Kourtney Kardashian: Suffering Breakdown After Dumping Younes Bendjima?!

As far as relationships go, Kourtney Kardashian has always been the boring one in her family.

A lot of people would call her the boring one in general, but that’s not exactly fair.

She may have only been with two guys the entire time she’s been famous — Scott Disick and Younes Bendjima, and remember, she was with Scott for over a decade.

(She also had that fling with Justin Bieber, so we guess she’s been with two and a half guys since her family began their reign of terror on the world.)

But with all the drama that came from her relationship with Scott alone, it just wouldn’t be appropriate to call her boring, you know?

There’s been all those terrifying benders during the Scott years, all the fights, and the pregnancy rumors … nobody has the time to get started on how many pregnancy rumors there were.

And believe it or not, now that she’s broken up with Younes Bendjima, it seems like that’s going to provide a solid amount of drama, too.

They really do spoil us, those Kardashians, don’t they?

We heard about their breakup just a couple of weeks ago, and while we haven’t heard a concrete reason for the split yet, there have been a few theories.

One is that Kourtney dumped Younes because she was suspicious that he was cheating on her — remember, we saw those photos of him looking pretty cozy with Jordan Ozuna, former love interest of Justin Bieber.

Gross, right?

Reports claimed that she never caught him in the act, but that she had sufficient evidence that he’d stepped out on her, so she cut him loose, even though he denied doing anything wrong.

Another theory is that he isn’t a fan of the kind of scandalous pictures she shares of herself on social media, and that he always wished she was more modest.

This makes sense, because last month, when she shared a bikini picture, he commented with “That’s what you need to show to get likes?

Again, gross, right?

Finally, other sources say that their age difference was just too much to overcome — Kourtney is 39, and Younes is 25.

Maybe it was all of those issues combined, or maybe it was something else altogether, we don’t know, but one thing everyone seems to agree on is that she’s the one who did the dumping.

And now, according to a new report from Radar Online, she’s having a very, very hard time with it all.

“She’s hurting and humiliated after her split from Younes,” a source tells the website.

“She always thought she knew what she was doing, even with the huge age difference between them.”

But now that she’s seen him getting all cuddly with Jordan, “She’s gone completely into her shell, won’t talk to any of her sisters, and refuses any kind of therapy.”

“Kourtney scoffs that she’s fine,” the insider continues, “but she’s never turned her back on her family like she is now.”

It seems that the only reason she spends time with them is “when they do have to hang out contractually to film their TV show.”

Poor Kourtney allegedly “feels like an idiot” for spending nearly two years with what everyone thought was a rebound, and how pitiful is that?

It’s also not so great for the people around her, as the source says that “She’s silent and snaps at everyone.”

“No one knows what she gets up to when she’s alone and Scott has the kids, but all signs are pointing to it not being good.”

What does that mean, what could Kourtney possibly be getting into in her alone time that is that bad?

Maybe she’s eating gluten? Processed foods, even? Could she be searching around for another young pop star to have hotel meet-ups with?

But even if she’s not doing horrible things now that she’s single, it does sound like she’s having a hard time dealing with everything.

And if she is, then here’s hoping she pulls through soon!


Kourtney Kardashian: Secretly Seeing Scott Disick Again … And PREGNANT?!

Last week, Kourtney was partying with Scott Disick just a short while after her epic breakup with Younes Bendjima.

Now, a report says that this is just the tip of the iceberg — that Kourtney has been seeing Scott in secret, and may even be pregnant with baby #4.

It sounds too wild to believe, but … could it be true?

An OK! Australia article has an exciting claim about Kourtney Kardashian — and the news is twofold!

“Kourt’s Pregnant,” the tabloid claims, followed by a quote: “‘Scott’s The Dad!'”

That would be very exciting! Even though, admittedly, this has happened three times in the past already.

Even more, the magazine says: “Kourt Dumps Younes For Scott: ‘We’re Getting Married!'”

