Kylie Jenner DESTROYS Claim That Kris Jenner Manages Travis Scott!

Kris Jenner isn’t just a momager — she’s the momager. She’s what all other momagers aspire to be.

But has she taken over managing duties for Travis Scott and Kanye West, now that they’re both part of the Kardashian-Jenner clan? One report claims that she has.

Kylie Jenner is taking a break from working on her post-baby body and is speaking out, calling that story a lie.

Complex discussed a report made on Page Six that claimed that Kanye has left long-time manager Izvor “Izzy” Zivkovic on Kris’ orders.

“They’ve been off and on for years.”

“But Kris is in [West’s] ears. Kanye’s been making changes and [he and Zivkovic] have grown apart — but Kris definitely gives her opinion and Kanye’s all ears.”

That’s an interesting claim.

“She’s about brand building and is gangster at it.”

That part is definitely true.

And the same report claims that Kris is responsible for Travis Scott leaving his own manager.

“She also told Travis Scott to fire Mark Gillespie. They are 100 percent part of that Kardashian-Jenner brand.”

Kylie Jenner Shuts Down Rumors

On Wednesday, Kylie quoted a link to Complex‘s article on the subject, and wrote:

“This isn’t true.”

She followed those words with an emoji of a woman facepalming herself.

While we’re sure that Kylie would much rather spend her time ons ocial media uploading more precious photos of Stormi Webster, but she saw a story and just couldn’t keep quiet about its veracity.

There are a lot of rumors that jumble around about the Kardashians that never earn a Kylie comment, but maybe this one just happened across her screen at the right time.

Or maybe she felt particularly defensive because the story featured both her mother and her baby daddy.

Fans replied to Kylie’s tweet, celebrating her shut-down of the story.

“Queen of ending fake rumors,” one fan tweeted.

Another Twitter denizen replied to that tweet with: “She makes up for it in fake body parts”


Curiously, another tweeter replied to Kylie’s tweet with a peculiar question.

“How would you know?”

A couple of fans jumped on that immediately, writing:

“Travis Scott is literally her baby daddy and Kanye is Kim’s husband lmfaoo.”

And another added:

“And Kris Jenner is literally her mom”

Other replies were mixed:

“Queen of confronting rumors we stan.”

To stan someone is to support them zealously; one might stan Britney Spears or Kesha, for example. You know, if they have taste.

“In other news how hot is Kris.”

We would never question Kris’ hotness, but this was an odd reply, given the context.

Another Twitter denizen seemed to be pushing a conspiracy theory.

“They made you tweet this s–t so fast!”

We dare not ask who “they” are; it could mean anything from lizard people to George Soros to the Illuminati (or, somehow, all three).

To be clear, Complex merely discussed the report, and even Page Six‘s report was based upon statements from a source. So it’s not like Kylie was accusing Complex itself of making false claims.

That said … some have wondered if it’s possible that this source has the right of it, and Kylie doesn’t know the whole story.

But we find that hard to believe. Kanye is her brother-in-law. Kris is her mom. Travis is her baby daddy.

It seems more likely that Kylie knows exactly why Travis makes his career decisions related to his management.

And she just wanted to clear that up.


Kris Jenner: Pregnant at Age 62!

Just when we thought the latest run of Kardashian-Jenner offspring would come to an end with the upcoming birth of Khloe Kardashian’s child…

… a brand new baby bombshell has been dropped:

Kris Jenner is pregnant!!!!!!

With an actual human being!

At age 62!

Jenner has been dating Corey Gamble for years now and has made no secret how excited she gets every time one of her kids welcomes a new little boy or girl into the world.

So we guess it shouldn’t be a complete surprise that she has decided to become a parent herself once again.

“Kris simply saw the joy on Kylie and Khloe’s faces when they were pregnant,” an insider says, labeling Jenner as “jealous” and “curious” about whether she’d be able to procreate at her advanced age.

