Kenya Moore: FIRED and Getting Replaced By Kim Zolciak?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is apparently due for a major shake-up.

Accusations claim that Kenya Moore faked an explosive meltdown to avoid getting fired, but it looks like it was all in vain.

Because she’s reportedly getting canned. And she’s going to hate who’s taking her place. Oh, wait — she already does.

Kenya Moore has been in hot water with producers and the network ever since her secret wedding to Marc Daly.

Imagine, if you will, that one of the stars of Finding Bigfoot actually found a bigfoot and just decided to keep it secret and didn’t tell anyone else or invite cameras along, and instead just kept their woodsy version of The Shape of Water quiet for a while.

Well, that’s the cryptozoological equivalent of what Kenya did.

She’s a reality star. The whole point of that is that major life events like weddings and children get documented for the cameras. She’s compensated as a The Real Housewives of Atlanta star with a huge paycheck.

Since her husband refuses to go on camera, she’s been keeping an entire facet of her life off of the camera.

RadarOnline reports that Kenye Moore is finally getting fired over her unseen husband.

According to their source:

“Kenya is not going to be back after she refused to let her husband be on the show.”

To be fair, though producers are understandably unhappy with Kenya, who literally signed up to be a reality star and share her life with the world, this isn’t entirely on her.

Marc Daly is the one who refuses to appear on the show. Kenya’s done her best to stay interesting enough to keep her peach, even storming out in a rage at a hurricane relief event.

But as much as Kenya’s likely to hate leaving, she’s going to hate her replacement even more.

According to RadarOnline‘s source, Kim Zolciak will be returning from “friend of the Housewives” status to being a full Housewife again.

“Kenya’s going to be replaced with Kim, who will most likely come back to the show as a full-time housewife and not just a friend.”

Earlier reports that Kim Zolciak was begging to return to RHOA indicate that Kim was probably delighted.

According to this source, their reason for inviting Kim back is because she’s a proven success.

“Viewers know Kim. And they want someone to mix it up with the ladies. Someone new like Kim Fields did not work.”

What’s more — Kim Zolciak isn’t shy about showing her whole, huge, family.

“Kim will easily step up the drama that Kenya refused to give”

From the outset, fans knew that Kenya Moore had to choose between her husband and her job.

As we mentioned, this all stems from Marc Daly’s refusal to let RHOA’s cameras film him.

His reason is apparently that he believes that The Real Housewives of Atlanta portrays black men in a negative light while portraying white men as better partners, husbands, and fathers.

He has a point — not only is a lot of reality television built around editing, but it’s not like Real Housewives are chosen as representative samples of communities. Producers can cherrypick, consciously or subconsciously.

And Marc Daly isn’t the only person who’s noticed this. Entire scholarly articles have been dedicated to the topic (yes, really), and on a broader level, many have observed that reality television tends to paint black people in particular in a negative light.

Of course, none of that explains why Marc Daly and Kenya Moore decided to tie the knot despite this.

As with any unconfirmed report, we should take this one with a grain of salt.

People have been wondering since last summer if Kenya Moore would get the boot over this. It’s no surprise that word is going around that she is, but right now, it’s not confirmed.

Similarly, Kim Zolciak is one of the most recognizable Housewives on RHOA, but that doesn’t mean that she’s actually coming back. Even though she really wants to.

A lot can change leading up to an announcement. Maybe Kenya — or Marc — will find a way to convince producers to let her stay on.


Kenya Moore: I Had That Meltdown to Save My Job!

On a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, viewers saw Kenya Moore storm out in a rage

Tantrums aren’t exactly a foreign concept when it comes to Real Housewives, but the stars were supposed to be doing charity work. And Kenya made things all about her.

Except that a report claims that Kenya did this very deliberately — for a very savvy reason that has nothing to do with angry feelings.

So, you know how the Real Housewives were in Houston doing hurricane relief and Kenya Moore had her own, secret fundraiser?

That episode led to a freakout.