So they’re reporting that not only is Kourtney “ready to accept” Scott back into her life, but she left Younes for him? Wow!

Kourtney and Scott, the tabloid claims, are reclaiming what they once had.

The report says that Kourtney wants her ex and baby daddy “back into her life romantically.”

You would think that Kourtney would be doing this cautiously and tentatively, right?

But the article says :”and she’s not doing it half-heartedly.”

Eyes closed, head first, can’t lose, huh?

OK! Australia points out that Scott had suggested that he and Kourtney might get back together when they’re “like 40.”

They also point out that Kourtney is 39, and will be 40 next April.

“The time is nigh for that long-awaited wedding,” the tabloid says, adding: “We can’t wait to see these guys finally say ‘I do!'”

That wedding day, should it come to pass, will have been a long time coming.

According to the magazine’s source, it is “just a matter of time” before Scott “dumps” his current super-hot 19-year-old girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

Weird to read that he wouldn’t break up with Sofia before impregnating his ex, right?

But the tabloid reports that Kourtney has a “bub on the way — and the baby daddy is none other than her ex.”

Well, that’s not totally unbelievable, since they have three children already.

“They’ve been meeting up on the down low for a while now,” the magazine claims. “Everyone’s buzzing that she’s carrying Scott’s baby.”

The tabloid reports that Kourt has been spotted with a baby bump lately, noting that “It was strange to see because she’s usually so perfectly svelte.”

The first of multiple issues with this report is that, um, this photo right here of Kourtney?

She shared it just a few days ago. While it’s totally possible that she took it ages ago, and though there’s even precedent for keeping a secret like that, we kind of doubt it.

Those are not the abs of a pregnant Kourtney.

We also think that, considering that Kylie’s 21st birthday blow-out was full of guests and cameras and one woman even passed out and had to leave on a stretcher, someone would have commented if Kourt looked pregnant.

But there’s another problem that has, basically, nothing to do with Kourtney.

Sofia Richie, folks, is a real person with real feelings. Arguably more feelings than most of us, because she’s 19 and teenage hormones can really blow a lot of emotions out of proportion.

Sofia is about to turn 20. Like, next week. It would be incredibly s–ty of Scott to dump her for his ex right before her birthday. Or at all, if it’s just to go running back to his ex.

(We’ve already envisioned how their breakup should go down, and it should involve Sofia dumping him)

A lot of people want to see Scott and Kourtney reunite, because they liked them so much as a couple. But wanting something to be true does not make it true.

And this story has zero evidence to back it up. We’re going to have to side with GossipCop on this one.


Kourtney Kardashian Posts Ab-tastic Thirst Trap, Sends Epic Message

Kourtney Kardashian shared an absolutely tantalizing photo to remind the world that she’s hotter than Kim will ever be.

Maybe she was also sending a message to Younes Bendjima — or to Scott Disick. It’s hard to say for sure.

You’ll have to take a look at this ab-tastic pic and decide for yourself.

The first thing that you need to know about this gorgeous image is that the White Fox Swim brand bikini she’s wearing is called “100% SALTY.”

Maybe that’s just a coincidence. Or maybe she’s feeling salty af.

The second thing that you need to know is that her caption simply reads “detox.”

It’s difficult to tell if she means that she is literally detoxifying herself after perhaps indulging a little … or if she is just relaxing after being around toxic people.

The third thing that you need to know is that she looks all kinds of hot. Take a look at these abs.

Now, is this just another Kardashian thirst trap, or are we looking at a message aimed at someone in particular?

The first suspect who comes to mind as a target for Kourt’s Instagram messages is Younes.

This wouldn’t be a plea for him to come back.

After her ugly breakup with Younes, which involved accusations of cheating, he would be the one begging her to take him back.

No, this would be her flaunting her gorgeous self to show him exactly what he is missing.

And maybe she’s “detoxing” after the end of their relationship.

