Amber Portwood: I’m in the Early Stages of Labor! I’m Ready!!

Did you get a lot of well-deserved rest this weekend? Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood did not.

It looks like Amber’s baby shower a few weeks ago was just in time.

She’s revealed on Twitter that she is dilated. How long until she gives birth?

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, Amber Portwood tweeted:

“Another nocturnal night with my uncomfortable preggy belly but it’s all worth it!”

We know that it’s tempting to laugh at a phrase like nocturnal night, but she just means that she can’t sleep. She’s super pregnant, you guys.

This is when she shares the big news.

“I’m 3 cm dilated and home waiting for labor!”


Amber Portwood early labor tweet

That’s a huge deal! She then shares a rhetorical question with her followers.

“Wonder if I’ll make it to my due date?”

Amber is due on May 13, which is next Sunday and just so happens to be Mother’s Day.

Amber herself was born on Mother’s Day in 1990.

The reality star hopes to remain in the thoughts of her fans and followers.

“Wish me luck loves! Goodnight.”

She follows that with a “hugging face” emoji.

Now, hold your horses and don’t cut that Congratulations Amber cake yet, folks.

We know that “she’s dilated!” sounds exciting, but this is just one early sign of labor.

As she says, she is waiting to actually go into labor.

This is just an early labor sign, like a tremor before an earthquake. Or the water receding before a tsunami. Or hairs standing up on your arm before a lightning strike.

(Childbirth is amazing but it’s also terrifying)

Amber’s May 13 due date is looming, but she still might not make it to that day.

Her due date is significant because, as Amber reminds fans, it is right before her birthday on the 14.

Obviously, it’s neat when you share a birthday with someone.

But for practical reasons, nobody wants to share a birthday with their parent.

You’re supposed to get to pick where you go out for dinner on your birthday (bare minimum), and nobody wants to have to share that honor with someone else.

And then there are the logistics of Amber hosting her child’s birthday party on the day of her own party. it’s no fun.

Even one day of separation would make that easier. Better if it’s several days.

Since this tweet, Amber has continued to be moderately active on social media.

She threw a little shade over some recent Kailyn Lowry drama, she complimented a lot of photos of her fans as new mothers holding their babies, and she reminded people about multiple food recalls.

(Seriously, if you think that there’s even a realistic chance that any food in your fridge might contain e. coli, please dump it. That deadly bacteria is no joke)

Hopefully, she (or someone acting on her behalf) will tweet when her water breaks and at other stages of labor and delivery.

In the mean time, her fans and followers and of course her family and loved ones continue to wait with anticipation for her to give birth to her child with Andrew Glennon.

We hope that Amber finds a way to get comfortable and sleep a little before she gives birth. She’ll need the rest.



The countdown to Royal Baby Number-Three isn’t merely on…

… it’s about to be over.

And a whole new chapter is about to begin.

Kensington Palace has confirmed the exciting and suspenseful news that Kate Middleton is in labor with her and Prince William’s third child.

We don’t know exactly when he or she will be born, but women typically take less time to complete the process with each baby to whom they give birth.

So it could happen at any moment!

“Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London earlier this morning in the early stages of labor,” the official Palace statement reads.

It also adds:

“The Duchess travelled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital with The Duke of Cambridge.”

From what we gather, Middleton was admitted just before 6 a.m. (U.K. time) to the same hospital where she gave birth to Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Usually, of course, a woman simply going into labor would not be cause us to write our own story about it.

Usually, we’d wait until the baby was actually here before we provided readers with a lengthy update.

But there’s basically nothing usual about Kate Middleton, Prince William or their beautiful life together.

No couple on the planet generates as much interest — and we’re not sure if it’s even close. (Beyonce and Jay Z, perhaps? Michelle and Barack Obama? Scott Disick and Sofia Richie?)

Neither Kate nor William has leaked the gender of their third kid, although William came pretty close this month.

According to the latest rumor, the superstars are about to welcome a boy named Thomas.

But, again, this is just a rumor right now.

Whichever gender is ends up being, and whatever he or she gets named, baby will be the fifth in line of succession after Prince Charles, William, George and Charlotte.

Prince Harry – currently sitting as fifth in line to the throne – will be bumped to sixth.

Kate and William announced in September that they were expecting their third child, being forced to do so a little earlier than they had originally planned because Middleton once again struggled with hyperemesis gravidarum.

This condition meant she had to deal with extreme bouts of morning sickness, which meant she had to cancel many public appearances… which means the couple had no choice but to let the world know why.

Married in April of 2011, Kate and her handsome man are also the parents of Prince George, 4, and Princess Charlotte, 2; both were also born at St. Mary’s Hospital, as mentioned above.

