Farrah Abraham: Petition to Prevent Cam Girl From Killing Another Dog Circulates Online

Farrah Abraham is many things — a former reality star, an adult film actress, an aspiring celebrity boxer, a peddler of plastic vibrating molds of her own vagina. 

And now, some believe “dog killer” should be added to that list.

As you may recall, Farrah’s dog, Blue, died last month, and the circumstances surrounding the pooch’s passing were … a bit strange.

For one thing, just days earlier, Farrah encouraged her daughter, Sophia, to “prank” a friend by telling the poor girl her dog died.

On top of that, there was reason to believe that Sophia may have killed her own dog.

We sincerely hope that’s not the case, but regardless of what sort of event ushered Blue from this mortal coil, it’s quite clear the dog wasn’t properly cared for during his tragically foreshortened life.

And it’s for this reason that Teen Mom OG fans hope to stop Farrah from ever owning another dog.

Yes, as In Touch Weekly reports, folks have been signing a petition to “Stop animal ownership by Sophia Abraham & her mother.”

“Sophia Abraham had a little dog named Blue and because the dog didn’t wanna go outside, she viciously grabbed his throat and threw him outside and he died as a result,” the petition reads

“Sophia and Farrah Abraham do not need to own any more animals and have their horse and current puppy removed from care.” 

So far, the petition only has 240 signatures of the 1,000 needed, and even if it reached that goal, it’s unclear who would enforce the new rule, but it’ll still be interesting to see where this thing goes.

Earlier this week, Sophia posted the above photo of herself holding a dog (yes, the girl has her own Instagram page), along with a caption implying that she’d like to adopt it.

As you might expect, the comments section quickly became a war zone.

“Please don’t kill this dog, too,” one person wrote.

“Dogs deserve love. Not to die because you didn’t want to let your last dog go to the bathroom.”

Another added, “OMG the last thing you need is another dog, if anything happens to this one there should be extreme measures taken because you tossed Blue out the window, no child just no! Hope y’all do right by this one.”

“Oh f–k!!!! Devil child put the dog DOWN,” a third remarked.

Shortly after Blue’s death, Sophia attempted to clear the air with an explanatory social media post:

“I miss Blue super super much, but he is in good hands now in doggy heaven,” she wrote on Instagram.

“He went into shock and then 30 seconds later, he past away the emergency room note said the little doggy was found with no heartbeat. I miss him so so so much and he was my favorite dog and I always played tag with him and I’d always give him love and his kong and he’d go crazy over it.

“I miss you Blue very very much!” 

So this is either a sad story about a little girl losing her dog to a freak accident, or Sophia is covering her tracks following a vicious murder.

Honestly, the girl’s being raised by Farrah freakin’ Abraham, so there’s really nothing she could do that would surprise us.


Farrah Abraham: Daughter Twerks, Wears Towel, Admits to Killing Dog

"She has her own life and is doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine."

This is something that Farrah said about her daughter, Sophia, when she was only four years old.

Judging by recent developments, it's also probably something that she would still say today.

Yep, it doesn't look like Sophia, now nine years old, has much adult supervision, judging by the kinds of things she's been sharing on social media lately.

And if she does have adult supervision … well, then perhaps we're even more concerned.

1. Exhausting

How many times are we going to have to talk about Farrah and her complete lack of parenting skills? HOW MANY?!

2. Too Much

Farrah and sophia with flowers
It’s always been excessive, how awful she is, but it’s really been getting out of hand lately.

3. Seriously, Stop

Farrah abraham sucks at photoshop
Just this month, she tried to convince Sophia that it would be a hilarious prank to convince someone that her dog had died, and then when her dog actually died, she took a video of Sophia crying instead of, you know, comforting her.


Farrah abraham dressed like a magician
Also this month, Farrah was officially charged with battery after getting violent with a hotel employee — and, don’t forget, during the original incident, Sophia was upstairs sleeping.

5. Ugh

Farrah abraham snapchat image
Earlier this year, she got a lot of negative attention for having Sophia in the room while she got butt injections, and for getting her to film the procedure.

6. Uh …

Farrah abraham blonde for single af
Also earlier this year, she shocked us all when she said that she and Sophia take naked photos of each other and save them on their phones.

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Samantha Markle to Half-Sister: You’re Basically Killing Our Dad!

Samantha Markle has once again gone on the attack against her famous half-sister.

This statement is not exactly newsworthy, we know.

At this point, considering all Samantha has said about Meghan Markle, it would be more surprising if she did NOT attack the new Royal Family member.

Ever since Markle got engaged to Prince Harry, Samantha has dragged her half-sibling left and right, slamming Meghan for being ungrateful and unloving toward her own family.

(It’s here that we must note how Samantha is 17 years older than and that she didn’t grow up in the same household as Meghan and that she barely knows her.)

But even Samantha may have plummeted to a new low with her latest round of Tweets.

On Tuesday, Samantha blasted her half-sibling on Twitter, calling her out for spending the day paying tribute to Nelson Mandela and his family… yet not taking the time to talk to her very own relatives.

“How about you pay tribute to your own father?!” Samantha wrote in one tweet, actually adding:

“Enough is enough. Act like a humanitarian, act like a woman. If our father dies, it’s on you Meg!”