On the other hand, Kourtney was partying with Scott Disick just a few days ago at Kylie’s 21st birthday party.

The two were seated side-by-side and, while they weren’t shoving their tongues down each other’s throats (at least, not while on video), they seemed to be getting along just fine.

Khloe and Kim were not even a little shy about their fantasies of Kourtney reuniting with the father of her children.

Was this Kourtney showing Scott that she’s every bit as hot as his almost-20-year-old girlfriend?

Or was she just literally detoxing after spending Kylie’s birthday partying by his side?

That said, there is another obvious target for Kourtney’s not-so-subtle message.

She and Kim have been feuding intensely on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

You might dismiss that, since the feuds were filmed months and months ago — but remember that Kim and Kourtney’s feud spilled onto Twitter. Recently.

On the show, sparks flew between the sisters after Kim lashed out in response to Kourtney being difficult about the family Christmas card.

Kim told Kourtney that she was the least interesting to look at of all of the members of the family.

We’d say that Kourtney’s gorgeous “detox” pic pretty much destroys that claim.

We don’t know which of these theories is right. Kourtney might be multitasking with a single photo.

It’s also entirely within the realm of possibility that she just posted a hot pic of herself for its own sake.

Look at it again — there’s no need for a second meaning. Not with abs like those.

Kourt has truly blessed her followers.


Kourtney Kardashian: Partying With Scott Disick After Dumping Younes Bendjima!

About a week ago, Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima broke up after two years together. Things between them are not amicable.

But things are looking surprisingly friendly between Kourtney and … Scott Disick.

In the video, take a look at how well these two are getting along. And see how not-subtle Kourt's sisters are about wanting them to get back together.

Kourtney and scott disick throwback

Last week, Kylie Jenner's birthday party was shut down by police. But before that, it was going strong.

You only turn 21 once!

For Kylie's special milestone birthday, all feuds were set aside. That meant that Caitlyn was there. And so was Scott.

As you'll see in the video that we included, both Kim and Khloe could not resist filming Scott and Kourtney as they sat side-by-side at a table.

To the sisters, it was just like old times — and a reminder of what they'd like to see again.

Scott disick and kourtney kardashian at kylies 21st birthday

In Kim's video, she pans over boht Kourtney and Scott, who are on their phones.

Kim's voice can be heard saying: "Oh, just like an old married couple on your phones!"

Khloe's video is, like Khloe's personality, even less subtle.

She went so far as to write the words "A girl can dream" on her video of Kourtney and Scott.

Clearly, both of Kourtney's fellow Kardashian sisters want to see her reunite with Scott.

Kourtney kardashian stares hard

There are a lot of potentially very good reasons why that might be more possible than ever now that Kourtney has parted ways with her boy toy.

But … Scott is still dating his much younger model, Sofia Richie.

Of course, Scott and Sofia have gotten back together and broken up during their relationship, so it's not like their romance is perfect or seamless.

Sofia herself was not at Kylie's party.

That wasn't necessarily a snub — the party took place at an L.A. hotspot, and though Sofia has a birthday later this month, she is only 19 years old.

Kind of hard to bring your girlfriend places when she's not old enough to drink, isn't it, Scott?

Sofia richie and scott disick look sad

Clearly, Khloe and Kim would be happy to see Kourt get right with The Lord. And her breakup with Younes seems to open the door for that.

But Scott and Sofia are still a thing.

That said … many feel that part of what motivated Scott's absolutely ridiculous bender that lasted for, like, half of 2017 and ended with him dating Sofia after he'd banged every other 19-year-old model on the planet was that Kourtney and Younes were a real thing.

It might have bothered him less if Younes were just a hot piece of tail that Kourtney was enjoying. it seemed to really get under his skin that she was in a real relationship.

If he was just dating Sofia to get revenge on Kourtney or whatever, well … things might change.

Kendall kylie and kourtney

Whether you want to see Kourt and Scott reunite as much as her sisters clearly do, please remember that Sofia is a real person with real feelings.

