Kylie Jenner: Uggh, Motherhood is Boring! Let’s Party!

As previously reported and scoffed at, Kylie Jenner named her daughter Stormi a few months ago.

According to a celebrity gossip insider, however, this name is awfully ironic…

… because all is very calm and boring at home for the first-time mother.

Too much so, according to Radar Online.

“She’s hiring more nannies and support staff for Stormi because she wants to go back to her socialite lifestyle,” a source tells this website, expounding as follows:

“She wants to be out on the town, hanging with her friends and being 20.

She misses the party scene. The nightlife. Hanging out with her girls until 4am and not having to do anything the next day.”

Sure, who doesn’t miss these things once one becomes a parent?

For most people, however, they have their early 20s to experience getting drunk, hooking up and going out without any consequences to suffer the next morning when stuck in bed with a hangover.

They may miss the old days, but they also got a chance to get these wild experiences out of their system.

This isn’t the case when one has a child at age 20, however.

Then again, Kylie still attends events such as the MET Gala whenever she wants.

So it’s hard to feel too much sympathy for her and her situation.

This same Radar source is quick to note that Kylie “loves being a new mother, but is overwhelmed and needs a time out.”

Jenner, of course, welcomed her first child on February 1 in Los Angeles.

She basically admitted at one point during her pregnancy that she and Travis Scott weren’t planning to have a baby, but stuff happens sometimes.

(As in, a man and a woman can create a life via unprotected sex if they are not careful. That sort of stuff, we mean.)

Kylie remained almost entirely quiet in the months preceeding her daughter’s birth, confessing later on that she needed time to process all that was happening and all that was about to happen.

These days, Jenner poses happily with Stormi on Instagram and talks as if motherhood is the greatest thing that ever happened to her.

But what else could she say in public, right?

(Aside from shooting down rumors that her bodyguard is actually her baby daddy.)

We don’t doubt that Kylie loves her kid, but we also don’t doubt that she may be a bit antsy; she may feel a strong need to just be a 20-year old without any real responsibilities again.

At the very least, she may feel a need to take off her clothes on social media like she used to do all the time, free from judgment.

Along with Kylie welcoming Stormi into the world, half-sister Khloe Kardashian gave birth this spring to a daughter named True and half-sister Kim Kardashian expanded her family by one via a baby named Chicago.

It’s been a whirlwind first half of 2018 for the Kardashians-Jenners, even by their standards.

But it’s hard to feel too badly for Jenner.

After all, she’s already taken one tropical vacation with Scott and she’s back to making REALLY passionate love to him.

That’s more than most mothers of a four-month old can say.


Kylie Jenner: Dumping Travis Scott for Being Too Controlling?

Look, this may be hard for you to believe, but it sounds like Kylie Jenner might have a little personal drama going on in her life.

No, no, we know what you’re thinking.

Kylie, dealing with some drama?! No way!

Rich and famous 20-year-old reality stars who have just had a baby with a guy they’d been dating for a few weeks when they got pregnant are usually so chill, right?

But, against all odds, Kylie is going through some stuff.

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about Kylie lately — some about her relationship with Travis Scott, some about the paternity of precious little Stormi, then a few more about Travis.

So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that this latest rumor is another one about Kylie’s relationship.

Unfortunately, it’s not great news.

Even though there’s been some speculation lately that Kylie and Travis may be engaged, a source tells Radar Online that that’s “definitely” not the case.

In fact, she’s been “feeling totally smothered” by him these days.

“She is glad that she has a baby with him,” the insider says, “but he has been way overbearing and trying to control her entire life.”

“Travis wants to tell Kylie what she can wear and where she can go and she is way too independent for all of that.”

To be clear, the source states that Travis “doesn’t give her any freedom.”

It doesn’t sound great — controlling relationships never are.

But it does fit along with another report we’ve heard recently, one about how Travis wanted Kylie to give up her career to be a stay-at-home mom.

Remember, that source claimed that he’s “worried” that she’s “going to morph back into her socialite and partying ways and not put Stormi first.”

Apparently she’d told him that she was gearing up to “get back into her work and her branding,” but he wants her “to scale back her work and social life and be a stay-at-home mom for the time being.”

It sounds like they both want completely different things, right?

That’s why you should probably get to know someone a little before having a baby with them.

And the “working mom” thing isn’t the only issue — a source close to Travis claims that “things have moved incredibly fast and it’s becoming too intense” for him.

“He’s very much his own man and feels like he’s not getting to have his say in anything anymore.”

Welcome to the family, buddy.

“Travis loves Kylie,” the insider adds, “but he isn’t used to being in the spotlight in this way.”

