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L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Screw the Doubters … L.A. Has Best Sports Teams in U.S.!!!


L.A. Mayor and likely Presidential candidate Eric Garcetti is promising a party for the ages if the L.A. Rams win the Super Bowl.

We got Garcetti, who was on his way to Washington D.C. where he’s the keynote speaker at the United States Conference of Mayors, and he was pumped up about the Rams as any fan in the City of Angels.

Garcetti, who was a key player in the negotiations that ended the L.A. teachers strike, is likely going to throw his hat in the 2020 ring, and soon.

Hizzoner was not shy about his contempt for anyone who says L.A. is not a sports town. Garcetti presents his evidence on why L.A. is the BEST sports town in the U.S. of A.

Sean McVay Hit L.A. Hot Spot With Girlfriend … After Beating Cowboys


There’s just no way your head coach is THIS cool …

Just hours after beating the Cowboys to move the Rams to the NFC Championship Game … Sean McVay pulled the ultimate power move — hitting up Delilah with his smokin’ hot GF!!!

Of course, Delilah is one of the HOTTEST spots in Hollywood … but McVay clearly had no problem getting a table for him and his GF, Veronika Khomyn, after a big win.

This ain’t the first time the 32-year-old coaching wunderkind has thrown his weight around in L.A. — the coach was spotted with Veronika at Warwick on New Year’s Eve too!!

Bottom line … seems it’s pretty good to be young AND one of the best coaches in the NFL!!!

Justin & Hailey Plumbing Problems are the Pits … Hunting for New L.A. Pad


Justin Bieber and his wife, Hailey, have learned a valuable lesson — before you drop a ton of cash on a new home … double-check the pipes.

Sources close to the Biebers tell TMZ … they were forced to leave their $ 100k/month crib in the San Fernando Valley last month after a major plumbing issue arose, among other problems.

We broke the story … JB signed a lease to rent the 4 bedroom, 7 bathroom Mediterranean-style house in October, but we’re told the couple’s had a bunch of issues.

A pool heater broke, there was trouble with the AC and a pipe burst … which our sources say was the final straw.

They’ve moved out, but there’s no worry the landlord will go after them for breaking a lease. We’re told this was a month-to-month deal, so they’re in the clear. 

Justin and Hailey have been staying at a Beverly Hills hotel ever since, and if the vid of Justin singing in front of the hotel is any indication … they’ve been making the most of it.

But now, we’re told they want a place of their own, so they’re on the hunt. As for whether they’ll commit to buying, our sources say the couple’s on the fence.

Jeff Bezos’ New Chick’s Ex No Wife, Happy Life … Cruising Around L.A.

Patrick Whitesell, the estranged husband to Jeff Bezos‘ new love interest Lauren Sanchez, doesn’t look like he’s missing the married life … because he was all smiles the day after news broke of his wife’s shocking affair with the Amazon founder.

Patrick, a Hollywood mega-agent, was seen flashing a huge grin Thursday as he jumped behind the wheel in Los Angeles … and it looks like he isn’t broken up about the whole world finding out his ex is secretly seeing the world’s richest man. 

Seems like it’s pretty much business as usual for Patrick … because he showed up to work at William Morris Endeavor’s office in Bev Hills, keeping it casual in grey jeans and a blue jacket. 

Patrick is currently in the process of divorcing Lauren, the former “So You Think You Can Dance” host, and it looks like the split is totally amicable. 

Dana White Moving UFC 232 To L.A. Cost $6 Million!

Breaking News

Dana White says the decision to move UFC 232 from Las Vegas to Los Angeles cost roughly $ 6 million. 

White says he did NOT want to cancel the fight and worked to find a venue where it could happen when problems arose in Nevada. 

White says once they found out The Forum in L.A. was available, they booked it and the rest is history. 

Alexander Gustafsson just went off on Jon Jones to his face — saying the guy is a “terrible” cheater who’s spewing “bullsh*t” about his positive PED test. 

The two exchanged shots at the UFC 232 press conference — Gustafsson says he’s convinced Jones is a cheater, but didn’t want to back out of the Dec. 29 fight because he wants to beat the guy’s ass. 

“I’m here to fight,” Gustafsson said … “He will eat it Saturday night.”

UFC 232 was supposed to go down in Las Vegas — but was moved to L.A. after Jones tested positive for Turinabol, an anabolic steroid.

Jones has insisted he only had trace amounts of the PED in his system — remnants of the last time he tested positive. He’s adamant the Turinabol in his system is not new.

The UFC — along with the California State Athletic Commission and other officials — believe Jones, which is why the fight was greenlit in CA.

During the event, Jones doubled down on his claim that he’s not a cheater and will eventually be vindicated by tested organizations. 

Jones says it’s “hilarious” that people think PEDs are the reason for his success.