“I’m done with this. I didn’t come here to be constantly dragged in the mud!”

Some would question what any Real Housewife would expect. That’s sort of what happens any time that a bunch of them are in the same place.

A producer replied: “But Kenya, that’s what they’re feeling.”

That was apparently the wrong thing to say.

Kenya Moore exploded: “I don’t give a f–k! I don’t give a f–k about any of them b—hes.”

Well, that certainly is … charming.

Her angry rant continued as she flipped off a producer.

“That whole table is stupid ass s–t! Every time I do something positive it turns into some bulls–t.”

Some might argue that this is, in fact, sort of the premise of reality television.

RadarOnline reports that, per their source, Kenya Moore’s tantrum was contrived and calculated by her, with a purpose.

“Kenya didn’t want to film for the three or four hours that all of the ladies were doing in Houston after doing hurricane relief.”

Well, plenty of people have been in situations where they didn’t want to be wherever they were, but usually we’re talking about children pretending to be sick after 6 hours at the zoo so that their ridiculous parents will take them home.

Kenya Moore is a grown-ass adult.

“So instead she caused a fight and stormed out.”

And what a fight it was. Perfect for Kenya, who likes to be the center of attention. In fact, it was a real win-win for her.

“That way she still filmed but it wasn’t real, and she wasn’t really mad and all she did was cause drama.”

That’s why she gets paid the big bucks, we guess.

But there was another method to Kenya’s madness, the source reports.

“Kenya is so calculating.”

She has to make enough drama for two people since her husband, Marc Daly, will not appear on the show.

“She would not have her husband film at all and instead she just got in fake fights with everyone so that she wouldn’t get in trouble for not doing anything.”

Last year, we reported that Kenya Moore felt torn between her job and her husband because Marc Daly, the man she secretly married off-camera, refused to go on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

“Houston was a prime example of her just storming out so that gets shown, but there was no reason for it.”

Marc Daly believes that The Real Housewives of Atlanta portrays black men in a negative light, and he’s certainly not alone in believing that.

But some fans wonder if, as he watches his wife go to greater and more desperate lengths for attention and screen time in order to keep her job, he wonders if it’s worth his pride to stay out of it.

On the other hand, Kenya Moore chose this job and this life. Marc Daly just chose her.

Either way, many must find it comforting to hear that Kenya Moore, a grown woman, had this reaction on purpose instead of actually just being like that.


Kenya Moore: I’m Pregnant! Shhhh!

Guess who’s pregnant!

Kenya Moore’s marriage has been controversial for her career in more ways than one. And recently, it’s looked like Kenya and Marc Daly might be headed for divorce.

But the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is reportedly pregnant! That welcome blessing might solve at least one of her problems.

Okay, so back in June (which feels like a few weeks ago but also like a decade ago, because 2017 is a nightmare that exists outside of normal time), we told you that Kenya Moore got married to Marc Daly.

This was a bigger deal than usual … because the wedding was secret.

Not just from the public, but from producers of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

There was a very real chance that Kenya Moore could get fired for her secret wedding, because when you sign on to do a reality series about your life, producers don’t expect you to not only hide your wedding, but the fact that you’re planning to get married at all.

To compound the problem, Marc Daly didn’t want to appear on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

We don’t just mean his wedding — he, himself, did not want to appear on it. He believes that the series does not portray black men in a positive manner (he’s definitely not alone in that) and wants to take no part in it.

And that’s a problem for Kenya, because it’s a problem for producers.

See, to be on a reality series, it takes a little more than feuding with Kim Zolciak and Brielle Biermann.

You need an actual storyline. And that means your husband being on camera.

Now, it’s turned out that Kenya’s found a storyline — Marc’s physical absence.

He spends a lot of time in New York for business, but that is a stressful factor in his newlywed life with Kenya.

It does, however, give Kenya something to talk about on camera.

But now she has something else that’s much more positive to discuss:

Industry on Blast reports that Kenya Moore is pregnant.

