Kim Kardashian to Kourtney Kardashian: You F-cking Disgust Me!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians took Kim and Kourtney to Japan on Sunday night.

And the sisters brought with them many suitcases, changes of outfits… and lots of hard feelings.

in japan

The installment centered on Kim planning a trip to Tokyo to shoot a Yeezy campaign on behalf of her husband’s fashion brand.

“I love working with Kanye in that way because he will listen to me on things that are important to me, and I’ll trust him on colors and fabrics,” she said of the endeavor, adding:

“I only have a few days to get 20 looks shot.

“Japan is the campaign – we can’t recreate it. There are dozens of people working on this, so it is a lot of pressure.

“It’s my husband’s collection and I want to make sure that I do a good job and that he likes how everything turns out.”

This was the epitome of a First World Problem, but whatever, right?

It was a fair concern for Kim at the time, given the circumstances.

However, Kim decided to mix the personal with the professional by inviting Khloe and Kourtney along for the vacation.

Why would she do so, considering the tension that has existed between all three siblings throughout Season 15?

Probably because the script called for it, but maybe also to bury the hatchet.

All it took was one evening out, though, for the tension to return — which is what happens when one sister simply can’t handle what her loved one is wearing.

“I can’t even eat dinner because I’m so disgusted with my sisters’ crazy outfits that completely don’t go with my look,” Kim told the camera. “Like, I can’t take it.”

No, really, she could. Not. Even. Take. It.

“My sisters look so crazy,” Kim continued.

“It’s actually embarrassing. Kourtney with the Japanese-inspired outfit, and Khloé is wearing silver sequins, turquoise eyeshadow, huge chandelier earrings – they’re just like, completely clashing and making my outfit look really bad and they’re ruining everything.

“I need the Yeezy collection to be debuted and not all this crazy distraction in the background.”

Seriously, Khloe and Kourtney: How did you not consider the effect your fashion taste would have on Kim’s career?!?

Kim didn’t keep her feelings to herself, either.

She sat down with her siblings, told them they looked like “f-cking clowns” and continued to berate them as follows:

“I’m not kidding. This is not like, a tourist thing where it’s Halloween, dress up like a f-cking Japanese geisha, unless we’re at a geisha house.

“I just think you’ve got to like, chill. Like, you can be cooler. I’m not telling you guys who to be and what to wear or anything, but I’m telling you who to be and what to wear.

“It could be time for a fashion overhaul, so that you stay young and relevant.”

pink kim

At another point, she told Kourtney she looked “like a f-cking grandma, 100 percent.”

After being informed that she doesn’t come across as “special” or “innovative,” Kourtney at last snapped and replied in a confessional:

“Now I think Kim’s just being rude, and rude to everyone in glam.

“We’re all doing fun looks together and it’s not that serious. I think Kim and I don’t always see eye-to-eye as far of the importance of traveling and living in the moment. …

“I have three children and a full-time job. I don’t have seven stylists.”

Kim defended her actions, saying she didn’t have time to “beat around the bush” while on location for a Yeezy campaign, while Kourtney countered that she just wanted to have some “fun.”

“Nobody wants to wake up and be criticized from head-to-toe the whole day long,” she sighed, finally lashing out as Kim for real:

“Would you rather me f-cking say your f-cking outfits suck? You’re wearing a puffy vest, you have pink hair and turquoise shoes.

“I didn’t come here to wear leggings that are see-through and show my ass off. Do you know easy it is to a bitch? I could be a bitch all f-cking day if that’s what you want.

“But guess what? It takes a lot more courage to show your feelings than to sit there and be a bitch.”

Okay, fine, Kim relented toward the end of the episode.

She said she takes pride in being “honest,” but that the “delivery” of her message may have been off.

But, hey, it was all worthwhile in the end!

“It was a lot of work but we did it, and with how amazing and pretty this city is, this campaign is going to be super dope,” she concluded.

“Kanye is so happy with how the shoot turned out and I feel like it was a really good trip for us overall.”


Scott Disick to Kourtney Kardashian & Luka Sabbat: I’m Watching You Two!

Against all odds, Scott Disick is still dating Sofia Richie.

So you’d think the Lord would be done obsessing over his baby mama, Kourtney Kardashian, and would instead be focused on his cradle-robbing relationship.

But as he’s shown us time and again, Scott is capable of being creepy in more ways than one.

As you may have heard Kourtney is dating Luka Sabbat these days, which means that she and Scott are both banging 20-year-olds.

It’s a weird situation, no doubt, but it’s not like Scott is in a position to judge.

Scott, Kourtney, Luka

Nevertheless, it seems he’s keeping a close eye on Kourt and her new man to make sure everything is on the up-and-up.

“Scott is monitoring it all because if it gets serious, then that means Luka gets closer to the kids,” a source close to Scott tells told Hollywood Life.