“The harsh reality of what being a Kardashian boyfriend really means is slowly starting to dawn on him and he’s struggling with it.”

… Again, welcome to the family. That’s just sort of how this whole thing works.

As for Kylie, “She honestly doesn’t know if she wants to stay with him for the long haul.”

Well, it might be time to figure that out, kids.


Kylie Jenner: Pregnant Again ALREADY?!

Remember how wild it was last fall when everybody found out that Kylie Jenner was pregnant?

Her baby is almost four months now, and it’s still kind of hard to believe.

After all, Kylie is just 20 years old, and she was 19 when she got pregnant.

Not only that, but she got pregnant with a guy she’d only been dating for a month or two at most — remember, she dated Tyga for years, but they broke up for good sometime around last March.

We first heard rumors about Kylie and Travis Scott last April, and since she gave birth to their daughter in February, she would have conceived sometime in May.

So, you know, she obviously moved pretty fast.

To get pregnant at 19 with a guy you’ve only been dating for a month is usually the plot of a Lifetime movie or a (trashier) reality show, so for it to happen to a rich and famous girl is just sort of wild.

But still, it happened.

Kylie got pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby (even though the internet would like to think that it’s Tyga’s baby, or even her hot bodyguard’s).

She gave birth to an adorable little girl back in February, she named her Stormi, and ever since then, she’s been living her life, pretty much as usual.

She’s been working hard on her cosmetics company, and having a kid hasn’t slowed down her traveling too much.

She even managed to make a Coachella appearance, with a fun wig and everything.

What does all this mean?

Is she employing so many nannies that things really aren’t that different for her? Is Kris Jenner helping out a lot, or a bunch of her sisters?

We don’t know all the details, but it seems pretty clear that Kylie’s got something going on that’s keeping her less stressed than your average 20-year-old mother.

Heck, she’s so chill these days that apparently she’s not taking proper precautions to make sure she doesn’t get pregnant again.

Yep, while the thought of being pregnant while caring for a three-month-old baby is a thought terrifying enough to make most parents extra, super careful, Kylie’s allegedly already had another pregnancy scare!

A source close to Kylie tells Hollywood Life that the scare “really freaked her out,” but that “Travis was super excited to have another kid right away.”

Which is sweet or whatever, but since Kylie would be the one actually carrying the kid, she was “totally upset over the idea of being pregnant again so quickly.”

“She has been so relieved to get her body back after the last year, so she is not ready to go through it all again so soon after giving birth to Stormi,” the source explains.

To be clear, it’s not that she doesn’t want to have more babies.

On the contrary, the source claims that “Kylie wants a lot of kids, but was far from prepared for it to happen again right away.”

“Kylie thought that it must be some miracle for her to get pregnant again so soon after giving birth, but quickly realized it was only a false alarm.”

It’s a pretty common belief that you can’t get pregnant immediately after having a baby, but it’s not correct — if you’re having unprotected sex and you’re not pregnant, well, things can happen.

You’d think she’d have learned that lesson last year, but it doesn’t seem like she did.

This Kylie insider says that she “was relieved not to be having a baby again so soon,” which is more than fair, but that Travis didn’t feel the same way.

The guy was actually “totally disappointed and heartbroken” that Stormi wouldn’t be getting a little brother or sister so soon.

It’s sad that Travis is disappointed, but it’s probably for the best that Kylie not be a mother of two at 21, you know?

At the very least, it’s the best thing for her poor uterus.


Travis Scott to Kylie Jenner: Don’t Work! Stay at Home With Stormi!!

At this year’s MET Gala, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott walked their first red carpet together as a couple. Because, a year earlier, they barely knew each other.

Now, Kylie and Travis are proud parents of precious baby Stormi Webster. But apparently, Travis has concerns.

He allegedly wants Kylie to refuse to go back to work building her brand … and stay at home with their baby. What?!

A source tells InTouch that Travis Scott wants Kylie to focus on motherhood … almost exclusively.

“Travis loves Kylie and they’re totally happy parents.”

That is wonderful to hear.

“He’s worried, however, that Kylie’s going to morph back into her socialite and partying ways.”

That certainly used to be Kylie’s lifestyle.

“And not put Stormi first.”

Well, that’s nuts. Stormi is Kylie’s whole world right now.

“Kylie’s already told Travis her schedule is about to get really busy.”

Right. She’s no longer pregnant and Stormi will be four months old on June 1.

“And that she’s going to throw herself back into her work and her branding.”

That makes sense. Though paid maternity leave should be universal (sadly, the US is one of few countries without that guarantee), many mothers look forward to getting back to work.

“Travis wants her to scale back her work and social life.”

Oh wow. That’s actually kind of alarming, if true.

“And be a stay-at-home mom for the time being.”

