Kylie Jenner: Feuding with Kim Kardashian, Desperate for Attention?!

Oh, that Kylie Jenner and all of her wild and crazy antics!

She’ll never stop, will she?

This time last year, we had a good time poking fun at Kylie for her ways.

Her sincere love for taking selfies and filming herself in all those pointless Snapchat videos, the way she never really seemed to be able to understand anything beyond her own limited point of view.

Like, remember that little reality show she had last summer? And how completely unaware she was of how self-centered she looked?

That used to be fun and all, but now that we know that Kylie is going to be a mother soon … well, it’s not all that fun anymore.

Maybe it’s because of the way she began refusing to step outside the minute she started showing, or maybe it’s all the unfortunate circumstances surrounding her pregnancy.

But we’ve been feeling mighty concerned about how this whole thing is going to turn out.

And if there’s any truth to this new report about Kylie and how she’s handling Kim Kardashian’s new baby, then we’ll be more concerned than ever.

As a source explains to Radar Online, Kris Jenner, the OG momager herself, “is stuck in between caring for Kylie, who is moody and pregnant, and Kim, who she really wants to spend time with right now to be there for her new granddaughter.”

“And she is stressed out!”

The issue is that Kim apparently “really needs her mom right now more than ever because Kris has a solution for everything and knows how to raise a baby better than anyone.”

But meanwhile, “Kylie is through being pregnant and she wants her mom to be accessible to her at all times, which she has been up until this week.”

… Kylie, baby, no.

It’s definitely understandable that she’s feeling vulnerable and moody right now.

After all, she’s 20 years old, heavily pregnant, and her boyfriend hasn’t been around all that much.

But at some point, you’ve got to try to fight through the hormones and all that mess to realize there are other people in the world, right?

Another layer to this whole thing is that “Kylie and Kim’s relationship was already on the rocks before all of this because Kim is super jealous of the fact that Kylie is the youngest and now the richest in the entire family.”

That doesn’t seem right, does it? That Kylie has more money than Kim?

But with her insanely successful cosmetics company, we guess it could be true.

And speaking of the cosmetics business …

This source also claims that Kylie “resents Kim because she believes she intentionally tried to steal her makeup gig.”

Oh, because makeup was a completely random thing for the Kardashian/Jenner girls to get into? It was a totally creative, unique choice Kylie made?


Thankfully, the source adds that “It is turning out to not be as big of a deal as Kylie thought because her sales have not been impacted by Kim’s new line.”

Really, it just sounds like Kylie is kind of freaking out right now and lashing out at anyone and everyone for whatever reason crosses her mind.

And again, that’s understandable, given the circumstances, but … come on, Kylie.

Get it together, just a little.


Kim Kardashian SLAMS Lamar Odom: Go Buy a Hooker!

Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child, but it seems she’s not letting the challenges of caring for an infant interfere with her ability to defend her beloved sisters with top-notch trash talk.

As we reported earlier today, Lamar Odom gave a very candid interview to BET this week, and not surprisingly, the subject of Khloe Kardashian came up.

It was Lamar’s first interview since the world learned that Khloe is pregnant with her first child, and while Lamar offered words of support, he also slipped in some not-so-subtle jabs.

“I understand when it’s over, it’s over. When she was with her second or third NBA ball player, I could see that,” Lamar replied when asked about his breakup with Khloe.

Kim–presumably sleep deprived and obviously pissed-off–decided she was having none of Lamar’s pettiness and she quote-tweeted the article along with a mic drop-worthy diss:

“Or second or third brothel” Kim wrote in reference to Lamar’s love of prostitutes.

(Pro tip: When someone loves hookers, you can pretty much always use that against them.)

Kim Kardashian Lamar Odom Tweet

Now, Kim is being applauded for the savagery of her burn–and rightfully so–but we’re gonna have to be the nit-picking party-poopers for a moment and point out that it doesn’t totally make sense.

The tweet makes it sound as though Khloe was on her second or third brothel, when clearly she meant to say Lamar was the brothel aficionado.

We think.

Hey, maybe she’s throwing heavy shade at Khloe, and this story’s even better than we thought!

We kid.

Most people are obnoxious perfectionists like us, so predictably, Twitter immediately exploded with praise for Kim.

Kim was praised as the “Clapback Queen,” many fans made it weird by calling her Mom (a practice we had hoped would be left in 2017), and GIFs of Kim looking like she’d just ordered the beheading of a peasant were plentiful.