“He wants to make sure he isn’t a jerk because the last thing Scott wants is Luka to be a bad father figure. He wants to make sure Luka’s intentions are pure.”

Once you get past the hilarity of Scott freakin’ Disick judging another person’s moral character, you can kind of see how this makes sense.

Yes, Scott is still is dating a woman who cannot yet legally drink.

(Which is probably the best thing that’s ever happened to his liver, to be honest.)

But to his credit, he waited a long time before introducing Sofia to his kids.

Now, apparently, he wants to make sure that Kourtney does the same.

Obviously, there’s nothing new about Kourt getting involved with significantly younger dudes.

Kourtney dated Younes Bendjima for several months, and Scott reportedly wasn’t thrilled with that relationship either.

This time around, he’s even more concerned, as it’s looking like this is no mere fling.

Sources say Kourtney and Luka are already getting serious.

And since Kourt’s kids are the most important thing in her life, it stands to reason that she’s itching to introduce them to her new man.

Disick is reportedly imploring her to hold off for a while.

And we can’t believe we’re about to say this, but we’re actually on Scott’s side on this one.


Kourtney Kardashian to Fat-Shaming Fans: I’ll Eat Whatever I Want!

If you’re a fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you may have noticed that Kim and her sisters spend a surprising amount of time eating.

We don’t mean to say they take in more food than your average person — in fact, they probably consume far fewer calories than most of us.

But the Kards almost certainly avoid carbs the way most of us try to steer clear of IRS audits or people who retweet themselves.

Combine that with the fact that they probably also stick to low-fat diets and it’s easy why they would need to munch on salads all day in order to keep from feeling like they’re wasting away.

Now, you might be thinking that we’ve spent far too much time obsessing over the food intake of a bunch reality stars and Instagram influencers — and you would be right.

But we swear we’re going somewhere with all of this.

Apparently, KUWTK viewers were appalled by the amount of time Kourtney Kardashian spent eating during Sunday night’s episode.

The situation was so bad that Kourt felt the need to defend herself on Twitter.

“I swear I just read 100 comments about me eating on tonight’s episode and some of you are very offended. Let me live,” the mother of three tweeted.

A source who spoke with People magazine claims that the idea of anyone shaming Kourtney for the amount she eats is absurd, as the 39-year-old is a known fitness fanatic.

“She works out and eats in order to try to stay around 100 lbs.,” the insider says, adding that Kourt’s problem is not with losing weight but with keeping it on.

“Yes, she eats very healthy but she wants her body to be healthy and not underweight or malnourished.”

The source adds that Kourtney’s “body type is very different from her sisters’” and it sometimes requires her to spend a large part of her day eating in order to maintain a healthy weight.

Kourtney even went so far as to outline her diet regimen, noting that she begins each day by taking a collagen supplement and always avoids refined sugars.

That’s all well and good, and Kourt deserves credit for taking care of herself, but we would have respected her more if she had just flipped off the haters and reminded everyone that it’s her body and she can do whatever the hell she wants with it.


Kim Kardashian to Scott Disick: Give Kourtney Some Sperm!

According to a previous report, Kim Kardashian wants her sister to get back together with Scott Disick.

This may or may not be true.

But the former sex tape star says herself in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians clip featured here that she wants at least one thing for Kourtney and Scott:


In this sneak peek, Kim is talking to close pal Larsa Pippen when she says the following:

"So Scott just texts me that he wants to have another baby … with Kourtney. I think he just wants one more, and she wants one more."

We never actually see this text, of course.

And it seems somewhat ridiculous to believe that Scott would just text this to Kim — but whatever. Let's go ahead and suspend disbelief for a few moments.

"She definitely wants more kids," Larsa replies. "If they both want to have more kids, why not have them together? Their kids are gorgeous."

"I mean, it's like, Scott has a girlfriend, Kourtney has a boyfriend, we get it," Kim says, referring to Sofia Richie and, at the time this was filmed, Younes Bendjima.

"They don't even have to have sex. It could be IVF."

That's true, we suppose.

If both sides of this former couple simply want a fourth child, there is a way to make that happen without intercourse.

"When I got pregnant with North, I had no idea if Kanye and I were going to end up together," Kim then admits, adding:

"I was like, 'We can break up, but let me just at least have some sperm, so I can have another one, so I could have siblings.'"

This is the first time, we believe, that Kim has said anything of this nature.

In the clip featured on this page, though, she takes things a step beyond one conversation with Pippen.

She gets motivated to really push for this Scott-and-Kourtney-have-another-child plan, evidently sending an email to other members of her family.

But… OOPS! Something goes wrong with it!

What does Kim screw up?

Watch this footage to find out!

Kim kardashian to scott disick give kourtney some sperm

Luka Sabbat: Causing MAJOR Jealousy Between Kourtney and Kendall?!

Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner may be the hottest in their family, but they have something else in common.

That something is threatening to tear the two of them apart with jealousy.

And his name is Luka Sabbat.

A source revealed to InTouch Weekly magazine that Kendall and Kourtney are in konflict.

“It’s all because of Kourtney’s latest boy toy,” the insider announces.

“Luka<‘ the source shares. “Was into Kendall first.”

(Well, so were a lot of people)

The insider explains that this is something “which Kourtney knew, but she just swooped right in anyway.”

Kendall Jenner and Luka Sabbat

“That’s caused some serious jealousy issues between the sisters,” the source explains.

Sometimes friends or loved ones are happy to share a guy, but the Kardashians and Jenners are a little too traditional for that.

In the insider’s view, Kendall and Luka are a “way better match” than Kourtney and Luka.

There are a lot of reasons for that — the lesser age difference, the fact that both are models, the fact that Kourt is a mom.

The source predicts that “Kourtney will move on from Luka in no time.”

Kourtney’s rumored boy toy is only 20 years old.

In contrast, Kourtney herself is just months away from turning 40.

We’re not saying that Kourtney is “too old.”

If they really are dating, this is just two consenting adults doing consensual adult things.

But you can imagine that some are surprised to see a mother-of-three dating a guy who isn’t old enough to drink.

It’s a little weird. And maybe it’s a little creepy.

That said, if you’re going to date a woman twice your age who is also a mother … you might as well date a mega-MILF, right?

Kourtney may just be dating Luka for fun, or to one-up (well, match) Scott Disick’s 20-year-old model girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

If so, maybe they both will move on soon.

If and when that happens, if Luka needs a shoulder (or other body part) to cry on, well, 23-year-old Kendall is age-appropriate and will probably be available.

We have to admit that we’re unsure of this narrative.

Now, if Kourtney really did swoop in and snatch up Luka in her talons just as Kendall was leaning in for a kiss, sure.

But this would hardly be the first time that sisters in that family had experienced the other’s sloppy seconds.

In fact, before Travis Scott impregnated Kylie last year, he had banged Kendall.

He even made headlines for publicly comparing and contrasting the two sisters on how they are in bed.

(Ugh, don’t get us started on how creepy that was)

Obviously, the sisterly bond should be indelible.

The Kardashians are all about “the power of family,” after all.

We hope that Kendall and Kourtney are too close to be torn apart by the same guy.

In the mean time, high five to them both for having great taste. Luka’s one handsome dude.

And with the other hand, high five to Luka for attracting the interest of not one but two of the most beautiful women on the planet.


Kourtney Kardashian’s Younes Look-Alike Friend Revealed, They’re Not Dating

No, Kourtney Kardashian’s not hooking up with a guy who looks almost exactly like her ex … but now we know the ID of the doppelganger. Sources close to Kourtney tell TMZ … the Younes Bendjima look-alike she was spotted grabbing a beverage with…


Kourtney Kardashian Throws Affair in Kris Jenner’s Face

A shot has been fired by Kourtney Kardashian.

An explosive, personal, unexpected shot against her mother, that is.

In the clip featured here from Sunday's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe tries to play mediator between Kris Jenner and her oldest daughter.

It's not really clear what has brought these three family members into the living room and what has caused them to arrive at the topic at hand…

… but the conversation immediately turned to men, romances and extramarital affairs!

"For some reason, you do not give mom the benefit of the doubt, ever, from your childhood and it's really unfair," Khloe randomly says, pulling out the name of Kris' long-ago lover and adding:

"You only remember with Todd, or this or that."

(Todd, you may or may not recall, would be Todd Waterman, a man with whom Jenner has admitted sleeping in 1989 while married to Robert Kardashian Sr.)

"I don't sit there and dwell about Todd," says a shocked Kourtney, priort o Kris telling her that she has "her own Todd right now."

Ouch, Kourtney replies. Also: WTH?!?

"No, I actually don't. I'm actually not married and I'm not having an affair," Kourtney claps back, presumably talking about then-boyfriend Younes Bendjima based on the timeline of when this episode was likely filmed.

"You can't compare one to the other, it's absolutely not true," she adds.

The sneak peek concludes with Khloe telling her sister:

"Sometimes our memories get a little warped by our age, but don't be so hard on your mom."

Jenner opened up about cheating on Kardashian Sr. in her 2011 memoir, Kris Jenner…And All Things Kardashian.

In 1989, she had an affair Waterman, an elicit act that prompted the divorce.

In an interview with Fox News Channel’s OBJECTified this summer, Kris confessed the affair was “nothing I’m proud of.”

“When I look back on it now, probably one of my biggest regrets in my life is that that marriage fell apart,” she said on this program.

Check out this clip to see her discuss it once again.

Kourtney kardashian throws affair in kris jenners face