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Meghan King Edmonds Covers Latina Magazine, Hears It From Critics

Meghan King Edmonds stars on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

And we say this with no disrespect nor any judgment of any kind, really, but…

… it may very well be the whitest show on television.

Each week, this Bravo series just pits one spoiled rich white woman against each other, as one First World Problem after another is discussed and dissected in nauseating detail.

Doesn’t mean the program isn’t entertaining.

It’s just… very white.

This likely explains the outcry by some on the Internet in response to Edmonds being featured on the latest cover of Latina Magazine.

The reality star, who is pregnant with her second child, at least seems to recognize that she isn’t the typical main subject of this particular publication.

First, she shared the following image on Instagram:

Then, she included the following caption along with it.

“I’m so proud and honored to be on the cover of @latinamagazine1 and represent @glamarella_jewelry!” wrote the cable network personality, adding:

“I loved doing this shoot right after I found out I was pregnant! No, I’m not Latina but I was asked to be on the cover and talk about my life and #RHOC in the cover story so I guess I’m blessed to be an honorary Latina this month!

“(By the way, big shout out to my husband for my engagement ring that got a front and center shot!)”

Ah yes, an “honorary Latina.”

It’s safe to say this cover shoot and this phrase didn’t sit well with readers of the magazine.

“Dressed up the nice white lady to look like a Latina for Latina magazine because?” wrote one dissatisfied Internet user.

“This is the same as black facing only for Latinas now! What a fail.”

Not exactly, of course. It would maybe the same if Edmonds’ skin was darkened or she was wearing a sombrero or something.

But general point still taken.

Other critics laid into Latina for putting “white privilege” on display, while another person chimed in with:

“This is beyond disappointing and such a slap in the face to the ENTIRE community. Shame on you!”

This magazine does consistently feature prominent Latinas such as Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Paulina Rubio, Jessica Alba, Shakira, Eva Longoria, Salma Hayek, Eva Mendes, Christina Aguilera, Naya Rivera, America Ferrera and even Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

The November 2015 issue featured girl group Fifth Harmony, whose three out of five members are Latinas, marking the first time two non-Latinas were featured on the cover of the magazine.

So this was a trend that started a couple years ago.

What do you think of this supposed scandal?

Do the haters have a point?

Or should everyone be okay with Latina diversifying its cover subjects a bit?

Edmonds and her co-stars – including Vicki Gunvalson, Kelly Dodd, Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, Lydia McLaughlin, and Peggy Sulahian – will return for Season 13 some time next year.

Will you be tuning in?


Vicki Gunvalson and Meghan King Edmonds: FEUDING Between Season!

In a shocking twist, Vicki Gunvalson recently mended fences with both Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador. But … that doesn’t mean that she’s just going to be nice to everyone.

Recently, Vicki made some less-than-flattering comments about her RHOC costar, Meghan King Edmonds, who is pregnant and also returning next season.

And Meghan King Edmonds isn’t taking that lying down.

Previously, Vicki Gunvalson told Us Weekly that Meghan King Edmonds simply doesn’t belong on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“No desire, truly no desire to see her. She lives in St. Louis, I don’t even know what she was doing on our show anyway.”

Wow. That’s not subtle at all.

“She lives in St. Louis, she’s pregnant, she has her husband, they’re going to have six kids, she’s not friends with anybody.”

That’s so mean! Like, the St. Louis thing is one thing, and we don’t know why her husband is a factor, but saying that she has no friends is just unkind.

“I don’t know what the correlation with her is.”

That’s … some interesting word choice. Maybe she means that she doesn’t see Meghan King Edmonds’ appeal, or what makes her a fit for the show?

“She’s socially friends with people, but we don’t all hang out together.”

Just because not everyone hangs out doesn’t mean that Meghan doesn’t hang out with some costars.

“I think it’s time for her to turn the chapter to something else and maybe not be our show, we’ll see.”

That’s … not nice.

Vicki sure had a lot to say about Meghan King Edmonds, who responded by telling Us Weekly exactly why Vicki Gunvalson is wrong … and maybe a little pathetic.

“She’s so desperate.”

Sounds like Meghan King Edmonds isn’t holding back, either.

“She says she doesn’t care about me, yet she’s one of my top engagers on Instagram.”

Oh dang, she came with receipts! 

“I don’t even follow her.”

Vicious. We’re living for this.

“And she’s talking about me. It’s laughable.”

Also, showing that you can come back for somebody just as hard they came for you is a great way to show that you absolutely belong on The Real Housewives of Orange County.

“Additionally, I’m really close with Tamra [Judge] and Shannon [Beador], so goes to show how little she knows them.”

So, yes, Meghan has friends, Vicki.

In late November, rumor had it that Bravo was looking to fire three Real Housewives of Orange County stars.

It wasn’t surprising for anyone to see Peggy Sulahian’s name on that list of … what’s the opposite of hopefuls? Nopefuls?

Peggy is a huge bigot and got slammed by a number of other Housewives, past and present. This a woman who allegedly tried to ban her own gay brother from their father’s funeral.

But what really sealed her fate was that she wasn’t interesting. Her “dumb foreigner” act didn’t fool anyone, and she was transparently getting into fights with costars because cameras were rolling. The report that she was then fired was not a surprise.

When we heard that Lydia McLaughlin was fired, it wasn’t a huge shock — she played her part this season, but she didn’t grab anyone’s attention.

Meghan King Edmonds had been on the list of Housewives expected to get the axe, but she’s reportedly staying on the show next season.


Because Meghan King Edmonds is pregnant with her second child. Pregnancy drama will hook some folks.

The knowledge that Meghan almost didn’t make it back on the show was probably part of where Vicki was coming from with her dismissal of Meghan.

Of course, Meghan King Edmonds is widely regarded to be the prettiest of the Real Housewives of Orange County, which could potentially also be a factor.

Jealousy is real. And Meghan is only 33 — which means that she was barely in her 20s when the series, on which Vicki has been a member since day one, launched.

So there could be a lot of resentment there. But we don’t know for sure if that’s a factor in Vicki’s mind.

Either way, next season sure is going to be interesting, since these two are already exchanging heated words.