‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Gets Engaged, Fiance Declares His Love

Lala Kent is officially off the market, and her fiance is a guy who’s so in love … he calls himself a bitch. Uh, congrats? The “Vanderpump Rules” star got engaged this weekend down in Cabo San Lucas with her Hollywood producer boyfriend, Randall…


LaLa Kent: I’m Engaged to Randall Emmett! Look at My HUGE Ring!

LaLa Kent once said she has no problem blowing her boyfriend to get jewelry.

On Friday, however, the Vanderpump Rules star was able to nab herself a gigantic diamond ring without getting down on her knees.

In fact, Randall Emmett was the one down on one knee…

… because he proposed!

In exciting news broken by People Magazine, Emmett popped the life-altering question to Kent during a romantic trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where the couple also celebrated LaLa’s 28th birthday at the Esperanza An Auberge Resort.

“Last night was the best night of my entire life,” Kent wrote as an Instagram caption to the photos featured here.

She then explained why:

“I got engaged to the man of my dreams. I get to call this amazing human my fiancé! An engagement last night, my birthday today, and every sign my dad could possibly send me to let me know he’s here.

“I’m the happiest girl in the world.”

Kent also spoke to the aforementioned publication about the development, telling People:

This weekend has been an amazing one for the two of us! It was definitely the most romantic moment of my life. Every detail of the surprise was stunning and I’m still in shock.

Because Emmett is 18 years older than Kent, this relationship has garnered a bit of backlash for the long-time Bravo personality.

It didn’t help that Emmett was supposedly still married back when the two started dating.

The romance seems very real, however; so real that LaLa said in June that Randall asked for her dad’s blessing just before he passed away.

Emmett didn’t skimp in the ring department, either, as you can see below.


According to People, the proposal went down as follow:

Emmett set up a screen that showed one of Kent’s favorite sitcom, Friends, before it went black and showed a video montage of the pair.

The next thing LaLa knew, Emmett was down on one knee and asking for her hand in marriage… with a 6-carat round brilliant diamond in a halo setting. Yes, SIX carats!

After Kent said yes, a private fireworks display went off in the background.

“I keep looking down at my ring finger. I’m just so happy to say we are officially engaged,” Kent said, adding:

“We are so excited to start planning the rest of our lives together and I’m excited to put as much detail as Randall did in our engagement into our wedding!”

This marriage mark Kent’s first marriage and Emmett’s second, as we mentioned above.

He finalized his divorce from his wife at the end of last year, a few months after he and Lala first starting doing the deed.

Congrats to the newlyweds-to-be!


Lala Kent: Yes, I Blow my Boyfriend for Jewelry!

Lala Kent was forced to go on the offensive Monday night.

The Vanderpump Rules veteran found herself the target of her co-stars’ wrath when the topic on the show’s reunion special turned to boyfriend Randall Emmett.

Or, to be more specific, to possibly MARRIED boyfriend Randall Emmett.

Was Kent’s lover really someone else’s husband when the two started dating?

Andy Cohen asked Kent this question directly during the aforementioned gathering.

“You’ve been together for a while. You’re clearly very happy. You denied over the years all of the allegations that your boyfriend was married,” Cohen, who moderated the reunion, said on air.

He then popped the question:

“It seems that maybe he was married when you started dating, correct?”

Replied a hesitant Lala:

“Well, when I met…Rand…he had a legal separation. So, I don’t see how I did anything wrong.”

Emmett is a movie and TV producer.

For the record: finalized his divorce in December and he has two children with his ex-wife.

All of the Vanderpump Rules cast members confirmed on the special that they have met Kent’s latest lover.

The topic on the special eventually turned from Emmett’s marital status to whether Kent is simply digging up gold by dating her new man.

That is, what does Kent have to say about the cars, purses and shoes that Emmett has purchased for her?

All the “materialistic things,” as Scheana Marie said, eyes fully rolled, during the reunion?

Kent was not happy with this implication. She fired back at her colleagues and their implication that she’s only in this relationship for the monetary perks.

“Everyone can sit there and be like, ‘Her man does this; her man does that.’ It’s like, ‘OK, you’re just mad ‘cause your man doesn’t do that!'” she yelled.

And she wasn’t done defending herself, either.