Even Kim’s friend Chrissy Teigen offered praise, tweeting:

“GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH EM,” before clarifying, “Gaht*. Gaht too excited.”

Lamar has yet to respond to the tweet, which isn’t all that surprising.

After all, we assume he’s currently being treated a nearby burn unit.


Kim Kardashian Surrogate Speaks Out: I’m Happy, Healthy and RICH!

As you’ve likely heard by now, Kim Kardashian welcomed her third child this week.

The baby was born via surrogate at Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA early Monday morning.

Kim made the announcement via her subscription-based app, but at this point, details are still relatively scarce.

We know the baby is a girl, and the delivery went smoothly–but that’s about it.

It might be weeks before Kim and Kanye go public with additional information, but one person who was directly involved in bringing their child into the world is speaking out … kind of.

Not much is known about the surrogate hired by Kim and Kanye, and it seems that according to her contract, she’s not allowed to speak to the press.

But that doesn’t mean her parents can’t speak to the press.

Yes, the anonymous surrogate has contacted her mother and father, and in turn, they gave an interview to Radar Online.

It might be the closest we’ll ever come to hearing from the surrogate directly.

Fortunately, the parents have remained anonymous, which means the surrogate is not in violation of her agreement with Kim and Kanye.

“She is doing well,” her mother tells Radar.

“[Tuesday] she told me she felt fine.”

Asked if there were any complications with the delivery, the surrogate’s father replied, “No, everything went well. As a matter of fact, she’s at home resting.”

“She’s safe at home with her husband,” the mother added.

Unfortunately, there are two matters on which the proud parents played it coy.

For starters, they refused to reveal if their daughter was a fan of Kim’s before carrying the reality star’s baby.

“She may have been!” her mother remarked vaguely, adding:

“According to what my daughter told me, yes, they got along.”

And per their daughter’s contract, the parents offered no information on how much Kim and Kanye paid for the use of her uterus.

We suppose that’s okay.

It’s not like we need an exact figure to tell us that the anonymous woman who had the honor of delivering the newest member of the Kardashian-West clan is now very, very wealthy.


Lamar Odom: Throwing Shade at Khloe Kardashian Over Pregnancy News?!

OK, so it’s been nearly four months now since we first learned that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant with her first child.

Or one month, if you just want to go from her confirmation of the big news.

Either way, that’s a pretty decent about of time for Lamar Odom to hear about the news and to come to terms with it.

Or at least to come to terms with it enough to be able to give a statement on the subject without coming across as a little bit shady, right?


Lamar makes an appearance in an upcoming episode of Mancave, a talk shot on BET, and he was asked about Khloe’s pregnancy.

“I’m happy for her,” he said. “She took care of me. She’ll be a good mother, for real. She’s a great woman.”

And that part is sweet, right?

It’s also very, very true.

We all remember how, back in 2015, Lamar suffered an overdose that very nearly killed him, and how Khloe stayed by his side, even though they were going through a divorce.

She even called off the divorce so that she’d be able to help make medical decisions for him when he was unable to do so himself.

We heard about how she rarely left his side while he was in the hospital — if she ever did at all — and how she was so intent to stay with him that she didn’t even shower when things were touch and go there for a while.

She said then that she stayed with him because while their marriage obviously didn’t work out, she still had love for him, and she couldn’t just abandon him in such a time.

So she did take care of him, in a very real way.

But this next thing that Lamar said in the interview?

Well, it wasn’t quite so sweet …

“I still got my shawty’s name still on me, her initials still on me,” he said, referring to the matching tattoos he and Khloe got on their hands when they were married.

“But for no reason,” he clarified.

He said that “I understand when it’s over, it’s over. When she was with her second or third NBA ball player, I could see that.”

Damn, Lamar, don’t hold back!

We get that he’s probably just joking around, or trying to make light of a difficult situation, and of course the Kardashians have always appreciated professional athletes for boyfriends.

But this just seems a little too catty, you know?

It’s not like Khloe ran through NBA players after filing for divorce — which she did, by the way, at least in part because Lamar publicly cheated on her.

The only serious relationships she had between Lamar and Tristan Thompson were with French Montana, a rapper, and James Harden.

She was rumored to be dating Rick Fox for a little while in there, too, so Tristan would make her third NBA player after Lamar.

But regardless of the types of men she decides to date, it’s obvious that she’s very happy right now, way happier than she was during much of her marriage to Lamar here.

And really, that’s what counts.


Kourtney Kardashian: Scott Disick Is PISSED I’m Dating Younes Bendjima!

