Stephen Colletti: MTV Wants to Do a Laguna Beach Reunion!

For three brief, wonderful seasons, viewers were immersed in the lives of the teenage stars of Laguna Beach.

That was over a decade ago, but the cultural impact of that ahead-of-its-time reality series cannot be measured.

And now, former star Stephen Colletti has confirmed that MTV is talking about hosting a reunion.

Speaking to People, Stephen Colletti teases a Laguna Beach reunion.

“They’ve been talking about it,” he reveals.

“MTV has been,” Colletti says. “They’ve been putting out some phone calls for it.”

So they’re weighing their options and perhaps testing the waters.

He cautions viewers to not start belting “Coming Clean” just yet, however — even though it’s a great song.

Colletti says that he’s reluctant to dive back into reality television, saying: “It’s not really my journey.”

“I think I’ve done enough reality TV for a couple of lifetimes at this point,” Colletti admits.

That’s fair. He also went into real-life acting on One Tree Hill.

“I think we can let that one go,” Colletti says of the possibility of him doing more reality work.

“That ship,” Colletti states. “Has sailed for me!”

“We were just such young little kids,” he says.

That might be an exaggeration, but they really were just teenagers during those Laguna Beach days.

“What I loved about being on that show,” Colletti reveals. “Was everyone that we were working with and shooting the show with.”

He describes that “they made us feel kind of comfortable.”

“Looking back,” Colletti reflects. “We were very comfortable hanging out with these people.”

At the time, Colletti wasn’t even sure that the show would be a hit — or even finish filming.

“It was like, ‘Nah, this isn’t going anywhere,” Colletti recalls. “We’re just having fun, and it’s just going to end up in a box at MTV’s offices. It’s not going to be on air.’”

So many great success stories begin with doubts. But he was having a fun time with it anyway.

“There’d be a time where Kristin was walking into the surf shop back in the day,” Colletti says. “And they’d let me hold the camera and shoot her and follow her in and teach me the style they wanted to shoot it.”

That’s a rare opportunity — getting real, in-the-field, experience behind a camera.

“Those are the memories that I have from it,” Stephen says. “It’s usually pretty positive. But you definitely look back with a smile and remember that we were quite naive little children.”

So, does he keep in touch with the rest of the cast? Well … sort of.

“We see each other at different times, back home in Laguna for the holidays or whatnot,” Colletti reveals. “It’s not a constant conversation, we’re not buds texting each other every day, but it’s all cordial.”

Of course, as the good folks over at The Ashley pointed out, the Laguna Beach cast did hold a bit of a reunion in 2014.

They also note that Kristin Cavallari has already made her return to reality television — joining E! with her own show, Very Cavallari.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to keep listening to “Coming Clean” on repeat.

But specifically the Bermudez & Harris Herbal Essences Mix, of course — we’re not wild animals.


Siesta Key Trailer: Is This the Next Laguna Beach?

Imagine a place where anything is possible.

So teases the official trailer for Siesta Key, an upcoming docuseries from MTV that comes from the same producers as Laguna Beach.

Will the network be able to match the publicity garnered by that former reality show smash or its predecessor, The Hills?

It certainly hopes so.

Siesta Key will chronicle the lives of a handful of 20-somethings fresh out of college for summer break/their transition into the real world in Siesta Key, Florida, a small island near Sarasota in the Gulf of Mexico.

Granted, this is just about as far from any semblance of any real world as we can imagine.

But whatever.

We bet it makes for some high drama!

The show will star Alex, a "top parties and playboy lifestyle," according to his MTV bio.

And also Brandon a "laid back heartthrob."

And Chloe, who can be your "best friend or worst enemy" and who has a well-known "bad side."

And Kelsey, who gave up a modeling career to live close to her sick mother.

And Garrett, who is Kelsey's boyfriend and who will get jealous this summer over how close she grows to other men.

And Juliette, who has a fling with Alex last summer that didn’t end well.

And finally Madisson, who is Alex’s high school sweetheart and who just graduated with an engineering degree.

What will these attractive people be up to in this hot climate?

How will paradise heat up, as the teaser suggests?

Watch below and find out!

Siesta key trailer is this the next laguna beach