The Duchess made her last public appearance in March, meeting British Paralympic athletes with Prince William.

She’s since being laying low, missing out, for example, on a celebration of the Queen’s 92nd birthday this past Sunday night.

But she has a pretty solid excuse, wouldn’t you say?

Meanwhile, Pippa Middleton is also pregnant, according to the latest reports.

Such an exciting time for the family!

We’d like to send Kate and William a preemptive note of congratulations. Won’t you join us in doing so?


Khloe Kardashian Goes Into Labor Amidst Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal (Report)

It’s been quite a roller coaster 24 hours for Khloe Kardashian.

Last night, several media outlets reported that Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe on multiple occasions over the past six months.

Khloe is currently pregnant with her first child, and TMZ reported moments ago that she’s experiencing contractions and is now headed to a Cleveland hospital to give birth.

The outlet reports that Khloe’s due date is sometime in late April, but her family and medical team believe the baby could arrive as early as this afternoon.

TMZ is also confirming that Khloe’s mother and sisters are currently headed to Cleveland in preparation for the birth.

Kris Jenner has reportedly been shuttling back and forth between Cleveland and Los Angeles all week in order to keep tabs on Khloe’s progress.

As for Tristan, he’s scheduled to help his team close out their regular season at home against the New York Knicks tonight.

We’re guessing he’ll skip the game, however, if Khloe goes into labor.

We’re also guessing the Kards aren’t too thrilled about the fact that Khloe relocated to Cleveland for Tristan.

Sources say the entire family is outraged over the allegations against Tristan, particularly the rumors that Thompson impregnated one of his mistresses.

“They are heartbroken for Khloé. They didn’t realize how deceptive Tristan could really be,” a source tells People.

Of course, Khloe is a Kardashian, which means many on social media are skeptical about the timing of all this high drama.

“Soooooo that video of Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe is from October but it just now comes out while khloe is due to give birth any day and they’re shooting another season of KUWTK the devil works hard but not harder than Kris Jenner,” one Twitter user joked.

We understand the skepticism, but we doubt even Kris and company would go so far as to fabricate this sad situation.

Drama might be their bread and butter, but this is the stuff of soap operas.

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.


Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: The Longest Labor

A new baby joined the family on Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 9, and it made for one of the show’s most heartfelt episodes. 

When the episode got underway, everyone was preparing for the new addition to the family. 

If you watch Sister Wives online, you will know that the family has faced their fair share of legal woes over the years, and that’s down to them living as a polygamous family. 

This presented Madison with quite the issue: She did not want to go to the hospital to give birth. The reason? She was worried that as soon as they heard who her family was, she would be scrutinized. 

It made sense. Kody Brown and his band of wives have been a staple on celebrity gossip sites, and that’s because of their lifestyle. 

Madison and Caleb were living with Janelle, and she was doing everything she could do to make them feel comfortable. She wanted to assign part of the house to them. 

What more could they want? More, it seemed.

Caleb was on the fence about having the child at home because he felt like the hospital was the best place to be in case there were any issues at childbirth. 

Things took a painful turn for Madison, and she wound up having a 36-hour labor. This was especially difficult for Madison because everyone kept telling her the baby was coming. 

However, the midwife was doling out the bad news like it was going out of fashion. We can’t begin to imagine how difficult that must have been. 

The child was finally born, and they named him Axel James. Ludicrous name aside, everyone was happy the labor was out of the way. 

Elsewhere in this episode, Meri continued to try and get her bed and breakfast idea off the ground, but that came at a cost: She had to take a trip with Kody to Utah. 

He was still not sold on the idea and worried that Meri would look to the family for help more often than not. That’s what families do, right?

In any case, Kody needed to know that it was financially viable, so they took a trip to the place. While there, he warmed to the idea of it and gave his blessing. 

But Meri was shocked to the core when Kody was on the phone and told a journalist about them going to therapy. Ever since the catfishing scandal, Meri has been trying to keep a low profile. 

So, this made her wonder whether their troubling times were really over. 

When they returned home, the other wives spoke out in support of Meri’s idea, but like Kody, they wanted to know it was going to make sense from a financial standpoint. 

What’s the point of creating a business if it’s going to fail?

Either way, we’re going to be in for a fun time when the family starts to run the establishment. Could we get a spin-off?

Quite possibly. 


Anna Duggar Opens Up About Fifth Child, “Long Labor”

Earlier this month, Anna Duggar welcomed her fifth child with her husband, disgraced former reality star Josh Duggar.

The news received a mixed reaction, as the appalling revelation that Josh molested five young girls and evaded punishment remains fresh in the minds of many former fans.

