Britney Spears: PISSED Over New Kevin Federline Child Support Agreement!

Back in February, Kevin Federline demanded more child support from Britney Spears.

He argued that the $ 20,000 he receives each month isn’t enough support for the two preteen sons, of whom he shares custody with Britney.

Well, it looks like he’s gotten his wish.

The Blast reports that Kevin Federline and Britney Spears have reached a new child support agreement.

Apparently Britney will be paying “thousands more a month in child support,” the report reveals.

An inside source tells E! that Britney and her team think that the new agreement is giving Britney’s ex too much.

“They are not happy,” the insider reveals. “And think the settlement is ludicrous.”

“But,” the source explains. “They wanted to make an agreement so that they could move on.”

That makes sense. Any legal battle is tiring, but this is especially true when both sides share children. You want the conflict to end.

Honestly, this is probably the outcome that Federline’s team hoped for, because Britney can afford to cave in order to rid herself of a source of stress.

Despite that, Britney is said to be “very unhappy” with this outcome.

She knows, the insider says, that this is “in her best interest.”

“She was tired of fighting about it,” the source explains. “And is ready to get on with her life and put this behind her.”

Britney may be less than thrilled, but Federline’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan is over the moon.

“I am happy that they came around to resolving this matter,” Kaplan tells E!

“I am sure that they decided the money would be better extended on child support than on attorney’s fees,” he says.

“Which,” Kaplan continues. “Would’ve achieved the same result for Kevin but only after months and hundreds of thousands of dollars on litigation.”

Kaplan’s statement concludes: “They made a wise decision.”

Someone close to Federline says that there’s a clear winner, and it isn’t Britney.

“Kevin is getting more money monthly than what he had originally asked for before he ever filed his RFO,” the insider says.

In this source’s opinion: “Britney’s team would’ve been better off settling with Kevin at that time because now he got more than what he initially asked for.”

“There are more attorney fees that Britney agreed to pay that were folded into the settlement,” the insider reasons. “in addition to the $ 100,000 Mark Kaplan was already rewarded.”

We mentioned that Britney was ordered to pay for Federline’s attorney’s fees just last month.

“Kevin is extremely pleased for himself, for the kids and for Britney,” the source describes.

“It was the right thing to do on her part,” the insider opines. “And it allows the kids to get the benefit of the standard of living both parents can provide for them.”

That, at least, is a point with some merit. Sean Preston and Jayden James spend part of the time with their dad and part of the time with their mom.

While $ 20,000 is more than enough to cover all of the basic needs and most of the wants of two preteen boys for a fraction of each month, that doesn’t mean that their lifestyle should plummet when it’s their turn with dad, right?

Still, and call us cynical, but it’s difficult to see this as anything more than a grab for more money because Britney is loaded and Kevins “DJ career” is somehow failing to take the world by storm.


Kevin Wendt on Astrid Loch Breakup: Sorry, I’m the Worst!

After watching Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon's engagement happen right in front of him, Kevin Wendt remained in Paradise … for a little while.

This week, he broke up with Astrid, catching her totally off guard. The two of them went home.

Now, they've both taken to social media to address the breakup and how fans have responded.

Astrid loch annoyed

If you've already seen this week's Bachelor in Paradise recap, you know that Kevin Wendt totally blindsided Astrid Loch by breaking up with her.

The one thing that she had asked him to not do to her was to catch her off guard and embarrass her like that.

The two of them were about to get to do a fantasy date when Kevin got caught up in his feelings and confessed that there was something missing from their relationship.

He rambled about how their lifestyles are different and brought up bad experiences with fantasy dates in the past.

It … was not fun for him, it was less fun for Astrid, and it left Bachelor Nation viewers cringing.

Kevin wendt on the beach

Astrid and Kevin went home.

Now that the episode aired, Kevin is free to comment on it. And he's had all of the time since the breakup was filmed to reflect upon that moment.

"My own worst enemy," Kevin admits in the caption of a photo of him on the beach in front of the sunset. "Me."

He also shared another photo of him and Astrid, definitely no longer in paradise.

"Real life," he writes in the caption. "Real people."

Astrid loch and kevin wendt

"06.21.18," Astrid's own post on the subject begins.

"The longest day of the year," she writes. "And my favorite day in Mexico."

The photo beside this caption is of her with Kevin's head draped in her lap.

"I’ll never forget watching this sunset and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world," Astrid says.

Astrid concludes: "This is how I’ll always remember paradise."

Kevin wendt and astrid loch

Astrid also addressed her fans on Twitter.

"Love you all…" her tweet begins, addressing the outpouring of sympathy and emotional support that she had received from the Bachelor Nation.

"if you wanna make me feel better," she suggests. "Follow me in Instagram so I can at least make money on ads."

That is incredibly honest and a little funny. And, you know, she has a point.

Breakups are rough, but it sounds like she's going to be okay.

Ashley iaconetti and jared haibon pic

Some fans have been speculating that Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon's proposal in Paradise may have weighed heavily upon Kevin's mind.

We're not suggesting that he broke up with Astrid to try to woo Ashley back, of course.

But seeing your fairly recent ex get engaged right in front of you can really make an impact.

(We all saw Kevin's face as he responded to that, right?)

Doubts can fester and insecurities can mount. We hope that Kevin's head and heart are in a better place now.

Kevin wendt admits hes his own worst enemy after astrid loch bre