Tonya Harding: I Knew About the Nancy Kerrigan Attack Before It Happened

Tonya Harding is back in the news, and if you’re Nancy Kerrigan or any other human being with a sense of decency, you probably have very mixed feelings about that.

For the sake of our younger readers, we’d like to take a moment to explain why Harding is … well, not quite the OJ of the figure skating world.

She’s more like Tom Brady, if instead of ordering his equipment managers to deflate game balls, he had them bludgeon the other team’s quarterback.

Just weeks before the 1994 Winter Olympics, Harding’s biggest rival, Nancy Kerrigan, was clubbed on the knee in an attack that initially looked as though it would eliminate her from competition.

It was later revealed that Kerrigan’s attacker, Shane Stant, had been hired by her bodyguard, Shawk Eckhardt, and her ex-husband, Jeff Gilooly to carry out the assault.

Harding claimed the whole thing happened without her knowledge or approval, but she later pled guilty on several felony charges, striking a deal with prosecutors that allowed her to avoid jail time.

These days, Kerrigan is very much back in the news, thanks to I, Tonya the acclaimed, award-nominated film in which Margot Robbie portrays the disgraced ice queen with tremendous humor and compassion.

Biopics about scandalous figures are nothing new, but seldom have we seen an anti-hero treated with such admiration as Harding.

These days, Harding is being feted and celebrated across the media landscape.

She worked the red carpet alongside Margot Robbie at the 2018 Golden Globes, and she’s the subject of a popular new ABC News special that premiered this week.

Mostly, the doc just re-hashes the facts of the case and brings viewers up to date on what Harding has been up to in the decades since her name became synonymous with public disgrace.

But it occasionally sheds some new light on both the Kerrigan incident and Harding’s undeniable involvement with it.

The biggest bombshell, of course, is Harding’s admission–after decades of staunch denial–that she was aware that her ex and her bodyguard were planning something criminal.

Asked whether or not she had any role in planning the attack, Harding replied:

“No. I did, however, overhear them talking about stuff. ‘Well, maybe we should take somebody out so we can make sure [Harding] gets on the team.’

“And I remember telling them, I go, ‘What the hell are you talking about? I can skate.’”

If you’re thinking Harding could’ve done a hell of a lot more to make sure no one was “taken out” on her behalf, then you’re absolutely right.

Journalist Connie Chung, who previously interviewed Harding was stunned when told about the former skater’s admission:

“Unbelievable,” Chung remarked. “I can’t believe that she said that.”

Neither can we, Connie. Neither can we.

Memo to Margot Robbie: Maybe find a different date for the Oscars? Please?

Ray Liotta didn’t bring trot out Henry Hill on the red carpet, ya know.

(That’s a Goodfellas reference for all you under-30s out there.)


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Kristi Yamaguchi Tells Nancy Kerrigan to Break A Leg; Twitter LIVES

Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a very talented professional figure skater named Nancy Kerrigan.

Nancy did her best, she put a lot of work into skating, but in January of 1994, while Nancy was practicing for the U.S. Figure Skating Championship, she was attacked.

The husband of Tonya Harding, a fellow figure skater, hired someone to break Nancy's leg so that she couldn't compete.

Nancy's leg wasn't broken, but it was bruised enough to prevent her from competing.

And now, when you think of Nancy Kerrigan, the first thing you think of is that attack.

Which makes it so amazing and horrifying and hilarious that Kristi Yamaguchi, another figure skater, tweeted at Nancy to "break a leg" during her time as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Yeah, she really did that.

And Twitter absolutely cannot handle it.

1. How It All Began …

How it all began
Kristi, girl, you did NOT.

2. Jay Z Knows

Jay z knows
When you see Jay Z make that face, you know you messed up.

3. Not Beyonce, Too!

Not beyonce too
Oh dang, Kristi. This is getting too real.

4. Unbelievable

Kristi, how COULD you?!

5. Unfathomable

This guy gets it.

6. For Real

For real
… Well?

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Dancing with the Stars: Feud Ignites Between Heather Morris and Nancy Kerrigan!

Have you been keeping up with all the goings-on with the latest season of Dancing with the Stars?