“Whenever I make music, it comes out of my pocket,” Kent said, elaborating in angry detail:

“My rent? My man gave me a cap, which, we are well above the cap, so mama payin’ a lot for rent. As far as my cars go, it’s like, ‘Here’s the lease, but you best be payin’ insurance.'”

Kent also said she’s driving a BMW i8, which can cost as much as $ 150,000.

“I have it for a few months just to, like, dink around,” Kent said, not realizing how awful a job she was doing of shooting down that whole gold digger accusation.

Later in the reunion special, Kent was asked to defend her specific “brand” of feminism. 

Said Lisa Vanderpump at this point:

“I love Lala, but she’s not exactly the quintessential feminist if she’s talking about, ‘Well, I give a BJ, and I get the jewelry.'”

In response, Kent reminded her boss:

“Keep in mind I am blowing my boyfriend. I’m not blowing some random guy for the jewelry. Come on!”

That is an important distinction.

It’s one thing to go around providing sexual favors in exchange for goods and/or services. There’s a name given to women who do this.

But it’s another thing to provide a sexual favor for your exclusive boyfriend, who happens to be well off and who likes to buy you stuff.

Click on the video below to watch Vanderpump Rules online and watch these heated exchanges between Kent and the other women on stage:


Lala Kent Pens Emotional Tribute to Late Father

Lala Kent has taken a break from insulting Jennifer Lawrence and from saying she’s possessed by the ghost of Tupac to get serious for a moment.

Serious and also very sad.

The Vanderpump Rules star and veteran Bravo personality updated her social media fans on Monday with the news that her father has passed away.

“Rest in paradise, my sweet dad. The world seems to be spinning much slower,” the 28-year-old wrote alongside a video shared to Instagram that shows her goofing off with her dad using a rainbow animal filter.

The video also depicts her mom and brother, Easton Burningham.

It’s not clear at the moment just how Kent’s father died.

But Lala was very candid in her caption, revealing to the world just how difficult this loss is to process.

“I’ve never felt so lost. I’ve never felt so sad. My world has crumbled,” she concluded.

Kent, who is somewhat of a controversial figure due to some of her shenanigans on Vanderpump Rules and some of the comments she makes away from the camera, elicited nothing but sympathy for her post.

This has everything to do with the tragic subject matter, of course, but also with how open Kent has been in the past about her bond with her dad.

“I grew up in a very open home,” she explained to in 2015, adding at the time:

“We talked about literally everything – still do, which sometimes my dad is like, ‘OK, I don’t need to know EVERYTHING!’

“My family is extremely close. I don’t have family in Utah except for immediate family so it is kind of like ‘we all we got!'”

Lala also went into detail in this interview about the relationship between her parents and how it has shaped her own views and opinions on love.

“I take marriage seriously,” she told the website.

And this is why:

“My parents have been together for 35 years, through thick and thin. I haven’t ever been married, but I still hold that title sacred.

“Their marriage isn’t something I have any input on. I just hope everything works out and they stick together through all the ups and downs. I love them together.”

That’s so very sweet of a daughter to say, isn’t it?

Those who watch Vanderpump Rules online or who follow Lala’s life closely are aware that she’s dating Randall Emmett.

The romance seems pretty serious, too.

“I see marriage with him,” Lala told Life & Style a little while back.

“I see kids with him. We are absolutely in no rush. He spoils me beyond belief with materialistic things, but it’s beyond that. He takes care of my heart and soul.”

We’re so glad to hear it.

She likely needs him more now than ever before.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Kent and her family.


Lala Kent on Jennifer Lawrence: God, She’s Gross!

Lala Kent is not done with Jennifer Lawrence.

Not by a very long shot.

Earlier this month, the Vanderpump Rules star was stunned to discover that the Academy Awards winner talked some major trash about her during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

An unabashed fan of this Bravo series, Lawrence was asked by host Andy Cohen how she felt about certain storylines on the show.

And she laid hard into Kent upon giving her response:

“Lala trying so hard to be nice and then she’s like crying to her mom and then she’s like a total bitch … I’m like, ‘Bitch you’s a cunt.’”

Whoa there, right?!?

That’s a pretty harsh shot fired and we sort of don’t blame Kent for taking exception to it.

Which is exactly what she did on Twitter.

“Did Jennifer Lawrence really call me a ‘c—’ on @bravowwhl? Annnnnd talk about my mama?” wrote the reality star in a since-deleted post that concluded:

“Bitch, you better pray I don’t see you in the streets.

