife and adding around the time of Marroquin’s announcement: “I wish them the best.”

5. For Reals, Though?

Kailyn lowry ad
Come on, right? Lowry must have had more of a response than this, based on her history with Marroquin. It’s okay, Kailyn, you can be honest and open with us…

6. Okay, Mostly for Reals…

Javi kailyn and kids
On the aforementioned podcast episode, Lowry did confess to one major problem she had with the way Marroquin delivered his baby update. And it had to do with the couple’s shared child, Lincoln.

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Kailyn Lowry: My Kids are DONE Filming Teen Mom 2!

If you've been watching Teen Mom 2, you know that things have gotten especially dramatic this season.

Well, things have always been dramatic, but as Kailyn Lowry said in a recent episode, there's been more of a Jerry Springer flavor of drama lately.

Maybe it's all the feuding between the cast members, maybe it was the huge mess that was last season's reunion, maybe … no, it's pretty much definitely those first two things.

But the point is that things are different now.

And that's why Kailyn's made some big decisions about her family's place on the show going forward.

1. Kailyn and Sons

Kailyn and sons
This is Kailyn and her three sons — Lincoln on the left, who she shares with Javi Marroquin, Isaac on the right, who she shares with Jo Rivera, and then sweet little baby Lux in the middle, who she shares with Chris Lopez. And honestly, just LOOK HOW CUTE.

2. Awww!

Lowry kail pic
We wanted you to start off with a dose of cuteness, because things are going to get real ugly, real quick.

3. Drama Drama Drama

Kailyn lowry looks sad
So in this season of Teen Mom 2, Kailyn’s unfortunately had to deal with a whole, whole lot of drama — and we’re just a few episodes in!

4. Drama from Briana

Briana on teen mom
As you probably know, most of the issues so far have stemmed from Briana DeJesus and her relationship with Javi, which no one really handled all that well.

5. Too Much

Javi marroquin and briana dejesus
Javi made the mistake of not being 100% honest with Kailyn about the relationship and especially about their trip to Disneyworld (the one where Javi brought two of Kail’s kids), and then Kailyn had that fundamental belief that Briana shouldn’t have gotten with him in the first place, since it violated the sacred girl code.

6. So Much Fighting

Kailyn lowry on insta
Then, once Briana and Javi’s relationship picked up, they all took turns being petty about it.

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Dominique Potter: Kailyn Lowry Cheated On Me With Chris Lopez!

Back in November of 2017, Kailyn Lowry briefly dated Dominique Potter, a longtime friend who eventually became a love interest.

The relationship was a short one — Kailyn and Dominique broke up after just a few weeks together — but Lowry is still feeling the fallout from her time with Potter.

Not only did the relationship recently play out on new episodes of Teen Mom 2, but Potter has been speaking candidly about her relationship with Kailyn in a series of eye-opening interviews.

And Dom's latest comments might cause some viewers to look at Kailyn in an entirely new light.

Check out what she had to say in the gallery below:

1. Happier Times

Dom potter
At the start of their relationship, Kail and Dom moved at breakneck speed. Potter even relocated to Delaware to be closer to Lowry.

2. A Mutual Feeling

Dominique potter and kailyn
But it doesn’t seem that Dom was the only one rushing the relationship. Kail often took to social media to gush about Potter and post pics of the two of them together.

3. A Major Step

Dominique potter with kailyn lowrys son
Kail even introduced Dom to her kids, a step she’s said she only takes in cases where she feels that a romantic partner will be around for a long time.

4. Promising Signs

Kailyn lowry dominique potter photo
Fans really began to think that Kail and Dom would be in it for the long haul. Then, something highly unexpected happened …

5. A Messy Split

Kailyn lowry with dominique potter
As quickly as Kail and Dom’s relationship began, it was over. Fans were left with a lot of questions — and as it turns out, they weren’t alone.

6. Dom Is Confused

Dominique potter image
Potter now says she’s unclear about exactly why Kal decided to end their relationship. But at the moment, there are even more important questions that she wants answered …

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Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez Ruined Men for Me!