Well… okay then!

Tell us how you really feel, Samantha.

She made this scathing remark on the heels of Thomas Markle once again babbling to the press about his non-relationship with his famous child.

In the video below, Thomas says he’s being shunned by Meghan and that she clearly terrified of all those around her these days:

Elsewhere, Samantha dissed Meghan for “ignoring” their dad and asked her how she could even look at herself in the mirror.

These Tweets came just after Thomas Markle told TMZ that he wasn’t going to stop to the media and was “unfazed” by reports that Prince Harry and his daughter were “frustrated” with his recent interviews with both The Sun and the British morning show “Good Morning Britain.”

Heck, Thomas even bragged about he’s making the Royal Family speechless.

“Maybe I can get a laugh out of the duchess,” Thomas even told TMZ, clearly misreading the situation as much as anyone possibly can.


Thomas, of course, did not attend Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

He was recovering at the time from a heart attack and from the embarrassment of a scandal in which he admitted to paying the paparazzi for to take flattering photos of himself.

Prior to making headlines for these incidents, Thomas was living a very quiet life in Mexico, far away from the spotlight.

“My father is not an embarassmnt for loving his daughter! The Royals are an embarrassment for being so cold,” Samantha added today.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves @Kensington Royal.”


Markle took the high road and just gave a generic statement after her dad backed out of her wedding, mostly just wishing him the best.

We doubt she’ll respond here to her half-sister’s quotes or her dad’s pleading, either, despite how both have gone viral in recent days.

“I want to be a part of their life. I’d like to put our differences behind us and get together. I miss [her] very much,” Thomas told The Sun when asked over this past weekend if he had any messages for Meghan.

Again, we can’t imagine she’ll have any public message for him in response.

He concluded as follows:

“I don’t care whether she’s pissed off at me – I want to see her.

“I just want to have a father-daughter relationship. I took care of my mother the last five years of her life. My daughter said to me she would take care of me in my declining years.

“I’m not talking about money – I’m talking about taking care of me. That’s important to me.”

Thomas at least comes across as semi-sympathetic in these interviews.

Samantha Markle, conversely, comes across as semi-psychotic.


Selena Gomez: Hollywood is Killing Me … I Need to Escape!

Selena Gomez has really been through the wringer. Falling back in and out of love and facing multiple major health scares isn’t easy and it will take its toll.

She’s even scared some of her fans. And those are just a handful of the issues with which she’s grappling on a daily basis.

Now, a report says that she knows the solution: she needs to get the hell out of Hollywood.

According to Life & Style, Selena plans her exodus from L.A. in order to live a more authentic, less stressful life.

Their insider reports: “She says she’s done with the Hollywood life and all the fakeness that surrounds it.”

Hey, we get it. L.A. is full of fake lunch plans, fake body parts, and astrology.

“She’s leaving LA,” the source says. “She just wants to get away from it all.”

Think that it sounds like a good idea? Longtime Selena bestie Taylor Swift thinks so, too.

The insider says: “Taylor’s been raving to Selena that it was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.”

“Selena’s still deciding where to move,” the source explains.

In the mean time, Selena has apparently been spending time being low key in both London and Nashville.

The insider says that she’s still weighing her options, “but [her native] Texas is an option.”

Selena is a Texas girl and may just return.

Apparently, she has a particular fantasy for how her life mgiht go.

“She’d love to live in a huge farmhouse,” the source reveals. “And build a studio so she can continue writing and working on her music.”

Well, that wouldn’t be for everyone — but if that’s her dream, she should probably follow her bliss.

As we are all-too-aware, Hailey Baldwin has been enjoying Selena’s slopping seconds. By which we mean that she’s dating Selena’s many-times ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

This source says that Selena is well-aware that her former friend and former boyfriend are once again hooking up, and she’s not exactly thrilled.

“She can’t stand looking at the photos of them,” the insider reports.

Plenty of people find it a little nauseating, even though Hailey is very easy to look upon — and, despite his creepy mustache and covering his body in 100 hours worth of tattoos, so is the Biebs.

But for Selena, this isn’t about looks. It’s about emotions.

“She’s traumatized by it,” the source claims.

That sounds a little hyperbolic, but it is easy to imagine her watching Justin seduce another ex with the same church dates and feel sickened that she fell for it herself.

Speaking of Selena’s feelings, there is also the matter of designer Stefano Gabbano claiming that Selena Gomez is “ugly.”

He’s clearly wrong and awful for saying it. But while Selenators and everyone else with basic human decency (and eyes!) were filled with fury, Selena felt wounded.

The insider describes: “Selena was so hurt”

We totally understand that.

What a nasty fellow.

There is apparently another reason that Selena wants to leave Hollywood — and it’s for her health.

“It’s hard to steer clear of the party scene there,” the insider reports. “Selena’s determined to avoid temptation. It’ll be easier if it’s not in her face.”

That makes sense.

“Hollywood made her a star,” the source admits. “But it’s also been hellish for her, mentally and physically.”

And she can’t afford to take any risks as she continues her battle with Lupus.

“Selena needs a fresh start,” the insider concludes. “And that’s exactly what she’s going to get.”