But medicine has come a long way over the past decade or so, and it allegedly didn’t take long for Kris to have an answer to this question:

Yup, she sure can!

Jenner is toward the end of her first trimester, according to sources we are not at liberty to name just yet.

She’s due to give birth in mid-September.

Will it be a boy or a girl? Yes, these same sources confirm, although it’s unknown at this time which gender will be added to an ever-growing brood.

On February 1, Kylie Jenner gave birth to Stormi Webster.

Any day now, Khloe Kardashian is expected to welcome a daughter of her own.

In January, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West also welcomed a daughter, this one named Chicago.

Jenner, meanwhile, is already the mother of six kids. They are:

Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Rob, Kylie and Kendall.

While Kris herself has not yet Tweeted about the news, her famous kids couldn’t help doing so.

“Just #blessed,” wrote Kim, who included a baby emoji and a surprised face emoji with her message.

“So happy for my mom,” Tweeted Kourtney while posing in a bikini on some tropical vacation.

“Sheesh, thanks for stealing my thunder!” joked Khloe, adding that she is “beyond thrilled at this wonderful news.”

Then there was Kendall, who used Instagram to share her well wishes.

“Wow! I did not see this one coming, but I just know mom will be an amazing mother once again,” she wrote.

“Look at my burgeoning new bikini body!” Tweeted Kylie, while Rob chimed in as follows:

“I’m hungry.”

The Hollywood Gossip, meanwhile, would like to include a message here to wrap things up ourselves.

And here it goes:



Did we get you?!?


Kris Jenner Finally Answers: Did Tyga Knock Up Kylie or What?!?

It’s the question that has been surrounding Stormi Webster ever since birth.

What will be her first word? Gosh no.

More like this:

Whose sperm was actually used to fertilize Kylie Jenner’s egg and create this brand new life?

Was it really Travis Scott, as Kylie has of course claimed and which most of the Internet accepts as fact?

Or might Tyga have actually swooped in and knocked his ex-girlfriend up?

The latter rumor has been making its way around social media over the past several days, gaining momentum as various blog consider the possibility and even compare photos of Stormi and Tyga?

Really. This is happening.

See what we mean below:

While most folks probably don’t really think Tyga is Stormi’s baby daddy, the issue has become prominent enough that Kris Jenner was actually asked about it during a radio appearance on Sunday.

Speaking with the Kyle and Jackie O. show on Sunday, Jenner was asked about this chatter directly — but she barely let the question of Stormi’s paternity leave the hosts’ lips before she chimed in.

“Tyga was chiming in saying maybe it was his baby, I thought, oh god, this is going to get messy” host Kyle said during the interview.

(He was probably referring to the rapper captioning a since-deleted screenshot of Jenner’s pregnancy news with the comment, “Hell nah thats my kid.”)

At this point, though, Kris replied and tried to shut down the topic as best she could.

“Oh no, no no. I think that was just a bunch of silly rumors as usual,” Kris said. “Business as usual on the Internet.”

That may be true.

Or it may be true that Tyga actually asked for a paternity test.

You never know!

Saying that the hosts should just call her any time they want the truth about her family, Kris pivoted in this sit-down to the ongoing “exciting time” for her loved ones.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian just welcomed a third child, Kylie is now a mother and Khloe Kardashian is due to give birth any week.

Indeed, she has been filled with “so many blessings and so many grandchildren,” Kris said on air.

With her ninth grandchild on the way thanks to Khloe and Tristan Thompson, Kris joked:

“I am officially outnumbered.”

True, but she can also now start her own Kardashian-Jenner baseball team as a way to make money off these new relatives.

And, let’s face it, isn’t that Kris Jenner’s main area of focus on a daily basis?

What do YOU think of this Tyga talk?

Could he actually have fathered little Stormi? Do you think he and Kylie will eventually get back together?

Or is Travis Scott in this for the long haul?