“You’re one of the highest paid actresses on the planet…you claim you are pro-women and you call another woman a c—? You’re gross.”

Again, we sort of don’t blame Kent for having this kind of reaction.

The 27-year old, meanwhile, appeared on an episode of Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast that was released yesterday and continued to lay into Lawrence.

“She’s gross,” Kent said to open her rant.

“Not only did she call me the c-word … she went on and on making fun of me and my relationship with my mom …

“I’m watching this like ‘Is this A-list celebrity, who has Oscars, for real?’

“And then when she dropped the c-word I was like ‘Ok, honey, let’s leave the trash to us reality TV personalities, don’t be trying to take my job.”

Kent then honed in on Lawrence’s resume, which most recently includes Mother! and Red Sparrow, two films that won’t exactly be up for any Oscars next year.

“She’s a gross human being and congratulations on two failed films in a row,” the Bravo star added.

“My man is in the movie business, it is now said that she is not as valuable and she has to have another actor or actress to like, get the numbers up.”

We’re pretty sure Kent made that last part up, but whatever.

Kent was on a roll.

“You’re an A-list celebrity who makes more money than God and you’re like saying you support women and you’re calling another women the c-word that you’ve never laid eyes on in person, never had a conversation with me,” she said on the podcast.

“I tried to not let it bug me, but it never feels good to be called that, on top of someone who is that big and grand and A-list and glamorous.

“That kind of hurt my feelings a little bit.”

In conclusion, Kent ran down a number of things about Lawrence with which she has a problem.

“Well, here’s the thing. Now anytime you bring her up, ‘m going to have nothing nice to say about her.

“I’m going to say that her hair sucks, her face is a little too pudgy, like she needs to stop the drinking, you know? I said it, you don’t have to worry.”

Actually, in the real unexpected conclusion, Kent jumped on Twitter to walk back these mean things she said about the woman who fears penises.

See, the podcast was taped on March 6.

But it did not air until March 20.

In between… Kent and Lawrence sat down and hashed out their feud?!?

We find this nearly impossible to believe, but consider what Lala Tweeted yesterday:

lala tweet

“My interview with Juicy Scoop was taped a couple of weeks ago when I still felt hurt and emotional,” she wrote.

“Excuses aside, I wanted to let it be known J.Law and I are all good now.”

So this means we can’t look forward to another round in this unexpected and awesome celebrity fight? Darn.

But perhaps we can look forward to a Lala Kent-Jennifer Lawrence buddy comedy instead.

What? A celebrity gossip site can dream, can’t it?


Lala Kent: Jennifer Lawrence Called Me a C-nt, So Now I Have to Kick Her Ass!

If you’ve been watching Vanderpump Rules this season, you know that Lala Kent’s attempted transition into the show’s resident woke bae has yielded mixed results.

While it’s nice to see Kent rallying the women of the cast under the banner of feminist solidarity, we can’t help but cringe when a white woman from Utah adopts a thick blaccent to address a roomful of POCs as “my bruthaaaas.”

(And don’t get us started on her continued support for James Kennedy’s abusive behavior toward women.)

Unfortunately for Lala, it seems we’re not the only ones who have picked up on her glaring lack of authenticity.

Jennifer Lawrence appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live last week, and she assessed Kent’s contradictory behavior and tendency to flip-flop in a brutally frank way:

“I’m like, ‘Bitch, you’s a c–t!” Lawrence told Cohen when asked about Lala.

Now, it’s easy to forget – particularly when you’re watching a show as endlessly melodramatic as Vanderpump – that the people on screen are real-world human beings and not soap opera characters.

And it’s not surprising that Kent was taken aback by Lawrence’s take of her TV persona:

“Did Jennifer Lawrence really call me a ‘c–t’ on @bravowwhl? Annnnnd talk about my mama? Bitch, you better pray I don’t see you in the streets,” Kent tweeted.

“You’re one of the highest paid actresses on the planet…you claim you are pro-women and you call another woman a c–t? You’re gross,” she added.

Kent went on to congratulate Lawrence on “two bombed movies in a row.”

Lala promptly deleted the tweets, but as she revealed in a recent podcast interview, she did so not out of remorse, but in response to a stern warning from her manager:

“I did a three-peat: I did one tweet, delete, two tweet, delete, three tweet, delete. My manager called me and said, ‘Lala, what are you doing?'” Kent said.

