Sister Wives: Is the Show as Dead as Kody Brown’s Marriages?!

Things aren’t looking so good for the Sister Wives crew …

Or, well, they haven’t been looking good pretty much since the first moment we were introduced to them, so maybe it would be more accurate to just say that things are looking worse.

Way, way worse.

We’ve been hearing for months and months now, maybe even years, that the four wives of Kody Brown — Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn — are unhappy with him and with their situation.

Combine that with all the cancelation rumors that had been going around about the show before the trailer for the new season dropped, and it’s clear that things aren’t well in the Brown family households.

It’s a lot for one family, right?

Even one family that’s sort of branched out into four different families, because polygamy.

And now, according to a sad new report, things are about to get even worse.

As the Sister Wives insider explains, ratings were down last season, and TLC was “less than impressed” by the amount of viewers the family was pulling in.

So this time around, for the current season, “Kody told them he’d be willing to have the network slash his family’s pay from $ 180,000 for each adult to $ 180,000 total if it meant they could make season 12.”

“He put everything on the line to convince them it could still work.”

It seems like there could be a little bit of negotiation somewhere in there, right? If Kody did offer that pay cut, then that’s $ 720,000 less that the adults are making this season.

But then again, maybe it was smart for him to get as much money as he could for a show that’s been doing so poorly that it’s been on the brink of cancelation for over a year now.

“Three years ago,” the source says, “the show could command 2.5 million viewers, but now fans are leaving the show in droves.”

“TLC has broken the news to Kody that it plans to cancel Sister Wives after the current season because ratings have been so tepid. Kody can kiss any hope of a Season 13 goodbye.”

And it’s not just his reality television career that’s failing — another source claims that his “spiritual marriages” are also close to being canceled.

“His only real connection seems to be with Robyn now,” and “the other wives have all but given up on him.”

“They mostly see him as an ex-husband who turns up to help with the children,” the source adds.

It turns out that this issues are sort of tied together — in the beginning, Sister Wives viewers were intrigued by what seemed to be happy family living the polygamist lifestyle.

But now, “TLC has discovered you can only pretend things are all rosy for so long. Fans now realize the Browns are anything but a happy group.”

The plan going forward, the insider says, is to develop a new show focusing on the Brown children — so sort of like how 19 Kids and Counting morphed into Counting On.

If this were to happen, then Mariah, the only child of Kody and Meri, would be heavily featured, because “she’s a favorite with fans because of her maturity.”

“But will Meri will make the occasional appearance on the show, there are no plans to feature Kody,” because “for him, things are very much over.”

Is anyone else disappointed that since the show would be canceled, we won’t be able to see episodes featuring the drama caused by the cancelation?


Kody Brown Might Lose All FOUR Sister Wives!

Nobody outside of Sister Wives seems to actually like Kody Brown. He’s obnoxious and hella rude, and it sounds like, lately, his behaviors been getting worse and worse.

We don’t know if he’s spiraling in a quest for ratings or if he’s authentically preparing to crash and burn, but frankly it doesn’t really matter — he doesn’t deserve his wives. They don’t deserve to have to put up with him.

And according to a new report, all four of them have started to realize that, too.

So, as we already talked about, Kody Brown is rude and maybe even verbally abusive to his four wives.

That, by itself, is more than enough reason to drop him in the garbage where he belongs and move on with your lives.

And there’s the boundless tensions brought up when he added his fourth wife, Robyn, to the fold.

But it’s also sounding like Kody might be looking for more young women to marry.

At this point, he’s seeming less like a man committed to polygamy and more like a man who’s less interested in his committed partners and more interested in chasing new, young women.

That doesn’t sound like a “polygamist role model.”

(Not that he’s ever lived up to that aspiration)

That sounds more like … that hot mugshot guy’s recent antics.

And the results aren’t pretty.

Specifically, it looks like Kody Brown’s wives want to leave him.

But that same report mentions that Kody might be wanting to leave them anyway and build himself a new family.