Yeah, it just premiered Monday night, but if you’ve been paying attention, there’s been a solid amount of drama already.

The big issue this season — the show’s 24th season, if you can even believe it — is that one of the cast members is none other than Heather Morris.

Heather is best known for playing the dumb but lovable Brittany Pierce on Glee, but the girl has also worked as a professional dancer.

Like, she’s been a backup dancer for Beyonce. She’s going to kill it.

And according to an insider who ran his or her mouth before the season began, “There has been some joking and a little snark about it among the other contestants.”

“But it’s just because there is literally no doubt she’s a professional dancer. It takes the others days or even a full week to learn a routine. She gets it down in a matter of hours.”

Dang right there’s no doubt she’s a professional dancer — you think Beyonce would just grab some pretty girls who can get down at the club or who took jazz classes when they were little?

But while it sounds like there’s a general issue among the other dancers in regards to Heather, now we’re learning that there’s one specific cast member who’s upset about the situation.

And that, friends, is Nancy Kerrigan.

How delicious, right?

A source tells Radar Online that “Heather and Nancy were super cold to each other” during Monday’s premiere, “and already have a duel going on.”

It makes sense — besides Heather, one would think Nancy would be one of the cast members to watch, what with her professional ice-skating background.

But also, both ladies received the same score during the premiere, tying for third place.

And third place was apparently not where Heather wanted to be.

“Heather was visibly upset last night after tying with Nancy for third place,” the source explains, “and said that her score was unfair. She was just so cocky going into the competition.”

But in an interview yesterday, Dancing with the Stars executive producer Ashley Edens explained why Heather won’t automatically destroy her competition.

“We’re not shying away from the fact that she 100 percent has dance experience,” Edens said. “Because of that, she will be judged on a higher level and there will be higher expectations on her.”

So after hearing that, we have to imagine that more meltdowns are in store.

Yep, this sure is a season to watch!


Nancy Kerrigan to Go Dancing with the Stars!

We know well she can move around on the ice.

But we’ll soon discover whether Nancy Kerrigan can shake her groove thing under a different kind of spotlight, as Variety has confirmed the former Olympian has been cast on Dancing with the Stars Season 24.

Kerrigan, of course, is best known for her talent and for one of the most shocking scandals in Olympic history.

In January of 1994, Kerrigan was clubbed on the right knee by a police baton while walking backstage during the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in Detroit.

It later came out that the assault was planned by rival Tonya Harding’s sketchy ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly.

Harding has always denied having had any knowledge of the attack prior to its occurrence… but come on. No one ever believed her.

Although Kerrigan’s injury forced her to withdraw from the U.S. Championships, her fellow skaters agreed that she deserved one of the two spots on the Olympic team.

Incredibly, Kerrigan went on to skate very well in Lillehammer at the Olympics and earned a Silver Medal in the process.

According to Variety, a member of Fifth Harmony will join Kerrigan on Dancing with the Stars this spring, which returns with new episodes on March 20.

With Camila Cabello having left the group, this rumor means that either Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Dinah Jane or Lauren Jauregui will compete for the Mirrorball Trophy.

It’s also expected that current Bachelor Nick Viall will Dance with the Stars, which would continue the ABC pattern of slotting the star of one of its reality shows into a position on another network reality show.

From this same franchise, Sean Lowe, Jake Pavelka, Melissa Rycroft and Trista Sutter have all competed on past seasons of Dancing with the Stars.

As reported earlier, two more additions to the Season 24 cast have also been confirmed:

Long-time action star Mr. T is on board, with an insider telling Entertainment Tonight that producers have been trying to rope him in for years.

Last year’s Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles is also on board, as she’ll try to make it back-to-back gymnastic winners on the program, following Laurie Hernandez’s Season 23 victory.

The full cast list will be revealed on Good Morning America on March 1.

Which of the aforementioned Fifth Harmony singers do you want to see compete?

Which Real Housewife do you want to see join? (Come on, you know there will be one.)

Which Nickelodeon star? Which recently-retired NFL player?

We’re just going with recent trends here.

As always, ABC itself is yet to confirm any of these casting rumors.

The network never says a word until the complete cast comes out on GMA, but you can trust us here:

Mr. T, Biles and Kerrigan are all on board right now.