“She goes, ‘You either delete the tweet or you delete my info for the next 24 hours ‘cause I’m not trying to deal,'” she added.

“So, I deleted it.”

Lala went on to argue that Lawrence’s behavior would be better suited to a SUR girl than an Oscar-winner:

“The thing is, no one wants to be called the c-word, especially by an A-list celebrity on national television. I was such a huge fan of hers, and it bummed me out,” Kent remarked.

“I thought that she had a little more class than that. You know, let’s leave the trash to people like me who do reality TV,” she said. “Don’t try to steal my thunder, girlfriend!”

Well, the threat of violence may have been out of line, but Lala is actually coming off as the more level-headed party here.

No word on whether or not Lawrence has apologized, but she may want to reflect on the fact that she managed to make a member of the VPR cast look rational by comparison.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to remind yourself of just how hard it is to pull off that feat.


Lala Kent: I’m Possessed By the Ghost of Tupac!

Some truly asinine word combinations have escaped the mouths of the Vanderpump Rules cast members.

After all, it wasn’t all that long ago that we bore witness to two of them having a public midday aregument about pasta.

But even that fettuccinne-based meltdown doesn’t match the mind-boggling inanity of recent comments Lala Kent made during an interview for Jenny McCarthy’s podcast.

“I was gonna ask you how did this like sweet, beautiful Utah girl turn into like this cool, hood chick?” Jenny asked Lala.

“Like on Instagram and stuff your Snapchats are so sexy, funny, but they’re hood.”

First of all, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum, can we all agree that we don’t want to live in a world where one rich blonde white woman feels comfortable publicly calling another rich blonde white woman a “hood chick”?

If that was too cringe-inducing for you to bear, then you might want to stop reading now, because it’s about to get much, much worse.

Now, like tens of millions of others, you might be a fan of the late hip hop icon, but apparently you can never love him as much as Lala, who just planted her flag in his eternal soul.

Yes, Lala has claimed ‘Pac for herself, claiming that he his spirit entered her body when he was shot to death in September of 1996.

“I don’t know where that comes from,” Kent said in response to McCarthy’s questiom.

“I mean I am a firm believer that when Tupac died he took over my body. I know you’re laughing but I’m being for real,” Kent said.

“I recently just got ‘thug life’ tattooed on me, and I feel so happy about it. It’s by my … the inside ankle on my left, and it’s up and down in my handwriting. It looks like a prison stamp.”

Yep. She spoke those words in public.

She somewhat saved herself by admitting how ridiculous the scenario she’s describing really is, but the whole thing was still pretty bad:

“I am as boujee and white as they come but I gets to clapping sometimes,” she told McCarthy.

Now, Kent recently said that only ugly women fly commercial, so she’s no stranger to profound idiocy, but the fact that she made the conscious decision to claim that she’s been possessed by Tupac since the age of 6 is truly mind-boggling.

The worst part is, before this point, Lala was in the midst of a rebuilding season.

Previously, she spent most of the time playing the mean girl and chiding her female co-stars for their failure to work on their “summer bodies.”

Her latest comments aren’t as bad as the remarks that got Stassi Schroeder accused of racism, but they are another reminder that the privileged pretty people of SUR should probably stick to getting sloshed and throwing drinks in each other’s faces.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online for more eye-roll moments from Kent and company.


Lala Kent Gives Dating Advice: I’d Rather Be a Bitch Than Dumb!

It’s only been a few days since Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent went public with her married boyfriend, and now she’s offering some dating advice like some sort of relationship expert.

Now, anyone can give advice — you don’t need a degree to have common sense or to tell someone that their boyfriend crossed a line.

But in Lala Kent’s case, the advice that she’s dishing out is … controversial.

So, Lala Kent doesn’t limit her good deeds to stripping down to fight SeaWorld and other aquatic circuses. She also gives out relationship advice.

Taking to Instagram Live, Lala Kent revealed a “f–king crazy” direct message that she’d received from a fan who wanted her input.

“This girl was talking about this guy that she’s pretty into, she’s been seeing him for a while.”

And the girl has a specific reason for talking to Lala for advice.

“There’s quite an age gap, it’s kind of like me and my man, she’s my age, maybe a little older…he’s like in his later 40s.”

Randall Emmett is 46. Lala will turn 28 this year. 

“And they’ve never been official but he was like really cute at the beginning and then he falls off the earth.”

