Kylie Jenner Shares Stormi Webster’s Cutest Photo Yet

If there’s anything that new parents enjoy more than sleeping, it’s taking and sharing photos of their new babies.

Fortunately for fans, that means that Kylie Jenner has been turning out photo after photo of her precious daughter Stormi Webster.

But this new photo that she uploaded might be the cutest one yet!

At first, the makeup mogul was reluctant to share too much of Stormi.

Stormi was born on February 1st, but Kylie waited until the 4th to announce that she’d welcomed her baby girl with Travis Scott.

That was also the first time that she had openly acknowledged that she was pregnant, though the world had known for months.

She then waited until 6th to reveal her daughter’s name, Stormi

Initially, we only got little glimpses at the sides of Stormi’s (already obviously cute) little face.

Now, take a look at the sweetest photo yet:

Look at her sleeping so peacefully!

Look at Stormi’s adorable little cheeks!

Babies are, of course, supposed to be plump for their health, but it has the added effect of making their sweet little faces irresistibly cute.

It looks like she’s snoozing on a comfy couch.

Those blotches don’t look like stains on the furniture, but lens flare.

(Who let J.J. Abrams direct Kylie’s photography?)

Every picture of Stormi Webster is a gift.

This one just happened to be shared on Snapchat, showing that Kylie’s willing to use the app even after she made them lose $ 1.3 billion in 24 hours by expressing that the app no longer really appeals to her.

Recently, Kylie answered pregnancy questions that fans had wanted to have answered since … last year.

Just as relatable as Kylie’s growing dissatisfaction with Snapchat is her confession of what she really, really missed during her pregnancy:


Sushi is generally safer than eating cooked fish (because sushi is frozen beforehand, and freezing kills more parasites than cooking, according to the FDA’s guidelines for the food industry).

Even so, if you’re pregnant, sushi joins the lengthy list of foods that you are strongly advised to ignore.

If you want to see that full list — which Kylie probably mostly followed — look at Kim Kardashian’s dietary requirements that she made her gestational carrier follow while she was playing surrogate for baby Chicago West.

To hear Kylie tell it, what she spent her pregnancy eating the most was In-N-Out Burger. Apparently, Stormi really liked those fries.

Kylie and fans aren’t the only ones thrilled at Stormi’s birth.

Recently, Kendall Jenner spoke to Vogue and, in addition to discussing rumors about her sexuality, she opened up about her little sister’s pregnancy.

“It’s not that it’s more exciting than any other births in the family — it’s different exciting, because she’s my baby sister who I grew up with.”

She then lists her many siblings and what a Star Wars fan might refer to as the Kardashian-Jenner Rule of Two.

“We all grew up in twos: Kour​tney and K​im grew up together; Ro​b and K​hloe; Brandon and Brody; Burton and Casey, and then Kylie and I.”

Her close bond with Kylie made things very special.

“So to see my best friend growing up have a baby? It’s already made us even closer.”

Of course, considering that Kendall had slept with Travis Scott before Kylie ever did, perhaps there was some awkwardness there.

Stormi is already one of the most famous babies in the world.

For another baby to compare, they basically have to be part of a monarchy. Or to have come out of Beyonce. Or to belong to one of Kylie’s siblings … on the Kardashian side of the family.

Stormi is so cute and she’s inheriting a lot of relatives … and also a brand.

For now, all that this little heiress has to worry about it looking cute and bonding with her mommy.

We can’t wait for the next photo!


Kylie Jenner BLASTED by Fans Over Racy Makeup Names

Now that Kylie has welcomed baby Stormi Webster into the world, she’s once again back to business as usual on social media. And that means plugging her makeup.

But the makeup mogul’s new line of blushes are receiving a lot of outraged reactions.

It turns out that Kylie’s names for the makeup, targeted at very young teens, is wildly inappropriate.

Before she even became pregnant or turned twenty (which she did in that order), Kylie built a powerful makeup empire.

It started, mostly with her lip kits.

We all know that makeup is expensive and how powerful the Kardashian brand is, but few would have expected for Kylie to blossom into a titan of industry practically overnight.