Now, we’ve heard stories about Kody Brown’s wives leaving him before.

So we always try to take these things with a grain of salt.

It was only a few months ago that Robyn seemed adamant that she wasn’t leaving Kody.

But is it possible that she was just putting on a brave face?

And while the idea of him wanting to set aside his current wives and build a new family from scratch sounds far-fetched.

Like … Kody Brown’s behavior has always been out there.

And it’s been getting worse, lately.

If he’s having some sort of midlife crisis or whatever, who knows what he’s planning?

A lot of reality shows are a mixed bag.

Sister Wives is not.

It’s bad.

See, polyamory — non-monogamous relationships involving more than just two people — can be wonderful.

Many thruples and triads and other groups of partners find that it makes their lives wonderful.

And while the term polygamy implies that it’s just one many marrying multiple women and that’s the extent of everyone’s relationships, that can still work and be a good thing, too.

The whole reason that Kody and his wives wanted to do Sister Wives in the first place is because they wanted to increase acceptance of polygamy.

That’s a very noble goal.

It might make taxes and inheritance and insurance and a few other things a little complicated, but we can’t really think of a legal justification for preventing a group of committed adults from making their relationship as official as everyone else’s.

And Sister Wives was supposed to help normalize this in the minds of middle America.

Unfortunately, because this relationship has Kody at the center, they may have set back the fight for polygamy by a few decades.

And, by extension, the push for wider acceptance of polyamory.

So … thanks, Kody.

As always, we won’t take any stories at face value until they’re substantiated.

It’s especially easy to believe stories that the wives are planning on leaving Kody, because every viewer wants them to run off.

Confirmation bias is the psychological phenomenon that describes why we want to automatically believe things that fit our worldview.

And nobody’s worldview finds Kody Brown to be an ideal mate.

No matter what this story says, we more than suspect that Kody Brown’s wives know that.

But that doesn’t mean that they’ll actually take the steps necessary to leave him.


Robyn Brown: I’m Not Pregnant, and I’m Not Leaving Kody!

For months and months now, we’ve been hearing that the relationships between Kody Brown and his Sister Wives are on the brink of collapse.

We’ve heard that all of the wives are planning on leaving Kody, and we’ve even heard that Meri Brown has a guy on the side, and that she’s waiting for the right moment to get with him instead.

But one of the most persistent rumors has been one about Robyn Brown, Kody’s newest wife and his only legal one.

All the way back in December, we heard that Robyn was planning on leaving Kody, partially because she felt he wasn’t treating her kids well — she has three children from a previous marriage.

Another reported issue was that the most recent seasons of the show focused on Meri and her catfishing scandal, along with some of the children’s weddings and pregnancies.

That apparently didn’t sit well with Robyn, who’s been used to having more attention.

We’ve also heard that Kody has his eyes on a younger woman he plans on making his fifth wife, which is something that troubles poor Robyn.

On top of all that, additional reports claim that Kody has been struggling with Robyn’s unhappiness, turning to drinking and temper tantrums to get him through the hard times.

Which, you know, aren’t things that would particularly entice Robyn to stay.

Oh, and one more rumor that’s been going strong, one that complicates this mess even further?

Many reports claim that Robyn is currently pregnant.

So yes, there’s a lot going on with the Browns these days.

But Robyn, sweetheart that she is, finally took the time to tell us all what’s really going on with all of these stories — many of which, by the way, came from supposed Brown family friend, Kendra Pollard.

“Hey tabloids!” she wrote on Twitter. “Kendra is NOT my friend and I don’t talk to her. Ever. Period. I am not pregnant and I am not divorcing Kody. All lies.”

Meri responded with “Haha you saw that one too? I had to laugh when I walked through the store today and saw it! People seriously need to get a life!”

So there are two possibilities here.

One, Robyn and Meri are planning on leaving Kody, and they’re working together to make sure no one suspects a thing.

Or two, they actually are planning on staying with the family for the foreseeable future.