Uh-oh. That’s not a great sign.

“He’s like inconsistent, which as women I think is f–ked up, like don’t be inconsistent.”

It might mean that he’s unsure about this relationship. It might mean that he’s lying to this girl — and maybe to someone else in his life.

Or he might be just using this girl to feel young, and then running off when it starts to feel too much like a relationship.

Whatever the cause, Lala doesn’t like it any more than we do.

“If you’re gonna be inconsistent, women we need to give them the boot, it’s not OK.”

Lala goes on to explain that the girl went to dinner with this older man and that man’s friend before the New Year.

The girl had a few drinks at the bar because she was nervous.

“So she gets a little too drunk at the bar she says, they get into a cab and she starts to take her clothes off in the cab.”

The girl was making certain that the driver couldn’t see her as she did this.

It did not go over well.

“She started taking her pants off and he started reprimanding her and getting upset and made her feel really stupid.”

Our first thought is that this girl, who’s clearly feeling insecure in this relationship enough that she’s anxious before dinner and then wants reassurance that this older man finds her sexy, should dump his ass.

Lala Kent, we’re happy to say, feels the same way.

“I’ll tell you how I would react, first of all my p–sy is no longer yours to have fun with, you’re a f–king asshole.”

That’s good advice.

Here comes the controversy:

“You make me feel dumb, I’m not about that life; you can call me a homewrecker, you can call me a bitch, you can call me whatever you want, when you make me feel dumb, I’m wiping my hands clean.”

To be clear, if a guy’s calling a girl names in a way that she’s not okay with, that’s not any more okay than ridiculing a girl as “stupid.”

What this girl was doing sounds desperate, which suggests to us that this guy is standoffish and cold — maybe even more like this in front of his friend.

That’s no good for a relationship, folks.

If a guy isn’t friendly or is only friendly sometimes, that means that he has his own emotional issues, and it’s not your job to crack through the ice. Move on to a guy who can show you how much he appreciates you.

And if a guy makes you feel dumb — or calls you ugly names or otherwise demeans you outside of consensual bedroom roleplay — dump his ass at the curb. It’s 2018 and awful guys don’t deserve great girlfriends.


Lala Kent Goes Public With Married Boyfriend!

If you watched last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, you know that prodigal SUR girl Lala Kent once again denied dating a married man.

It was a strange scene, not only because Lala appeared to be wearing a shirt with photos of herself on it, but also because she totally was dating a married man!

Folks, we’re not throwing shade, just stating facts.

Kent is dating Randall Emmett, who is 19 years her senior, was married to actress Ambyr Childress until two weeks ago, and of course, is rich enough that she won’t have to fly commercial until she hits 30.

So yes, when that episode of Vanderpump filmed last summer, Lala was 100% dating a married dude.

For the first year of their relationship, Lala and Randall kept things on the down-low, but now that he finalized his divorce (which just happened), they’re a bit more open.

Just last month Lala and her sugar daddy were spotted at the kind of rinky-dink Hollywood event attended by third-tier reality stars and guys who produce 50 Cent’s Starz series.

And now they’re 100% Instagram official:

Look, we’re not gonna fault Lala for staying onn her grind, but there are two aspects of this situation that she’ll take issue with:

For starters, she went nuclear on pretty much everyone who rightly pointed out that she was dating a married guy who bought her a truck.

In the case of Katie Maloney, she basically tried to destroy the woman simply for pointing out what was painfully obvious to everyone who knew Lala or watched five seconds of Vanderpump last season.

On top of that–and this is the truly unforgivable part–Lala is apparently one of those people who sees New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to post long self-absorbed diatribes about how much they’ve grown and changed in the past year.

As a caption for the above photo of her getting close with her beloved private jet-accesser, Lala wrote:

“2017… You were tough. You were amazing. You made me cry. You made me smile. & sometimes you really sucked. But look where You brought me- Just as a human being.

“The growth I feel is like nothing else,” Kent continued.

“I want everyone to remember to shake things off. Go with your heart, go with your gut.

“Trust your mind. People can say things. People can write things… but no one in the entire world knows your truth. Only you do. Never forget that.”

Lala is a totally deep and compassionate, you guys.

Unless you’ve ever flown commercial, in which case, don’t talk to her.

Watch Vanderpump Rules online to see Lala give James Kennedy a run for his money in the heated race for the title of Very Worst Person.