Kylie Jenner’s Video Reveals Cockroach on Dream Kardashian’s Birthday Cake

Kylie Jenner’s video from Dream’s second birthday party proves Auntie Kylie is the hostess with the mostest … the mostest cockroaches.  Jenner hosted her niece’s 2nd birthday party Wednesday at her Hidden Hills home … and there was at…


Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap: CHEATER! CHEATER!

Tonight’s episode is an uncomfortable and super emotional one for me.

But when we signed up for this show over a decade ago, we signed up for a reality show, which meant showing you guys inside our lives, the good, the bad and the ugly.

To relive these moments all over again is incredibly difficult emotionally but I also hope that with every trail [sic], tribulation and curve ball life throws at us, that we ALL get to learn from our journeys.

khloe ft pic

So wrote Khloe Kardashian in the lead-up to a new episode of her family’s wildly popular E! program on Sunday night.

As viewers found out a short while later, this installment of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was a mega awkward and difficult one, as Khloe and her loved ones learned that Tristan Thompson had been cheating on her.

It’s an old story for all celebrity gossip followers at this point, but the wound was reopened and made fresh yesterday evening.

The episode opened innocently enough, too, with Khloe bouncing herself on a birthball ball and saying simply:

“Tristan is on the road… All I do is sit on this birthing ball.”

Sadly, however, Khloe had no idea at this time that Tristan was out and about, having random Instagram models sit on his face.

But the truth then came out.

Thanks to the Internet.

“There’s a last night. I know Khloé’s gonna die,” said Kim Kardashian, who just happened to be filming a testimonial when she received a text about it.

Added Kourtney, upon discovering the horrible truth herself:

“This is really shocking and obviously heartbreaking. The whole thing makes me disgusted.”

Kendall Jenner, meanwhile, referred to Thompson as an “idiot.”

As for who broke the life-altering news to Khloe?

Kylie Jenner explained why she took on this challenging job:

“No one had the courage to tell Khloe because she was days away from giving birth,” said the cosmetics guru, adding for fans to consider:

“I’m the one who told Khloe. … She should hear from one of us versus on the Internet.”

And that’s exactly what happened.

How did Khloe take it? Surprisingly well. Better than we would have, that’s for sure.

“Everyone wants me to make a decision right this second and I just want to go and give birth and try to enjoy this,” Khloe said, admitting that she still wanted Tristan in the delivery room and continuing:

“I don’t want anyone to talk about it and make him uncomfortable and make me uncomfortable.”

The reality star later admitted on Twitter Sunday night that she was “in shock” at the time, but she still handled herself like a boss.

And she did it for her daughter:

keeks writes on twitter

Khloe did kick Tristan out of their shared home after being told all he had done, however, and also did consider flying back to Los Angeles to give birth.

But she was too far along to do so. It would have been too dangerous.

So the episode concluded with Kim, Kourtney and Malika Haqq waiting for their private plane to Cleveland, hoping they would arrive before Khloe had the baby.

khloe on facetime

“It’s going to be hard to look at [Tristan] or be in the same room as him,” Kim said, revealing what she wanted to say upon first seeing the dishonsest baller:

“To be continued motherf–ker. It’s not over.”

Of course, it not being over also applies to the romance between Tristan and Khloe. 

They are basically going as strong as ever at this point.

Still, we always find ourselves asking and wondering: Can this really last?


Kardashians Wear Lingerie for Halloween: Who Looked Hottest?!

The comedy classic Mean Girls described the phenomenon in which some young women view Halloween as an opportunity to wear attire that’s far more revealing than anything they would wear in public any other day of the year.

“The hardcore girls just wear lingerie and some form of animal ears,” a pre-downfall Lindsay Lohan tells us in the film.

As you can see, the ladies of the Kardashian clan decided to skip the mammalian accessories and opted for seraphim wings instead.

Yes, the sisters went as Victoria’s Secret Angels, and their looks are both extremely legit and a little weird.

Legit, because the ladies sported actual wings produced by VS, and weird, because Kendall is an actual VS Angel, which means this is a bit like a cop showing up to a Halloween party in uniform.

Kim acknowledged both of these facts in her IG caption:

“Thank you @VictoriasSecret for sending us actual runway looks and real wings to borrow for the night!!! OMG a dream come true! Got to be a Victoria Secret Angel for the night! And Kendall got good practice lol,” Kiki wrote.

Let us leave aside for the moment any discussion of who had what surgically altered and just agree that all of the Kardashians are hot.