Today, Kylie Cosmetics is worth so much that it’ll make your head spin — and is projected to be worth one billion dollars within just a few short years.

But not even Kylie’s juggernaut of a brand, undaunted by her months of social media solitude during her pregnancy, is immune to criticism from fans.

And they were horrified to see Kylie’s new blushes. Particularly, their names.

See if you can spot what so many fans found so troubling about Kylie’s new blush names.

Kylie Jenner New Blushes March 2018

A number of Kylie’s fans found those names and others very objectionable.

“When you have millions of teenage fans who look up to you, what do you name your new blushers? ‘Virginity’ ‘Barely legal’ and ‘X-rated’ of course.”

Considering that Kylie was dating Tyga, a grown man and a father, when she was just 17 … Barely Legal seems to be in especially poor taste.

“Really? @KylieJenner. You literally couldn’t think of ANY other names to give them?”

Users bring up that many of Kylie’s most impressionable fans are still in middle school and figuring out who they want to be.

“Seriously @KylieJenner, choose better names for your products. You have 12+ year old fans! ‘Barely Legal,’ ‘Virginity.’”

The choices that tweets and young teens make about how they view sex and sexuality should be theirs to make, not because of the influence of a 20-year-old mom.

One outspoken critic decided to go right for the jugular.

“Kylie Jenner decided to name her cheap blushes with an even cheaper names.”

Kylie’s brushes for her products have notoriously been the subject of complaints by many people who say that the brushes are poor quality and absolutely not worth the price.

“All 14 yr Olds moms will be racing to buy virginity, hot n bothered & barely legal.”

Well, that’s a little hyperbolic.

Naturally, Tyga, who Kris Jenner says is not Kylie’s baby daddy, came up again.

“Seems they’re named after her life, underage dating a 20 something dad.”

They’re still bringing him up even though Kylie’s moved on to a different no-name rapper who is several years older than she is. Come on, folks. Keep up.

Still others continued to excoriate Kylie over this.

“Kylies new blushes which are aimed to her tween/teen market, are called HOT AND BOTHERED- X RATED-VIRGINITY-BARELY LEGAL.”

Again, sexuality is fine, but these tweeters take issue with Kylie’s young and impressionable target audience.

“[What the hell] is wrong with her?”

Kylie’s an adult and a mother, now. They feel that she’s supposed to have a better sense of responsibility.

“Seems she’s getting desperate for [attention] & any way to get her name out there, even at the expense of her young fans is ok. Disgusted.”

Those are some valid points — and, honestly, the line “barely legal” has only gotten creepier with time.

But let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment. Kylie is trying to sell a product.

Not only does she need to draw attention to it (outrage is free advertising, folks), but she wants to sell it to her target audience.

A lot of people buying Kylie’s makeup are going to want to feel more empowered and more sexual. (And hey, more power to them)

After a certain age, plenty of girls stop wanting to buy makeup that’s called Rainbow Stardust or whatever. That’s a normal stage in development.

So maybe Kylie’s secret to success gets her some hate on social media.

It’ll still help her where it counts — and that’s in her bank account.

Remember that Kylie is a mother herself … which means that she’s earning for two.


Kris Jenner Finally Answers: Did Tyga Knock Up Kylie or What?!?

It’s the question that has been surrounding Stormi Webster ever since birth.

What will be her first word? Gosh no.

More like this:

Whose sperm was actually used to fertilize Kylie Jenner’s egg and create this brand new life?

Was it really Travis Scott, as Kylie has of course claimed and which most of the Internet accepts as fact?

Or might Tyga have actually swooped in and knocked his ex-girlfriend up?

The latter rumor has been making its way around social media over the past several days, gaining momentum as various blog consider the possibility and even compare photos of Stormi and Tyga?

Really. This is happening.

See what we mean below:

While most folks probably don’t really think Tyga is Stormi’s baby daddy, the issue has become prominent enough that Kris Jenner was actually asked about it during a radio appearance on Sunday.

Speaking with the Kyle and Jackie O. show on Sunday, Jenner was asked about this chatter directly — but she barely let the question of Stormi’s paternity leave the hosts’ lips before she chimed in.

“Tyga was chiming in saying maybe it was his baby, I thought, oh god, this is going to get messy” host Kyle said during the interview.

