David Beador: Shannon Drinks Too Much, Keeps Me From My Kids

We didn’t think it was possible…

… but things have turned even uglier between Shannon Beador and David Beador.

According to explosive legal documents, the estranged husband of this Real Housewives of Orange County cast member isn’t just sitting back and letting the reality star say mean things about him.

David is fighting back.

First, a refresher on the status of this formerly happy couple:

Shannon announced in October that she was filing for divorce from her husband of 17 years, not even pretending at the time that the split was amicable.

“It’s heartbreaking for me and my daughters that this is the road that had to be taken but it’s the only way,” the Bravo personality told the world at the time, adding:

“I felt alone in my marriage. You can do what you can to keep your family together, but you have to have willing parties.

“You need two people to make a marriage work, and that just wasn’t happening in our relationship.”

This statement, and this divorce decision, came after Shannon revealed to Real Housewives viewers on Season 10 that David had been unfaithful.

About six weeks after she confirmed her break-up, Shannon filed new legal documents that sought full legal custody of her three daughters and which aimed to “take [David] for everything he’s got.”

It was contentious then.

And it’s only grown more contentious since, according to Radar Online.

The celebrity gossip site has obtained paper submitted to Orange County Superior Court in which David demands fifty percent custody of 15-year old Sophie and 12-year old Twins Stella and Adeline.

These papers were filed on March 9 and they also accuse Shannon of basically turning the kids against their father.

Writes David in his documents:

“Since separation, the children, on several occasions have refused to talk or see me.

“This behavior has been tolerated in Shannon’s home and is not in the best interests of the children…

“Shannon is not fostering or encouraging a healthy father child relationship.”

From here, David accuses The Real Housewives of Orange County itself of providing Shannon with a dangerous lifestyle, specifically when it comes to alcohol.

Reads his latest filing:

“Shannon’s employment encourages excess drinking and extended travel to which Shannon has chosen not to inform me and make accommodations for the kids to stay with me while she is away.”

This is a new and interesting one.

We’ve never seen a Real Housewives cast member taken to task by a significant other over what she’s asked to do in order to keep her series entertaining.

Then there’s the issue of her salary, which dwarfs what David takes home for his vocation.

David alleges that Shannon earns up to $ 600,000 per year, although she previously stated she earned just over $ 400,000.

This is the sort of thing that will come out once pay stubs and other documents are demanded in court.

We can’t say for certain where things will go between Shannon and David, the latter of whom has a young girlfriend.

But we can say the gloves haven’t just come off in this divorce. They’ve been tossed into the incinerator.


Audrey Roloff Keeps Trying to Profit Off Marital Advice

Audrey Roloff has a seemingly happy and healthy marriage.

This appears to be the case even though the Little People, Big World star helps anchor a reality television show…

… and we all know what fate typically befalls couples that appear on these sort of programs.

What we’re trying to say is this:

Audrey Roloff may very well be someone from whom you should take marital advice.

She and Jeremy definitely make their relationship work.

But the TLC personality has come under fire of late for not just offering up words of wisdom for her fellow wives around the Internet – but for clearly trying to profit off these words.

Take a recent Instagram post, for example.

On Wednesday, Roloff shared the photo above and included with it a lengthy caption.

It begins as follows:

To find and still seek, now that is love. This is the lifeblood behind our mission @beating50 .

We hope to inspire couples to keep seeking, keep pursuing, and keep learning how to love their husbands and wives beyond their wedding day. T

he pursuit shouldn’t end with, “I do.” What fun is that? Your marriage (or future marriage) should be a lifelong love story.

The point here is not a new one.

Nor is it a misguided one.

Audrey is basically saying couples need to work on their marriage and not take their partners for granted.

We very much agree with that theme.

But then Roloff continues:

Marriage is not about saying “I do” in a moment, it’s about living out “I do” in the mundane everyday moments #stayingido.

Your actions and attitude should reflect the promise you made to love – for better or for worse. To “still seek” implies a relentless pursuit. 


This is not the first time Audrey has waxed very poetically about her definition of love.

She did so HERE, too.

Both times, meanwhile, Roloff concluded her message with an offer and a link that got her in trouble.

“Want one of these rad sweatshirts “Love is a verb” sweatshirts (also comes in black)? Grab one for 10% off with code LOVE2018 – link in bio,” concluded the mother of one this time around.

And it’s just….YEESH. Come on, Auds.

A handful of followers find it very distasteful that Roloff included constant links to her business website when talking about things as personal as love and religion.

It’s hard to take Roloff’s theme very seriously when it’s clear she’s just saying it to sell some sweatshirts.

Last summer, fans had this same issue when it came to how frequently Audrey brought up the topic of God.

Is she serious about her faith?

Does she truly love her husband?

Of course and of course.

Moreover, we aren’t suggesting that she isn’t free to make money off her clothing line. She absolutely has this right and absolutely should be an entrepreneur if she so desires.

But perhaps she should stop mixing personal advice with her business endeavor.

It just leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

Do you feel the same way?


Matt Damon Keeps Saying Stupid Stuff About Sexual Harassment

Where is Ron Burgundy when we need him?

Someone has to tell Matt Damon that he needs to take a timeout and not talk for awhile.

On the heels of a reputation-damaging into with ABC News, in which Damon largely brushed off the ongoing issue of sexual harassment in Hollywood, the actor spoke to Business Insider on Monday.