And oh, what a nightmare that would be …


Robyn Brown: Pregnant & Leaving Kody Brown?!

For weeks now, we’ve been hearing rumors about Sister Wives star Robyn Brown divorcing husband Kody Brown.

Insiders have claimed that Robyn has been fed up with Kody’s mistreatment for years.

Some even gone so far as to accuse Kody of abusing Robyn.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Robyn has taken the first steps toward ending her marriage, and she’s acting not only for herself, but for her unborn child.

Yes, the site is reporting that Robyn is pregnant with Kody’s 19th child, but is not planning on sticking out her troubled marriage for much longer.

Insiders claim the 38-year-old has already contacted a divorce attorney after saving money for legal fees on the sly.

The news comes courtesy of Robyn’s best friend, Kendra Pollard, who’s breaking her silence about the Browns’ badly damaged marriage.

“Robyn has been planning to divorce him for a long time,” Pollard says.

“Being pregnant has not changed her mind. She saved up enough money to retain a lawyer.”

Pollard says that Robyn feels the family’s reality show has had a damaging effect on Kody’s relationships with his children and wives, as it’s led him to put fame and fortune above family.

She adds that Robyn believes filing for divorce will bring an end to the Brown family’s TV fame, as the revelations she plans to make in court will leave audiences and advertisers alike wanting nothing to do with Kody.

“This is really the end of ‘Sister Wives,” Pollard says.

Pollard says the pregnancy, Robyn’s sixth, was not planned.

“It was a complete surprise to Robyn,” Pollard claims, adding:

“Kody was happy when Robyn told him she is pregnant. He wants a large family but he is unhappy that she refuses to let TLC film her talking about it.”

Pollard says that despite the fact that his family is crumbling around him, Brown refuses to admit any wrongdoing.

In fact, he reportedly maintains that he saved each of his wives’ lives by marrying them.

“Robyn told me Kody told her that she would have nothing if it weren’t for him,” Pollard says.

Of course, if the latest rumors are true, Kody may soon find that the public doesn’t have much interest in him without his wives.

Watch Sister Wives online for more polygamous drama.


Kody Brown: Is He Abusing the Sister Wives?!

It seems like at least once a month or so, we hear a new rumor about the Sister Wives.

Specifically about how the Sister Wives are planning on leaving Kody Brown.

It makes sense — Kody does seem pretty unbearable, and even if he was the greatest dude of all time, sharing your husband with three other women doesn’t sound like a great time.

Last we heard, Robyn, Kody’s most recent sister wife, and the only one he’s legally married to, is considering leaving him.

The issue is that Kody is allegedly preparing to take on a fifth wife who is just 24 years old. Robyn’s not that into the idea, so if he follows through, she’s out.

Kody had apparently been struggling with Robyn’s possible departure, so he reportedly began drinking to get through the fights and the panic attacks.

We’d be all “aww, poor guy,” but, you know, it’s Kody.

If he has such a hard time understanding the problems in his marriages, then there’s really no helping him, is there?

But it seems like understanding isn’t Kody’s only issue — not by a long shot.

According to an actual family friend of the Browns, Kody’s been “totally spiraling out of control” lately.

The friend says that Kody is “becoming a hothead, he has no filter and it is freaking Robyn out.” Things are so bad that “she can no longer trust him.”

They used to “fight and yell at each other,” but “now Robyn simply ignores him, which makes him even more infuriated.”

“Kody has a nasty tongue on him,” the friend continues. “Robyn told me how Kody said to her, ‘you would not have any of this if it wasn’t for me.'”

“Kody has to be the king of the castle. Robyn used to be Kody’s puppet. Now she’s saying no.”

So it sounds like a miserable situation is getting even worse thanks to Kody’s increasingly bad temper, right? No wonder there are constant reports of his wives leaving him.

And the Browns’ family friend has some words to say on that subject, too.

“Robyn’s always said that if he takes on new wives, she’ll leave,” she says. “Robyn has told friends she is going to divorce Kody.”

