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Kyle Kuzma Cake On The Ocean with Thonged-Out Model

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See that hand?? Yeah, that’s Kyle Kuzma‘s hand … and now you wish you were Kyle Kuzma.

The 23-year-old Lakers star is getting some well-deserved R&R before the All-Star break ends … taking a boat trip in Miami with an insanely attractive model … and cuppin’ a handful of ass in the process.

Kuz — who won the MVP of the Rising Stars Challenge this past weekend — kept the winning going on Monday with rumored girlfriend Katya Elise Henry … a model with nearly 6 million followers on IG.

The couple(?) have yet to acknowledge any real romance on social media … but it doesn’t take a genius to put 2 and 2 together with this one, thanks to Kuz’s body art.

The rumors date back to last year when KEH was spotted attending Laker games … and this pretty much closes the case.

On top of being ridiculously hot, Hery — a Miami native — is also a businesswoman with her own workout plan (including an 8-week “booty program”) and bikini line.

No word on whether this is love or just young kids having fun … but it’s clear there are no losers here.

Halsey Kyle Kuzma Will Save Lakers … While LeBron Is Out


Worry not Laker fans … Halsey thinks Kyle Kuzma will hold the fort down while LeBron is out … and we gotta admit, the singer really seems to know her basketball.

The whole sports world held their collective breath when LeBron injured himself on Christmas day and, now that we know he’s gonna be out a while, the question is how will the Lakers respond?

We got Halsey at LAX and she has all the faith in the world in the young guys, saying they played the second half beautifully without LBJ, and she expects more of the same, especially from one guy.

“I think they did fine in the second half. I think Kuzma’s a star.”

Kyle Kuzma is BALLING this season … averaging 18 points a game and providing the second guy LeBron has needed for the turnaround season.

Halsey seems to think he can now be the MAIN guy, and with LeBron sidelined for at least a couple games, he’s gonna get his chance.

Listen, Kuzma is a G … but filling in for LeBron isn’t gonna be Easy. Laker fans better hope Halsey is right.