A question that’s often debated by both fans and the Kard clan themselves, of course, is who’s hottest.

This is a tricky issue that’s a bit like choosing your favorite Beatle.

You might personally prefer John, but you can really say that someone who chooses Paul is wrong?

This is a very similar scenario, except with singing and songwriting replaced with T&A.

Take Kylie, for example.

Yes, we’ve seen Kylie Jenner in lingerie before. Many times, in fact. But this time she has wings, which means it’s a costume, and not what the kids call a thirst-trap.

But there’s a reason that the mother of one’s Instagram posts so frequently goes viral.

Kendall may be the family’s resident model, but Kylie is no slouch when it comes to “serving looks,” as the kids also say.

This year, she gets bonus points for trotting out multiple costumes, including this Barbie-inspired ensemble.

It’s both creative and self-effacing, as Kylie has been criticized for the lifeless doll-like expression she sometimes sports in her photos.

But the award for this year’s funniest Kard clan costume goes to Kendall Jenner who went as a fembot from the Austin Powers series, alongside new boyfriend Anwar Hadid.

Depressing fact of the day: Kendall was 2 years old when the first film in the series hit theaters.

Great, now we feel weird about commenting on her hotness at all!

Thanks for ruining our fun, inexorable march of time!

Well, so much for the “who’s hottest?” conversation.

We guess we’ll just go ahead and say Khloe since she’s had such a sh-tty year.

Of course, we reserve the right to change our minds if we accidentally piss off Kanye.

Now that he’s done with politics, dude has all the time in the world to rant about pettier matters.


Kris Jenner Fights to Stop Keeping Up With The Kardashians Cancelation

15 seasons isn’t enough for Kris Jenner. She wants 25 or more.

But she may be in for a rude awakening, because Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ ratings have been getting stomped.

Is the show that made her family a household name on its last leg? Or will it go on forever?

RadarOnline reports that Kris is prepared to fight for Keeping Up With The Kardashians to continue.

“Kris says all the time she wants the show to go on for ten more seasons,” an insider reports.

Can you imagine?

“And,” the source continues. “If she had her way she’d do the show until she dies.”

Bold of this insider to imply that Kris Jenner is capable of dying.

Kris is eternal.

Kris is reportedly looking to secure a new contract that guarantees multiple seasons.

In the mean time, however, it looks like her brood has grown too successful for the show that made them stars.

“Kim is already moving on to produce new projects of her own,” the insider notes.

Kim has her own products, her video game from a few years ago was massively lucrative.

She’s a model and a mogul.

“And,” the source says. “The rest of the girls have terrific footholds in modeling and merchandising.”

Kylie Jenner is poised to become a billionaire, but none of Kris’ daughters are hurting for cash.

And it doesn’t look like they care about KUWTK as much as they once did.

“Of the family,” the insider reports. “Only Kris is for keeping the show on the air the #1 priority.”

Well, all of her children except for Kendall are parents, now. Priorities change.

“And the network has already given up on their once lucrative business of creating spinoffs of the show,” the source adds.

Yeah. No more Kocktails with Khloe for us.

“Even Ryan Seacrest, who is still as involved as he can be, has other things he’s working on”

“and leaves Kim to her own devices in terms of keeping the show relevant”

We would joke that Ryan Seacrest is too busy dealing with the serious accusations of sexual assault from his former stylist.

The woman had multiple witnesses to her allegations.

But it doesn’t look like Seacrest is too bothered. Like too many others, his career seems unscathed by the horrible #MeToo story about him.

Unfortunately, Kris has felt discouraged by some of those closest to her.

“It doesn’t help that pretty much the only advice people give Kris about all this,” the insider begins.

The source continues: “Is that she — and the kids — should quit ‘KUWTK’ before they get fired!”

It’s understandable that friends would suggest something like this.

Better to cancel a show with dignity, they reason, than to end up getting canceled.

But the insider says: “That’s just not where her heart is at all!”

It’s true that Season 15’s ratings weren’t as good as Season 14’s, and were certainly worse than what KUWTK saw years ago.

But isn’t part of that just a result of people changing how they watch television?

The Kardashians still rake in a sizable share of the market — enough that Kris can probably talk her way into renewal for years to come.

Maybe her friends are right. Maybe she should quit with her head held high before, one day, E! makes that choice for her.

But we kind of hope that she doesn’t. We’d miss the show.

And so would a lot of people.


Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rekap: A True Story

Keeping Up with the Kardashians finally answered one pressing question this week:

Where the heck did the name True come from?!?