“She believes it is her only choice. She says he will be getting a rude awakening soon when he’s served with the papers.”

While it would be wonderful if Robyn left Kody — and if Meri, Janelle, and Christine left him, too — we’ll believe it when we see it.

But dang, this story is getting juicy, huh?


Robyn Brown and Kody Brown: Is It Finally Over?

We hope you’re sitting down, Sister Wives viewers.

Because Life & Style claims that an absolute “Shocker” is about to… well… absolutely shock you.

According to this tabloid’s latest cover story, Robyn Brown has finally had it with Kody Brown and will soon be filing for divorce from the Sister Wives patriarch. 

But is this really as stunning of an announcement as the magazine wants us to believe?

For starters, we watch Sister Wives online and even on television live when it airs sometimes. We’ve seen the tension mounting between Robyn and Kody for months.

Moreover, chatter over a Robyn and Kody split has been active for several weeks.

In late December, Radar Online wrote that Robyn had finally grown sick and tired of her role both on both the TLC reality series and in her marriage and had therefore decided to move on.

“She is leaving the first week in January to go back to Utah with the kids and be with her family to figure out the next step in her life,” an anonymous source told the website back then.

Except… the last time we checked, the first week of January had come and gone and Robyn remains part of the Sister Wive family.

Kody was also well aware of this divorce talk, Tweeting in response to allegations of his impending separation from Robyn two months ago:

“Not true! [Robyn] and I just went to dinner and shopping.”

That’s not the strongest denial we’ve ever heard of trouble at home, but it is true that Kody is still married to all four of his wives.

One does need to wonder, however, why tabloid cover stories of this nature continue to appear if there’s legitimately nothing behind the divorce rumors.

In this case, an insider claims Kody has melted down over his issue with Robyn, relying on a lot of “booze” and suffering “panic attacks” in the wake of many “fights.”

There’s even a “24-year old who tore” Robyn and Kody apart. Allegedly.

Does a “best friend” really “tell all” about the “house of horrors” in which the Browns reside? 

We’re not about to pay actual money for this tabloid in order to find out.

Back in November, meanwhile, various magazines claimed that Meri and Kody were the ones on the verge of a split.

Those two have seemingly been at odds ever since the very first season of Sister Wives, with Meri unhappy that Kody wanted to exchange vows with other women.

It didn’t help that Meri battled with fertility problems over the years and then it really didn’t help when Meri fell for a catfishing scheme.

“I’m working very hard not to be hopeless,” Kody said at one point during Season 11 of his relationship with Meri.

As for the other wives? Really, it’s impossible to say at this point.

As we’ve tried to document via the above photos of one tabloid cover after another, there is clearly tension within this household.

Which shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise when you’re talking about numerous wives and cameramen being around at all times.

The only question now is who will blink first? Who will actually sign those divorce papers?

And, of course, once that happens, who will therefore get her own spinoff?


Kody Brown: This is Why I Accept My Gay Daughter

As has been well documented over the past several weeks, all is not calm, cool or even collected within the Sister Wives universe.

There’s a whole lot of in-fighting taking place between the Browns.

There was that whole catfishing scandal surrounding Meri, which prompted rumors that she would split from Kody

… which was followed by talk that Kody ad Robyn may be done for good.

But while the relationship between Kody and his four better halves may have seen better days, there’s one connection in this reality star’s life that is as strong as ever:

The bond between Kody and daughter Mariah.

Yes, even in the face of a bombshell dropped by Mariah on last week’s installment of Sister Wives.

As you can see below when you watch Sister Wives online, Mariah came out to her family as gay:

Soon afterwards, Mariah took to Twitter and thanked a majority of her fans and followers.

“wow okay y’all making me cry with your support. thank you thank you thank you thank you,” she Tweeted last Monday.

But we still weren’t sure how Mariah’s famous family members were going to react.

