Roseanne Barr Keeps Trying to Claim She Isn’t Racist

Roseanne Barr sat down and spoke with Sean Hannity on Fox News on Thursday night.

We understand if you shudder at the mere reading of that sentence.

The comedian was on hand, of course, to discuss how her reputation has plummeted to an all-time low following a Tweet she wrote several weeks ago that compared former President Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett to an "ape."

Jarrett, of course, is African-American, although Roseanne has previously alleged she didn't know this.

In the wake of this heinous comment, which wasn't exactly the first time Barr came across as insensitive to other races or ethnicities, ABC canceled the revival of her sitcom.

It has since announced that a spinoff centered around her character's fictional family, The Conners, will premiere in the fall.

(Presumably, the new sitcom will focus on this family reacting to the death of the Roseanne character.)

Speaking to Hannity, Roseanne was at times contrite; at times defensive; and at times defiant.

"I made a mistake, obviously. It cost me everything. My life's work, everything. I made a mistake and I paid the price for it," she said early in the interview.

Barr went on to say that the Tweet was never meant to be "political" in any way, firing back at critics who dared to call her racist.

"Everyone started saying I was a racist, which is like the worst thing you can call a Jewish person, especially someone like me, who grew up with Holocaust survivors," she said, continuing:

"And because of that fact, I took a vow to my religion to my god that I would always fight extremism on either side, right or left."

If this has been the case, Roseanne has had an unusual way of fighting said extremism.

Barr told Hannity she felt she was "fighting the right by being really left," referring to her 2012 run for the presidency as a socialist candidate and added:

"Then I slowly woke up and both extremes are not where my values are. My values are in the middle," she said.

Later in the chat, Roseanne expressed interest in speaking to Jarrett… or maybe working out a way to find a “teachable moment” in an encounter with her.

“I’d want her to hear my voice, that I am so sorry,” she said.

Jarrett, previously, has said she has no real interest in hearing from Barr.

Also previously, Roseanne had chalked up her Tweet to stupidity, not racism.

Do you think Roseanne deserves forgiveness? Or does she just totally suck and should go away as quickly as humanly possible?

Take a look and a listen to her interview with Hannity right here if it will help you decide.

Roseanne barr keeps trying to claim she isnt racist

James Van Der Beek Keeps It “Real” with Home Birth Photo

James Van Der Beek appreciates his Instagram followers.

He’s grateful that you enjoy looking at his page and checking out the images.

But he understands in this one special case. He won’t blame you at all if you choose to look away from his account for a few moments.

The former Dawson’s Creek star has shared a photo on social media that is really unlike any celebrity photo you’ve ever seen on these platforms.

The picture features Van Der Beek cradling his newborn daughter Gwendolyn … but when we say newborn, we mean NEWBORN.

The child is still attached to her umbilical cord.

Van Der Beek has taken fans inside his wife’s home birth, giving everyone a very up close and awfully personal view of what it’s like to partake in this sort of miraculous event.

“The category is: Home-Birth Realness,” opens the father of five before in his caption to the following picture, warning the “squeamish” to divert their eyes. 

We’ll emphasize that warning once again prior to publishing the photograph.

Ready? You sure?

Okay, here you go…

Van Der Beek continues in his message, listing everything you see above:

“Messy bed, Plastic sheeting underneath old sheets, Old towel crumpled on the floor, Vomit bag (unused), Inflatable birthing tub (also unused), Shirtless Dad, Boy in Spider-Man pajamas.”

(NOTE: This final item is easily our favorite. We love the idea of this adorable toddler just wandering around while his mother gives birth in his house to his sister.)

Concludes the actor:

“Happy, healthy baby, Happy healthy Mom in her own shower right after giving birth, Water bottle And . . . placenta in a mixing bowl (I warned you).”

It’s true.

He did warn us.

But most followers have reacted in amazement to such a picture, even thanking Van Der Beek for truly keeping it real.

Wrote one impressed individual, with the Instagram handle @kimberlys40:

Wow you are truly an amazing woman! @vanderkimberly and this is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen. Congratulations to the both of you and to your beautiful family.

The Dawson’s Creek alum and his wife, Kimberly Van Der Beek, welcomed their fifth child on Friday, June 15.

He and the wellness blogger are also parents of Olivia, 7, Joshua, 6, Annabel Leah, 4, and Emilia, 2.

James conrirmed the arrival of little Gwendolyn on Sunday via a photo of the family fawning over its latest addition.

“These last few days, as I’ve enjoyed the privilege of making smoothies I know my older kids will like, making my wife red raspberry leaf tea to ease her uterine contractions, spending ‘boy time’ with my son and getting my two year-old down for a nap in the way only I know how… I’ve been sick about something,” he wrote.


He then referenced the VERY controversial White House policy of separating children from their immigrant parents:

“As I write this, kids are being ripped from the arms of their parents. By our government.

“For the kid’s benefit? No – the opposite – as a purposeful display of cruelty to deter would-be illegal border crossers AND legal asylum seekers (its happening to both).