On social media, Josh has been slammed by fans for continuing to have children despite his history of abusive behavior.

As a result, the embattled 29-year-old has continued to keep a low profile in the weeks since his fifth child entered the world.

But that doesn’t mean his entire family is laying low.

To the surprise of many, Anna Duggar issued a statement to Us Weekly today.

In her brief missive to the tabloid, Anna says that despite an unexpectedly long labor, the birth went smoothly, and mother and son are currently resting comfortably at home.

“It was a long labor, but complication free and I feel really great,” Anna says.

“It’s a blessing to have so much help from our moms and family members. Our other little ones adore Mason and want to hold him all the time!”

It’s the first public statement from the Duggars since reps announced the birth back on September 12:

“We are so thankful and happy to announce the arrival of our new son, Mason Garrett Duggar. Both he and Anna are doing well,” read their statement at the time.

“He arrived today without complication and we already adore him. The entire family is ecstatic over the arrival of another beautiful blessing.”

The social media announcement continued:

“We want to thank everyone for your prayers, kind words and well wishes. We appreciate it much more than we could ever express. We pray God blesses each of you with an abundance of the kindness you’ve shown us.”

There’s been talk of Josh Duggar returning to television in the wake of his son’s birth, but considering the way the news was received by fans, that seems unlikely.

It’s clear that the Duggars would like to rehabilitate Josh’s battered public image, but they’re smart enough to no do so at the expense of their massively lucrative media empire.

For now, they’ll have to be content to let Anna do the talking for him. 

Watch Counting On online for more from reality TV’s most controversial family.


Little People, Big World Fans Think Audrey Roloff Has Gone into Labor!

Audrey Roloff’s due date has come and gone, though that’s not uncommon for pregnancies.

Some fans of Little People, Big World and of the Roloff family in general, however, believe that Audrey Roloff went into labor yesterday.

And not just because yesterday was Labor Day, although that is a super cute coincidence. …

Audrey Roloff has been diligent about keeping the world updated through social media on her pregnancy.

She and her husband, Jeremy are excited about the upcoming birth of their child and they want to share this with the world.

We’re excited for them.

And we’re also excited because Audrey and Jeremy Roloff both have such great hair that we feel like their child, wielding the genetics of both parents, is destined to be a hair model.

Or possibly just Rapunzel.

Audrey and Jeremy haven’t revealed the name that they’ve picked out, or even a hint.

We suspect that the name that they’ve chosen will be something in keeping with their religious beliefs rather than a name from a popular fairy tale.

Now, on Friday, Audrey Roloff shared that photo of her in that black outfit, looking almost too pregnant to function.

Her caption reminded the world of exactly how far along she was:

“Yesterday was my due date! I can’t believe I’ve been carrying this bump of love for 9 months! Baby girl we are so eager to meet you!”

Yes, we should imagine so.

Even as unimaginably agonizing as childbirth can be, Audrey has to be looking forward to it.

To be done with her pregnancy but mostly so that she can meet her precious baby.

Right now, fans wonder if Audrey might have gone into labor yesterday.

Again, yes it was Labor Day, but that’s not what that means.

Audrey has been radio silent on Instagram since Sunday. 

She hasn’t delivered any new updates on Twitter, either — just sharing a blog post about Jesus and proselytizing that has nothing to do with her pregnancy.

(Also, tweets can be and often are scheduled in advance, especially when they’re tied to a potential revenue source like a blog)

And then we have Jeremy Roloff’s interesting boat analogy that he posted on Instagram:

“Well ladies and gentlemen, we are officially past the due date! We’ve been sailing full steam ahead, working hard to get the ship ready for land.”

That is not the end of the boat analogy.

“And now it feels as if we have sailed into the fog and the water is calm, the air is still, long and wide ripples stretch out from the ship as it slows it’s pace. Not a sound except the occasional creek of the bow … everyone onboard waiting to strike land!”

We’ve read enough fantasy adventures about pirates to follow that, more or less. It’s a weird analogy.

But “long and wide ripples” makes us think of contractions, which you’re supposed to time when they start.

Has she gone into labor?

The only clue that would make us say that no, Audrey hasn’t gone into labor, is that Matt Roloff — excited to meet his second grandchild — has been posting on social media.

And not about obvious pregnancy news or labor news or childbirth news.

It seems unlikely that Audrey and Jeremy would go to the hospital without telling Jeremy’s father.

It seems equally unlikely that proud grandpa Matt Roloff would totally keep cool and post on social media like always while his second grandchild is being born.

So let’s do our best to not jump the gun. Audrey will tell us when she tells us.