We refer, of course, to the only daughter of Khloe Kardashian and that rotten dirty cheater, Tristan Thompson, who welcomed a child into the world this past April.

A child named True.

On Sunday evening, viewers tuned in to see Khloe (still ignorant to Tristan’s cheating ways) host a grand baby shower for her friends and loved ones.

The expectant parents asked their guests to write down name suggestions on a wall, with Kris Jenner’s mother, MJ, actually be the person we can all blame thank for coming up with this unusual moniker.

“Grandma, do you want to help pick a name?” Kim Kardashian asked her relative. “True, your grandfather?”

Your grandfather,” MJ corrected. “T-R-U-E.”

So there we have it apparently.

mj image

While the name was a major topic of conversation, so was Khloe’s pregnancy itself.

“Out of all my kids, I worried for a second about whether or not Khloe would have a baby,” Kris said at one point, adding through tears:

“It’s such an amazing blessing. We are beyond excited and thrilled to welcome my ninth grandchild, that’s a lot of people.”

Khloe was equally psyched, although she chose to fly out to a pretty boring city in Cleveland in order to be near Tristan when she gave birth.

Scott Disick actually met her there, full of jokes and insults.

“For the longest time, I’ve always wanted to go to Cleveland to see where Khloe lives,” Kourtney Kardashian’s ex quipped. “But I just didn’t know if there was anything to do there.”

The friends came up with a name for their podcast in Cleveland (The Lord and His Lady), but Disick ended up getting on Khloe’s nerves because she wanted to focus on the tiny human set to come out of her vagina…

… not on Scott’s antics.

“I love Scott and I love hanging out with him, but I really want to learn how to give a baby CPR,” Khloe complained to the camera. “He’s hamming it up for the podcast, probably more than usual, but it’s f-cking annoying right now.”

ELSEWHERE, Kylie Jenner recently had her baby and was coming to terms with new new body.

She felt really insecure after posing for a Calvin Klein photo shoot alongside her siblings.

My body’s not, you know, what it used to be,” the 21-year-old beauty mogul explained while baking with sister Kourtney.

“It is a shock to the system to see your body, especially at such a young age, change so drastically, just not be the same size.”

Later, sorting through clothing in her closet to see if anything fits, Kylie confided in Kim.

“We’re getting rid of everything. … Nothing in my closet fits me,” Jenner said. I feel like my hips, they just spread.”

Kim, of course, has been here before.

She’s given birth to two kids and irritated the Hell out of the Internet by talking about only her need to lose weight for many weeks afterward.

“I know it’s really early and Stormi’s so little, but you just have to roll with it,” Kim told her sister, adding:

“You just have to be confident, get some things that make you feel good about yourself and find your balance.”

To her credit, Kim ended the episode by heading to D.C. for the March for Our Lives really.

She talked to students there about the need for better gun control laws in America.

“Seeing these kids taking up their time to talk about issues that are so important, I think is just so selfless and so great of them,” Kardashian concluded.

“I honestly feel like there’s so many adults out there that can learn a thing or two from these kids.”


To see what the teenagers had to say, use the video below to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online right here and now:


Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap: Welcome… Alex Rodriguez?!?

As evidenced by the Kim Kardashian sex tape, at least one cast member on Keeping Up with the Kardashians knows a thing or two about how to handle a rod.

This was relevant on Sunday night because former Major League Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez, often referred to by the nickname “A. Rod,” made an unexpected cameo on the popular reality series.

Can’t say we saw that coming.

Also the boyfriend of Jennifer Lopez, Rodriguez was on hand to help the ladies with their baseball skills in anticipation of a charity game that was held to raise money for the Watts Community Center.

This is an interest in which Kris Jenner has often decided to devote her time and interest.

The big and very poorly-played game pitted the Kardashian family — including Kim, Kourtney, a then-pregnant Khloe, Kris and Kendall — against family pal Tito Jackson and his loved ones.

The Kardashians called themselves the Calabasas Peaches due to the movie A League of Their Own… and they were very much in a league of their own terriblenesss.

“The Jacksons have to go down,” Rodriguez said in an attempt to coach the women up, adding:

“Dear God, let us all play like New York Yankees.”

Kim at bat

(Editor’s Note: The Yankees just lost a playoff game by a score of 16-1 and a series to their hated rival, the Boston Red Sox, so perhaps playing like the most recent version of the Bronx Bombers was not a great idea.)

Editor’s Note 2: A. Rod is a giant tool.)

