Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap: A Thing of Beauty

This week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 7, it was a time for new beginnings … and some old issues.

Khloe brought home her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, for the summer, while Kourtney tried to set some boundaries with Scott.

You can imagine how that went over.

If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online, you know that Khloe and the Cleveland Cavaliers forward are getting serious.

“Tristan has always gone out of his way to make me feel at home,” she said. “And in Cleveland he’s gone above and beyond.”

“In L.A. I want to do the same for him.”

While she was stressed about whether to live at her house with him or get a place closer to UCLA, she decided she was overthinking it.

“After talking with Tristan we have come to the conclusion that I’m crazy,” she recounted. “I don’t know why I was stressing myself out.”

“We have our beautiful home in Calabasas. All Tristan really wants is to be with me and for us to enjoy our summer together.”

“That’s really all that matters.”

Proving what a sweet guy he is to have around, Thompson surprised Kardashian with a birthday party with her family and friends in L.A.

“I’ve never had a surprise party ever,” Khloé said. “We were at dinner and Tristan was so calm. He was as cool as a cucumber.”

“He’s good at surprise parties. I had no clue.”

She gushed, “Tristan is just incredible. I’ve never been this happy. I am so lucky to be with someone that is so thoughtful and so sweet.” 

Not so happy with the situation? Lord D.

“I didn’t even get invited to her birthday,” he complained to Kim and his ex, Kourtney, using the flawed argument, “I’m family!”

Knowing Kourtney was the reason he didn’t make the guest list, she tried to explain it away, but only made the situation worse.

“I didn’t want you to coming to the birthday and be photographed going in,” Kourtney said, with Scott not buying it for a second.

“Photographed going in is your concern?” Disick said. “My concern would be … to be there for your sister who I love and care about.

“For the past 10-12 years,” he went on, “[he’s] been there for through thick and thin and marriages and all these different things.”

Kourtney later came clean to Khloe about this.

“I’m a little bit caught off guard. I just said that I didn’t want to be photographed even though that’s really not what I meant,” she admitted.

“I just try to be positive. And I didn’t want to say I just didn’t want you there. So if I can’t say anything nice, I just won’t say anything at all.”

Then Kourtney opened up to him, as well …

“There’s times when I want you to come and there’s times that I don’t,” she told Disick, and he did understand, at least to a point.

“Obviously I’m not able to handle everything that well,” he said. “I don’t have the best support team. I can try to f–king be a better person.”

“It’s [just] not the simplest thing.”

Hilariously, he then joked, “When do you think were gonna get married by the way, like 40?” Kourtney then responded in kind:

“You think when I turn 40 I’m gonna go, hey I’ve been looking for this drunk guy and he has a bunch of dirty s–t stained underwear?”

He walked into that one.

Kim, meanwhile, was stressing about the launch of her KKW Beauty line, which was inspired and aided by her one and only. 

“Kanye saw the plans and it was so helpful his input,” Kim said. “He called the florist and we made that whole flower rose room last minute.”

“That was honestly like the biggest attraction,” she said. 

“It’s so exciting to do something on my own. Basically for the past almost decade my sisters and I have always had a licensing deal.” 

“Going from being a licensee to an owner is so much more responsibility. I feel like this has been what I’ve been working for for 10 years.”

Kim was uneasy about taking on such a high-profile role, as she was still easing back into the spotlight after her October 2016 robbery.

“I’ve been like slowly taking my time to come back and this is a serious, sit-down, major interview,” Kim said of interviewing the CEO.

“This isn’t … I don’t know how something like this could go. If they want to ask me crazy questions, it’s Steve Forbes,” she said.

“It’s hard for me to get back out there.”

In the end – following the re-release of new promotional images (fans thought she was wearing blackface in the originals) – it was a hit.

Kim was happy with how the launch party turned out, and the family mogul proved she isn’t ready to cede that title to Kylie just yet.

“There’s such amazing press on this launch party,” she gushes. “And I’m so happy we made so many changes so it would be perfect.”

Get it, girl.


Caitlyn Jenner: The Kardashians Don’t Want Anything to Do With Me!

Not everything this year has gone as Caitlyn Jenner had hoped.

True, she might be dating a hot blonde 21-year-old, but Cait has been thoroughly disappointed by Trump. And she’s also become estranged from various Kardashians — from her family.