On last night’s episode, Kody admitted that he was “in a state of shock processing” everything that Mariah said about her sexuality, which included the following admission:

“It’s always been there – it’s always been something I pushed away because I was scared. I think my biggest fear has always been to be gay.

“So I didn’t let myself accept it because it was wrong – I was told [by members of the church] that it was wrong and that I would be a bad person.”

Said Kody at one point:

“We’re not happy Mariah’s gay; we’re happy Mariah knows herself.”

He then went into more detail on Twitter.

“A surprise to me. Required some deep thought,” Kody wrote of his reaction to the news. “After checking to see if she was sure, I just needed her to know she was safe.”

The reality star added that The Big Man Upstairs made acceptance a lot easier.

“God has prepared my heart and mind for 15 years. Now @mariahlian can feel safe being openly gay with our family.”

kody tweet1

Later on in the evening, Kody credited Charles Dickens for helping to open his mind, while also saying it’s sad that some of his “gay friends lose their religion.”

He supposedly told one to start his own “church fellowship.”


Say what you want about Kody Brown (we certainly have) and his unusual family dynamic.

But he appears to have struggled with his daughter’s sexuality, eventually realizing that she’s happy with who she is and that’s all that matters.

So some credit must be given to Brown for arriving at that conclusion.

Click on the video below to view this episode in its entirety and see how all the relatives react to Mariah’s emotional confession:


Kody & Robyn Brown: It’s Over!

If you watch Sister Wives online, you know that the show’s most recent season didn’t feature many appearances from Robyn Brown.

It’s understandable that she was relegated to the margins so that the show could focus on Mery Brown’s catfishing saga, but it seems Robyn is no fan of playing second fiddle on TV or in her marriage.

Radar Online is reporting that Robyn has left Kody after several months of marital discord.

“She is leaving the first week in January to go back to Utah with the kids and be with her family to figure out the next step in her life,” a source close to the reality stars told Radar.

The insider adds that Robyn will spend the holidays with Kody for the sake of her children – but then she’ll leave him far behind for the same reason:

“Her kids aren’t being treated very well,” the source claims.

The unidentified family friend also says that Kody’s neglect of her kids is just one of many reasons that Robyn has decided to leave the polygamous life behind.

Apparently, Kody’s concerns about the family’s legal entanglements and lack of privacy (that’ll happen when you star in a reality show about your family life) led to a suffocating sense of paranoia in the Brown home:

“There were a lot of communication issues and a lot of fighting,” the source said.

“Kody is really bad at handling stressful situations and wants to be safe all the time, and when Robyn could no longer be his source of comfort. He couldn’t handle it.”

Not surprisingly, it seems that playing second fiddle to another sister wife also didn’t sit particularly well with Robyn:

“This season is really focusing on Maddie’s wedding and on the catfish plot,” the insider said.

“Robyn’s always gotten her way, now she’s totally done. She refuses to be placed on the back-burner.”

The breakup isn’t wholly unexpected, thanks to the drama that’s been consuming the Brown family for much of the past year.

Still, Robyn’s timing makes the move somewhat of a surprise.

Kody and Robyn welcomed a baby girl back in January.

It was her third child, and his 18th!

No, that’s not a misprint.

Clearly, Kody is determined to tie the Duggar family with 19 offspring, and we think he’ll pull it off.

Of course, now he’ll have to do it with one less wife.


Sister Wives: Are Kody and Meri Brown FINALLY Splitting Up?!

Oh, those Sister Wives …

Those poor, pitiful Sister Wives with their never-ending woe and their near-constant drama.

Don’t you just love them?

It’s not pretty, sure, and it’s definitely nothing to be proud of, but it’s an undeniable fact of life that the vast majority of people simply cannot look away from a trainwreck.

And it doesn’t get more trainwreck-y than this family.

OK, so Kody and Meri Brown have been having issues in their marriage for a long time, right?

Even in the very first season of Sister Wives, they fought.