Kailyn Lowry … the girl's love life isn't boring, we'll say that much!

She always seems to find herself involved in some sort of drama or another, whether it's with exes, or — no, come to think of it, it's pretty much all drama with exes.

Although she and Jo Rivera, the father of her first son, Isaac, are on good terms and have been for a while, we can't say the same for her relationship with Javi Marroquin, the father of her second child.

After countless cheating accusations, a trip to Marriage Boot Camp, and just so many hurtful words and actions in general, Kailyn and Javi's divorce was finalized in late 2016, right around the time she got pregnant by Chris Lopez.

We're still not sure exactly what happened there, but it seems like Chris was a friend from college who she was occasionally hooking up with, and obviously they weren't too careful with birth control, and that's how little Lux came to be.

We do know that she was never in a relationship with Chris in the same way she was with Jo or Javi, and that Chris had another girlfriend throughout most or all of her pregnancy.

She's accused him several times of being a deadbeat dad, and he's denied those accusations, but since he refuses to appear on Teen Mom 2 and since he's not out there doing interviews or anything, we really don't know the specifics.

All we know for sure is that whatever went down between Kailyn and Chris was very, very bad.

And in this new sneak peek for this week's episode, she says it was bad enough to turn her off of men altogether.

In the clip, Kailyn's with her podcast crew, getting ready to record an episode, so they're talking about possible topics for discussion.

Her co-host, Lindsie Chrisley, suggests they talk about freezing eggs, but Kail has a different idea in mind.

"Truthfully, Lindsie, I'm gonna be honest with you, like I wanna talk about how I wanna bleach my asshole," she says. "I wanna talk about that."

Whatever floats your boat, girl.

Another friend asks what the point of such a procedure would be, and Kailyn explains that "I would want it to look clean if I were having sexual relations with someone."

Fair enough.

Another possible topic would be dating, but she says that's "too complicated," and knowing what we know now, about how she hooked up with Javi for a little bit and also dated her friend Dom, that seems accurate.

Someone asks if she was looking for a girl or a guy, and she says that she doesn't have a preference, but "I feel like a girl would get me more, like they have more patience."

"But," she adds, "I also compare everybody to Chris, and right now, every guy is like Chris, like, I want nothing to do with you."

It's not like that relationship somehow changed her sexual orientation though — she's always been open about being bisexual, and she had dated women before him.

But after having been with him, she says "I just want to stay far away from men."

Again, fair enough.

Her hookup with Javi happened after the conversation would have taken place, so obviously she's not swearing off the entire gender, but if she wants to be a little more cautious about who she dates, more power to her.

Watch Kailyn explain her feelings about men (and about her butthole!) in the video below:

Kailyn lowry chris lopez ruined men for me

Kailyn Lowry Accused of Photoshopping Bikini Pics

Say what you will about Kailyn Lowry, the Teen Mom 2 star is nothing if not straightforward.

Kail certainly has her share of critics, but no one has accused of her being dishonest to her fans — until now, that is.

If you follow her on Instagram, you know that Kail is currently on an epic tour of Europe.

She posted the above photo of herself on a cruise ship over the weekend, and we think it’s safe to say she’s living her best life.

“A smile is the best make up any girl could wear,” Kail captioned the photo.

It’s not easy to be negative about a young, hardworking single mom treating herself to a vacation and posting the pics on social media.

But because we’re living in the darkest timeline, IG users found occasion to talk a whole lot of trash.

The most common criticism had to do with Kail’s appearance, but this wasn’t the usual generic body-shaming from repugnant trolls.

No, these haters came equipped with a very specific complaint — they believe Kail photoshopped her pics, but is passing them off as un-retouched.

Kail was having none of that, and she promptly delivered a stern warning:

“If y’all don’t get off my ass on IG y’all can catch the block button,” Lowry wrote.

“I didn’t photoshop my photos. But if i wanted to I f–kng will.”