Caitlyn is publicly lamenting that the Kardashians want her out of their lives.

Caitlyn Jenner spoke about her memoir, The Secrets of My Life, and its detrimental effect on her relationship with the Kardashians at the Cambridge Union on Monday night.

And this sounds pretty rough.

“It’s been a little bit tough over the past couple of years on the Kardashian side.”

Yeah, we’d say so. Especially since April, when the memoir was published.

“To be honest, I don’t talk to them anymore. Kim I haven’t talked to in a year.”

That tracks, more or less. Back in September, we learned that Caitlyn and Kim hadn’t spoken in 9 months.

(11 months is “a year,” for most intents and purposes)

“They don’t want me in their lives, they bashed me pretty badly.”

We saw quite a lot of that, with Caitlyn getting called insane by her own family on Keeping Up With The Kardashians over some of the things that were written in her book.

“It’s devastating when your kids do that. It really hurt.”

Remember, folks — Caitlyn fathered Kendall and Kylie, but she’s been Kim and Kourtney and Khloe and Rob’s dad for decades, too.

Caitlyn doesn’t feel that their responses are justified.

“I tried to be honest in my book — very fair and very nice. Unfortunately, they didn’t take it that way.”

Honesty is not always the best policy — particularly when writing a memoir about your very famous, still-living family members.

But Caitlyn emphasizes that the Kardashians were not the focus.

“In the book I express some opinions and got shut down. It was not about the Kardashians.”

Sure, but obviously people are going to latch onto Kardashian news.

“They were only mentioned on 20 pages.”

Do you know how much any one of us could upset people in our lives by telling 100% truthful stories about them in just 20 pages?

You could lose every friend and family member that you have with too much honesty.

You gotta have a filter, folks. Yes, even when writing a memoir. You don’t need to lie; you just need to edit.

But Caitlyn thinks that the Kardashians doing what they do — turning every circumstance into entertainment for their own professional and financial benefit — is to blame for the perception that Caitlyn’s book was negative towards them.

“They made it more about them on television. The book was about my life. That caused a lot of the separation between us.”

Like we said, they sure did talk about it on their show.

But when you speak negatively of your celebrity family members outside of, like, a therapist’s office, don’t expect for them to be super chill about it.

Caitlyn seems to be regarding her book, because it is a memoir, as some sort of sacrosanct confessional whose contents should be untouchable.

But … it’s a book, and the Kardashians are (mostly) real people with (arguably) real feelings.

It’s important for us to note that Caitlyn still gets along with some members of what’s considered the Kardashian clan.

Caitlyn is still close with Kylie. Cait appeared on Life of Kylie. and the two regularly hang out on Father’s Day.

Also, Caitlyn took her gal pal Sophia Hutchins to Kendall Jenner’s 22nd birthday party.

That was potentially a little awkward, since Cait’s “friend” is still only 21 and therefore younger than Kendall, but it shows that Caitlyn and Kendall are still getting along.

Still, it’s sad to see a family torn apart. We wonder if they’ll mend fences or just resign themselves to this estrangement.


Keeping Up With the Kardashians Recap: Scott Still Sucks!

“He’s so predictable — it’s so slimy and gross.”

That’s Khloe on last night’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and you probably don’t need three guesses as to who she’s talking about.

Yes, the comment is about Captain Slimy and Gross himself, Scott Disick.

As you likely already know, Scott spent his summer in the throes of an epic bender, during which he somehow hooked up with numerous hot young starlets.

Khloe’s comments were her response to news of Disick hooking up with Bella Thorne–and like many others she’s of the belief that Scott dragged the young actress to Cannes merely to piss off Kourtney Kardashian.

“For Scott, any attention is good attention,” Khloe said on last night’s episode.

“He goes, does the thing, I’m his therapist, he feels disgusting,” Kourtney added.

“The energy that I put into him, I need to put into my kids.”

Yes, Kourtney is still making time for Scott’s BS.

And it seems she’s not the only one who continues to play Frasier Crane to Disick’s Seattle.

Kim Kardashian was all ears as the Lord griped about the anguish of getting drunk all over Europe and hooking up with the world’s hottest women.

“But look at it [from] my perspective: She was on vacation with one man, a whole trip,” Scott said of receiving news that Kourtney is dating Younes Bendjima.