And he once again shoved his pompous foot deeply into his misguided mouth.

“We’re in this watershed moment, and it’s great,” Damon said of how predators and sexist miscreants such as Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Louis CK and Charlie Rose are being exposed on a near-daily basis.

Did the star just leave it at that, however?

Of course not. He felt the need to defend innocent men for some reason, saying on record:

“I think one thing that’s not being talked about is there are a whole shitload of guys – the preponderance of men I’ve worked with – who don’t do this kind of thing and whose lives aren’t going to be affected.”

Ah, yes.

It’s the lives of whose who will NOT be affected that we really need to be discussing right now.

Forget the endless array of women whose personal and professional lives have been shattered by the actions of some really gross individuals.

What about the good guys, people?!?

Added Damon:

“If I have to sign a sexual-harassment thing, I don’t care, I’ll sign it. I would have signed it before. I don’t do that, and most of the people I know don’t do that.”

That’s fine. That’s great. No one has accused you of anything, dude.

Except now for being a pompous, insensitive know-it-all who keeps missing the entire point of the #MeToo movement.

In response to his latest comments, stars such as Debra Messing, Rose McGowan and Cher have taken to Twitter in order to tear Damon a new one.

“Matt Damon- SERIOUSLY? You are a smart man. A privileged, white man,” the Will & Grace actress wrote on Monday.

“This is NOT the time to ask for a pat on the back. How about we NOT celebrate men who are simply decent human beings. Stay on track, Matt.

“It’s not about you.”

messing on damon

Said Cher:

“Matt Damon is the epitome of a faux ally whose performative wokeness is more about servicing his own ego than the needs of the oppressed & disenfranchised.”

And McGowan, who has asserted for years that she was a rape victim of Weinstein’s:

“Matt Damon is dense AF.”

Late last week, Damon got into trouble for remarks he made to Peter Travers.

“There’s a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right?” Damon said in that interview, pointing out the obvious for no reason and adding:

“Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated, without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated, right?”

No one has conflated these actions.

But women everywhere have tried to explain, as Alyssa Milano did so eloquently on Twitter in response to Damon, that the “micro” can lead to the “macro.”

There’s clearly a widespread disrespect of women going on in Hollywood and it’s one that needs to be addressed on every level.

“We are so energized to kind of get retribution,” Damon also said last week.

“We live in this culture of outrage and injury… and we’re going to have to correct enough to kind of go, ‘Wait a minute. None of us came here perfect.'”

Are social media users sometimes too focused on outrage and on trolling anyone with whom they disagree? Sure.

Is that what’s happening amidst what Damon himself refers to as a “watershed moment” in entertainment? No. Not even a little bit.

We’ll let Milano explain what Damon continues to miss…

We are not outraged because someone grabbed our asses in a picture. We are outraged because we were made to feel this was normal.

We are outraged because we have been gaslighted. We are outraged because we were silenced for so long.

There are different stages of cancer. Some more treatable than others. But it’s still cancer.

Sexual harassment, misconduct, assault and violence is a systemic disease. The tumor is being cut out right now with no anesthesia.


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Kim Kardashian Does Selena Quintanilla Impression, Keeps Irritating the Internet

We’re just gonna come right out and ask:

What’s with the Kardashian sisters dressed up like dead singers this Halloween?!?

Earlier this week, we posted a photo of Kourtney in a Michael Jackson costume, as she basically impersonated the iconic artist from a look he donned for the Academy Awards in 1991.

The mother of three earned some backlash for the ensemble, partly because Jackson was African-American and Kardashian is not.

And partly because many critics interpreted this as a mockery of Jackson’s memory.

He was a real person, they argued. He died in a tragic way. Heck, he had children!

Why would Kourtney think it would be appropriate to turn the King of Pop into a Halloween prop?

But Kim Kardashian heard it even more from social media users after she shared pictures of herself dressed as Aaliyah.

In this case, again, Aaliyah was black and Kim is not.

Moreover, Aaliyah had her life cut way short when she was killed in a plane crash at the age of 22, making it just strange for Kardashian to choose to imitate her for Halloween.

Here’s a look at that outfit:

Now, Kardashian has made a similar move.

As you can see in the photo at the outset of this article, Kardashian continued her theme of dressed up like music legends yesterday by rocking a Selena Quintanilla costume.

Wearing a copy of Selena’s well known sparkling purple bodysuit and styled with Selena’s signature brunette bangs, Kim channeled the late artist as she twirled around with a microphone in hand and shared her fake performance with the world on social media.

“My fave Selena!” she wrote as a caption.

Somehow, Kim wasn’t the only star to go out as Quintanilla.

Demi Lovato did so as well:

For those unaware, Quintanilla wore this outfit her last concert before being shot to death by the president of her fan club, Yolanda Saldívar, in 1995.

So, once again, Kardashian has decided to use someone’s sad and premature death as the basis for her Halloween costume.

And once again she’s getting dragged online for it.

“I am disgusted,” wrote one critic on Twitter, while others agreed.

They just found it really odd Kim would go this route (twice!), considering all the options she obviously had for Halloween.


What do you think of Kardashian’s decision here?

Is she honoring Selena’s memory?

Is she insulting it?

Was Selena actually her favorite artist? Or is she just saying that now to sound hip?