At this point, we’re not even sure if Kourtney Kardashian is still dating Younes Bendjima, but for a long time, those two were inseparable.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians has a production lag-time of several months, so viewers are just now getting some insight into what Kourtney and Younes’ relationship looked like.

And not surprisingly, Scott Disick isn’t thrilled with the view.

Scott is dating Sofia Richie these days, but he still doesn’t want baby mama Kourtney to move on.

Dude has the emotional maturity of a teenager, which is fitting since the father of three is currently dating a teenager.

Anyway, we’ve known for quite some time that Scott was not happy when he found out about Kourtney and Younes, but we’re just now hearing the story from a firsthand source.

A preview from the upcoming episode of KUWTK shows Kourtney informing Khloe that Scott came to terms with the news of her new relationship as only he can–with plenty of rage and late night drunken rambling.

“Last night, Scott called me at, like, two in the morning, which he never calls me late at night,” Kourtney tells Khloe in the clip.

“He was just ranting, like, ‘What are we doing in life? What are you doing? What am I doing?’ And I go, ‘But what are you doing?’ And then he’ll say, ‘But what are you doing? Is it any better?'”

Well, if you’re gonna call someone so late at night, the least you can do is offer scintillating conversation of that caliber.

Clearly, Scott was looking for some sort of reassurance from Kourtney.

Fortunately, Kourt was having none of that.

“By the end of the conversation, I was just like, ‘I have a boyfriend and he’s 24 years old! It’s not the craziest thing that’s ever happened in the world!'” she tells her sister.

It seems the comment had the desired effect of making Scott freak the eff out:

“Then he was like, ‘He’s your boyfriend!’ Then he hung up the phone,” Kourt’s tale concludes.

Fortunately, Khloe was on hand to offer the advice that Kourtney clearly needed to hear:

“Cut the court,” she bluntly told Kourtney.

Thankfully, it seems that Kourtney and Scott have finally severed ties for good these days, which is clearly what’s best for both of them.

Damn, we just jinxed it by saying that, didn’t we?

Watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online for more of rich people treating each other badly.


Kim Kardashian Baby Name: Possibly, Sort of Revealed!

According to a recent report, Kim Kardashian has fallen in love with a possible name for her third child.

We mean this more or less literally.

Kardashian supposedly likes the name “Love” for baby number-three.

Or does she?

The reality star shared a mysterious Instagram photo on Wednesday that has caused many followers to assume she and Kanye have selected a name for their new daughter.

What, exactly, is the name?

Well… no one knows for certain.

But many theories are now abounding around the Internet as a result of the image below.

The 37-year old Keeping Up with the Kardashians actress posted a seemingly simple Louis Vuitton monogram on her wildly popular account, prompting many users to think her daughter’s name was inspired by the fashion house.

First, let’s take a look at the photo in question:


Kardashian did not include a caption with the posting.

She could have simply been referencing her affection for the brand, but that possibility hasn’t slowed down massive World Wide Web speculation.

Among the guesses fans have tossed around since this monogram went viral?

“Elle V West,” “LV West” and “Louis West.”

Do these options sound sort of absurd for a child’s name? Yes.

But Kim and Kanye named their first kid North and their second kid Saint. So, really, nothing is off the table at this point.

It’s also worth noting that West has included many Louis Vuitton references in his music, including in tracks such as“Stronger,” “Runaway Love,” “Gold Digger,” “Can’t Tell Me Nothing,” “The Glory” and “Pinocchio Story.”

He is sometimes called Louis Vuitton Don for a reason.

The couple known as Kimye welcomed a girl into the world via surrogate on Monday.

Multiple reports have confirmed that Kardashian was in the room for the birth, which she did not go through with herself due to a serious medical condition.

Wrote the former sex tape star as confirmation of the blessed event:

“Kanye and I are happy to announce the arrival of our healthy, beautiful baby girl.”

She added:

“We are incredibly grateful to our surrogate who made our dreams come true with the greatest gift one could give and to our wonderful doctors and nurses for their special care.”

kim statement

Now that Kim is a mother of three, some are wondering just how long she’ll continue on with her reality television career.

Others, conversely, figure this new arrival simply gives her ample fodder for many more years of E! episodes.

In the end, of course, no one knows for sure.

Kardashian herself may not even know… or care very much at the moment.

She now has three kids at home under the age of five and may very well have more important things on her mind, such as sleep and sanity.

Until she reveals the name herself, we’ll take all rumors with a grain of salt the size of Kim’s boobs and we’ll simply say the following:

Congrats, Kim and Kanye!!!!!!