In fact, she's still a teenager, so she arguably has more feelings than a lot of us, even though she's an adult.

If Scott does find some reason to dump her in the next few weeks or months, it could be devastating to her.

She deserves better than that.

Still, take a look at our compilation of Kim and Khloe's videos and see if you agree with their hopes for reunification.

Kourtney kardashian partying with scott disick after dumping you

Khloe Kardashian: Can I Just Punch Kourtney in the Mouth?!?

It is about to be on between Kardashian sisters.

Yes, again.

In a sneak peek from this Sunday's new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we see Kim, Kourtney and Khloe attempt to hash out some pretty major differences that surfaced last week as a result of the family Christmas card shoot.

And it doesn't exactly go smoothly.

"We all have different realities of what goes on when we have our fight," Kim says to open the latest explosive clip, adding:

"We all communicate really weird and we just don't ever express what's really bothering us and we all walk on eggshells around each other."

As a result, Kim suggests that the siblings ought to all attend therapy together because they need a to "communicate with a mediator."

Sounds like a totally natural, normally and definitely NOT scripted-by-producers plan.

But Kourtney objects because she says Khloe and Kim used to always mock her for going to a therapist when she was younger.

"We don't make fun of you for going to therapy," interrupts Khloe at this point. "We make fun of you for literally hating us because of your therapist."

Hate? That sounds extreme, despite what Kourtney wrote a few days ago on Twitter.

"I don't hate you and my therapist just said this will start to happen," Kourtney argued. "People that you're close to you'll probably like have some arguments with them."

Can't we just talk it out, Kourtney asks?

"You're the one I think that has the communication issue," Khloe retorts, saying the family simply "sweeps things under the rug" and no tension is ever truly fixed.

This sort of exchange goes on for a bit longer, without anything really getting solved or either side really giving an inch.

It all leads to a classic Khloe confessional in which the mother of little True tells the camera:

"I'm trying to talk it out with her, but instead of actually talking it out she's editing a photo on her phone and with this ridiculous smile on her face.

"I want to f-cking punch that smile off her f-cking face."

An annoyed Khloe then tells Kourtney that she's not going to invest herself anymore and that Kourtney can go "f-ck off then."

Sounds like this pow-wow only led to more problems, doesn't it?

Watch everything unfold now — and then click on the following link to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online if you need to catch up!

Keeping up with the kardashians klip f ck off kourtney

Younes Bendjima: I’m Writing a Tell-All Book About Kourtney Kardashian!!

Despite their super sexy vacation just weeks ago, Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima have split. By all accounts, it is not an amicable breakup.

Younes is begging Kourt to take him back and saying that he never cheated, but it sounds like he’s also gotten confrontational about it.

In fact, he has reportedly threatened to write a tell-all book about Kourtney and her entire family. Yikes!

RadarOnline reports that Younes Bendjima’s tell-all book threat came to Kourtney through an intermediary.

“Younes had one of his friends reach out to Kourtney,” an insider close to Kourtney reveals.

This was not an olive branch.

The friend made contact, the source says, “to tell her that if her sisters don’t stop talking s–t about him that he would write a tell all book.”

Younes apparently knows enough about the family that he could embarrass them “and air all of their dirty laundry.”

“After two years together,” the insider says. “Kourtney knows that Younes knows” a great deal of insider information “about the family.”

He and Kourt have been together since 2016, and now we’re just a few months away from 2019.

Younes started off as a boy toy, but he’s no fool. He noticed things.

In fact, the source says that Younes knows more “than anyone else that has come in and out of their circle in quite some time.”

Kourtney, the insider says, is freaking out because “she does not want this to escalate anymore.”

In a war of words, it looks like both sides could lose — but Kourtney and her loved ones might have more to lose.

“So,” the source revealed of Kourtney. “She asked her family to refrain from saying anything about him.”