In the end, the Jacksons thrashed the Kardashians, with Kim going down on strikes faster than she went down on Ray J in the aforementioned sex tape.

“We should just hand over the check now because we suck,” she later said.

Still, the game raised $ 15,000 for a charity that helps underprivileged kids.’

kourt with a glove

“I can’t wait to celebrate all the hard work that was put into the community center,’ said Kris as the family toured the kitchen, sports facilities and computer center at the facility.

Elsewhere, Scott Disick and Khloe Kardashian played a pretty dumb prank on Kris by pretending that a talented artist named Art Vandelay had made some paintings.

They then dropped these paintings off at Jenner’s house and watched as she wandered around her house, wondering where to hang them.

So much for her so-called expertise in the world of expensive art, right?!?

Disick and Kardashian were intent on embarrassing their snobby loved one, but soon realized they had maybe gone too far.

“We have to break it to her that we’re completely lying…and basically giving her fraudulent paintings,” Disick noted in a confessional.

evil scott

Over dinner at Nobu that evening, they allowed Kris to schmooze with the fake artist before they dropped the bombshell that she had been had.

“What? No!” Kris yelled upon learning that the paintings had been created by Khloe in her garage.

“You are pieces of sh-t…you had me this time!” Jenner boomed.

Finally, because the writers are truly out of storyline material, Kourtney ordered a DNA test.

“Oh my God I’m Middle Eastern and North African!’ said Kourtney, who was also “4.5 percent French.”

dna results

“I’m so white,” complained Kendall, while Khloe added:

“I’m 41.5 percent Middle Eastern.”

Fascinating, right?

Use the video below to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online and catch up on amazing moments such as this that you may want to see again:


Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rekap: Kanye West Needs a Band-Aid

Kanye West needs many things in life.

Attention. Professional mental health assistance. A clue.

On Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, however, the controversial rapper just needed one thing from his wife: a band-aid.

And it led to a pretty big argument.

Kim Kardashian eats

“Last night I was just like not in the best mood and I was just like tired,” Kim told Khloe about this tiff early in the installment, explaining:

“I got home and I was like, ‘Hey’ and then I was like on my computer and then he was like, ‘Babe, will you get off your computer, I wanna talk, let’s hangout.'”

Kim was trying to meet a deadline and ignored Kanye, but she responded immediately when Saint reminded his mom that it was time for his bath.

Enter immature Kanye…

“I shut the computer and he’s like, ‘You’re gonna go take a bath with him, but I asked to hangout and you wouldn’t?'” Kim told Khloe of West’s response.

“Maybe just take a bath with Kanye and it will all be better,” Khloe quipped.

But Kim said the issue went beyond just polishing her man’s knob.

She expounded on a recent fight with Kanye, one that centered on him getting a boo-boo and his desire for his wife to fix it.

“We had a fight because I wouldn’t get him a Band-Aid,” Kim recounted, adding:

“I said, ‘Did you look in the proper place, there’s a Band-Aid here.’ He didn’t like that one. So he wanted another one, so there was a Band-Aid there and I put it on him. He didn’t like the color of the Band-Aid.”

What about one of daughter North Jesus-themed band-aids, which apparently exist?


“He was like, ‘I’ve slaved around the world making clothes for you to make sure that you find the best outfit and you let me go out wearing a Jesus Band-Aid,'” Kim said.

“I’m like, so I’m running around to find three f-cking different color Band-Aid’s when I have three kids to look after?!”


Hmm… is there something about a First World Problem we can label this as?

An Ultimate and Ridiculous and Nauseating First World Problem, perhaps?

Khloe simply told Kim that men often needed to be treated like the “first baby” and that, overall, Kanye is someone who requires attention and constant love.

Kim understood and bought some really sexy lingerie for Valentine’s Day. Problem solved!

Elsewhere, however, she continued to have problems with sibling Kourtney.

annoyed Kourtney

This time, they centered around Kim taking it upon herself to get involved in Kourtney and Scott Disick’s relationship after Disick supposedly texted Kim that he wanted another child.

Since both Scott and Kourtney were seeing other people at that time of this filming, Kim figured the two could just go the IVF route and have a fourth kid together without intercourse.

Easy peasy!

She emailed this brilliant idea to the rest of her loved ones… Kourtney included! By accident!

Kim then tried to bury the email and have it erased from Kourtney’s phone, but Kourtney caught on and was understandably furious.

“Honestly, I don’t even want to look at her after the whole email situation,” the mother of three confessed to her mom and Khloe.