“That looks like a happier scenario than me, jumping around trying to find happiness and these girls are not fulfilling that. I’m just not happy with anybody.”

“Like, if Kourtney met someone, fell in love and got married and then everyone’s like, ‘Eh, we have a new Scott — we don’t really need to be close with him anymore,’ ” he said. “Even though I get it — we have kids [together]. But it’s a scary thing for me.”

Speaking to the camera, Kim revealed that she believes Scott is having a hard time adjusting to the single life:

“It’s taking him a little big longer — or a lot longer — than Kourtney,”

We would take the non-stop partying as a sign that he’s doing just fine, but what do we know?

“I don’t live the cleanest-looking life. I’m a guy. I’m a little younger,” said the 34-year-old father of three in justifying his actions.

“Maybe the way I’m getting over her is a drop different, and it’s hard.”

Hilariously, Scott went on to say that he’d like to have more kids with Kourtney.

Hopefully, her sisters staged an off-camera intervention to prevent that from ever happening.

But it’s not all bad decisions and regret for the ladies of the Kard clan these days.

Khloe’s new boo Tristan Thompson made a KUWTK cameo last night, and things are going so well for thse two that Khloe is willing to pretend she doesn’t hate every second of life in Cleveland.

“I’m so happy that Tristan wants everyone front and center supporting to him, and that’s what matters to him,” said Khloe said.

“I love that — that he knows that none of this bulls–t is real. But sometimes I just need the reminder.”

Yes, the Kard’s have reached the point in their fame where they can refer to the show that made them famous as “bulls–t.”

It’s the reality star equivalent of when Trump bragged about being able to gun someone down on Fifth Avenue with no consequences.

Of course, these days, Khloe is pregnant with Tristan’s baby, so we guess the relationship is legit.

Hopefully for her sake, Khloe’s opinion of Cleveland isn’t entirely BS.

Watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online for more of thet K-clan’s ups and downs.


Blac Chyna Extends Olive Branch to the Kardashians, Invites Them to Dream’s Birthday Party

Blac Chyna may have had her fair share of beef with Rob Kardashian and the rest of his family, but it sounds like she’s ready to grow up and let bygones be bygones … at least, according to Radar Online. 

She invited Rob and his mom and sisters to a party she is throwing for Dream,” a tipster dished to the gossip site. 

“She would love for all of them to come and celebrate Dream’s birthday together.”

In all honesty, that’s hardly believable when you consider the sheer amount of drama that’s gone on between her and the family. Her relationship with Rob has been the subject of much media attention. 

“Dream is the most important thing to both Rob and Chyna and if they could be nice for just one day that would be great,” the source continued.

There’s been revenge porn, name-calling, and the whole family getting involved in the fiery feud. It was all a little exhausting to keep up with because every time it seemed like Chyna and Rob were done, they got back together. 

Their relationship was not built on a solid foundation, and that’s part of the reason why it failed. They seemed far too enamored with the various opportunities afforded to them to make money because of their konnections. 

Things came to a head when Rob thought it was okay to share explicit pictures of Chyna in the aftermath of yet another traumatic split for the couple. He immediately felt the ire of the internet and Chyna after it was classed as revenge porn. 

Chyna aimed at the whole family just a few weeks ago when it emerged that she was suing the entire Kardashian Klan, claiming that they came up with an elaborate plan to urge E! Network to cancel Rob & Chyna. 

That’s the show she once co-starred in with Rob. While the ratings were decent enough, Rob apparently refused to film for much of the show’s run, and it made things difficult for the editors to construct much of a narrative. 

Chyna’s big argument is that the family felt the show was damaging its already watered down brand, and that’s why they made it their mission to sink the second season. 

But, it remains to be seen whether the Kardashians will put their beef with the wannabe aside to allow everyone to be in the presence of Dream on her birthday. 

While it’s not difficult to imagine there being some sort of shade throwing at the event, we’re inclined to believe that Dream will be showered with luxurious gifts from her wealthy family members. 

Maybe that thought crossed Chyna’s mind when she decided to invite them.

There’s also the possibility that it would mean the Keeping Up with the Kardashian cameras could be headed to the party, and Chyna would likely find a way to steal the limelight to create a big drama to make E! reconsider giving her another shot at reality TV fame. 

What do you think about all of this? 

Hit the comments below!