Their report states that the 46-year-old and her husband are happy about the news, but that she’s waiting to announce it until she reaches a point at which she’s sure that her pregnancy can continue to term.

(Miscarriages early into a pregnancy aren’t uncommon, and no one wants to make the joyful announcement and then have to follow it up)

Reportedly, Kenya Moore received IVF treatments in Barbados over a period of a few weeks in order to conceive — many couples seek IVF, but particularly those who are concerned that age may be a factor.

Congratulations are in order for this RHOA couple!

And while a pregnancy can’t fix a marriage that’s on the rocks, it can solve Kenya’s other problem:

If she’s pregnant, maybe Kenya Moore will no longer be pressured to prioritize her career over her husband.

(Or vice versa)

Because, honestly, who cares about somebody’s marriage when there’s an adorable baby on the way?

There’s pregnancy storylines, childbirth storylines, and then newborn baby storylines!

And remember how Kenya’s future on the series was uncertain?

We were just talking earlier today about how Meghan King Edmonds avoided getting fired from The Real Housewives of Orange County by getting pregnant.

(As it happens, she also used IVF)

So this is good news all-around. We wish Kenya Moore all of the best of luck with her pregnancy!


Wendy Williams Blasts Kenya Moore: Your Marriage is a Fraud! You Should Be Fired!

Wendy Williams went ahead this afternoon and did what she does best:

She stuck her irritating nose where it doesn’t come close to belonging.

On Sunday night’s emotional episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore admitted that her marriage to Marc Daly is already in trouble.

The two got hitched this summer in a shocking ceremony that reportedly even took Bravo executives by surprise.

There was talk earlier this year that Moore might be fired from The Real Housewives because she didn’t let network cameras film her wedding.

Heck, she barely even let producers know she was getting married!

Details on Daly remain very fuzzy, but Moore said on the latest installment of this reality show that her husband is “in the corporate world” and is a “former Wall Street banker and now an entrepreneur.”

Daly lives in New York City; Moore remains in Atlanta; and, yes, there’s already trouble in romantic paradise.

“My husband is just feeling very overwhelmed because he’s a private person,” Moore said at one point, latter crying through a closed door:

“I don’t want to get divorced.”

Sad stuff.

So, naturally, Williams felt like it was her duty to pile on.

“Shut up,” the talk show angrily told Moore during her Hot Topics segment on Monday, adding:

“I don’t even know if she’s really married, but if you are really married, then you’re just beginning. You want to know the pressure of being married in the public eye? I believe nothing she said.

“They need to kick her off the show.

“You live in Atlanta, your man lives in Brooklyn.

“If you want to have a real marriage, you have to be in the same town, in the same house, in the same bed.”

Williams, whose husband has been accused of having an affair, is definitely in the position to lecture someone else about how to have a happy marriage, don’t you think?

We’d say we’re shocked that Williams would offer up a scathing opinion on something she knows nothing about…

… but that’s like saying we’re surprised when water is wet or the sun rises everyday.

This is just what Wendy Williams does.

Heck, she recently blamed a rape accuser for having been allegedly raped by Nelly just because… well… we don’t even know why.

Because she knew he would earn her headlines and ratings, we guess.

In this case, Williams is maybe making less sense than ever.

Producers ought to kick Moore off the show because she’s maybe in a weird marital arrangement that is causing her strife?

We’re pretty sure that’s the tagline for ALL Real Housewives shows:

Watch Women Who Are in Weird Marital Arrangements That Are Causing Them Strife. (And Also Who Drink A Lot of Wine!)


The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 2 Recap: Will Kenya Moore Divorce New Husband?!

Kenya Moore shocked her fellow housewives on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 1 with the news that she is, indeed, married. That meant that all the tabloid reports were true and she kept all of her pals in the lurch. 

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 10 Episode 2, it became apparent that the marriage was not exactly what she thought it would be. Did she rush into it?