Travis does, after all, have his own … uh, career.

(Fans have pointed out that Travis Scott’s antics in this infamous performance remind them of Frankendoodle, a terrifying one-off Spongebob Squarepants character)

Wait … is he seriously suggesting that she stay at home while he plays the breadwinner?

Now, Travis Scott’s estimated net worth was recently upgraded to all of $ 8 million, which is a whole lot to us regular folks.

But Kylie is worth about $ 50 million … and Kylie Cosmetics is projected to be worth about one billion American dollars in about four-and-a-half years.

You would think that, if either of them were to hit the pause button on their careers, it would be Travis.

There are women in this world who would quit their high-paying jobs just to soothe their lower-income-bracket baby daddy’s ego.

But fans hope that Kylie Freaking Jenner is not one of them.

Apparently, Travis doesn’t want to rely on Kylie’s virtually infinite financial resources or her family support network.

“He doesn’t want Kylie to depend on nannies or Kris.”

This source claims that he wants Kylie to make sacrifices to be there for Stormi, full time.

“And would prefer if Kylie took major time off to raise their daughter.”

That’s quite a demand.

“He feels that’s important and should be Kylie’s main focus.”

Well, of course Stormi will be Kylie’s main focus. But Kylie also still gets to be a person, right?

“Travis is nervous and doesn’t want Kylie to put money and career before the baby.”

Isn’t the money and career also for Stormi’s benefit, though? When Stormi is a teen or older, surely she’ll appreciate the difference between her parents being millionaires and her mom being a billionaire.

We would like to believe that Kylie would not throw away her life in order to never use nannies or her mother.

We would like to believe that Travis Scott, who is clearly crazy about Kylie, would never ask her to.

For that matter, we’d at least like to believe that he wouldn’t be sharing his concerns with random friends.

Surely he and Kylie can see that Kim has continued to build her business empire without neglecting her duties as a mother.

And Kim is a mother of three.

Kylie can be an incredible supermom and continue to be a makeup mogul.

If Travis really is dead-set on Stormi spending all of her time with a parent, maybe he can be a stay-at-home dad. Bottles exist, dude.

Besides, does Travis really want Kylie to become a desperate housewife, at home alone with her baby and her hunky bodyguard? We didn’t think so.


Kylie Jenner Has Two Words for All Her Baby Daddy Truthers

Kylie Jenner would like your attention, Internet.

The 20-year old reality star is not hiding from the rumors regarding her child’s paternity.

She’s apparently aware that some folks think bodyguard Tim Chung is actually the person who knocked her up early last year and she finally has something to say about this chatter.

And that something goes like this:

Are you frickin people for real? Do you really think such a thing? Get a life and get real, will ya?!?

Okay, granted, Kylie did not exactly use these exact words.

In fact, she only used two words to shoot down this seemingly ridiculous possibility, writing them as a caption to a photo of her and boyfriend Travis Scott at this month’s MET Gala in New York City.

Stormi’s Parents.

Short. Simple. Very much to the point.

Stormi’s Parents.

That’s what Kylie said about herself and Travis in regard to this photo:

storm parents

The rather hilarious rumor of Kylie having had unprotected sex with her bodyguard has gained momentum in recent weeks, ever since Jenner started sharing more and more photos of Stormi.

At three months old, her features are really starting to come into focus and, for whatever reason, a bunch of people online think these features resemble those of Chung.

They really have started to wonder whether Chung is Stormi’s biological father.

The talk has grown so loud that Chung himself actually addressed it late last week.

“I am a very private person and would normally never answer to gossip and stories that are so ridiculous that they are laughable,” ,” he wrote on Instagram, adding:

“Out of deep respect for Kylie, Travis, their daughter together, and their families, I would like to set the record straight and say that my interactions with her family have been limited in strictly a professional capacity only.

“There is no story here and I ask that the media no longer include me in any narrative that is incredibly disrespectful to their family.

chung state

Now, there are two things we could note here:

1. Chung never technically says he isn’t the father. You see that, right? No such words are part of this statement.

2. Of course Kylie is going to state that Scott is her baby’s daddy. What, did you think she’d cop to an affair with her bodyguard?

This doesn’t mean we believe the rumor, of course.

We’re just pointing out the reasons why these recent responses to the gossip item may not quiet a few critics out there.

Prior to all this Tim Chung chatter, there were questions being asked in regard to whether or not Tyga is Stormi’s real dad.

We have no idea why so many trolls are having such trouble accepting that Scott’s sperm is the sperm that fertilized Kylie’s egg.

As you can see below, however, this is an issue that apparently will continue to be raised, no matter what Tyga, Kylie or any attractive bodyguard has to say about it: