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Halsey Kyle Kuzma Will Save Lakers … While LeBron Is Out


Worry not Laker fans … Halsey thinks Kyle Kuzma will hold the fort down while LeBron is out … and we gotta admit, the singer really seems to know her basketball.

The whole sports world held their collective breath when LeBron injured himself on Christmas day and, now that we know he’s gonna be out a while, the question is how will the Lakers respond?

We got Halsey at LAX and she has all the faith in the world in the young guys, saying they played the second half beautifully without LBJ, and she expects more of the same, especially from one guy.

“I think they did fine in the second half. I think Kuzma’s a star.”

Kyle Kuzma is BALLING this season … averaging 18 points a game and providing the second guy LeBron has needed for the turnaround season.

Halsey seems to think he can now be the MAIN guy, and with LeBron sidelined for at least a couple games, he’s gonna get his chance.

Listen, Kuzma is a G … but filling in for LeBron isn’t gonna be Easy. Laker fans better hope Halsey is right.

LaVar Ball I Don’t Want Anthony Davis … Lakers Don’t Need Him


LaVar Ball says he doesn’t want to see Anthony Davis ballin’ with Lonzo on the Lakers … ’cause the BBB honcho tells TMZ Sports, the team’s “got enough people.”

“They got enough,” Ball says.

Of course … LeBron James might beg to differ — dude told media members just a couple days ago it would “be amazing” to see the Pelicans superstar in purple and gold.

In fact … reports say James and Davis had dinner after the two played against each other at Staples Center this past weekend.

But, the Big Baller says Lonzo, Bron and the Lake Show don’t need the big center … tellin’ us straight-up he wouldn’t even find it cool to see!!!

Some guys LaVar WOULD be down to see join the Lakers?? Gelo and Melo Ball — and LaVar tells us he knows for a FACT that’s actually going to happen!!!