“And it wouldn’t be honest to wax poetic about my new-baby bliss without speaking up against this atrocity.”

Concluded the veteran actor:

A crime against humanity is a crime against us all.


Raccoon Scales Skyscraper, Keeps Entire Internet on Edge

The MPR Raccoon is safe!

We repeat: The MPR Raccoon is safe!

As anyone with an Internet connection knows, it was a tense night on Tuesday for those who tracked the unexpected actions of this creature, who sky-rocketed to viral fame thanks to a climb we're guessing he really wanted to make.

The animal was discovered by employees at Minnesota Public Radio (hence the hashtag "#MPRraccoon"), whose building sits next to the 23-story office tower in St. Paul that this raccoon decided to scale after he got scared by a window cleaner.

Climbing higher and higher, the critter apparently realized after awhile that he couldn't simply jump down without risking life and limb…

… so he simply kept going.

My picture from the 13th floor around noon. Hope he makes it down OK! #mprraccoon, read the caption to this amazing photo.

When maintenance workers attempted to coax the raccoon down, he became frightened and scampered so far up the skyscraper that he was out of reach of any human helper.

At various points, the raccoon stopped for a break, sitting on ledges directly outside the windows of various workers and Twitter users.

To wit:

"He is on the ledge on our floor," explains the above individual, who snapped a rather adorable photo of the animal and added:

"He seems to be doing well. We’ve been told that the building has live traps on the roof and are trying to get him to go up there. We all just have to keep our fingers crossed.. #mprraccoon."

Indeed, an entire World Wide Web crossed its collective fingers, unsure how this saga would end, not especially anxious to see a raccoon plummet to his death off the side of a tall building.

(It's here where we must acknowledge the power of a cute face. Because, let's face it, raccoons aren't exactly the most cuddly creatures around.)

Local television station KARE11 in Minnesota started streaming the raccoon’s movements on Tuesday evening, while MPR was constantly updating its story throughout the day on Twitter and Facebook.

The story even reached national levels of attention with a segment on Good Morning America, which we've included below.

So… did MPR Raccoon reach the roof and the live trap set there with cat food safely?


The animal will soon be released into the wild and we'll be forced to scour New York City for the next milkshake squirrel in order to track down the next four-legged Internet sensation.

Check out footage of this wayward raccoon below!

Mpr raccoon scales skyscraper keeps entire internet on edge

David Beador: Shannon Drinks Too Much, Keeps Me From My Kids

We didn’t think it was possible…

… but things have turned even uglier between Shannon Beador and David Beador.

According to explosive legal documents, the estranged husband of this Real Housewives of Orange County cast member isn’t just sitting back and letting the reality star say mean things about him.

David is fighting back.

First, a refresher on the status of this formerly happy couple:

Shannon announced in October that she was filing for divorce from her husband of 17 years, not even pretending at the time that the split was amicable.

“It’s heartbreaking for me and my daughters that this is the road that had to be taken but it’s the only way,” the Bravo personality told the world at the time, adding:

“I felt alone in my marriage. You can do what you can to keep your family together, but you have to have willing parties.

“You need two people to make a marriage work, and that just wasn’t happening in our relationship.”

This statement, and this divorce decision, came after Shannon revealed to Real Housewives viewers on Season 10 that David had been unfaithful.

About six weeks after she confirmed her break-up, Shannon filed new legal documents that sought full legal custody of her three daughters and which aimed to “take [David] for everything he’s got.”

It was contentious then.

And it’s only grown more contentious since, according to Radar Online.

The celebrity gossip site has obtained paper submitted to Orange County Superior Court in which David demands fifty percent custody of 15-year old Sophie and 12-year old Twins Stella and Adeline.

These papers were filed on March 9 and they also accuse Shannon of basically turning the kids against their father.

Writes David in his documents:

“Since separation, the children, on several occasions have refused to talk or see me.

“This behavior has been tolerated in Shannon’s home and is not in the best interests of the children…

“Shannon is not fostering or encouraging a healthy father child relationship.”

From here, David accuses The Real Housewives of Orange County itself of providing Shannon with a dangerous lifestyle, specifically when it comes to alcohol.

Reads his latest filing:

“Shannon’s employment encourages excess drinking and extended travel to which Shannon has chosen not to inform me and make accommodations for the kids to stay with me while she is away.”

This is a new and interesting one.

We’ve never seen a Real Housewives cast member taken to task by a significant other over what she’s asked to do in order to keep her series entertaining.

Then there’s the issue of her salary, which dwarfs what David takes home for his vocation.

David alleges that Shannon earns up to $ 600,000 per year, although she previously stated she earned just over $ 400,000.

This is the sort of thing that will come out once pay stubs and other documents are demanded in court.

We can’t say for certain where things will go between Shannon and David, the latter of whom has a young girlfriend.

But we can say the gloves haven’t just come off in this divorce. They’ve been tossed into the incinerator.