Fortunately, as always, Kail’s critics were vastly outnumbered by her supporters:

“I can’t believe all the negative girl bashing on here! Girls are supposed lift one another up, not break each other down! It’s so sad,” wrote one follower.

“I don’t understand why anyone thinks this is photoshopped,” another commented.

“Kail idk why you even waste your time and energy responding to hater. Who cares brush that off.”

She added:

You’re famous and it’s the Internet. There will always be a bad comment at some point. No point replying to badness or illogical nonsense.”

A third counter-balanced the insults by offering up some effusive praise:

“You are a gem, I love your confidence, and I think you look great! Looove that swimsuit and I love your curves,” 

Fortunately, it seems Kail isn’t particularly bothered by the criticism.

She’s been called the most hated Teen Mom, but even if that’s true (it probably isn’t), she has something that Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham do not — loyal fans.

We’re sure it stings to have strangers hurl such personal insults at your every social media post.

But maybe those feelings are likely overwhelmed by the pride and connection when feels when an army of supporters comes to your defense.

Or maybe we’re just putting a positive spin on a crappy situation in order to make social media feel somewhat tolerable.

Watch Teen Mom 2 online for more of Kail’s courage in the face of constant criticism.


Kailyn Lowry: Javi Marroquin Cheated on Me With Lauren Comeau!

Last month, the world learned that Lauren Comeau is pregnant with Javi Marroquin's baby.

Teen Mom 2 fans were stunned, as the news came just weeks after reports that Javi was working on reconciling with his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry.

Needless to say, fans have been eagerly awaiting Kailyn's reaction to this chain of events.

And now, she's giving the people what they want with a seriously salty take on this very shady situation:

1. The Big Announcement

Javi and laurens big announcement
Javi shared the news of Lauren’s pregnancy via social media on May 30. The announcement came just six weeks after fans learned that Javi and Lauren were back together.

2. A Surprise Reconciliation

Lauren comeau with her man
Back in March, Lauren revealed that she and Javi were once again dating. She posted this photo on Instagram, along with a caption about the two of them “coming apart” so that they could “come back together.”

3. Getting Around

Lauren comeau and javi
There’s been major interest in just how far along Lauren is, as the news came soon on the heels of Javi’s hookups with both Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus.

4. One Shady Timeline

Javi marroquin and lauren comeau selfie
As far as we know, Javi dated Briana, broke up with her, and then briefly reconciled with Kailyn. But he may have been seeing Lauren on the sly during both of those previous relationships.

5. Kail’s Concerns

Kailyn lowry looks sad
Kail has stated that she felt betrayed when she learned of Javi’s reconciliation with Lauren. But does she believe he cheated on her?

6. Opening Up

Kailyn lowry on her podcast
Lowry shared her thoughts on the Javi debacle on the latest episode of her podcast. And it seems she’s just as upset about the situation as fans suspected …

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Dominique Potter Spills ALL the Kailyn Lowry Romance Tea

Dominique Potter is ready to drop some truth bombs.

This substitute teacher had been living a quiet life, far away from the celebrity gossip spotlight, when she started dated Teen Mom 2 cast member Kailyn Lowry in late 2017.

How did the two meet?

When did they officially become an item?

Why did they split up?

Amidst a flurry of Teen Mom 2 news, views and controversy, Potter sat down and spoke at length with Radar Online regarding her past (and present) with Lowry.

This is a rundown of what she said and where they stand…

1. When Did They Meet?

Dominique potter and kailyn
About two years ago, Potter said to open her chat with Radar, at a “private event in” New Jersey. She didn’t offer many more details, but did confirm the pair were just friends for awhile.

2. When Did They Start Dating?

Kailyn lowry and dom potter
Potter knows the exact date: “We went to Atlanta the second week of November. November 14 was the actual day. She wanted the title,” Dom explained to Radar, referring, we assume, to the title of “girlfriend.” This is when they became exclusive.

3. Is That Accurate, Kailyn?

Kailyn lowry lindsie chrisley
Yes. Lowry said basically the same thing on a podcast with Lindsie Chrisley in November. The two even posed for some photos together on social media around this time.

4. They Looked Happy, But…

Kailyn lowry with dominique potter
“We weren’t dating anybody else. Any time she thought I was speaking to somebody, she was quick to ask what I was doing,” Potter now says, making it clear there was always tension between the girlfriend. “There were a couple of times she questioned if I was cheating on her. I wasn’t seeing anyone else. I can’y say the same for her.”

5. Then, Things Got REALLY Weird

Dominique potter image
Potter explains that she read about the couple breaking up online and asked Kailyn where those rumors came from, considering she thought they were still committed. “I questioned her about it and she said just leave it alone,” Dom tells Radar. “I went with that. Whatever she said, I believed it.”

6. They Took a Temporary Break in February

Kailyn lowry dominique potter photo
Due to “trust issues,” Potter says. But the split only lasted a week. It was really just a hiatus.

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Dominique Potter: I Had to Take an STD Test After Banging Kailyn Lowry!

Recently, Kailyn Lowry has come forward to discuss how and why things with ex-girlfriend Dominique Potter ended.

Kail admits that she was a terrible girlfriend, saying that she regrets leaving Dom feeling “embarrassed and betrayed.”

It sounds like Dom is still feeling that way, as she has now tweeted and deleted a claim that she rushed to get tested for STIs after hooking up with Kail. Oof.

Kail and Dom were friends for at least a year before it became a relationship. That’s how life works sometimes.

Once it did, they were immediately crazy about each other. It was really sweet.

Dom relocated to be closer to Kailyn, who introduced her to her kids. That, by the way, is something that Kailyn had said that she would avoid doing unless it was a relationship that she believed would last.

But, like, well, all relationships, it had to end one way or another. And it did.

Sooner than probably either of them expected.

Now that Kailyn is reliving it all as Teen Mom 2 airs, Dom is also speaking up and speaking out.

Dominique Potter Tweet Shade

In a now-deleted tweet with a decidedly angry tone, Dom made quite the claim.

“Hold up, let me go ask my doctor for a opy of my bill from when I went and got tested for every STD/STI possible the very next day because I knew I didn’t trust her.”

She suggests that people stop speculating.

“I have nothing to hide … stop talking where you know nothing.”

It is entirely possible that she was being heavily sarcastic but realized (as one so often does on social media) that sarcasm and tone rarely translate through text and deleted it.

It may also be true and something that she decided to delete. It is difficult to be sure.

Regardless of whether or not Dom was sincere about panicking and taking a battery of STI tests, it is very clear that she’s not happy with Kailyn these days.

It sounds like she doesn’t really care for her ex’s words about their relationship on Teen Mom 2, either.

On Tuesday, Dom tweeted: 

“The inconsistency of last night and recent tweets says everything. … All good on this side.”

She seems to be keeping things vague and keeping a cooler head.


Of course, just because Dom is trying her best to avoid tweeting anything direclty about Kailyn doesn’t mean that other people aren’t.

And Dom saw one tweet that she clearly could not resist giving a retweet.

On Monday evening, Dom smashed that retweet button on this tweet:

“@KailLowry, you’re lying. You know you were dating @dp_one_four when this was filmed. So shady of you.”

Even as vague as that is, it seems very clear that there is bad blood between these two, even if the actual resentment appears to be one-sided.

That’s so sad. We wish them both the best.

All of this comes in the aftermath of Kailyn’s attempt to take responsibility for their relationship’s end in a tweet:

“Dom & I dating – I wasn’t trying to deny her or a relationship. & we had fun while it lasted but things didn’t work out.”

That’s how so many — maybe even most — relationships end.

“I’ve learned a lot over the years and wanted to keep things private & off the show but i don’t think i really handled it properly.”

Hey, we’re all learning and growing as human beings. Though if Kailyn really cheated on Dom, well, she should know better.

And if Dom really did take an STI panel after their first hookup, not out of common sense due diligence but oecause she “didn’t trust” Kail …

… Maybe this relationship was doomed from the start.