That’s exactly what she thought, but did she turn to any of her friends with her concerns?

When the episode got underway, it was all about Porsha Williams and she had a big change of her own in her life. Her sister, Lauren, was moving in with her because she was going through some stuff. 

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, you will already know that the sisters are joined at the hip at the best of times, but Porsha was worried that this new situation was going to test their relationship like never before. 

Porsha recently became vegan and her sister wanted to reiterate to her that it would be a good idea for her to freeze her eggs after six months. Apparently, six months without animal products in your system works wonders for the whole process. 

Meanwhile, Cynthia opened up about being fifty-years-old and single. She wanted to return to the dating scene. She did so with some dude named Evan who sounded a little too good to be true. 

The man organized a surprise photo shoot for her at his studio. Cynthia thrives on being the center of attention, so this was music to her ears. Naturally, she felt like she had won the lottery. 

The big drawback for her was that Evan was just 29-years-old, but he did have roses spread across a table for her. Maybe finding someone from the younger generation will be good for her. 

Noelle chimed in later, claiming that it is not acceptable for her mother to be dating such a young man. Instead, she said that she (Noelle) would be better dating him from the perspective of society. 

Cynthia countered that she was not really interested in Evan, to begin with. Yeah, she’s totally lying. 

Sheree had some drama of her own to discuss. She met up with her life coach to run through the emotional abuse she encountered during her relationship with Bob. 

She wanted to open up to her kids because she felt she owed it to them to know what really happened during the marriage. She didn’t want them growing up thinking she fell out of love with him all of a sudden. 

Sheree met up with her gal pals so she could speak about what happened in depth. 

“I don’t know how to start the conversation,” Sheree said. Her friends then took on the roles of her kids to try and help her understand how they would react. 

Then, Kenya opened up about her new husband being annoyed about the attention their relationship has received. What did he expect? He’s married to a real housewife!

“My husband is just feeling very overwhelmed because he’s a private person,” Kenya admitted.

In a surprising turn of events, she wound up bawling her eyes out to a producer because she felt like her marriage was already on the rocks. 

“I don’t want to get divorced,” she sobbed.

The final big get together of the hour focuses on Shamea’s bridal shower and the outspoken star took her anger out at Porsha when she heard she was planning on skipping the nuptials. 

“You’re telling me you’re not coming to my wedding in Kenya, but I’m still saving a place for you,” Shamea yelled. “You are supposed to be there. You’re supposed to be in the wedding.”

Porsha claimed a medical condition meant she could not go to the event, but everyone knew it was because she did not want to spend time with Kandi. 

“It just feels like I’m being fronted out in front of the Kandi-coated clique,” Porsha complained to the camera. “It just feels like a slap in the face.”

“You’re not a horrible friend, but you’ve not been the best friend lately,” Shamea told Porsha after the event. 

“When people act a certain way in front of other people and you’ve shown them your heart, you have to listen and take heed to that,” Porsha explained. “I just want to love and support her from afar.” 

Yes, Porsha is going to be on the outs with all of her fellow cast members now. Sigh. 

What did you think of all the action?

Sound off below!


Kenya Moore: FIRED from The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

Ever since Kenya Moore’s secret, off-camera wedding that had producers fuming, we’ve heard that the Real Housewives of Atlanta star is torn between her husband and her reality career

Though it seemed that the conflict might have been resolved behind the scenes, now it’s looking more and more like Kenya Moore either quit the show … or was fired. But was she?

The first sign that something was up was when Kenya was conspicuously absent from a RHOA group trip. …

Kenya Moore’s secret wedding to Marc Daly might sound romantic, but it came at a pretty hefty cost.

Not just because weddings can be absurdly expensive — we’re talking about a professional cost.

When you sign on to be a Real Housewife, or basically any kind of reality star (outside of competitions), you’re basically signing on to let cameras capture your life.

So you can understand why producers weren’t exactly over the moon that something as major as Kenya’s wedding wasn’t caught on camera.

