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Paris Hilton Doubles Down on Keeping the Ring … ‘It was Free’


Paris Hilton‘s not mincing words anymore — she says the $ 2 million engagement ring she got from Chris Zylka is hers to keep … and he didn’t spend a dime on it, anyway.

We got Paris at LAX Wednesday and asked her to clarify recent comments she made, suggesting the jeweler who provided the ring got millions in free publicity … so it’s going to stay with her.

Now she’s going a step further, emphatically telling us … “It’s mine.” She also says it was free in the first place … implying Chris didn’t actually buy it so he has no claim to it.

As we’ve told you … after Zylka proposed to Paris, the story was he bought the ring — which features a massive 20-carat diamond that took about 4 months to cut.

But, Paris now says that was never the case, and according to her … she’s paid for the ring via social media promotion and whatnot.

Not sure that will hold up in the court of law, but until we hear more from Zylka or the jeweler … we know where to find the ring.

Paris Hilton Guess What?!? I’m Keeping the $2M Engagement Ring!!!

Paris Hilton‘s got some bad news for her ex … the MASSIVE engagement ring Chris Zylka got her is staying with her, so she says, but the law is not on her side. 

Paris appeared on SiriusXM’s “The Jenny McCarthy Show” and dropped some tea on the $ 2 MILLION bling ring. She says, for reason, the jeweler received millions of dollars in free publicity … and then went on to declare the ring stays with her.

Here’s the problem … whether the jeweler received free publicity or not is totally irrelevant. Chris is the one who bought the ring, at least that’s the party line. Under CA law, if Paris called off the engagement — which she did — Chris has a right to get it back. It’s called a gift in contemplation of marriage.

There is a wild card … if the party line is not true — in other words, if Chris didn’t buy the ring and the jeweler fronted it to Paris — then he has no right to the ring. But, that’s not the way this whole thing was spun. There is one other scenario … maybe Chris is willing to eat the money and he’s never demanded the ring back. 

BTW … the ring’s a doozy … it’s a massive 20-carat diamond, which took about 4 months to cut.