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V-J Day Kissing Sailor Dead at 95

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The Navy sailor who passionately kissed a woman to celebrate the end of World War II — captured by a photographer in what’s easily one of the most iconic images in American history — has died.

The sailor, George Mendonsa, died Sunday at age 95 after falling and suffering a seizure at an assisted living facility in Middletown, Rhode Island. George’s daughter told the Providence Journal her father was living at the facility with his wife of more than 70 years.

The woman George kissed was Greta Zimmer Friedman … a dental assistant. The pic, snapped by Alfred Eisenstaedt, was taken in Times Square on August 14, 1945, after Japan surrendered to the U.S.

As for what compelled George to kiss a perfect stranger … George told CBS News, “The excitement of the war bein’ over, plus I had a few drinks. So when I saw the nurse I grabbed her and kissed her.”

Greta — who died in 2016 at the age of 92 — said, “I did not see him approaching, and before I know it I was in this vice grip.” George said the kiss didn’t last long.

The photog said he snapped 4 pics in 10 seconds … symbolizing the end of WWII.

Drake Under Fire for 2010 Concert Vid Shows Him Kissing and Caressing 17-Year-Old

Drake put the moves on a 17-year-old female fan — including kissing her several times — during a concert in 2010 … and now he’s being criticized for his actions, which many are calling inappropriate and creepy.

The clip’s reportedly from a show at the Ogden Theatre in May 2010. It starts with Drake on stage with the young fan, who he begins slow-dancing with … before getting behind her and smelling her hair.

He then appears to caress her and kiss her on the neck, and says to the crowd … “Y’all gonna have me get carried away again. I get in trouble for sh*t like this; how old are you?”

After the girls tells him she’s 17, the crowd erupts … to which Drake replies, “I can’t go to jail yet, man! Seventeen? How do you look like that? You thick. Look at all this.”

But he doesn’t stop there — he tells the girl he had fun with her and liked the way her breasts felt against his chest … then goes in for more kisses, including on the lips.

It should be noted Drake was 23 at the time of the video, and age of consent in Colorado is 17 … but that hasn’t stopped many fans from skewering the rapper for his behavior.

And, with Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” fresh on a lot of people’s minds … this Drake video’s definitely raising eyebrows.

Cassie Curves Diddy Hard … Posts Pic of Her Kissing New Guy

Diddy might be missing his ex, Cassie, but she sure as hell ain’t missing him … not by the looks of this photo of her kissing another dude, anyway.

This one’s tough to swallow if you’re a Diddy/Cassie stan and had any hopes of them getting back together. Diddy posted an intimate shot of Cassie on his IG story Friday night … and the same shot again early Saturday. 

The message we’re reading from this … he’s still got feelings.

Unfortunately for him, Cassie appears to have moved on with a younger man … who she revealed on her own Insta account just hours after Diddy put up his tribute. Unclear if this was in direct response to that, but Cassie seems to be sending a message of her own.

The dude in question has reportedly been identified as fitness and health guru Alex Fine. As if the name isn’t enough … he’s also a natural born stud. And, now … Cassie’s into him.

Interestingly enough, Cassie was seen with Diddy shortly after Kim Porter died last month … which sparked rumors they might be rekindling their 10-year relationship following their October split.

Looks like that reunion was just moral support, ’cause Cassie hasn’t been spotted with Diddy since. 

C’est la vie.