Nobody closes ranks like the Kardashians in a krisis, folks.

That means that Kourtney’s sisters — despite Kim and Kourtney’s vicious feud — are eager to lay into Younes.

But that also means that they’ll mince words and bite their tongues about Younes if that’s what needs to happen.

Just think of how careful they were with their words when Khloe’s baby daddy was outed as a no-good cheater. They can do that with Younes, too.

Kourtney is just tired of the whole Younes situation, even though she might miss having hot cougar sex with the 25-year-old model.

“At this point,” the insider explains. “She just wants him to go away.”

That is understandable. The breakup is fresh and likely full of a lot of very complicated feelings.

Kourtney wants Younes out of sight and out of mind, the source says, “so she can move on with her life.”

That is very understandable.

It is, of course, very important to note that Jordan Ozuna, the lovely socialite with whom Younes was spotted, has spoken out.

She wants to make it very clear that nothing romantic happened between her and Younes.

The thing is that some suspect that Kourtney was, perhaps subconsciously, in the market for an excuse to break things off with Younes.

The two of them have an age gap of almost 15 years and are at very different stages of their lives.

We’re glad that their relationship was fun while it lasted and we’re sorry to see it end.

We hope, of course, that everyone can come out of this sitation as a winner.


Younes Bendjima SWEARS He Didn’t Cheat, Begs Kourtney to Take Him Back!

After two years together, it’s over between Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima. And, with accusations of cheating, things are turning ugly.

Younes is adamantly denying that he ever cheated on his favorite MILF.

He still hopes that Kourtney will take him back. He sitll loves her.

HollywoodLife reports that a source close to Younes says that he hopes to reconcile ASAP and go back to having hot cougar sex with Kourt.

“Younes is denying he ever cheated on Kourtney,” the insider says.

Cheating rumors arose after he was spotted looking cozy — but, genuinely, just cozy — with Jordan Ozuma.

The source continues: “He swears he has only been loyal to her since the moment they first met.”

Younes is faithful to Kourtney, the insider says, “and has done nothing wrong.”

“He still loves her a lot,” the source continues. “And can’t believe it is over.”

The two of them just finished their sexy Italian vacation together and now they’re done. That totally sucks — for both of them.

“He has been apologizing,” the insider says. “Trying to explain any misunderstandings.”

That can be difficult to do. Especially if someone has already decided that you are not trustworthy.

“And,” the source reveals, Younes has been “begging Kourtney for a second chance.”

Kourtney admittedly did not “catch him cheating red-handed,” the source admits.

So, she merely suspects that he cheated on her.

But it sounds like she has more than a couple of partying pics, as the insider says that “she had enough evidence to believe that he was not being faithful.”


What’s more, the source says, is that Kourtney resented becoming “the worried girlfriend constantly checking up on her boyfriend and his friends on social media.”

When it comes to Jordan Ozuna, she has made it very clear that there was no funny business going on between them.

“Younes and I are not involved romantically at all,” Jordan said after photos of the two at a party surfaced.

“We were both invited to Mexico for a mutual friend’s birthday party with 13 other people,” Jordan explained.

“It was nothing more than friends having fun at the beach,” Jordan clarified. “No, we aren’t romantically involved in any way, shape or form.”

That’s probably true. But it might not make a difference with a split this ugly.

Ultimately, this may come down to Kourtney’s feelings.

Reports say that a major source of strain between the two was their age difference.

Sure, Younes is a mature guy, but he’s still well over a decade Kourt’s junior. They’re just at fundamentally different stages of their lives.

That might not always be the case for two people of their respective ages (Kourtney is 39 while Younes is 25), but Kourtney is a mother of three and Younes is an aspiring supermodel.

Their lives are on different tracks, and though they may both be hot and though they may have even hotter sex, that doesn’t mean that they are compatible in the long term. No matter how much they may wish otherwise.

It’s sad to see them break up. But they’ll always have their happy, sexy memories.