“I don’t think she wants to hurt your feelings,” Kris responded, trying to play peacemaker. “I think she just communicates differently.”

Kourtney didn’t appreciate her mom “there are two sides to everything” approach and shot back:

“She did something really malicious, backstabbing and actually evil. Going behind someone’s back? It’s not okay, it’s not something I will accept in my life.”

Despite her anger at both Kris and Kim, Kourtney eventually settled down and spoke to Scott.

Disick revealed that Kim had twisted his words and vowed to Kourtney he “would not go and call up your family” to discuss this topic of children again.

From there,, Kourtney and Kim buried the tension enough to go away on a joint family skiing trip. Hooray!

Use think link right here to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online and check out the gallery below for more about this absurd family…


Kourtney Kardashian’s Younes Look-Alike Friend Revealed, They’re Not Dating

No, Kourtney Kardashian’s not hooking up with a guy who looks almost exactly like her ex … but now we know the ID of the doppelganger. Sources close to Kourtney tell TMZ … the Younes Bendjima look-alike she was spotted grabbing a beverage with…


Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rekap: Pregnancy is SO Easy!

Breaking news:

Kylie Jenner has given birth!

We repeat: Kylie Jenner has given birth!

What? You knew this already?

It happened way back in February, causing Sunday night’s brand new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians to feel very dated and anti-climactic?


Nevertheless, the latest installment of this bizarrely popular E! reality series focused almost entirely on Kylie’s pregnancy and labor.

Early on, Kim joked with Kylie that her expecting state has been the best-kept secret of our generation,” despite literally every website on the Internet writing about it for weeks at the time.

“Your friends deserve awards,” Kim told her sibling, adding that she was never able to keep her pregnancies quiet and saying of Jenner’s close friends.

“Seriously, because now you know you have some real ones.”

Later, while working out with her personal trainer, Kim was stunned when Kourtney Kardashian walked in and delivered the news that Kylie was in labor. 

Kim noted that Kylie had asked Khloe to be in the delivery room, at Kim’s behest, while the family later gabbed once again about the secrecy of this birth (Kim: “Can you believe Kylie got out of the hospital with not one report? Now Caitlyn can never say we have big mouths and we leak everything.”) — along how amazing and how easy it all was.

“It was such a positive experience. …  She would go, ‘I’m not feeling any pain,’” Kris Jenner explained of her youngest child. “She was so calm.”

Oh, Kris also said she pulled Stormi out of Kylie’s vagina.

“Ewww,” Kim replied upon hearing this news.

“Kylie’s always wanted to be a mom so this is really exciting for her,” Kim told the camera, saying of why the young star didn’t make any official statement until after she gave birth:

“She just didn’t want anyone changing her happy moment and her happy pregnancy, so I’m really proud of her that she stuck to her guns and was able to tell her story her way.”

We believe her.

It definitely didn’t have anything to do with Kylie’s shock and shame over getting impregnated at age 20 by a guy she had only been dating a few months.

“I can already tell that Kylie is gonna be the most amazing mom and is so in love with her baby,” Kris added, as the relatives laid it on as thick as humanly possible.

Eventually, Kylie showed up for dinner, Stormi wrapped up tightly at her bosom while making her television debut.

“Now that it’s all said and done, what is your real take on pregnancy?” Kim asked her sister.

“I liked it. I miss it,” Kylie said ridiculously with a shrug. “I had like, the easiest pregnancy.”

What did she miss about it? What did she like about it?

“You never feel alone and like I was really sad to not be pregnant anymore,” Kylie expounded.

With Chicago Westin the picture on the show, all that remains is for Khloe to give birth and complete the trifecta.

“Khloe, I’m just so excited for you,” Kylie said. “I can’t wait.”

“Chicago was like the new girl in town for like a day,” Kim quipped.

“Stormi’s got three months, maybe as the new girl,” Kourtney said.

NOTE: We made some fun of Kylie and company here because the news is just so old and the glee with which she talked about labor was a tad bit nauseating and absurd.

But we really are happy for Jenner.

SECOND NOTE: The episode also included a memorial to the late family dog Gabbana.

And we’ll never make fun of anyone for mourning the loss of a pet.

Khloe, who had taken Gabbana into her home after Kris and Caitlyn’s divorce, eulogized the canine in a testimonial, saying:

“It’s so crazy to me that a dog can touch your life the way Gabbana’s touched my life. … I could always hear her in my home and now I hear silence.”

May she rest in peace.