The thing is that this wasn’t a minor oversight on Kenya Moore’s part.

Her new husband, Marc Daly, doesn’t want to be on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It’s not that he’s just camera-shy — it’s that he doesn’t care for the show’s portrayal of black men.

He’s far from the first to criticize RHOA, or reality television in general, for worsening viewers’ perceptions of black Americans.

Call it “reality” all that you like, but producers decide who shows up on camera and then they get to cherrypick what scenes and storylines make it onto the show.

Marc — like others — points out that white men on RHOA are often portrayed as desirable husbands, partners, and fathers, but that black men on the series are shown famously getting into physical fights.

We don’t know that Marc Daly is personally afraid of being portrayed in a negative light, though that may be the case.

It’s more likely, however, that he’s simply reluctant to endorse a series (by appearing on it) that he believes is harmful. Just like how many people would turn down an appearance on InfoWars. Or on The Big Bang Theory.

Regardless, though, Kendra found herself caught between her career’s demands and her husband’s wishes.

Until recently, though, it had seemed like maybe things had mellowed out. Like she’d worked something out with producers.

But that was before a group of Atlanta’s very own Real Housewives took their vacation to Barcelona.

According to TamaraTattles, other Real Housewives begged producers to exclude Kenya Moore from their trip and to allow Kim Zolciak to come along instead.

It’s always hard to tell how much of a move like that is personal and how much of it could have just been them figuring the Kim might get some better ratings.

Regardless, it’s not great for Kenya.

It looked like they were getting their wish until last week, when Kim Zolciak took to Instagram and shared that she was opting out.

“WAS packing to leave the country then had a choice AND I decided.”

If we’re being entirely honest, Kim’s use of “choice” and “decided” seems so desperate that it kinda casts doubt on whether or not this was actually her call.

But what she chose to do instead … that does sound like something that she’d pick.

“I’ll be headed out for #DontBeTardy press instead! Season 6 premieres October 6th 8pm on @Bravotv #WhenYourOWNShowCalls… #SomeNeedToJustGiveItUp #ArentYouTired #Season6 #IAlwaysHaveAChoice.”

So … where does that leave Kenya Moore?

Kenya didn’t go to Barcelona.

New castmember Eva Marcille joined the Real Housewives of Atlanta costars in Barcelona, instead.

Which … sounds like someone really didn’t want Kenya Moore coming along.

So if Kenya is that untouchable or whatever, you’d figure that she’s been fired. Especially after the issue with her husband.

Us Weekly reports that Kenya is still on the show … just, you know, less than she used to be.

“Kenya has not quit the show, nor has she been fired.”

It actually sounds like Marc Daly might be coming around, according to their source.

“Her husband is a former investment banker who has never sought the spotlight. However, he wants to support his new bride and her career … apparently not fast enough.”

It sounds like Kenya not traveling to Barcelona may have always had more to do with producers pressuring her to feature her husband on the show.

“Kenya was pulled from the cast trip last-minute and Bravo may be playing a bit of hardball to get Kenya’s new husband on the show by limiting her on-air appearances.”

Presumably with a pay cut to match.

“Kenya is a newlywed and has to respect her new husband’s wishes to not be part of the show.”

Sure … but you have to wonder when he’s going to get around to respecting her wishes to not have her career sabotaged.

“Kenya has been trying to have a baby and the stress has caused her unnecessary emotional distress.”

It may sound like dramatic pseudo-science made up for soap operas, but stress is bad for conception, for pregnancies, and for pretty much every aspect of your health.

Still, for now, Kenya’s part of the show. Let’s just hope that Marc Daly joins her soon.


Kenya Moore Disinvited From ‘Housewives’ Cast Trip Because Husband Won’t Film

Kenya Moore’s husband is still MIA for the filming of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and it’s cost her a lot of moola, a trip to Spain and maybe her gig itself. ‘RHOA’ production sources tell us, the cast is on its annual trip for the show –…