(He was probably referring to the rapper captioning a since-deleted screenshot of Jenner’s pregnancy news with the comment, “Hell nah thats my kid.”)

At this point, though, Kris replied and tried to shut down the topic as best she could.

“Oh no, no no. I think that was just a bunch of silly rumors as usual,” Kris said. “Business as usual on the Internet.”

That may be true.

Or it may be true that Tyga actually asked for a paternity test.

You never know!

Saying that the hosts should just call her any time they want the truth about her family, Kris pivoted in this sit-down to the ongoing “exciting time” for her loved ones.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian just welcomed a third child, Kylie is now a mother and Khloe Kardashian is due to give birth any week.

Indeed, she has been filled with “so many blessings and so many grandchildren,” Kris said on air.

With her ninth grandchild on the way thanks to Khloe and Tristan Thompson, Kris joked:

“I am officially outnumbered.”

True, but she can also now start her own Kardashian-Jenner baseball team as a way to make money off these new relatives.

And, let’s face it, isn’t that Kris Jenner’s main area of focus on a daily basis?

What do YOU think of this Tyga talk?

Could he actually have fathered little Stormi? Do you think he and Kylie will eventually get back together?

Or is Travis Scott in this for the long haul?


Kylie Jenner: Is She Lying About Who Stormi’s Father Is?!

Earlier this month, Kylie Jenner was kind enough to share the first real photo of her brand new baby girl, Stormi.

In the photo, we actually got to see little Stormi's face for the first time … and her face has ignited a whole lot of controversy.

And that's because many, many people are convinced that the baby doesn't look a lot like Travis Scott. Instead, those people say she bears a strong resemblance to Tyga.

You know, the guy Kylie was with a few seconds before Travis got her pregnant.

Check out Twitter's explanation for why Tyga might actually be the father — if you're not convinced by the end, at least you'll have been entertained!

1. Hmmm …

As it turns out, a whole, whole lot of people think that. Like, so many people.

2. Like This Person

Like this person
To some, it’s not even a question — Stormi looks like Tyga and his son with Blac Chyna, King Cairo.

3. Stormi Stevenson

Stormi stevenson
Do you see Tyga here?!

4. Uh …

What about here, do you see a resemblance?


Jerry jerry jerry
Where’s Jerry Springer when you need him?! Seriously, where is he? Can he get on this?

6. Maury, Help Us!

Maury help us
Forget Jerry Springer … you know who we need here.

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Kylie Jenner Answers ALL Your Burning Pregnancy Questions

Kylie Jenner barely said a word during her pregnancy.

The reality star chose to remain silent in order to prepare herself for the biggest moment of her life, remaining far away from the spotlight throughout the duration of her second and third trimester.

But then she give birth to daughter Stormi Webster… and now Kylie won't shut up!

The first-time mother is back to sharing photos on Instagram and she took a few moments in March of 2018 to answer a bunch of questions about her pregnancy on Twitter.

What did she crave while knocked up? How did Kris Jenner react to the news?

Scroll down for answers to these inquiries and many more!

1. Kylie, Pre-Parenthood

Kylie jenner looks fly
This is one of the final snapshots Jenner posted to social media prior to taking many months away from the platform. Now that she’s back, however?

2. … She’s Unafraid to Share!

Kylie jenner and stormi webster close up
This is one of the first photo Kylie posted that gave followers a full glimpse at herself post-pregnancy and, of course, of little Stormi.

3. So…What Secrets Can Kylie Reveal?

Kylie jenner and baby stormi
The 20-year old held what almost amounted to a Reddit AMA on Twitter about six weeks after becoming a mother. It revealed a few interesting details.

4. Such As?

Tell first
Okay, this isn’t the best example, considering Kylie can’t recall. But she did narrow the field down to two!

5. Yay for Mama Kris!

Kris reply
Wow. We totally thought Kylie would say Kris expressed shock and disappointment upon learning the news. (Just kidding.)

6. She’s Lying!

No fear
We assume Kylie is lying in order to quell the concerns of followers, but come on: ALL first-time mothers are scared to give birth. It’s okay to admit that.

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