They fought because Meri couldn’t help but get jealous that her husband had two other wives and was getting a third, or because Kody desperately wanted to have more children with Meri but she couldn’t get pregnant and wasn’t interested in getting any medical assistance with her fertility.

As the seasons went on, things only got worse between them.

They actually ended up getting divorced, but only because, as Kody’s first wife, Meri was the only one legally married to him.

She divorced him so that he could marry Robyn and adopt the three children she had from a previous marriage.

They remained spiritually married, but soon after the divorce, Meri began talking to that infamous catfish of hers.

And that’s what really did it in for their relationship.

It’s like the last nail in the coffin of their love, but it’s a big, long, rusty nail that’s being impossibly stubborn and just won’t get in there enough to just close the damn coffin.

On Sunday’s season 11 premiere, we got to see a whole lot of that sad, awkward tension between Kody and Meri.

Kody said to Meri, “You asked me to not be around you. You invited me away. You told me to go away.”

And then later, in an interview, Kody revealed that “Meri asked me to stop staying at the house.”

As you probably know, each of the four sister wives has their own house, and Kody sort of flits in and out of those houses on a schedule.

In the past, Meri’s had an issue with how much time Kody spends at the other wives houses — since the other wives have so many children with Kody and Meri is the only one in her house, things haven’t always been exactly equal.

But for Meri to just tell him not to stay with her, that’s pretty huge.

The director asked Kody to elaborate on his situation with Meri, but he refused.

All he would say was that “I’m working very hard not to be hopeless.”

Which is admirable or whatever, but we have a bad feeling that Kody’s relationship with marriage has as much hope as we have that Kody will mature into a decent, respectable human being.

(None. We have none hope.)

After the episode aired, Kody hopped on Twitter to explain his decision to keep the details about his Meri marriage to himself.

“We are public and choose to share our lives,” he explained. “However, some things should be kept private. Things saved for my mother or bff.”

Meri got on her own Twitter to talk about the argument she had with Kody, and how Kody refused to really talk to her without their therapist present.

“I actually think the convo was safe to begin with,” she said. “We can only respond to things the other says in the best & most honest way.”

Yeah, so the official split is going to happen in the season finale, right? Please?


Sister Wives Season 8 Episode 1 Recap: Did Kody Go Too Far?

Did Kody go too far?

That concern popped up several times throughout Sister Wives Season 8 Episode 1, when the family continued their wedding planning. 

However, all of the drama from Season 7 was still hanging over them, and it made us question whether the family would ever be able to fully recover from it. 

We picked up with Maddie, who was still planning her wedding to Caleb.

The family discussed the fact that it may be the first monogamous wedding that the family had witnessed in quite some time. 

Christine was far too busy with Mykelti’s news that she wants to marry her boyfriend, Tony, but she made it clear she would consider it. 

Christine contacted Kody for advice when she realized things were getting serious with Tony. 

When they caught up, Kody was less than impressed about the news that Mykelti had the idea of getting married.

Kody wanted her to finish college before making any big decisions, but it appears like she’s doing anything but finishing college. 

Tony has dinner with Christine and Kody, to ask them if it’s okay to have Mykelti’s hand in marriage.

Kody let his concerns come to the surface. His main issue was the short time span of the relationship. 

Kody wants the pair to not be sexual with one another and to wait for marriage. Tony reluctantly agrees. 

Christine was then blindsided by the news that Kody gave consent for the marriage to go ahead and aired her thoughts on it. 

Christine and Kody then told the wives about the wedding and they were less than impressed.

They were concerned at the thought of planning two weddings. 

After that, they go to help pick out a caterer for Maddie’s wedding to Caleb. 

We then got the news we all knew was coming: Mariah is not impressed with Meri for the whole catfishing incident.

Meri then claimed she and Kodi had been having trouble in their relationship for years and that something needed to be done. 

She was totally right. 

Meri and Kody then faced off about the way things were going in the relationship and we left them at a difficult moment.

It will be addressed in next week’s episode. 

What do you think of all the drama?

Sound off below!